Sister Love Ch. 03

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Chapter 03: Stretched Wide Open

Dave and Peg have really gotten themselves in deep now, and they were loving every moment of it.

Their love and passion for each other was raging, and their bodily aching and lust for each other were literally insatiable. The taboo aspect of their brother-sister sex has gotten each of the them so horny whenever they think about it, which is almost always these days. They spend their college summer break days apart at work, and long for their taboo incestuous rendezvous at night.

Navigating around their parents has been getting difficult. Trying not to hold each other, sit too close, or grab each other when the folks are around. They almost got caught once, doing 69 in the backseat of the family car in the garage. But they just stopped and kept very still while their mom looked around a little, calling their names, and then went back inside. While mom was looking for them, Dave kept tickling his sister Peg’s clit, and she was so aching to cry out. She was pissed afterward that Dave tortured her like that.

Dave and Peg were always very close as brother and sister. Going places together, doing things together, spending time together, and getting to know each other as great friends. Dave always thought his sister Peg was beautiful, and he could tell by how she looked at him with her big, deep, wide brown eyes that she loved and admired him too. But they had never allowed themselves to act on the special feelings they had for each other which had developed over the years.

Living in the same house, and seeing every little aspect of your brother or sister over the years could have definitely become a turnoff. But Dave and Peg had a deeper, more soulful connection with each other than just a regular brother and sister. Both feeling that undercurrent for each other, each of them would tease and play some special games with each other. Like leaving her jeans unbuttoned when she came into his room to say “hi”, exposing her soft flesh just above her pussy. And like him leaving his balls slightly exposed to her as he sat on the couch reading, repositioning as he sees her adjusting for a better view. And grabbing each other in the lake while swimming and accidentally rubbing against each others bodies, unseen under the water. And laying flat on the boat on the lake, showing her pussy lips popping out of her bikini bottoms once they were out onto the water, alone together, brother and sister.

Yes, they definitely developed a want for each other, but both were afraid to act on the feelings. Until this summer when Dave picked Peg up at college. They stopped in the woods for a hike on the way home, and the scents, seclusion and sexual energy finally let them have their way with each other. Orally this time. Each drank in the others cum, and they loved crossing that incestuous boundary. Incest. What a haunting word. But Peg and Dave do love each other and want only to understand and get inside each other better. Spiritually, sexually, completely. To penetrate each other. Uniting their bodies in incestuous lust, drinking in each others smells. Familiar smells they’ve known forever.

Their passionate sex in the woods that day parlayed into intense intercourse between brother and sister the next day. They finally consummated their love and lust by fucking each other in a pool of dripping and unrelenting mutual cum. Orally, vaginally, and now there was one place left. She wanted it, and he had promised to fulfill it.

Mom was out tonight at an art league show, so they know they had some time. Both came home, shared a long embrace, deep sexual kiss promising of what was to come, and scurried off to the shower. They met later in the living room.

“Hey babe”, Peg said, as she danced into the room with just a dress shirt on. Dave noticed it was his shirt, and that her long legs were visible up to her crotch, with a teasing mystery beneath of whether she was wearing any panties. She looked ravishing, and Dave wanted to take her right there, but he restrained himself.

“Hey baby sis. You look sweet in that. How was your day?” Dave asked.

“Not bad for a Friday, except my panties were soaking wet all day thinking about having your thick hot cock in me tonight!” she panted.

“Oh my, sis, you get right to the point, don’t you? I’ve been thinking about you all day too. Your pretty, soft breasts, your hot ass, your delicious pussy, our oral sex. I think I could have cum in my pants a million times today just thinking about you, what we’ve bangbross porno done over the past days, and what we would do tonight.”

Peg moved closer to Dave, and he wrapped his arms around his sweet little sister.

“I love you Peg”, Dave said.

“I love you too Dave. And I am so achingly hot for you. I never thought my body would be so ignited, especially by my own brother. But now that I’ve had you, and had your cum, I want you even more. I’ve had you into every one my body holes but one, and I want you to finish me off. I want you to take my anal virginity, I want you to fill me, stretch me, and fully consummate our incestuous love. I love the way you taste. I love my brother’s thick, sweet ribbons of musky cum, and I’m dying for more of it honey.”

Dave breathed, “Ok, baby, that’s beautiful. I promise I’ll give you all of it tonight. I will give you every drop of my cum. I held back jacking off today while thinking about you, since I wanted you to have every last drop of my cum planted into your body tonight. I have been so electrified by our sex this summer too. And I think I’d actually like to take you away from this place and spend more time together alone. Fucking each other every night. We cold move to another country. There’s a brother-sister couple in Germany, and they seem so happy. They actually married and had kids, except he keeps getting harassed by the authorities. But I think it’s because they keep talking about it, trying to change the local laws. But we can keep quiet and just enjoy our incestuous and taboo life together.”

