Short Story: Unfinished Business

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Short story 5: Unfinished Business

Amy knew that she was in trouble when she heard Steve talking to his brother, Joe, on the phone. She felt the trembling all the way to her toes as she hear Steve tell him they would be happy for him to visit while he was on leave from the Navy. She later learned that Joe was going on a months leave when his ship came in to port later this month.

For the last three years she had did her best to not let Joe cross her mind, now he was going to be staying with them for two weeks before flying back East to visit his parents. Some way she was going to have to watch what she did for those two weeks. Even now it was hard for her not to think about Joe.

Three years before she and Steve had lived back East next to his parents. Steve had a good business and it was flourishing right along. Money was coming in and they were happy. Then Joe came home on leave just for a weekend. His parents, Joe and her and Steve had spent the day at their house cooking out and swimming in their pool. They had all been putting away a good deal of beer during the hot afternoon and his father was getting a little the worse of the deal and towards midnight Steve had helped his mother get his father home and put in bed.

Amy would have had to be blind not to see the interest Joe had in her all day. He hadn’t made any effort to keep her from noticing. She only hoped that his parents and Steve had not noticed his interest. She didn’t mind the interest he showed or she would not have spent the afternoon in her bikini and the tank top and shorts she had changed into after dark. Being five eight and one hundred fifteen pounds and nice high C breasts that the top struggled to control had a lot to do with keeping his attention. Combing that with dark hair down to her shoulders, and bright blue eyes that almost became gray when she was really turned on and you had the full package which all three men had secretly watched all evening. It was hard to miss her in her yellow bikini and dark tan. Fortunately his mother wasn’t the jealous type and she really did like Amy

Joe and Steve were almost identical in built. Both over six feet and 190 pounds and with very nice bodies. At times Amy had wondered just how much they were really like. She had been dating Steve since they were in high school. She was still a virgin when they married but that didn’t mean she didn’t know what she was getting. Hot kisses had led to a lot of touching which she liked and didn’t do a lot to stop. He was allowed just about anything as long as she kept her panties on. To relieve his pressure she had used her hand on him often. He wanted her to use her mouth but she wouldn’t go that far. So she knew that she was getting a nice large cock, bigger than most men if her girl friend weren’t telling tales. She didn’t really know just how big an eight inch cock was until she married and was happy to find out it was just the right size. She wondered if Joe was the same way.

Joe had not been the only one looking that afternoon. He was two years younger than Steve and after four years in the Navy he was rock hard, where Steve was beginning to go a little soft. It was hard not to take a peek at his muscled arms and legs and the hard six pack across his stomach. Any woman would have looked, even his sister-in-law.

Steve had barely shut the door behind him and his parents before Joe approached her. She had just finished loading the dish washer and turned around to find him standing close to her. She looked up at his face as she started to move around him. He held out his arm and stopped her. His hand was on her arm; “don’t go.”


“I’ve wanted to kiss you all afternoon.”

She smiled at him; “You have been on that ship to long.” She tipped forward and kissed him swiftly on the lips before attempting to move around him.

He caught her and pulled her back in his arms and before she knew what was happing his lips were on hers. She tried to snatch away but his hand was behind her head preventing her from breaking the kiss. She tried to push him back with her hands on chest, but he was much too strong for that. All she got out of that was the feel of his hard muscles beneath her hands which distracted her long enough for her mouth to relax and his tongue to slide between her lips.

She didn’t know when she gave up fighting him and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back with all the excitement he was using on her. Her only coherent thought was how good he could kiss. For several minutes they stood in the kitchen and kissed; her giving as good as she was getting. She could feel his cock hard against her and she knew he could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest.

His hands came down to cover her tits through the top she had on. She didn’t make any effort to stop his roving hands; in fact she helps by raising her arms when he pulled the top over her head. For the first time he spoke since he kissed her. “Oh man dvd porno but you are beautiful! I’ve been hoping they would fall out of your bikini all day.” He stopped talking because his mouth was full of tit!

