Sister-In-Law Sexcapade

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Seeing my sister-in-law Ann in her one piece bathing suit definitely excited me. Ann is one of my wife’s sisters. I had always thought Ann was hot. She was a couple of years older than me and just as tall with dark brown hair and a very sexy well-proportioned body whose best feature was her legs. They were long with the kind of thighs you want to spend time caressing and kissing.

She was divorced and has told me on several occasions that she needed more “fun” in her life. I agreed. Ann could be a bit intense but was fun to be around when she loosened up. We were very close…like best friends more than in-laws so we talked often and told each other things that sometimes we kept between us. I can even remember complaining to her about my married sex life…how I love my wife but she is an in the bedroom, in the dark, missionary position, under the covers, not too loud person. Ann told me how she is the exact opposite. We teased and harmlessly flirted with each other quite often. She lived out of town for most of the time I have known her and would visit mostly on holidays. I’d always try to get her to stay with us so I’d see her more and could maybe catch a glimpse of her in a stage of undress.

Once she accidentally left a pair of very sexy panties at our house. I found them before my wife did and I of course jacked off several times while smelling them. I would wrap them around my cock so that my cock was touching the same place her pussy was but I never came in them so that Ann wouldn’t find out. When I knew Ann was going to be in town again, I put the panties somewhere my wife would find them and return them to her. We kept in touch mostly by phone and e-mail. She had recently moved back to town and lived only a few blocks away from us.

We were spending a week at her brother’s house and were at a pool party and there was a great deal of family and friends present so I understood why she wore a one-piece when she clearly had the body for a bikini. Girls, even obviously pretty ones always seem to be vain about that sort of thing. I had my digital camera with me and snapped off several pictures of her so I could study her body more in private. God how I wished she had worn a bikini.

The next day was another day to swim but this time it was just the immediate family. Ann came out in a cover-up and when she took it off, she stood there, to my delight, in a pink bikini. I could feel myself actually starting to drool and I was glad I was already in the water as it concealed my massive hard-on. This was as close to naked as I had seen her and it was absolutely maddening. I started flashing back to all the times I had seen her in clothing or poses I thought were sexy and this time definitely took first place. I couldn’t help but wish it was night time so I could accidentally rub up against her in the pool without anyone seeing. Wow! We all swam for a while and even my wife noticed me staring at her sister but she laughed it off because she knew how close Ann and I were. However, what my wife didn’t know was that my desire to fuck her gorgeous sister had reached its peak here and now.

Later that afternoon, everyone was still swimming and I had to go to the bathroom. After I finished, I started to think about Ann and that bikini. My cock got so hard that I wanted to jack it off right there. But I figured I’d wait until tonight when I could do it for a while and give this fantasy the time it deserved. My plan was to retrieve her bikini bottoms which were sure to have the smell of her pussy all over them and I’d sniff them while jacking off, imagining it was her pussy I was pounding rather than my fist. Then, I would fuck her later that night…in my dreams. I had read a book about directed dreaming and had gotten pretty good at determining what I’d dream about.

In the distance, I heard a door open and someone entering the house. The footsteps sounded like a woman’s. As I slowly and quietly walked by the room we were all using as a change room, I saw that the light was on. I entered the room and my heartbeat went into overdrive as I saw Ann…facing away from me and bent at the waist rummaging through her suitcase. Her still slightly damp bikini bottoms were clinging to her and even disappearing between her ass cheeks and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy through them. My cock started to throb in my bathing suit. I could still hear everyone in the water outside. My mind was racing with lust and confusion and through all that I quickly realized that if anything was going to happen between Ann and I, now was the time. Everyone else was busy and we were both almost naked anyway. If we had to, we could stop and re-arrange ourselves quickly. That is of course, if she didn’t hit me with her suitcase after I attempted whatever I was going to attempt.

Seeing her in that position, several things came to mind. I could whip out my cock, shove her bikini to the side and slide right into her. But that could hurt her if she wasn’t ready. I could get down on my knees and kiss the backs of female agent porno those amazing thighs all the way up to her pussy and tongue-fuck her until she came. I decided instead to walk up right behind her and ask in a low voice, “lose something”?

