Siblings Ch. 03: Innocence Revisited

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This story picks up almost 20 years on from Siblings Chapter 2. I may go back and fill in some of the intervening years at some stage in the future.


I was on my way to visit my sister, Lucy. I hadn’t seen her for almost two years. After University I had got myself a job and put a lot of focus on my career. Lucy got an office job working for an airline on their loyalty club.

It had become clear to me that, while I had developed a love for Lucy that went way beyond that of a brother, she did not see me as a life partner or soul mate. She loved me dearly and while we had moved beyond our initial remit of experimenting in order to educate each other about sex and fine tune our skills and although she still wanted us to continue enjoying each others body, it was clear it would go no further than that. Realistically, she was right, of course, there was no way we could set up as open partners and continue with our lives as they were. I knew it would be unacceptable to society, but still I felt hurt and more than a little empty.

My honours degree in Finance and Accounting had enabled me to get a position with an international bank. I worked damned hard for long hours and it paid off, because I gained a reputation as a bit of a high flyer within the company and was promoted several times over the next two years.

During that time Lucy and I continued to find ways and means to be together and we enjoyed some amazing sex. Because of the way I felt about Lucy, I had no desire to chase other women and I know there were rumours among work colleagues that I was probably gay. I felt no need to put anyone right on the matter.

Lucy, however, soon found the older man that she always said she would. He was not one of our Father’s friends, which she had once threatened would be a target for her, but a businessman from Malaysia, 20 years her senior, who she had met at a party. I disliked the guy from the start and won’t sully this story by referring to him by name. I admit that jealousy may have played some small part in my feelings, but somehow I sensed there was something wrong about the man. I was sorely tempted to do some financial investigations on him but, out of respect for Lucy, I regret I didn’t follow through with them.

They were married 4 months after meeting and their daughter Su was born later that year. Officially her name was Suraya, but I have always called her Su. She truly is the one good thing that came out of the relationship.

I had been concerned that Lucy being married would get in the way of the relationship, both personal and sexual, that she and I had, but in fact her husband travelled abroad so much that he was never an issue for us.

Then the rat high-tailed it back to Asia six months after Su was born. How could anyone just abandon their wife and new-born child? I suspect he was running, either from the authorities or from some of the shady characters he did business with. In either case I truly hope they caught up with him.

He went back to Malaysia on a business trip and just never returned. His mobile telephone went dead, addresses he had given in Malaysia turned out not to exist, e-mails were returned as undelivered and we never heard anything of him again. Lucy was confused at first, then devastated and then angry. Frankly, I was just happy that he was out of Lucy and Su’s life.

Fortunately, he had put the small house they bought into Lucy’s name. It was heavily mortgaged but my parents and I, between us, were able to help Lucy manage the payments through the early years, so she and Su were never without a roof over their heads. It was a struggle for us all but eventually life settled down again.

Three years on, I was offered a posting abroad with my company. I debated the idea long and hard before accepting. I came to the conclusion that it would be good for both Lucy and I to have some distance between us for a while. Lucy was looking for a chance to restart her career now that Su was 4 years old and I felt it might perhaps allow me to get over any thoughts of establishing a different relationship with Lucy that still lingered in my mind.

The initial assignment was for 2 years, but I agreed to an extension and then another and another. An amazing 14 years just whizzed by before the bank announced they were selling the international division and that, once the sale went through, they would want me back in the UK.

During my early years abroad I had got used to coming home to visit several times a year. Whenever I was in the UK I would spend as much time as possible with Lucy and a huge proportion of that time was spent in bed. As the years passed, however, my visits became less frequent and it became harder and harder to indulge our passions without raising the suspicions of her growing daughter, Su. What with the financial crisis and then some drawn out sale arrangements for the business, I had been unable to travel at all for the past couple of years.

Now ankara escort I had been back in the country for just over a week and was living out of a hotel near the office. I had not had a chance to see Lucy yet, so she had invited me to visit for the weekend. In fact she insisted on it. It was Su’s birthday and she wanted her favourite, though to be fair only, uncle there for the celebrations. I drove to Lucy’s house on the Friday evening with a keen sense of anticipation and an almost permanent semi-erection.

