Single Parents Pt. 02

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I reminded Jenny that under no circumstances was she to tell or show Anne what had happened. She would find out soon enough. Then we went to bed to sleep, in our own beds.

I spent Saturday morning with my client and then drove to town to purchase some provisions for the evening meal with Susan and Anne and some other items which could be needed some time soon.

The Saturday evening actually went just as they always had, so Jenny hadn’t said anything she shouldn’t have. Sunday was not so normal. The girls were busy in their respective homes getting all their stuff together for the beginning of their final college Term.

After lunch, Jenny announced that she’d made all the preparations she needed to make, and now she wanted to experience a little more of what she’d had yesterday. She was. Nothing frantic or athletic took place. We merely enjoyed slow straight-forward carnal pleasure.

It felt a little strange at first as we cuddled and fondled each other. I ran my hands over her covered breasts for a short while until my blood began to steam because this had revealed that she had removed her ‘bra while making the ‘preparations’ she’d spoken of.

Easing her loose top up I was treated to the sight of her jutting breasts tipped with hard, erect, nipples. After I had lifted her top over her head I was allowed free access to those lovely peaks for a short while until her desires took over and her hands rapidly undid my belt and pushed my trousers down to give her access to my erection.

The feeling of lust that surged through me at that moment was incredible and when she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her hot mouth I was lost. Lost, but not disabled, I removed myself from her mouth and made her stand up.

Quickly removing my clothes I scooped her up and headed for my bedroom. Once there, I placed her on the bed, removed her skirt and knickers then got down onto my knees with my head between her thighs and licked my way into her vagina. Jenny wanted to take a more active role in this activity and told me as much by grasping my ears and pulling.

Climbing onto the bed, I lay on my back and got her to straddle me in the ’69’ position, then I directed her to wrap her hands around my erection and lower her mouth to lick the end of it.

I parted her thighs a little more to enable my mouth to reach her sex and as my tongue slid into her vagina again she removed her hands and lowered her face to suck my cock, a little at a time, into that hot mouth.

We spent about thirty minutes in this manner until she scrambled off me to lie beside me and whisper that she wanted me inside her, now. I rolled over her and knelt between her thighs as she raised them upwards and outwards. I had no difficulty at all in lodging my cock inside her vagina.

Jenny was tight so I entered her slowly and then commenced to ease in and out of the soft flesh of her very warm and wet tunnel. I was asked to stop moving as she wanted to lie there and just enjoy the feeling of my erection inside her, which we did for some minutes until she could no longer contain her need to reach a climax. She began to lift her buttocks off the bed which forced me to lift myself from her groin.

The fucking began in earnest. Jenny was meeting my thrusts with her own as she tried to dominate the proceedings. Finally it dawned on her that not only was I stronger than her, but that I was also in the dominant position so a second halt was called.

She had obviously given some thought to the situation because she instructed me to get onto my back again so that she could straddle me and then I was asked to reinsert my cock into her vagina. With that mission accomplished I was treated to the sight of two jiggling breasts just in front of my eyes as she rode me. I did not lie there quietly.

I fondled her very pert and jaunty breasts, I got fingers down to her clitoris and finally, as she neared her climax, I was able to pull her forwards enough to reach around her and get a finger against her anus. I was not expecting her reaction, she reached behind her to hold my wrist firmly, and then she drove herself backwards as she pulled my hand towards her. She had deliberately impaled herself on my finger.

I helped as much as I could to get all of the finger inside her, but before I could really accomplish much; she tensed, gasped and moaned, then she leaned on top of me and climaxed. She shook, she gripped me hard and she wouldn’t let go.

For twenty minutes an eight stones female held a twelve stones male captive. I enjoyed every moment of her very close attention, but finally nature became insistent and I needed a bathroom break.

Having done what I needed to do I made went downstairs to find that Jenny had prepared coffee and cake. She had kindly left her clothes off so my world was a rosy place to be because she is the possessor of a beautiful pair of buttocks.

