Siblings with Benefits Ch. 06

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I sat back in the chair, eyes closed enjoying listening to Mark recount our first time together. I have to say for someone who generally didn’t talk much my brother was a hell of a story teller; then again I suppose to be a lawyer he would have to be. As Mark was finishing painting his vivid picture of that fateful night I thought had that really been almost twenty years ago? Had this nasty girl really been fucking her brother for close two decades?

Because of our situation I had at one time done some research into the subject of “Keeping it in the family” so to speak, and had discovered most instances of incest did occur at younger ages than Mark and I were, but very rarely lasted more than a few months and often were once or twice situations. Hell Mark and I had outlasted most marriages. Then again I thought how many couples can say that after twenty years the sex was even better? My brother and I were living proof that although love may not stand the test of time, sin is forever.

Of course the memories the story itself brought back were getting me hot. When I looked at Mark today; gorgeous, successful, and when it came to women a pure predator, it was a hell of a turn on to know that I was not only the one that broke him in, but had also trained him along the way. It was all I could do not to drop my hand down and start fondling my rapidly moistening pussy. When Mark wrapped it up by saying the last thing that was on his mind was the word “More” I opened my eyes and smiled at him.

“I think you got quite a bit more didn’t you little brother?”

“Just an hour or so ago as a matter of fact.”

“True, but you know I’m wanting more already.” I told him. “After all I’ve got some catching up to do.”

Mark flashed that smug smirk of his.

“Hey you’re the one who wanted to spend the last year licking pussy.”

“That’s not very nice little brother.” I pointed out to him. “I don’t make fun of you for those few months you decided you wanted to,” I placed my hands over my heart. “Make love, to your little Sammy.”

Mark stared at me coldly. As soon as I had said it I realized it was a low blow. Mark hadn’t brought up Laura he had just been making a joke but I sure as hell wasn’t going to back down from him like everyone else did. Hell if I wanted to I could have Mr. “Bad Boy Attorney” on his knees begging to lick my feet in minutes. I returned the stare calmly. I have never lost a staring match. For whatever reason I am capable of going quite a long time without blinking, a trick that along with my ice blue eyes had earned me the nickname Medusa eventually leading to my choosing of the full sleeve tattoo on my right arm.

“Give it up little brother.” I said softly. After another moment he blinked and looked away.

“That wasn’t right Meg.” He said quietly.

“Well you shouldn’t make fun of me then.”

I turned sideways in my chair and swung my long legs over the arm putting my feet in Mark’s lap.

“Now rub my feet and tell me another story.”

“What?” Mark shook his head. “You make a crack like that and want me to rub your feet?”

I caught his gaze again.

“As a matter of fact I do, besides you know damn well you do too.” I rubbed my foot across his cock. “So be a good boy and rub your sister’s feet.”

Mark hesitated he was pissed but was already staring at my feet. I’m sure replaying his cumming on them just a little while ago. As if with a mind of its own his left hand began to gently caress the top of my right foot.

“There you go. Now tell me more about that first weekend when the folks were gone.”

“Bullshit.” Mark said. “Rule is its story for story. You’re turn to tell.”

“Little brother,” I began, taking a stern tone. “The only rule is that I make the rules. So tell me another story and rub my feet or you’ll sleep at them tonight after you watch me play with myself, and you get nothing.”

“Megan,” I stopped him by putting my foot to his lips.

“Remember your place Mark.” He glared at me then lowering his eyes kissed the top of my foot.

“I’m sorry my sister.” He whispered softly.

“That’s better.” I nodded. “Now go ahead like a good little puppy.”

Mark opened his mouth and started licking the tips of my toes. Damn that made my pussy flow. I needed it again and bad but couldn’t cave now.

“That’s enough.” I said putting my foot back in his lap. Mark went to start rubbing then caught himself.

“May I have the privilege of rubbing your feet my sister?”

“You may.” I answered softly as his answer sent another quiver through me. “I’ll also allow you to tell me about that next morning. Tell me about how mister “It didn’t seem right.” came looking for more of his sister’s pussy. Because you did; didn’t you?”

“Yes.” Mark answered as his strong hands rubbed my left foot.

“That’s right you did, and why is that?”

“Because I wanted it.”