His mouth on her tit brought her up on her toes pushing it even tighter to his mouth. She loved to have her tits played with and Steve hadn’t been doing enough of that lately. She could feel his teeth gently nipping at her nipple before his lips pulled the hard nipple into his mouth and his tongue took over. “Oh yes, suck it!” The only thing that could have been any better was when he swapped to the other one and his hand moved between her legs to touch her hot pussy through her shorts. She only pushed her cunt tighter to his hand and didn’t back away when it slid under the waist band to stroke her hot wet pussy.

She had not been this hot in years and he could have fucked her right there in the kitchen only just then they heard the front door open. “God Joe, get your hand out of my shorts, Steve is coming!” Joe turned and met Steve headed to the kitchen and detained him long enough for her to get her top back on. Steve never knew why she nearly fucked him to death that night. Joe had to leave the next morning and she realized just how close she had come to fucking her brother-in-law.

She and Steve moved to California where he was moving his business the next year. They were finically able to purchase an upscale house in a secluded neighborhood. It had plenty of room and back yard pool with enough privacy that she could get an all over tan. Every thing was perfect and then Joe called.

Joe got there on Friday afternoon. Steve took off early to pick him up at the airport. Amy was thankful that he did so she would not be alone with him. The next two weeks were going to be bad enough with Steve at work most of the time. The feeling growing in her stomach made her wonder just what was going to happen and most of all what did she want to happen.

Steve was showing Joe around the house and came back in the kitchen where Amy was putting on dinner. She had greeted him when he first got there. She had been a little disappointed that he had only hugged her. On the way back to the kitchen she thought to herself, “What did you expect him to do with Steve standing right beside him?”

Joe took him outside and showed him the pool and lot before heading back inside. As they came in the door Joe remarked to Steve, “brother you have done really well for yourself. You have your own company; have a beautiful house and wife.” He looked at Amy and winked; she blushed to her toes. Steve didn’t see the exchange between them.

Saturday was spent around the pool. Amy was temped to wear another suit other than the bikini she wore around Steve and their friends. She knew she looked good in it and Steve liked for her to wear it. If she didn’t he was going to wonder why. The look was back in Joe’s eye just as it had been three years before. If Steve didn’t see it he was blind or didn’t care that his brother has the hots for his wife. She could feel his eyes just as she had before. He managed to behave himself for the most part during the day. That night they went out for dinner and a club afterwards. That when his good behavior stopped.

Dinner was good and with a few glasses of wine they were all feeling pretty good. They left there and went to a club for a few drinks and a little dancing. This was mostly Steve’s idea as Amy wasn’t to sure about being the girl in the middle of two brothers that looked so much alike it was frighten.

Both Steve and Amy liked to dance but for him about three songs and he had to sit out a few. Those few were when Joe asked her to dance and Steve motioned them to go ahead as he was already ordering another round of drinks.

The song was slow and Joe took her in his arms. Hesitant she didn’t move as close as he liked. “Something wrong?”

Embarrassed she realized what she was doing and quickly moved close and his arms closed around her. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”



“Are you afraid of me? You look like you are about to bolt for the door.”

“No, I was thinking of something else.”

“I bet it is the same thing I have been thinking about for the last three years. I never had that much fun in a kitchen in my life.”

She was blushing but she hid her face in his chest. She didn’t have to answer him as he knew he was right. He spoke barely above a whisper, “I could kiss you right here.”

“NO! Steve is right over there.”

“So it would be alright if Steve wasn’t here?”

“No, but he is.”

“I don’t know if I can wait until Monday, we have some unfinished business.”

“No! We can’t do that. We just had too much to drink then.”

“I wasn’t nearly as drunk as they though I was and neither were you. You wanted me just like I wanted you then and even more now. I’m going to fuck you like you have never been ensest porno fucked before.” She didn’t even bother to argue with him, she wanted him already!