The combination of a wasp waist swelling out to very mobile hips was a picture of eroticism she could sert porno not have been aware of, but when she walked, she was beauty incarnate.

I had never seen her without any clothing until two days ago and had been totally unaware of her attributes as a sexually arousing girl that had all changed. She was my daughter, but I am a man with more than my fair share of sexual drive and in such close proximity to a warm female, I was extremely easy to arouse.

Having finished our snack we cleared the table and used it for ‘other purposes’. Jenny wanted more sex and I was willing to let her make it available. It was very pleasant standing between two firm, smooth and silky thighs; my penis in a soft, wet vagina with my hands on her proud breasts, my fingers holding two hard, erect nipples.

Because Jenny had so recently climaxed we were able to enjoy each other’s bodies in this fashion for some considerable time, but I wanted to show my daughter what other positions were easily obtainable.

I removed myself from her grip and sat on a chair. When I asked her to straddle me she needed no more directions. Jenny reached down to grasp my cock and directing it to her sex, she made sure it was well inside her before letting go and driving her body downwards to impale herself on my rampant erection.

I made certain that her breast were fondled, and found that if I nibbled them, she turned into a frenzied, demanding, horny man’s fantasy. Once again I interrupted her by wrapping my arms around her and then standing up. I think she thought I was about to have continue in this position, until I made my way to the sofa.

This time, I extracted my cock so that I could turn her round and bend her over the arm of the sofa, then spreading her legs. Easing her buttocks apart, I reinserted my cock into her soft and very wet sex, and then proceeded to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could manage.

Despite my lust I had to be careful. Jenny had done well to cope with the size of my cock, but I didn’t want to hurt her and if I lost control I could easily do her harm.

I was now fuelled by raging lust and the speed and duration that I could manage was far greater than I had expected. By the time I came I was a covered in sweat and a spent force.

I lay panting on the floor as Jenny stood over me smiling down between her lovely pert breasts as she happily announced that she no longer thought that she was a lesbian.

She said that, because she’d enjoyed mutual masturbation with Anne, she thought that she would also be happy having sex with women.

I was also advised that I may insert my finger in her anus whenever I wished because she liked it, but that she didn’t want my cock in there until she decided if she wanted that to happen, especially as it was a little painful at first.

I readily agreed to this stipulation as I had really been sorry that I had gone so far with her so early on in our new relationship. She had no experience and little knowledge, of sexual matters other than whatever decently brought up young girls would be subjected to by the boys at school so I promised not to do anything with her until she gave me permission.

In view of the enthusiasm with which she had embraced her sexual education, I knew that I was going to be very satisfied, and tired, in future.

Monday is my day off. My staff know not to contact me except for very important matters that require my personal attention. For the salaries they receive I have total trust in their abilities to deal with virtually any situation that arise.

Anne arrived at the usual time next morning, and I drove the girls the Six miles to their college. We live in a small village built at the crossing of two roads. One road runs due East/West and the other road runs Southeast/Northwest. I live in the last house on the Northern side of the road heading west.

There is a footpath leading North alongside my boundary wall which runs through common land to the South side of the road heading Northwest. On my return, I walked through to the garden and unlocked the side gate in the boundary wall of my property.

Returning indoors I stripped and showered then made my way to the bedroom. I was just in time to see Susan remove her dress, and had the added pleasure of watching her remove her undies which has always been a sight to treasure. She smiled and climbed onto the bed.

“Please Max, hurry up. I love my daughter, but having her at home each day making it impossible for us to be able to be together with any privacy, had me climbing the walls in frustration.”

“So I understand, and later on I will explain why I think that it won’t happen again. For the moment I am more interested in why I should ‘hurry up'”

I did as requested, and for Two hours, I was subjected to a sexual onslaught by a woman who had been forced to recourse to masturbation as her only means of sexual relief instead of being penetrated by a solid cock for the Three or Four times sex mex porno a week to which she had been accustomed to for the past Four years.