I arrived just after nine thirty. Having heard me pull up outside, Lucy answered the door as soon as I rang the bell. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. She looked fantastic. Her slim body was as trim and toned as ever. Her long blond hair was tied back in a pony-tail. She was wearing a thin, printed cotton summer dress that ended mid-thigh. Tracking down her long smooth legs with my eyes, I saw that her feet were bare.

She stepped back and I followed her into the hallway. I dropped my small carry-bag on the floor and pulled her into my arms. “God, I’ve missed you,” I said, hugging her tight. I felt her breasts squash against my chest. Our lips met in what started as a small welcome kiss, but which quickly developed into a passionate embrace. This immediately told me that Su was not at home.

Pushing the front door closed behind me with a backward kick, I took hold of the hem of Lucy’s colourful cotton dress in both hands and lifted it straight up over her head. She was wearing no underwear at all. As I dropped her dress on the floor by my bag, she stood in front of me, absolutely naked and looking as beautiful as ever.

Lucy stepped forward, unbuckled the shorts I was wearing and thrust her hand straight down into my boxers. Already quite hard, my dick now sprang to attention under her touch. I allowed my hands to wander all over her naked body as she continued to massage my cock. Dropping to her knees, Lucy pulled down my shorts and boxers and my fully erect dick sprang forward to point at her. She took it in her hand and, making sure my foreskin was retracted, she pushed it up until it was flat against my stomach. Then she slowly ran her tongue up from my ballsack to my banjo string, tickling around this most sensitive spot for a while before taking the whole glans into her mouth.

After a while of vigorous sucking and licking, I was not sure I could rely on my usual self-control for too long, so I pulled Lucy to her feet.

“I need you, right now,” I said and hooking an arm under her right leg I lifted her knee high as I stepped in close to her. With the other hand I positioned my throbbing dick just below her now damp pussy and drove upwards into her. As I did so, Lucy wrapped both arms around my neck in order to maintain her balance.

Still holding one leg up, my other hand went on her butt and I used my grip to pull her hard onto me as I thrust my own buttocks forward. Lucy’s face was buried in the junction of my neck and shoulder. She grunted and bit into my neck with every thrust. Our fucking was urgent, almost violent, satisfying a deep need within both of us. To ensure we didn’t fall over, I turned her so that her back was up against the wall. I was now able to make longer strokes in and out of her wet snatch and it wasn’t long before we both reached a desperate feeling climax.

I lowered Lucy’s leg so that both feet were back on the floor and we stood there holding each other tight for ages. “Jesus Tom, most people settle for a peck on the cheek when they come to visit,” Lucy whispered into my chest.

Eventually I let her go and pushed her gently towards the stairs. As she turned to run up to the bathroom, I gave her a big slap on the backside. “Well I’ve come to visit and I’ll be ready to come again real soon!” I joked weakly as she disappeared.

Having pulled my shorts back up, I straightened the two pictures that were now hanging askew on the hallway wall. Then I picked up my bag, walked into the lounge and threw it onto the sofa, which would be my bed for the weekend as the house only had two bedrooms. I took off my shoes and turned to follow Lucy upstairs.

Lucy was in the shower. I sat on the side of the bath, watching her through the glass door and marvelling that her body was as sexy now, in her mid-thirties, as it was when she was a teenager. I handed her a towel as she emerged from the cubicle. Putting a foot on the bath beside me to dry a leg, she explained that she had given Su some cash to treat a few of her friends to a trip to the cinema and a burger. I said I was a little surprised as I thought the idea was for the three of us to celebrate her birthday together.

Lucy said Su would be home before long and she needed to talk to me first. I looked at her expectantly, but Lucy just stood holding the towel in front of her and said nothing for a while. Then, as is often the case with Lucy, the words came at machine-gun pace with hardly a pause for breath.