“Better than that.”

Mark looked at me knowing exactly what I wanted him to say. Lowering his eyes he whispered;

“Because mofos porno I was a bad boy who wanted his sister.”

“Another good answer.” I thought for a minute.

“Tell you what little brother. You tell it as well as you told the first one then maybe, just maybe I’ll let you make your sorry behavior up to me sound fair?”

“My mistress is to kind.” Mark answered with no hint of sarcasm.

“That’s much better. But just so you don’t get to confident know that before I leave I will take some time to properly show you your place as apparently you’ve gotten a bit full of yourself. What do you say to that little brother?”

“Thank you for taking the time to remind me.” He replied

“You’re very welcome. Now,” I slid down a little further getting comfortable. “Tell me about how you woke your big sister up the next day looking for more.”

Mark nodded and while still massaging my feet started;

Saturday Morning.

For the first time in longer than I could remember I slept straight through the night, opening my eyes to the morning light coming in through my partially open blinds. I wasn’t awake for more than a minute before I was struck by one simple thought: I had gotten laid last night! The funny thing was that although I had planned all week for it to happen, I had been more than taken off guard. After all I had assumed I would be finally getting it from my girlfriend Krissy. I certainly would have never thought the girl I would lose my virginity to would be my own sister.

I sure as hell couldn’t deny last night had happened and not been some kind of twisted wet dream seeing as Megan was not only curled up next to me, her arm across my waist and head on my shoulder, but like myself was completely naked. I had to admit as bad as it sounded it felt pretty fucking good! I could feel Megan’s tits pressed into my side and even better than that her leg was draped over mine allowing me to feel her pussy against my thigh.

My arm was still around her shoulders just as it was when we had fallen asleep and her hair was across my chest. Megan was still sleeping so I closed my eyes again enjoying the smell of her hair and the feel of her breath on my chest. Lying there I tried to make sense of it. Obviously what we had done last night was wrong. Or was it?

Megan had made a lot of sense last night. We’d spent several years apart and although I did love her as a sister in a way she was more like a best friend, the only person I trusted and she really was the most beautiful girl I knew. We also both follow the teachings of Anton Levay which dictate that everyone should make their own rules, practicing indulgence over abstinence, but something told me even Anton might have a problem with incest.

There were some lines you were just not meant to cross. At that thought my mind turned dark. After all grown men were not supposed to fuck ten year old girls in the ass nor were they supposed to beat children for things like “Making noise” but that had not stopped them from hurting us so why should we give a fuck about rules? Hell being hurt like that was part of the reason that we were so close in the first place because we both understood the pain.

Not only did we understand it but we both continued to deal with it. I still had a hard time overcoming my issues with talking to people and was still even nervous with Krissy. As for Megan we talked about everything so even before last night I knew that she had a hard time really enjoying being with guys because somewhere deep inside she was still afraid of being hurt by them. Well she didn’t seem to be holding back last night that was for sure!

For that matter I had to face the truth and admit that I hadn’t really either. I had tried a couple of times to say we shouldn’t but they were pretty weak attempts and how sincere could I have really been with a raging hard on under the covers? Besides it’s not like I hadn’t been stroking it to her for the last couple of months. No my sister had not been the only one that wanted it, just the one to take it first. Speaking of first…

Before we fell asleep last night Megan had said she’d be wanting to again in the morning. On that note I started replaying last night in my mind envisioning her lying between my legs not only blowing me but moaning while doing it. Then allowing me to return the favor and lick her pussy which to my delight I could still smell faintly under my nose. Never mind that “Nasty Girl” routine. The dirtier Megan had talked the more she seemed to get worked up. I think it got her going more than it did me. Of course as I thought about last night I started to get hard which made me realize I had to go to the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes thinking this never happens in the movies. I tried to ignore it but being hard was making it worse so as carefully as I could I removed my arm from around my sister and started to slide out from under her. Megan lifted her head and looked up at me, her hair was in her face and her beautiful blue eyes were only half open.

“You moms girl porno okay little brother?” She asked sleepily.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I told her as I eased out of bed.

“You sure? You didn’t have a bad dream?”

She seemed more asleep than awake. I leaned over and kissed her forehead.

