Shredding Underwear and Inhibitions

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(Author’s Note: This is Part 6, and the Conclusion, of the “Underwear Shredder” series. All characters are above 18 years of age. Previous parts were:

Part 1: “My Brother the Underwear Shredder”
Part 2: “I Shred My Bra and Panties For Him”
Part 3: “An Outdoor Bra Shredding Adventure”
Part 4: “Shredding Underwear In The Shower”
Part 5: “Doing Errands & Shredding Lingerie”

If you’ve been following the series, I think this finale wraps things up nicely, and I hope you’ll agree. Enjoy! – r_i_g)

“Where’s that fucking cum, Allen?!? Where is it? I need it! FUCK!”

Things were moving very fast now. I had just finished destroying the new gray Freya bra I was wearing, and recorded all of it on the webcam. I didn’t know who was going to see this, but I didn’t care. That bra was a replacement for one of the same kind that I had destroyed earlier in the car, outside the deli while two men stood and watched. I was utterly out of control. And right now, I needed my brother’s cum.

I backed away from the camera and leaned around so I could see Allen again. He was sucking his cock, just like he had in the shower earlier, and cum was oozing out of the edges of his mouth and all over the base of his shaft and his balls.

“Hey!” I yelled, “That was for me you fucker!”

Then Allen leaned up, popped off his still-heavily-cumming dick, grabbed the torn panties that I had ripped off and tossed over to him earlier, and started rubbing them all over his cum-soaked genitals. Semen was still pouring out of his upright massive dick as he looked at me and said, “You’ll get plenty,” and kept rubbing. The panties were covered and dripping when he finally tossed them back to me.

I wasted no time. I hadn’t had his cum in hours, and I made sure to get every drop of it that I could into my mouth. I licked the panties as much as I could, but eventually just had to stick whole pieces of the fabric into my mouth so I could suck the cum off directly. Once I had finished, I noticed a large glob of it had dripped off the panties and onto the floor, and I leaned my face down to the floor and licked it up as quickly as I could.

But Allen wasn’t done, and I watched for a long time as the cum kept flowing, and flowing, and flowing out of his cock. I no longer cared about the webcam view, and moved closer to him until my face was no more than two or three inches away from his cum-soaked penis. I got a close-up look as more and more hot sperm kept pouring out of his gigantic dick.

“Holy fuck Allen, how long is this gonna go?” I asked, staring at the tip of his dick.

Then I realized he was taunting me. “As long as I want. I’m a very heavy cummer. You want more?” and he grunted as he leaned back on his hands a bit, pushing his orgasm even further.

Suddenly his dick was an absolute fountain of semen, pouring everywhere until his cock and balls were almost completely covered white with his cum. I didn’t think I could be surprised any more by Allen’s cumming, but this time he absolutely knocked all of his previous orgasms I had witnessed out of the water. The cum was simply everywhere, I have no idea how he produced so much of the stuff.

And yet I wanted to see more. More! Only suddenly I was no longer content to just passively watch the cum oozing out of his cock. Now I had to be part of the action, and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Just like that, none of my previous inhibitions against direct contact with my brother meant a thing to me. All pretense of self-control was simply gone.

Without giving him any warning, I quickly reached over and grabbed his enormous cum-covered cock outright with both hands.

Allen’s eyes opened wide with surprise, and his mouth started to move like he was going to say something… maybe in sheer astonishment? Maybe in protest? But he didn’t actually say anything, because before he could, I had already begun giving him the most frenzied handjob he’d had in his life. It wasn’t sensual, and it certainly wasn’t gentle. It was lust-filled, horny, and uncontrollably savage.

My hands were moving up and down so quickly on his cum-drenched dick, that the cum started splattering everywhere. Not only was it all over his dick and my hands, the force of my hands was now splashing it up all over his crotch and the floor and my arms and his chest, and even a little on my throbbing tits.

And as this was happening, more semen kept pouring out the tip of his cock, adding to the splattery mess I was making of all his cum. I just didn’t want it to stop!

But eventually it had to.

Once I noticed the flow of sperm start to finally trickle off, I pulled my hands off of his semen-soaked dick, and licked off every drop of cum that was on them. Then I reached over to Allen’s dick and rubbed another huge glob of cum directly off of the shaft and onto my hands, so I could eat it too. I repeated the process a couple more times around his body, and mine, until I had eaten every drop of his sperm that I could find.