She appeared only slightly startled and stood up and faced me. “Nope, found it” she said, showing me a good-sized glass dildo. Then she looked down at my cock, now threatening to rip a hole in my bathing suit, licked her lips and said, “and apparently something else too.”

She dropped to her knees and pulled my bathing suit down to my knees and out popped my cock. She ran her fingers along it and brought the dildo up next to it. “I could see how big your cock got staring at me and I was going to use this on myself but now that I have what I really want…” she said before she tossed the dildo over her shoulder into her open suitcase. With that, she slid my cock into her mouth. My head was spinning. She wanted me too? Was I dreaming? Was my incredibly hot sister-in-law having the same lustful thoughts I was? And now we were going to act on our mutual attraction?

She began to suck quickly while she reached inside her bikini bottoms and fingered herself. I leaned up against the wall and enjoyed the best blowjob of my life. The only sounds in the room were the sucking sounds of her mouth on my cock and her pussy on her fingers along with our occasional moans.

She slowed down and then stopped. She stood up and put those pussy-juice covered fingers in my mouth. While I savored the taste of her forbidden fruit, she leaned in close to my ear, licked my ear lobe and whispered, “I’ll let you taste from the source another time. But I want that cock inside me so I can cum all over it. Then I want you to cum in me and I will walk around the rest of the day with both our juices inside my pussy.”

My wildest dream was about to come true. I really wanted to lick her pussy. To make her buck her hips at my face as she came but I knew time was short so I kicked the door closed and bent Ann over the arm of the couch. I grabbed her bikini bottoms to pull them down and she pushed my hand away, shaking her head with a giggle. Then she pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and exposed her very wet pussy to me. “No time to take things off…just fuck me baby!”

I pushed my cock all the way in her in one thrust. She gasped and threw her head back. “OH MY GOD!” she hissed through clenched teeth, trying to be quiet. I pulled out to the head of my cock and then drove back in again. She felt so incredibly tight. I hoped that after all these years of thinking about her and the incredible tightness of her pussy that I could hold out and make this last. She pulled her firm, round tits out of her bikini top.

“Squeeze my tits while you fuck me baby!” she panted. I had a nice slow steady rhythm going and now I was grabbing my gorgeous sister-in-law’s tits. I took turns between rubbing them and squeezing them.

She reached underneath herself, shoved her fingers back inside her now soaked bikini bottoms and started playing with her clit. Now my fucking speed was increasing, she was playing with her clit and I was playing with her tits. She was slamming her ass back on my cock to get it as deep as she could.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum all over that amazing cock of yours. I’ve wanted this for so long! Faster…FASTER!” She was trying not to scream and judging by the way her body was moving, that was quite the effort. I leaned into her and started picking up the pace now because I wanted to bring her over the edge…and over she went.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOD! YYYEEESSS! I’m cumming all over that cock!” And was she! The squishing sounds were so loud that it was driving me crazy. Her juices were running down those luscious thighs and had to be dripping on the arm of the couch. The smell of her sex rose from her steaming pussy and made my cock swell even more. I had to cum inside her and fulfill my dream. I was glad she came first because I wasn’t going to hold out much longer. I gave a few last quick hard thrusts.

“Take it Ann! Take my cum! YYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!” I shot load after load inside her with her pussy clenching my cock and my cock throbbing. Sweat was dripping off both of us. My cock was still hard and she kept moving her hot ass. She clenched her pussy around my cock and milked it. We both wanted more but people would already wonder where we were. But I had more cum for her.

“Turn around baby. Get on your knees” I said and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She dropped to her knees and quickly wrapped her exposed tits around my cock.

“Fuck my tits and cum in my mouth brother-in-law!”

I fucked her tits until I was ready to cum. She instinctively wrapped her lips around my cock just in time for another hot load to erupt in her mouth.

“How does that cum mixed with your pussy juice taste?” I asked her.

“Mmm…forbidden. I love the taste of my pussy on your cock.” she female fake taxi porno sighed with a big smile. She stood up and gave me a big hug. I looked over her shoulder and noticed that we had moved the couch several feet with our passion and there was indeed a large damp spot where we had been fucking. Her skin rubbing up against mine made me horny again but I knew we had to stop…for now anyway.