In view of my recent activities I was a little less demanding than she, but Susan had the bit between her teeth and I do believe she was happy to be in charge of the proceedings.

Her first action was to straddle me in the ’69’ position, thus providing me with ‘a close encounter of the best kind’. It really was a wonderful opening, both literally and figuratively. As I sucked, licked and nibbled the soft inner flesh of her sex, Susan was sucking, licking and nibbling the hard flesh of my sexual organ.

Her need for penetration became too strong for her to prolong this activity, despite the pleasure we were both experiencing, Susan needed something more substantial. I was deprived of the fragrant and now soaking orifice as she rolled off me and onto her back with the instruction to do ‘it’.

I did ‘it’. She had grasped my cock and she didn’t let go until it was lodged at the entrance to her vagina. She grasped my hips and ‘encouraged’ me into her body and the moment she had all of my cock inside her she wrapped her lovely long legs around me and then the thrusting, and counter thrusting, began.

Susan had a desperate need for forceful impalement and once again I was made aware of just how much she turned me on. I became rampant and she received all the force and speed that I could muster.

She wailed and moaned her way to an enormous, shuddering climax. I was thankful that she kept her nails short because otherwise I would have had a lacerated back. That was the noisiest climax I’d ever heard her have and I was happy to have caused it to happen.

I was also happy that the building next to my house was Two hundred feet away from my boundary on that side of the garden and was actually a storage facility for the water company.

Once Susan had calmed down sufficiently to cuddle up to me and I had thus had time to recuperate from our energy sapping exercise, we investigated each other’s erogenous zones again and then had a much more leisurely coupling just for the pleasure it provided.

Suitably sated, we showered and dressed then made lunch.

After lunch I told her that I some news, in fact a quite a lot of news, for her. We sat on the sofa and I told her all that had occurred in the past few days.

“I had wanted to tell you on Saturday, but there was just no way to do it with the girls around. I think the time has come to tell the girls about us; especially the fact that we have no intention of getting married, or have you changed your mind?”

“No I haven’t, I am more than happy to keep things as they are. We each have our independence; our own houses and a superb sex life because we’re not in each other’s pockets all the time. I love knowing that you want me every time I see you; I get frustrated when the girls have holidays and we have to stay apart, but it is worth it. I’ve never been happier.”

“How do you think the girls will react when they learn the truth, especially the part about not marrying? I think that Jenny may be upset that she’s missing the chance of getting a mother; she thinks the world of you.

“Anyway, all that’s academic because what I’m about to propose will really rock the boat, but if we do go ahead with my suggestion then we are in for a really fantastic life together.”

“Stop being enigmatic and tell me what you’re talking about before I hit you.”

When I finally ran out of steam and eased my cock out of her, she got off her knees and then used the cushion she’d been kneeling on to beat me around my head. It was worth it, she loves being taken, doggy style, so she’d put as much effort into the proceedings as she’d been able to, once I’d demonstrated that I was in charge.

“Now I’ll do as you so nicely requested. Here are few facts I’ve been made aware of:

Anne fancies me.

She also fancies Jenny, after she’d seen what you were doing she couldn’t wait for the chance to try it out on her.

Jenny loved it, which caused her to think that she may be a Lesbian.

She wanted to find out if that was true, so I suggested that she’d be safer finding out with me than with some oik behind the bike shed.

So be aware that I have had sex with my daughter, more than once, and now she know that she’s not a committed Lesbian, she’ll take what comes.

The girls are well aware of how we feel about each other, but not that we’ve acted on that feeling.

Jenny wants your body, and mine.

Anne wants my body, and in all probability, yours.

I don’t know if the last two items are intended as separate activities or a permutation, but it could be fun finding out.

I would be more than happy for Anne to realize her desire to have me do to her, that which I do to you, but that’s your call, for now.

I have no problems with you having the girls, whether or not I’m present.

Now you’ve got the stranded teens porno salient facts you have some thinking to do about the answer to the question: Would you be comfortable in our two families being involved in a group incestuous relationship?”