“Tom, it’s Su’s eighteenth escort ankara birthday. She is more precious to me than anything else in the world and I only want the best for her. Being a single parent, I’ve been extremely protective of her. She hasn’t had the same freedoms as her friends and others of her age. Because of that, I know she’s not heavily into boys at the moment but things change so quickly with girls of her age and I don’t want her to have a bad first experience or to be put off by getting involved with the wrong boy. Tom, you’re the only person in the world I would trust to treat her right on her first time. I want you to be the one that takes her virginity, just like you did with me 20 years ago.”

I stared at Lucy, open-mouthed, hardly believing what she was saying, but Lucy was not finished. She carried on putting her case that it was in Su’s best interests. She had never regretted her own introduction to sex and claimed that she had emerged far happier and better balanced than most of her friends. She explained that her own life would be a nightmare from now, constantly worrying about her daughter every time she went out on a date.

My mind was spinning both from the fact that Lucy was almost begging me to agree to do this as well as a creeping excitement at the thought of having my way with a nubile 18 year old body. I eventually agreed to the idea, but only if Su was in agreement, given a free choice.

It was now past 11pm and Su was due home very shortly. I couldn’t see how we could easily bring up the idea with her, but Lucy had already thought it through and had a plan. Still naked from her shower she pulled me down the corridor to her bedroom. Making sure all the lights in the house were off, she opened the curtains in her bedroom so that a little light fell over her bed and positioned the door open just enough to give a good view into the room. Then, giving me a wicked smile, she pulled off my shirt, shorts and boxers and pushed me down onto the bed. Jumping up onto the bed herself, her legs straddled my face and, in a classic sixty-nine position, she lowered her mouth down onto my prick and started a slow languorous blow-job. My mind was racing as I realised that Lucy’s wanted Su to catch us in the act. I was trying to think about how she would react, but sixty-nine has always been a favourite of mine and the feeling of Lucy’s lips and tongue around my cock made it hard to concentrate. Soon my baser male instincts took over and I buried my tongue deep in her sweet honey-pot.

After about ten minutes or so we heard the front door open. With the house in darkness we knew Su would assume I was asleep in the lounge. As we heard Su’s footsteps on the stairs, Lucy sat up, turned around and positioned herself above my rampant dick. To get to her own bedroom, Su had to walk past her mother’s door. Just when she sensed she would be there, Lucy lowered herself down onto me with a clearly audible gasp and, leaning well forward, started to ride me rhythmically.

Looking past Lucy, I could make out a shape in the doorway. It moved to one side as Su positioned herself mostly out of sight. I knew that from there, Su would have a great view of Lucy’s ass and my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. After a minute or so, Su’s head extended a little more round the door and our eyes met. Lucy was still riding me fast, but then dropped her full weight down on me, pretending to climax with some quite unnecessary orgasmic grunts. Su quickly broke our gaze, turned and disappeared off into her own room.

I indicated for Lucy to stop and she rolled off me. We waited a few minutes before I pulled on my boxers and padded across the floor of the room, out and across to Su’s door. I knocked gently, but there was no response. I slowly opened the door and looked in.

Su had changed into her pyjamas and was sitting up near the head of her bed. Her knees were pulled up to her chin with her arms wrapped around them. I walked across and sat down on the edge of the bed. I looked closely at Su, she seemed confused rather than upset. “Can we talk?” I asked her.

Su nodded and I gently explained to her that Lucy and I had been lovers ever since she was Su’s age. I told her that we loved each other very much and had decided when we were young that the safest and best way to learn about sex was if we learned together. I said we had been each other’s first lover and gave her some details on how we would practice and try new things together.

At first Su was visibly shocked but as I spoke I saw her slowly start to relax. Her knees were no longer being held tightly against her chest. At last she found her voice and asked a few questions about how often we found time to make love, where it happened and how we kept it all secret. After talking for about thirty minutes she looked up at me and said “Uncle Tom, I wish I had a brother like you.”

I told her she didn’t need a brother since she had the most wonderful mother in the world and an uncle who ankara escort bayan loved her dearly. I went on to explain what her mother and I were suggesting, but that it had to be her choice. Su was nodding even before I got the words out, but I told her that it was not a decision she could make here and now. She should think about it carefully and let us know what she decided tomorrow or even later.