“We’ll never be the same again will we?” She asked, starting to look worried.

“Don’t worry sweetie. We both wanted this. I hope this won’t be the last time we do this. I hope we can do it often and live out both our fantasies” I said reassuringly as I gently ran my hands up and down her back.

“Oh me too” she said hugging me even tighter. She jumped up wrapping her legs around me. “God I want more right now…fuck me again. Please. I need it” she whispered into my ear breathlessly as the tip of my cock teased her semi-covered, cum-soaked pussy and we started grinding. I was picturing us standing there with her riding my cock as I held onto her and us falling onto the couch as I pounded her in a hot missionary fuck. I could practically feel how good her pussy would feel around my cock again. It took all my willpower to keep from driving my cock back into her. If we were caught, that would ruin our fun.

“Can’t. We’ll get caught” I smiled. “Let’s get dressed and we’ll figure things out later. I’m sure we’ll have more chances to have fun.”

We straightened our clothes and I moved the couch back to its original spot. I found a towel and threw it over the wet spot on the arm of the couch. As I watched her straighten her bikini, I promised myself that I’d get her completely naked one day soon and we would just spend an entire afternoon naked and devour each other. Pleasuring one another over and over again until pure exhaustion took over.

The rest of the week was fabulous. She began to wear clothing that would allow easy and quick access. She even started wearing very tiny or no panties. I started to develop a new appreciation for women over-packing for trips. You never know what situation you might be in. We would sit next to each other at meals as frequently as possible so that we could play under the table. I would caress her thighs and sometimes I’d finger-fuck her a little.

We almost got caught while enjoying a romp in the bathroom. It was another day of swimming and she was in another fantastic bikini and she could see what it was doing to my cock so she got me into the bathroom where she gave me another fantastic blowjob and she yanked off her bikini bottoms and hopped up on the sink and begged me to shoot my cum all over her pussy. Just as I did and she pulled up her bikini bottoms, someone knocked at the door. I panicked and hopped into the shower and she answered the door. It was her brother and she led him down the hall asking him some question about something and once they turned the corner I quickly darted down the other end of the hall. It was both thrilling and a bit scary at the same time.

One afternoon, we all took a long car ride and I sat between Ann and my wife in the back seat of the minivan her brother had. The ride back was at night and nearly pitch dark and we were in the country so there wasn’t much to see other than the occasional headlights of passing cars and the constant amber glow of the dashboard. My wife fell asleep and I took that opportunity to have some fun. I started by massaging Ann’s smooth thigh starting down near her knee and working my way up. The higher I got, the more she spread her legs. There was plenty of room. As it turned out, she had planned ahead and not only wore a skirt, but no panties. I lightly touched her pussy and before long was working 2 fingers inside her. She leaned over and whispered, “Oh God, make me cum.” We were driving through some hills and I started working my finger fucking to the way the car was moving. Finally, we got to the largest hill and I worked her faster and faster as we got to the top of the hill and once we went over and began our decent, she came in a long hard but very quiet orgasm. She wanted to lick my fingers but I told her that I was keeping this pussy juice and if she wanted some she’s have to get it herself. So that’s just what she did. She crammed 3 fingers inside her freshly finger-fucked pussy and got them nice and wet. This made her shudder in a mini orgasm. She pulled the soaked fingers from her pussy and sucked them slowly. Savoring the taste.

The last day of our trip was upon us. Ann was in a very thin sun dress and was bent over slightly looking out a 2nd floor window talking to her brother’s wife Claire who was outside and Ann kept shaking her ass at me. When she saw me looking, she gave her dress a quick lift and I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties! Although we had played, we hadn’t fucked since that day in the change room and I wanted to be inside her again so bad I was getting blue balls. So I lifted her dress and slid my cock right in her fuck in traffic pussy. Ever since our first encounter, Ann was almost always wet so my cock went in quite easily. It was a small window and I figured Claire couldn’t see more than Ann’s face and maybe shoulders. Ann tried her best to carry on the conversation as I was pleasuring her. At first, Ann tried to push me away but it didn’t take long for her to get into it. After all, all those years of pent up sexual energy need their release right? She started pushing her sweet ass back at me.