“No I just gotta go.”

“Okay but come back with me.” She said sounding like a little kid.

As I watched for minute as she rolled over onto her side her back to me. I could tell by her breathing she had already gone back to sleep that is if she had ever really been awake at all. I went to the bathroom thinking it felt strange to be walking around naked but it also felt good. I had nothing to be ashamed of last night proved that. The look on Megan’s face when she had seen my cock had erased any doubt I might have had that I was pretty well hung. I stood there in the bathroom for a couple of minutes trying to clear my mind of any thoughts of my sister as it’s impossible to piss with a hard on.

Standing there I glanced to the left and saw that Megan had left the door to her side of the bathroom open. I found myself looking at her big double bed wondering if I’d get a chance to fuck her in there. Listen to yourself you sick fuck I thought then shrugged what the hell? I’d never claimed not to be. Finally I was able to go, then after taking a minute brush my teeth, I looked in the mirror and flashed the perfect smile that all the girls seemed to love. It was fake of course but they didn’t know that.

I never doubted that I was attractive. I’d had enough girls, even older ones check me out and Krissy was always telling me I was hot. Never mind Megan’s friend Betty who one day all but offered to drop to her knees for me. Despite that I had always felt a little insecure as what good is having it if you’re not using it? Well last night had changed all that! I really did feel different I wasn’t an eighteen year old virgin anymore I had crossed the line and become a man. I frowned at the thought of Krissy however hadn’t last night been cheating on her?

I shook my head that was a problem for another time, not now when I had a naked twenty year old in my bed. Bottom line was I now felt complete, confident in every way, ready to do what Levay and Crowley as well as my sister talked about I was ready to take what I want and what I wanted was lying not ten feet away.

I left the bathroom and stopped just outside the doorway where I stood spellbound by the sight of my big sister naked in my bed. Megan was lying on her stomach facing away from me, the sheet only pulled up to her waist and one of her amazingly long legs was sticking out all the way to the thigh. The sheets were black and her ivory skin looked sexy as hell against them as did her long dark hair fanned across her back. Even her bare foot with the bright red toe nail polish looked good. Oh let’s face it everything about my sister was hot.

My cock became rock hard in an instant and my heart began to beat faster. I walked quietly up to the bed stood there hesitating for a moment. Oh this is so wrong I told myself but oh did I want her. Before I could change my mind I took a deep breath and whispered;

“Take what you want Mark.”

I carefully got onto the bed lying on my side next to her, and after taking another long look at her amazing body lightly caressed her back enjoying the feel of her soft skin. Megan made a cute little noise in her throat but didn’t stir. I had an image of rolling over on top of her and just taking it but she was sleeping and after what had happened to her… I shook off those thoughts and leaning over gently kissed the middle of her back. After being rewarded with another of those little noises I started slowly working my way up her back one little kiss at a time.

For each kiss I received another soft moan. I was pretty sure she was awake at this point and was dying to roll her over but at the same time was enjoying not only kissing her but her reaction to it. Reaching the top I slid her hair to the side to give the back of her a neck a longer kiss. At this Megan moaned;

“Oh Mark, that is sooo nice.”

That sent a thrill through me as did her leaning her head back so I could nuzzle deeper into her. I gave the smooth flesh between her neck and shoulder a lingering kiss opening my mouth and gently sucking then slid my mouth up to her ear where I gave her earlobe a playful nibble.

“Little brother, are you looking for something?” She asked quietly.

“Oh yeah.” I answered before going back to her neck as I did my hand slid down her back and I gave her firm ass a squeeze.

“Ooooh.” Megan cooed. “Look at you being a bad boy and coming after your sister.”

As she spoke she pushed herself up onto her side so her back was against me. I could feel my cock throbbing against her ass. I went to put my arm around her waist but Megan grabbed it placing my hand on her left tit instead. I immediately started rolling her nipple between my fingers like she showed me last night.

“Is momsbangteens porno that what you’re doing little brother? You coming after it?”

“Yes.” I groaned as she began grinding her ass up and down on my cock.

“Then tell me what you want.”

“I want you.” I told her pulling on her arm to get her to roll over but she held herself back.

“Better than that little brother. Tell your nasty big sister what you really want.”