After family stroke porno feasting on Allen’s cum, I took a moment to finally look up at his face, which I hadn’t for a while. He was in shock, but pleasantly so it seemed. And now that I had broken a pretty major contact barrier, he still seemed eager… but in need of a little recovery. Just a little. After what I just saw, I wasn’t surprised. So we needed a few minutes, enough time for his cock to settle a bit and for his balls to make more of that delicious semen. But I was impatient. “Fuck! Is that it? I want more!” I yelled out.

Allen defended himself. “‘Is that it?’, really? That’s your reaction? That was a lot of cum, sis!”

“I know it was, sorry. I know it was a lot. But I’m so unbelievably fucking horny right now Allen, I just… I need more of it! Hey, I know what might help you along,” I said, and quickly stood up.

Allen made a facial expression that was a mix of curiosity and concern. But then I opened my eyes wide and smiled at him, in a way that made it clear I had a plan. “Stay right here!” I told him with a grin, then grabbed the shopping bag from the lingerie store that was sitting on the floor, and ran into my bedroom with it, closing the door behind me.

I simultaneously had no idea what I was doing, and yet somehow knew _exactly_ what I was doing. It was strange, like some other previously hidden part of me had taken over. Gone was the scholarship-earning, top-honors college student with a clear head on her shoulders. In her place was a ravenous cum-hungry animal who was quickly ripping every inhibition apart. And she was now in charge.

I went over to my underwear drawer, and got out a particular bra, along with a matching pair of panties. As soon as I saw them and realized what I was about to do, my knees buckled over and I lost control of my hands again, fingering myself furiously as a fountain of juice poured out of my aching cunt, down my legs and all over the floor. I bent down to the bedroom floor and licked up as much of my juice as I could.

After a couple minutes, I finally managed to put the bra and panties on. Then I slipped on a gray hoodie sweatshirt that I had brought with me over top, and some pink and white striped pajama pants on the bottom.

And then I took all the rest of my lingerie from my underwear drawer, and put it all in the bag. Every remaining bra, every pair of panties. That was in addition to the lingerie I had bought at the store and hadn’t destroyed yet. All of it.

None of this lingerie was cheap by any means. The five Simone Perele bras alone were worth close to five hundred dollars! I guessed that altogether, if you combine the cost of the bras and the panties, there was probably close to a thousand dollars worth of lingerie in there.

And that wasn’t even counting what I was wearing underneath my hoodie and pajamas.

Once I was dressed, I opened the door, holding the shopping bag full of all of my lingerie. I didn’t walk back into the main room. Instead, I went into Allen’s room, opened his two underwear drawers, grabbed every piece of his underwear in both of them, and quickly tossed them all into the bag too. I was guessing it was around 15 pieces or so, of a variety of types.

I walked back into the main room with the bag, which was now very full, and found a couple extra pieces of his underwear that were still intact. I put them in the bag as well, except for one pair of sexy red briefs which I tossed onto Allen’s lap.

“Put those on and follow me! And bring the scissors,” I commanded. He waited for a moment while I kept walking, but when I turned back around and looked at him, I knew I was in charge and that I meant business. He got up, slipped the tight red briefs over his enormous but temporarily softened cock, grabbed the scissors, and followed me towards the back of the house.

I opened up the back door, and headed onto the deck with the bag. I was wearing a hoodie and pajamas, but Allen was wearing nothing but his sexy red briefs. He paused at the back door and looked at me.

“Uhh wait, sis? It’s later in the day, the neighbors might be home by now. Are you sure you…”

“Stop talking and keep walking!” I interrupted him. This was no time for fear of the neighbors. In fact, I was now pretty much hoping that they would be watching. I had already destroyed a bra in front of two men at the deli today, and stripped almost completely naked for the lingerie store clerk. Both of those situations only served to make me hornier. So… no, I wasn’t about to stop. If the neighbors wanted a show, they were about to get one.

I looked around the deck and saw some of the remains of the bra that I had destroyed out here earlier in the day, and smiled a bit. Then we walked off the deck and got a ways out into the back yard, until we were in a spot that was in plain view of windows from three different neighboring houses. We didn’t know if anyone was watching, but female taxi porno the likelihood was far from zero.