Several dances later he had told her in plain language just what he was going to do to her. She no longer had any doubt that he was going to get what he wanted. The growling in her stomach wasn’t from the food; it was the excitement knowing she was going to make love to another man for the first time in her life. Dam she wondered, why didn’t she feel guilty about what she was about to do?

Back home that night she was in bed with Steve. He wanted to make love and she was more than happy. He filled a need in her that Joe had started and she couldn’t get out of her system. She never wanted to hurt Steve but the need she felt was more than even her love for him. She hoped that he never found out. She was risking her marriage and his family for something she had never thought she would do.

Sunday they slept late, getting the hangover out of their system before rolling out of bed. Amy was the first up and still naked from last night with Steve. She saw he was the same way and pulled the cover up over him. He deserved to sleep in as she wouldn’t let him stop after one time last night. She slipped on a robe over her naked body and headed to the kitchen and the coffee pot. Subconsciously she knew that Joe might be up and see her in just this robe. She knew what he would do and that was alright with her. He might want her naked and she knew that she did him.

Her back was turned but she heard him enter the room. She caught her breath as she could feel his presents just before his arms wrapped around her body. Pulling her back to him he whispered in her ear, “Tomorrow by this time you are going to be in my bed.” His hands pulled the tie of her robe and it fell open. His hands went to her tits. She only leaned back into him and let his hands have all the freedom he needed. He was rough, not enough to hurt but not the gently way Steve touched her. She could sense the difference in the two of them already.

“Joe, be careful. I don’t want to hurt Steve.”

“I will promise to behave today but tomorrow you belong to me.”

She turned her naked body to him, letting him see her. “You know I can’t resist you are I would have already. For the next two weeks I am yours as long as Steve isn’t around.” Her arms went around his neck. “Now kiss me and go get dressed before Steve wakes up. The kiss he had wanted since he arrived took place for the next five minutes, leaving both of them hot and wanting.

All Sunday Joe’s hands were on her every time Steve wasn’t looking. They spent the day around the pool and grilling steaks that night. Several times during the day Joe had managed, with her help, to be alone with her while Steve was outside. Each time had included him kissing her and even going so far as to slide her top up and sucking on her tits. Once again he was rougher with her than Steve and it just added to the heat between her legs.

After being felt up by Joe all day she was more than ready for Steve when they finally got to bed. She wanted him bad that night. She knew she loved her husband but what she felt for Joe wasn’t anything even close to love. He brought out feeling in her that she never knew she had. She wanted to make love to Steve one more time before she was with Joe. No man had ever been with her but Steve and now she knew that after tomorrow she would never be able to say that again.

Steve could not believe how hot she was that night. She kissed him and made love to him as she did when they first married. When he was in her she held him like she never wanted to let him go. When he finally climaxed she wouldn’t let him pull out. “NO, don’t go. Just stay where you are.” She didn’t want him to pull out and leave her, knowing that when he did another man would be where he was before she was with him again. Even with her arms wrapped around him he finally softened so and his cock slid from her. He rolled over from her but her arms were still around him as if she never wanted to let him go. Sleep claimed him but she just held on to him tighter. She could not get to sleep as she thought about what she was going to do the next day. She thought about calling the whole thing off but knew that was never going to happen. The stage had been set three years ago and now it was time to finish the unfinished business between them.

As was her usual morning during the work week she was up getting breakfast for Steve while he was getting his bath and ready for work. All she had on was the robe. She was naked under it as she always was since she couldn’t remember the last time either of then had slept in anything. If he thought anything about her dressing like this with Joe there he didn’t say anything. “Sorry about leaving you and Joe alone but I have to go in to work. If I can I will try to leave early.”

“Don’t worry about us. He will probably czech amateurs porno sleep to lunch anyway. He may just rest today and later this week we might show him the area.” She kissed him bye at the door and was cleaning up the table when Joe came up the stairs.

“Would you like some breakfast?”

“No, just a cup of coffee.” He set down at the table. She brought the coffee to him. He reached out and caught her hand, “and you.”