I stood and, kissing her on the head, I left the room and returned to Lucy. I never made it back to the sofa. Now Su knew about us, there was no reason for me not to share Lucy’s bed. Besides, I was still pretty worked up from the display we had put on for Su and needed some urgent relief.

Lucy and I made tender love that night, but I’m a little ashamed to admit that for most of the time I was actually thinking about what it would be like to be screwing Su.

I woke early the following morning but Lucy was already up and had gone downstairs to start getting breakfast ready. Su came bounding into the bedroom, still in her pyjamas. She looked a little surprised to see me in her mother’s bed and I explained that Lucy was downstairs.

“Not to worry,” Su said as she sat down beside me on the bed. “It was you I needed to talk to anyway. I thought about it for ages last night and I’m absolutely sure I want you to be my first…. you know.”

“First fuck?” I asked.

“Yes” replied Su, blushing a little. “I’ve done a few things with boys, touching and stuff. I even gave one a blow job, of sorts, once but I’ve never fucked. I want you to fuck me.”

“Su, it would be an honour,” I said. “My pleasure and an honour.”

As I said that, Su smiled at me and took hold of her pyjama top, pulling it up and off in one fluid movement. I was immediately transported back 20 years to the front room in my parents’ house when Lucy had done exactly the same thing. Her lovely boobs were raised up somewhat while her arms were above her head, then they dropped back as if in slow motion, rebounding just a little as they settled. My eyes were fixed on those beautiful, pert tits with their dark but inviting nipples.

I stared at Su for some time, drinking in the beauty of this innocent young girl. Her mother was a fine looking woman. She had been a stunning teenager and Su had definitely got her mother’s beauty genes. But from her father’s side she had inherited amazing, large, almond shaped eyes. Also, whereas her mother was blond with a pale complexion, Su had almost black hair and an extremely attractive darker tone to her skin.

As I sat staring, I felt a small, warm hand on my cock. I hadn’t even realised, but the flashback to my first sexual experience with her mother and the sight of Su half naked in front of me had given me a huge hard-on and my dick was standing upright, proud and stiff through the fly of my boxers. Su had reached down and was wrapping her small hand around the shaft.

I left her hand there and reached out myself to cup one of her breasts in my hand, gently rubbing my thumb across the soft nipple. With my other hand I reached behind her head and pulled her face to mine. As our lips touched I parted mine and extended my tongue. Su responded immediately, snaking her tongue out to meet mine. I felt her squeeze my dick tighter as our tongues explored each other’s mouth.

I gently pushed Su backwards so she was lying on the bed. Taking a grip either side of her PJ shorts I pulled them downwards. Su raised herself off the bed a little to allow me to get them past her ass and remove them completely. Moving her legs apart, I leaned down and started to place small kisses up the inside of her thigh. The skin felt so soft and she smelled so sweet.

Su’s pussy was covered with fine black hair. I tested it with my nose. It was soft and downy. I pressed my tongue into the bottom of her small slit and ran it up to the top, separating her pussy lips and savouring the sweet taste of her young juices. Su let out an involuntary gasp as my tongue reached her clit. It was tiny, no more than a small bump, but it clearly contained all the right nerve endings.

I used my thumbs to ease her lips apart, giving my tongue full access to the inner surfaces of her pussy. I let my tongue dance all around the clitoral area while staying off the little bud itself. She was starting to let out little cries as the sensations started to overwhelm her and eventually I felt the quick but small contractions of her pussy muscles as she climaxed with a small squeal.

She was now fully relaxed and very wet down there. I removed my boxers and moved between her legs. I placed the head of my dick at the entrance to her vagina, the pre-come leaking from the small slit added to the available lubrication.

Taking all my weight on my elbows, I pushed my hips forward and edged my solid cock into her. There was much more resistance that I had expected and Su winced. Not wanting her to get any second thoughts, I wasted no time in allowing some of my bodyweight into my thrust. The head pushed through her hymen and the first couple of inches of my dick pushed into her no longer virgin pussy before I managed to rein it back. Su actually screamed as I broke through. It startled me and I nearly pulled out.

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