I took the bag full of all of my lingerie and all of Allen’s underwear, and emptied the contents out onto the grass. Afterwards, I stood there for a moment or two, facing Allen.

Allen looked back at me for a few seconds, then looked around. “So…. what exactly are we doing out here?”

“I’ll explain as we go,” I answered. “But first, I need to get out of these pajamas. Would you hand me the scissors, please?” I asked with a smile.

Allen handed over the scissors, which I took in my right hand. As I held them, I pulled out the ends of drawstring for my pajamas in my left hand, and cut them off. Then I moved my right hand with the scissors to the top of now-loosened drawstring waistband near my right hip, and started slowly and surely cutting all the way down the right leg of my pajamas, bending over as I went so I could reach. As I stood back up, the right side of the pajamas were hanging loose, revealing part of what I was wearing underneath: some see-through bright yellow thong panties with a lacey flower pattern and some little satin frills around the waist.

Allen noticed the panties and just started staring. I smiled at him, then moved the scissors over my left leg to repeat the process there, cutting from the waistband all the way down my left leg.

As I went down, the pajamas dropped lower and lower, until finally with the last cut they fell completely loose onto the grass. I stood back up, the sexy yellow panties now fully on display.

Allen kept staring and couldn’t say anything for a few seconds. He eventually started moving his lips, but all I could get out of him was “Wow.”

“Not done yet,” I said. “This sweatshirt isn’t as comfortable as I’d like. I think it needs to come off too.”

I then took the scissors and started from the collar of the sweatshirt, and just worked my way straight down… slowly… so very slowly… achingly slowly, as Allen watched with attentive eyes. Sometimes I really liking ripping things apart or making a big mess, but this time I knew what I would be revealing, and I wanted to savor it.

And savor it I did. By the time the scissors were halfway down the front of the sweatshirt, my panties were soaked. And since they were already see-through, they just served to call attention to my now sopping wet pussy. I could feel Allen’s eyes and the eyes of the invisible neighbors just out of view, who I knew were there even if I couldn’t see them or hear them. Sometimes you just know you’re being stared at, and I was definitely being stared at right now.

I kept moving the scissors down, cutting the sweatshirt as I went. When I finally reached the bottom, I dropped the scissors and wasted no more time. I quickly pulled open the front of the sweatshirt with both hands and slipped it off my arms and onto the grass behind me.

And that’s when Allen, and anyone else looking on, saw the bra. THE bra. The nearly three-hundred dollar see-through number that was unquestionably the sexiest bra that I owned. It was bright yellow, almost entirely transparent in the cups, had really detailed lacey flower designs everywhere, even the shoulder straps were impressively intricate. I had actually given myself an orgasm in the dressing room the first time I tried it on, it turned me on that much.

After staring for what seemed to be a very, very long time, Allen looked up at my eyes again, at which point I thought it would be okay to talk and expect that he might possibly be paying attention.

“This is a rare, special collection bra from Empreinte. They didn’t make many of them, and you can’t find them online. It’s the most expensive bra that I own, and I think it’s the sexiest, too. Your eyes seem to agree,” I said with a smile.

Allen smiled back, then his eyes moved back to staring at the bra and my fully visible breasts underneath. I hadn’t looked at his crotch in a while, but now that I did, I could see that underneath the red briefs he was wearing, he was very, very hard again.

My breath was heavy, and my panties were soaked. I was exposed in the backyard, easily visible to whoever amongst the neighbors cared to look, wearing the sexiest lingerie that I owned.

And now I was going to take it further. Much, much further.

I looked at Allen, then I bent down to pick up the scissors, and nodded towards the pile of underwear on the grass.

“That pile, plus what you see on my body, represent every piece of lingerie that I own. And I also think that’s all the underwear you have here at the house, right? That and the pair you’re wearing right now. Yes?”

Allen looked, then thought for a moment. “Yeah…. yeah I think that’s all of it.” His voice and facial expression indicated a mixture of excitement and concern, but mostly excitement from what I could tell.

So I kept going. “Good. Here’s what’s going to happen. Forget my the pile of my lingerie female agent porno for now, we’ll get back to that. First, I’m going to cut up every single pair of your underwear, right here, while you watch. I’m going to cut off the ones you’re wearing too, so that means you won’t have any underwear left here, at all. Those briefs are simply too small for your massive fucking cock and cum-heavy balls, and now I’m going to make absolutely certain that they never have to be trapped like that ever again.”

