Sis and I at College Ch. 05

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After reading a number of the comments about the stories my brother has been posting I thought I should include my input. I am amazed how many think this is not a true story and the lengths they will go in being critical of how Steve has shared the story of how our life of enjoying each other’s sexuality began and progressed. I probably should have coauthored instead of just giving a quick once over to make sure his memory of how our relationship blossomed was basically correct. I should have especially helped write the story of the first time because it is one of those events in my life I can remember every little detail from and there were some minor errors in it. Just for the record I was always the aggressor in making our brother sister sexual relationship happen. I was always very sexual and very into the physical and mental turn ons of the many variations of sex. I think as Steve writes more the readers will understand just as Steve came to that I had the more voracious sexual appetite.

Steve and I were always close and even without the sex play that developed between us he would have been considered a special brother. When no one else in the family understood my interest in sports he was shooting baskets with me or playing catch. We talked a lot about everything and I always felt comfortable around him talking about anything. As I grew and became more sexually aware I had tried numerous times to get his attention sexually. I purposely exited the shower into the hall from a bathroom we shared so he could get a view of my naked body several times over the years. I always could tell he checked me out but he never acted in any of the many ways I was fantasizing about how he would take me.

The day he picked me up on my first weekend on campus I was dressed the way I was with the express purpose of getting him to have sex with me. I had turned on enough young males by the time I headed off to college I knew how susceptible they were to semi naked female bodies. I was as close to naked I as I could be without being arrested for public indecency. It was the attire of the era so he was not fully aware of my motive for my look. I had no bra under a tank top that barely covered my 36 Ds (my mother passed some great genetics on to me) and short cut offs that pretty well showed enough that you knew taboo heat porno you what you were getting when fully naked.

I could tell it was a good look at the first little bar in the tour Steve was giving me of the cool places. All the guys were turning their heads and when I went to the bathroom several males offered to take Steve’s place. It was fun to watch big brother’s face as I flirted a little with one of the more attractive ones. When I returned to the table I teased him he looked very protective like he was my boyfriend and the smile he gave me just encouraged my pursuit.

When we finally hit the party nearly every guy we encountered was giving me the look and most were flirting openly. One of the things he got wrong in the first part of this story was it was me who suggested we act like boyfriend-girlfriend so no one hit on me. I was the one who jumped in Steve’s lap instead of taking a chair so I could use my body to break down any resistance he might have It was also me who started the conversation on whether a guy or girl looked like they would be a good lay. I was working every mental and physical lever I could to get him ready to be unable to resist when I finally made my move.

When I was in his lap I made sure to wiggle in a way that rubbed on his cock that I could feel it getting hard off and on. I knew he was trying to fight it since he had no idea what I was up to which is part of what made it so fun. I had my arm around the back of his neck and I would whisper in his ear when I saw an interesting female or male. When I turned my body so my lips were near his ear to whisper my breasts rubbed against him.

I said things about the women and men I thought would be good lays like, “I bet they would do anything you wanted as long as they got a cock in every hole” or “I bet he would know how to take control of a woman”.

Several times as I was talking I felt his cock start to stiffen and I had to remind myself we had other people around us. I got up to get us beers several times and made sure I made a production of walking to the keg. I had lots of eyes on me which was easy to tell when I would stand up after bending over to fill our cups. I will admit I was getting my big brother a little drunk to take advantage of him and giving myself teach that bitch porno some liquid courage to go through with my fantasy. Finally after a few beers and lots of rubbing against him I felt his cock get hard and stay that way.

I leaned back and whispered in his ear, “Now you are starting to act like I am your girIfriend.”

He said nothing but his cock stayed hard and I though I felt him thrust a little against my ass. I was sure I had him in the palm of my hand when we walked out hand in hand under the guise of playing boyfriend girlfriend. When we got in the car I thought he would make a move and it caught me off guard when he told me he was headed to one of his girlfriend’s places and was going to take me back to the dorm. I was so turned on and just drunk enough that there was no way I was going to let him get away.

I pulled off my tank top and leaned over towards him. Watching Steve and the way his eyes were riveted on my body I could tell I was OK with proceeding and I stripped completely why he drove. The way we both were turned on was so obvious especially when I got sideways in the seat and spread my legs so he could see my full frontal nude. I do wish I edited the first story because I was not shaved at the time but was a true blonde and it was hard to see if I had a bush. It was later in our relationship that I shaved fully and that story is already in this series.

I could tell by the way he kept looking over at me as we drove just how much he liked my body and I made sure to keep the fire burning in him.

When he told me to put my clothes back on or, “he was going to treat me like a slut and use me anyway he wanted”, I was so turned on that I could feel the juices of my pussy running down the inside of my thighs and onto his leather seats. I almost jumped out of my skin when he caressed the lips of my pussy with his fingertips while he somehow managed to get us to his house.

The mental arousal just continued when he made me walk to his front door with only the tank top on. I could have cum if he just reached down and touched me, I was so turned on. I have had some great sex in my life but I don’t know if I have ever been more turned on then I was right then. I completely let myself go and he did everything team skeet porno right. I always thought he would be a great lay and my fantasies about him were always so hot when I masturbated but this was all of that times a million. I had never experienced being able to totally let go like that and let myself be totally controlled by another person. The part that was surprising I think to both of us was how much we enjoyed kissing, cuddling and just acting like lovers do. We have found that even though both of us went on to marry, raise kids and are still happily married that we really loved each other more intensely and in more depth than we could love anyone else. Our spouses do not know about how special our relationship but we both have very active sexual lives with our spouses so I do not believe it has impacted us negatively in anyway.

When Steve approached me about letting him write about us I had a bit of apprehension in case anyone ever put the pieces together and figured out who we are. But as I thought about sharing how hot and “normal” our love has been with those who might be struggling with the desire two siblings might have for each other I thought it was the right thing to do. We have met two brother sister couples with somewhat similar stories and maybe this will be a chance to meet more made it something we should do.

Now the point that needs to be emphasized is both siblings must have the desire for the same things for a relationship like this to work long term. Steve and I almost finish each other’s sentences and always have. Even when I was a little tomboy and sex wasn’t in either of our minds the family and our friends knew there was something special between us. No one other than a very tiny number of people know about us. It is easy for us to be together as no one thinks anything when a brother or sister comes to visit when a spouse is away. With a few exceptions we have been able to stay in the vicinity of each other and we have been able to meet for erotic play at least once a month. Incredibly it continues to just become hotter and more erotic as the years pass by. My husband doesn’t realize some of the hottest sex he gets is because my brother has worked my libido that week.

We have had some unbelievably hot fun as we explored sexually together. Steve’s neighbors were just the beginning. I hope he gets the next section done since every time I came over to his place to edit we will no doubt end up having great sex from the arousal of reliving those moments again. He is in the other room and I think I will call him in and suck on him while he reads this. XOXOXOX

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