He took a quick sip of coffee and set the cup back down. Turning the chair to face he her pulled her towards him. She didn’t resist as she stood between his legs. His hands were on her hips as he stroked up each side of her body before reaching for the tie to the robe. Her hands rested on his shoulders as he opened the robe and spread it back, leaving her naked body open to his eyes. “Beautiful, just beautiful!” He rolled the robe from her shoulders and down her arms to drop on the floor at her feet.

Amy was quivering just from his touch and being naked before him. No other man, even her doctor had seen her like this other than Steve. Just being like this with him was turning her on like nothing before. The wrongness of it was erotic in its self. Then his hands reached up to squeeze her tits. His thumbs on her nipples quickly brought them up to hard little points. Her hands covered his and she squeezed his hands over her tits. It felt so good to have him touching her as she pushed against him tighter.

When his hands moved his mouth took over. His hands had dropped lower to touch her between the legs. She moved her legs apart, giving him complete access to her. It was his mouth that was causing her the most trouble. His teeth were nibbling on her nipples; bring a slight pain to them as he pulled her nipple into his mouth where his tongue was quickly stroking it even harder. He was sucking her breasts harder and harder until she couldn’t stand still. His mouth was doing its best to take all of her tit in it. The slight pain and the uniqueness of it had her cunt flowing around his working hand. She groaned and climaxed as she fell against him. “Oh god Joe, take me to bed!”

Minutes later she was stretched out in the middle of his bed watching him get out of his shorts. She watched his big cock as he slipped his shorts off. At least he was as big if not bigger than his brother, another thing that made them so alike. The difference between the two of them she was about to find out.

He moved over the bed above her. Once again his mouth was sucking on her tits while his fingers were working between her legs. He was rough with his mouth and fingers, not enough to hurt but it was turning her on like never before. She was more than ready to give him what he almost had three years before. “Come here and make love to me, I want you in me!”

He was between her spread legs and set back on his knees and looked at her. “Baby, I’m not here to make love to you; I am here to fuck you. I’ll leave the love making part to Steve. I promised you the best fucking you ever had and I plan on delivering.” She was too shocked to speak. He shifted forward and before she knew it he was lifting her hips up and his cock was pushing deep in her pussy.

Even knowing he was about to enter her, the hard and firm push of his cock caught her off guard. “OHHHH.” She was wet so he didn’t hurt her but she had never been taken so fast before. Not only was he fast but he was completely buried in her before she realized it. He didn’t waste any time fucking her. He was driving in her with hard pounding strokes as soon as he bottomed out. Then it hit her like never before. She had a screaming climax brought on by his hard driving cock.

“Oh yes, yes, yessssss!!! Fuck, Fuck, Fuckkkkk.” She was screaming as he fucked her hard and fast! His mouth had gone back to her tits and he was sucking them in his mouth. His teeth were nipping her nipples that sent another hot surge straight to her pussy. She climaxed again; he never stopped chewing on her nipples are fucking her with full hard strokes. She had another climax and her legs fell back on the bed as he was still driving in her. He drove deep and stopped. “You wore me out.”

“Baby, you have just got started. You are too hot to give out this quick. Fuck me, lift up your ass and ride my cock. Let it all hang out! Do things you never did before! Do what makes you feel good!” He went back to fucking her. Her feet no longer around his hips she planted them on the bed and lifted her pussy up on his cock each time he drove in her. He managed to get even more of his cock in her and she was fucking him back as hard as he was her.

It was then she felt him swelling in her and knew that he was about to cum. too late it dawned on her that she could get pregnant if he came in her. “Joe, you need a condom!”

He didn’t stop fucking her and she didn’t stop riding his cock. “Baby, I don’t use them. I want to feel you around me all hot and wet.”

“I could get pregnant!”

“Good!!” He drove deep and shot his load deep in her pussy. She screamed as she felt him shoot and climaxed again. Her hands were pulling him deeper if possible. No way was she going to stop him from filling her cunt with his hot seed, and she didn’t care!

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