“I want to fuck you again.”

“Yeah?” She asked working her ass harder against me. “You want to fuck your nasty girl again Mark?”

“Oh I do.” I moaned out, as lifting her leg Megan reached down between them grabbing the tip of my cock and giving it a squeeze.

“You mean you want to fuck your sister isn’t that right Mark?”

She rubbed my cock along her pussy which was soaking wet causing me to let out another of those impatient whimpers from last night.

“Well that’s too bad Mark,” She began as she put her foot on my thigh then holding my painfully hard prick started grinding her pussy up and down on it. “Because you said last night it didn’t seem right.”

“I..” I didn’t know what to say but she was teasing the hell out of me and to make it worse she put her pussy on the tip of my cock letting it go in a little before pulling it back out.

“Oh don’t tease Megan please I’m sorry I said that I…”

“I am too little brother. We could have had a lot of fun this morning, hell all the time I mean my rooms right next door.”

Letting go of my cock Megan slid her hand down and started rubbing my balls which felt like they were ready to explode.

“That’s right Mark you could have had plenty of this pussy but seeing you think its wrong.” She let go of me completely also pulling my hand from her tit. “I think maybe I should just go back to my bed.”

With that she made to roll away from me but I held onto her arm. I was getting desperate.

“Please don’t go Megan! I want to! I really do I…” I hesitated then added; “I need you.”

“Is it me you need or is it my hot little pussy Mark?”

“Both.” I told her honestly.

“That’s a good answer little brother. MMM.” She made as if she were thinking all the while slowly grinding her ass against my cock.

“Tell you what little brother. I think you’re right, it is wrong.”

“No really,” I began but she continued.

“But like I told you last night I really don’t care. I don’t think you do either but I want to hear it Mark.”

Megan once again put her leg up on me grabbing my cock.

“I want to hear you tell me what a bad boy you are and how bad you want to be, and with who. I want you to tell me who you want.”

Last night Megan had to coax me to talk dirty to her as it really hadn’t seemed right, but she was holding me right at her pussy and more than that had pretty much said we could do this all the time! I didn’t hold back, if my nasty sister needed me to be a bad boy then that’s what she would get.

“I want to fuck you Megan,” I told her. “I want to shove my hard fucking cock into my hot big sister’s tight pussy.”

“Oooh I like that.” Megan breathed and I knew she did as she squeezed my dripping cock even harder pushing it against her pussy.

“I loved it last night! I loved watching my nasty sister suck me off then let me fuck the shit out of her.” I continued as Megan grabbed my hand putting it back on her tit moaning as I started playing with it.

“I know it’s wrong.” I whispered in her ear. “But I need it Megan your bad little brother needs to feel his beautiful sister’s hot wet pussy.”

Taking a chance I pushed my cock into her a couple of inches. Megan didn’t fight it but I didn’t want to push my luck instead I deliberately used the little whimper she had said she loved begging;

“Oh please Megan please let me have it. I need it so bad.”

“Oh little brother that was just right! Go ahead slam that big fucking dick into your sister’s pussy.”

I didn’t have to be told twice; with a hard thrust of my hips I drove my cock all the way. Megan let out a yelp.

“Damn that’s a big fucking cock!” She exclaimed. I started fucking her but slowly not wanting to hurt her even though it was teasing the shit out of me.

“Oh yeah,” Megan moaned. “That’s it nice and slow.’ I leaned in kissing her neck again.

Megan grabbed my hand off her tit and put it down between her legs. My thumb found her clit and I started rubbing in small circles.

“Ohhhh little brother you are a quick learner, aren’t you?”

“You’re a great teacher.” I said in her ear as I continued to thrust in and out of her. I had never even thought of this position.

“Hey Mark,” Megan whispered. “Look in the mirror.”

I looked up at the mirror on the bureau across from us.

“Oh damn,” I said softly.

In the mirror I had a perfect view of Megan on her side, her leg up on mine, and my cock sliding in and out of her pussy while I played with her. My head was on her shoulder and our faces were side by side. I also saw that Megan was playing with her other nipple, and had that same wild look on her face she had last night. I stared transfixed by the sight of me fucking my sister, my huge cock sliding almost all the way out while the two of us played with her perfect tits.

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