Sibling Reunion

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My Sister, Rene, and I have always had an ‘abnormal’ relationship, even as little Kids. As Adults, We had drifted apart for many reasons, but We still had Our special bond.

We hadn’t seen each other in 4years and hadn’t spoken much during that time. I was traveling to Sacramento for business reasons. I had managed to get my Sister to set aside some time for Us.

I drove in on a Thursday and had things taken care of by mid Friday. I met up with Rene at a local taco shop for lunch. I let Her know I planned on Us spending the weekend camping in the woods by the river. She was excited since We hadn’t camped together since We were little.

The ‘road’ to the spot was slow going since it was nearly non existent. The Sun was just above the horizon when We pulled up to the river. We started a fire and set-up camp.

The night was warm, calm, and humid and We were both sweaty. I announced that I was gonna rinse of in the river. At the edge of the campfire light, I stripped and got in the water. The cool water was exhilarating and I soaked in the shallow water for a while.

I saw Rene coming from upstream. The water was no deeper than waist-deep where We were, and I could tell She was, at least’ topless. Before sitting next to me, She came shallower and She was definitely as nude as I was. I had seen Her in separate states of undress over my lifetime, but never totally nude.

Just a bit about my Sister…She is about 5’8″, around 150lbs & fit, DD breasts, blonde, and by almost every standard, a total Babe! Also as bat-shit crazy as Me and the rest of Our Family!

As We sat there talking with the water flowing over Us. It must have been hours in the cool water. By the moonlight, liseli porno I could see She was beginning to shiver.

I laughed and told Her that Her quivering tits were Making waves and I was gonna go stoke up the fire. I got out of the water, got the fire going good, and sat there wrapped in a blanket with another next to me for Rene.

After a short time, She came walking from the shadows. Her nude body glistening wet. The firelight making Her tan skin glow. I held up Her blanket. She grabbed the end of mine and slid under my arm. She nuzzled up to me and I wrapped the blanket around Us both.

I had sexual fantasies about my Sister most of my life…never did I think We would snuggling nude in the woods by a river. I can honestly say I got a chubby with Her cold, hard nipple pressed against my side. I pulled Her tight to help Her warm up. She was shivering like crazy.

She softly thanked me for taking Her away and told me I was a good Brother.

We sat there for a while, taking turns adding wood to the fire. We had warmed up enuf that We had let the blanket fall to Our waists. We were telling jokes, sharing memories, and sitting quietly watching the fire.

Rene announced She was going to bed and I looked over my shoulder and watched Her ass as She crawled into the tent. After about 10minutes She called out that She was getting cold and asked me to bring Her the blankets.

I added some larger logs to the fire, gathered the blankets, and crawled into the tent. I covered Her with one and myself with the other. She rolled over, slid under mine, and wrapped Her arm around my waist. We quickly fell asleep.

Morning came and I quietly meet suck and fuck porno slid out of the tent to pee. I put on a pair of trunks and gathered more wood. Managing to get the fire going again, I made some breakfast from some of the weekend provisions I had brought.

Rene came from the tent lazily covered in a blanket. I motioned to the ‘potty tree’ and She stumbled away to do Her business.

We sat and ate. Rene complimented me on my rustic culinary skills. She gave up trying to keep covered with the blanket. I went to the river to wash things. Before I could finish, I saw Rene’s ass pass within inches of my face as She walked into the river.

Seeing Her nakedness in the daytime was amazing. Knowing She had lowered all Her defenses with me was even more amazing!

We had both been thru so much that eventually separated Us. Now here We were…alone in Our own little world. Happy, free, and unrestrained.

I put things away, removed my trunks, and entered the water myself. We swam together and apart. We lay on the rocks to tan. We played like Kids, conversed like Adults, cried like Babies.

Clouds began to roll in as the afternoon progressed. Sprinkles began to fall which turned to rain. We lay next to each other letting the rain wash all Our cares away.

I say up, looked at my Beautiful Sister, and told Her that I Loved Her. I thanked Her for agreeing to spend the weekend with me.

She smiled, put her hand on my cheek, and told me that She loved me.

We sat there looking into each others eyes for what seemed like days. She looked like a teenager again. Then She asked me to fuck Her. I chuckled at first mobil porno before realizing the look in Her eyes was nothing but serious.

I placed my hand on Her belly and ran it up to Her breast. I leaned in and Kissed Her. It was unreal and exciting. The passion between us was as naked as We were.

Rene mounted me in a 69 and swallowed my cock while I buried my face in Her bald pussy. I slipped my thumb in Her ass, so she slipped 2 fingers into mine.

She came in my face 3 times before I shot my cum down Her throat. We lay there as the rain flowed over Us for a short time before Rene sucked me hard again. She then climbed onto my cock and slid my cock deep into her pussy. I watched Her ass bounce as She rode my cock with mild aggression. I lost count of how many times She came, but She came loud and hard every time.

She stood and turned around. Squatting down She guided my cock into Her ass. I fingered Her clit as She rode my cock. She pulled at and twisted Her nipple. She wailed every time an assgasm rocked Her body.

I came in Her ass letting out a loud, long groan.

She sat on me quivering. My cock still in Her ass. Her large breasts heaving. The rain cascading over every inch of Her flesh.

We fucked many times more before the rain stopped and darkness fell.

I managed to get a fire going. Fucking my Sister in front of a campfire was a great way to end the night. We crawled into the tent and fell asleep I each others arms.

I awoke in the morning to find my Sister sucking my cock. It took no time to realize She again had 2 fingers in my ass and massaging my prostate.

I sat up a bit and We looked deeply into each others eyes while I came hard down her throat. She continued to finger my ass for a while.

We went for another swim, fucked countless times more before breaking camp and leaving.

Since then, Rene and I have gotten together twice a year to go camping. Every time is as awesome as the first…or more so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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