At the end of the conversation Claire wanted her to come downstairs and asked her, “well are you coming?” to which Ann replied, “yes…YES…give it to me…I mean give me a minute…I’m cumming now! Ooohhh I’m cumming!” Once again Ann drenched my cock in her delicious juices.

“You little shit!” she said as she slipped off of my still hard cock. “I should let you stay that way for what you did.” Then she gazed down at my cock, pulsating and covered with her sweet sex cream. Before I could protest, she was on her knees gobbling it all up.

“Mmmmm…I love the way my pussy tastes on your cock” she said as she fingered herself under her dress. She came again with a shiver which only made her suck harder.

“Here comes a cum chaser baby!” I said as I blasted a load in her hot mouth.

“You must like fucking me from behind” she laughed as she settled back on her knees. “Because both times we’ve fucked have been that way. And I didn’t even think my ass was that nice.”

“Well,” I smirked, “You have a fabulous ass. The fact that both times have been from behind is purely chance. Believe me, I intend to take you in every position possible. In fact…” I said motioning to my already hardening cock.

“Can’t now. Claire will wonder where I am and come up here looking for me and somehow I don’t think she’d understand” she said. She was right too. “Come to think of it, now that we’re, well, fuck buddies, does that mean we can have phone sex too? You know, when we can’t get together?” she asked.

“Absolutely. Phone, e-mail, text message, you name it. But I still want the real thing whenever possible” I said.

“How fun is this gonna be? Just picture it. I could be lying on my back with my legs spread wide fingering myself like there’s no tomorrow and telling you all about it.” As she said that, she laid on the floor and started to jokingly finger herself. I don’t think she intended to turn herself on again because her face went from an expression of laughter to an expression of arousal and her fingers started to work faster. “Oh god. I can’t help it. I have to cum again. I can’t stop now!” I was going to jump on top of her and fuck her missionary style but the scene before my eyes was too hot to mess with. There she was. My sexy as hell sister-in-law, lying on the floor with her sun dress bunched up around her waist, her legs high and spread and her fingers buried in her sweet pussy.

She closed her eyes and took off. “Oh…Oh…Oh yeah…yes…YES! I’m cumming for you baby! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! It feels so good!” Her fingers were a blur as she worked her pussy and rode the wave of her self-induced orgasm. She brought her feet to the floor with a thud and started bucking wildly. It was then that I realized that she wasn’t coming down from her high, she was getting higher. She was tossing her head side to side on the floor and panting uncontrollably. Pussy juice was flowing freely from her and the room smelled of sex. “Uh…Uh…Uh…so good…so fucking good! I can’t stop. I have to ride it to the end! Oh my god. I’m gonna explode!”

I stood there awe-stricken. Even in porn movies I had not seen a woman cum like this. I was afraid she was going to hurt herself or pass out. Finally, she reached the absolute peak and with one last gasp and gush, her orgasm crested. “Oh! Ah! Yeah! Yes! YES! Aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!”

She began her graceful decent back to earth. “Ooooo” she giggled from a high pitch down to a low one. When she finally landed, she looked at me and nearly babbled, “I’ve never cum like that in my life.”

“Does that mean you’ll want to fuck your fingers instead of me now? After all, I once heard a porn star say that nobody can do you like you.” I said half-joking.

“No way. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have cum this hard.” I helped her to her feet and licked her delicious fingers clean of her pussy juice. She straightened her dress and fixed her hair. Her thighs were still wet with her juices but she didn’t care.

We agreed to be careful but since we now lived near each other, we’d make sure to get together often. I got my wish about having us both naked all afternoon. It was on this day, after a particularly hot fuck session that we had a talk about lust and love. We agreed that we would not confuse our great sexual relationship with a romantic one. I never left my wife and Ann has had boyfriends on and off. We also agreed that we’d keep being fuck-buddies for as long as we were comfortable with it but as soon as one of us was uncomfortable, we’d cool things off. One thing was clear though, the best sex we ever had was with each other. Even after the newness of acting on our mutual desires wore off, things were still hot. We tried things we only heard about.

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