I went to make coffee while she digested what she’d just heard.

She was quiet for a while as she sorted the various scenarios out; then she told me that she would have to talk to the girls, especially Anne, but if they were up for what I’d just proposed, then she certainly was.

She followed that up with some information of her own with which I was delighted with.

“I have never told you this because it belongs to a life I thought was over. My Mother was a Lesbian. She and dad had an ‘understanding’. He did any female he could get hold of and that would have included me if she hadn’t read him his fortune. He stayed away from me but her pals were fair game, until he realised that they weren’t interested and he departed.

“None of her lovers tried to involve me, but one day mum asked me to take some magazines to one of them, a close friend of hers who had been ill. I did; I should never have agreed to help her friend to have a bath, but I did because I had always been curious about what they did and how much they enjoyed it.

“Anyway, two or three sherry’s later I was finding out exactly what they did and I know I enjoyed it. We never let mum find out though. We normally had our little sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays, but on one occasion I was unable to meet her on the Friday so we met on the Saturday.

“Saturday was the day her nephew chose to come for a surprise visit, and it was a success, we all got a surprise. After the dust had settled, he’d had his aunt, I’d had my first male and we’d all had our first threesome.

“I ended up marrying him. Anne was born and three years later we divorced. It was amicable; we really weren’t suited to each other. He became successful and I’m happy for him because he was very good to me after the divorce, he pays me far more maintenance than he is legally required to do and never forgets Anne’s birthday. He also bought the house for me on condition that I didn’t sell it for Twenty-five years.

“That means I can’t move into town, which is where he lives with his partner, so it was the village life for me and I became very bored, and frustrated. I saw an ad in the ‘personals’ section of the local rag and took the plunge. Lovely lady, not too far away and willing to travel to me, we liked each other so the first meeting went all the way to paradise.

“You spoilt all that. The first time I saw you at the school gates and listened to you talking to Jenny I wanted to get to know you, a week of that and I wanted you inside me and nothing else would do.

“My ‘friend’ and I are still friends, but now we just chat. She has two chemists’ shops in town and like your staff; hers are all fully trained so she can take time when she wants. She knows why I stopped seeing her, but never tries to get me to change my mind.

“When you asked me in for a mid-morning coffee, I was floating. When you kissed me I almost came on the spot. Actually I did, but that was the next day and you came first.”

I broke in at this point.

“I’ve just been told that the sexy lady at the chemists shop is your ex-lover. Is she the tall blonde one with curly hair?”

“Yes, that’s her. So you think she’s sexy do you?”

“I know she’s sexy; you think she’s sexy, and so does she. I believe we are all correct.”

“What you’ve told me makes what I want to do a great deal easier to achieve, I was wondering how we could manage to teach the girls all they need to know about sex so they could be safe and happy, no matter what sex their partner was, well now we can.

“We have to act slowly or we may scare them off, it isn’t exactly a normal situation. We can take the rest of this week to decide what; how, when and where, we teach them.

“Are you sure you have no misgivings about me having sex with Anne?”

“None at all she is now old enough to decide for herself and it sounds as though she’s already done that, you’ve been honest enough to tell me you fancy her so I suppose I don’t need to worry.”

“Susan, I just want to fuck her, I’m not interested in trying to get her to fall in love with me. I love you, I love screwing you whenever you’re willing to let me, but since Anne and Jenny started to tease me I’ve had an urgent desire to fuck her as soon as I can, as often as she’ll allow me to. If I can, I will fuck both our daughters but their bodies are not a replacement for yours.

“This started out as an attempt to make sure that they learned about sex in a safe manner, but I have to admit that it’s growing into more than just that.”

Then the ‘phone rang.

I was informed by one of the college admin staff; who, in the circumstances, was remarkably calm, that because of a fire in the college chemistry lab all students were being sent home until matters were resolved and could I therefore arrange for my daughter to be collected.

I could, I would and I did. We arrived at the school to find that parking was almost impossible because three fire engines and attendant police cars take up a lot of space.

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