Allen shuddered a bit. He didn’t cum yet, but I could tell he was close. And I now I was going to push him over the edge.

I realized that this was quite possibly the single most erotic event of my life, happening, right now. What I was doing, where I was doing it, who I was doing it with, what I was about to say, everything… it was a culmination of my horniness and my limits and who knows what else, on so many levels I couldn’t even describe.

“You’re going to cum in a moment,” I said. “You’re going to cum right there in your red briefs, and then I’m going to cut them off, so I can drink it. The _reason_ you’re going to cum, is because I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do next. We’re going to cut up all your underwear, like I said. You won’t have any left, at all. Then, I’m going to give you the scissors, and you’re going to slowly, and carefully, cut this almost-three-hundred-dollar bra to pieces. The panties too. You’re going to take the sexiest, most expensive lingerie that I own, and cut it right off my body, destroying it beyond recognition. All out here in the yard for any neighbor who wants to see. And then…”

This was the moment. All my inhibitions were long gone. There were no more boundaries. There was just me, a horny sex fiend who knew exactly what she wanted and nothing else.

“… and then, once all your underwear is in shreds, and I’m standing here naked with my favorite lingerie on the ground in ruins, I will bend down on my knees… and then I will put that massive cock of yours deep into my mouth… and you will cum down my throat.”

Allen exploded right then. And so did I.

I had said it. I had actually said it. I was no longer content to keep my mouth off of him any more. I was now so hungry for his cum that I would only be satisfied by having it blasted directly down my fucking throat.

I saw the front of Allen’s expensive red briefs turn wet, then white. Cum was seeping through them, and as I saw that, another massive orgasm hit me. “Oh fuck fuck FUCK!” I yelled out uncontrollably, sticking three fingers from my right hand into my wet cunt as my left hand hugged my left breast tightly underneath my see-through bra.

I felt like I had control when I was giving all of these very clear instructions to Allen. But now that I had said the words, and now that it had all actually started, any remaining semblance of that control simply disappeared. I dived down onto my knees and quickly moved forward until my face was only inches from Allen’s increasingly cum-stained briefs.

No holding back anymore. My eager mouth and tongue went to town on the front flap of Allen’s briefs while he wore them, lapping every bit of cum that had come out so far, all while putting tongue pressure on his enormous cock in the hopes that he would make more.

Once I had licked up all the cum I that I could see, I leaned back slightly, put my left hand into the flap of Allen’s briefs and my right hand on the waistband near his hip, and _ripped_ the top of the flap off. Then in a total frenzy I continued to rip the seams of the flap apart, until his huge dick sprang out in front of me, the tip soaked in his semen.

I hungrily stuck the tip of his cock in my mouth, licking up every drop of cum that I could. Then I brought my mouth back off and looked up at Allen’s face for a moment.

He was simply stunned. But he wasn’t stopping me.

I looked back down at the fantastic specimen in front me. Then I looked a little lower, through the hole I had ripped in the flap of his underwear, and noticed a large pool of his cum still sitting there in the pouch of the briefs.

My eyes went wide as I reached into the hole with my right hand and then my left, grabbing as much cum as I could. But instead of putting them into my mouth, I watched myself move my cum-soaked hands up towards Allen’s cock.

I then once again grabbed his gigantic dick with both hands and slathered the cum all over it, until the tip and almost the entire shaft was covered in sticky white semen.

“Suck your own cock, right now!” I yelled at him, loudly. The neighbors probably heard, and I didn’t care. If I didn’t have their attention before, I did now.

My uncontrollably horny mouth was running on its own. “Suck it, you cum hungry fuck! I’ve seen you do it twice, do it again, right now! Suck all that cum back off your dick and eat it! Suck that enormous fucking shaft down your throat! I want to watch you fuck your own mouth until you’re about to cum again, and then give it to me! I’m going to take that huge fucking prick and shove it into my mouth and down my throat as far as I can and make you cum right into me! Do it! UnnnngghgNNNNGGGGH!” as another wave of my non-stop, uncontrollable, lust-crazed orgasm spree smashed into me. “DO IT! Oh FUCK!”

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