“Dave, that’s so beautiful”, Peg returns. “I love you and would love to have my brother’s cum in me for the rest of my life. Do you think we can get away with it?”

“Sure. The same way we did when mom was looking for us in the garage, and I was licking your cunt.”

“You bastard! That was so hard to keep quiet! You still owe me for that one!”

“Yes, babe, you can have whatever payback you want.”

“Oh, Dave I just want you. I want your cock in my body. It feels so good having my loving brother fill my holes and then gush his seed into me. You know, there’s one more place I’m still an incest virgin. Dave, honey bro, I want you to fill my ass with your thick cock and blow your massive loads of seed into my rectum!”

“Ok, Peg. I love you too, and want to fill every inch of your body! Every beautiful orifice of my sister.”

Dave began to unbutton Peg’s shirt, his own shirt, and it revealed her beautiful, soft full breasts, pantiless body, engorged pussy.

At the same time, Peg began to undo the strings on Dave’s shorts, sliding them effortlessly off his body, exposing his delicious and already full manhood, his balls full of the seed she wanted up her ass tonight. The seed she swallowed and had dripping out the sides of her lips just a few days ago. The seed she milked out of her brother with her contracting pussy.

Both brother and sister, Dave and Peg, were standing there, naked and primed in front of each other. Dave dropped to his knees and began to savor his little sister’s pussy with his tongue. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she spread her legs even wider for him, holding the back of his head and pulling him in harder between her legs, grinding her clit into his mouth. Then they both dropped to the ground, in a passionate embrace, knowing mom would not be home for many more hours, and this time was theirs.

“Come here, Dave. I want your fat, meaty cock in my mouth!” Peg pleaded.

With that, she flipped around and went down on Dave’s cock. She was careful to maintain her pussy presence above his face, and he hungrily continued burying his face into her, savoring her sweet pussy juice, swallowing it down his throat, and tasting his sister’s warm heat on his lips. She was sucking furiously on his cock, and Dave’s delight with her mouth suction was indescribable.

He wanted to return the favor, so he drove his tongue deep and hard into her vaginal orifice, plunging, tongue fucking her so hard the wet noises filled the room, reaching deep, straining, exploring, ravenously devouring her cunt with his tongue. He then began to lick her entire underside, licking his sister from end-to-end. Her sweet pussy hairs were getting stuck in his teeth, but he didn’t mind and even swallowed some down, tickling his throat. Then he continued with deep tongue plunges, and traveled back to the taboo place of sister’s asshole.

It was a pretty asshole, between those ass bangbus porno cheeks he had seen and lusted for all his life. The pretty ass he had fantasized about and jerked off to innumerable times. Her ass was now all he wanted.

He swiped his tongue across his little sister’s asshole, and it tasted so good. She loved it, and responded by drilling her ass deeper onto his face, pining for anal penetration. In response, he drove his tongue into her ass, feeling her hot anus muscles tightening around him. She began to moan, and took his cock deeper down her throat.

Dave could not hold back any longer, and began to feel his building orgasm. She sensed his buildup, and tightly wrapped her lips around his cock, holding it down her throat and sucking even harder, the sides of her cheeks pulsing with her suction. She held on tight since she did not want to lose even a drop of her brother’s sweet cum. She was ready to swallow him and have his cum fill her throat as he released it. Swallowing, gagging on it, drinking it down into her stomach, having it fill her body, being filled with her brother’s incestuous warm seed.

Dave unleashed a torrent of cum into his sister’s mouth, and watched her throat as she frantically tried to keep up swallowing. Dave kept exploding into Peg’s mouth, and finally saw the overflow cum begin to ooze out of the corner of his little sister’s lips. His cum was dripping out of the corner of her mouth, but she kept sucking until she felt his explosions subside.

Peg then pulled her mouth off his cock with a loud suction sound, panting, lifted her head and looked back. She smiled and Dave could see his cum coating the inside of her mouth. His wet sticky seed stretched across her lips and she continued licking it, savoring its taste and texture.

She was a woman who was still getting her ass licked hard by her brother, and she had just given him the blowjob of his life. She took her finger and wiped the excess cum from in lips and sucked it into her mouth, savoring it with her tongue and swallowing the final drops. Seeing her do this, Dave started to get hard again.

Still panting, she said with a smile, “I don’t think I’ll need any dinner now tonight, Dave. And I love you licking my ass! But I really want more of you in me. I want deeper penetration from you into my body! Fuck me up the ass you darling big brother! Fuck me up the ass like you mean it!”, she screamed. “Stretch me open and make my body scream for more!”

With that, Dave climbed up on top of his little sister. Her ass was already perched high up into the air, and she arched her back even more, spreading her ass cheeks, and fully exposing her anus for his incestuous penetration. She was so wet now, and her liquid carnal lust for her brother was dripping off of her pussy.

“Fuck me, Dave! Fuck me up my ass! I want my brother’s thick fat cock drilled up into my rectum. Penetrate my body, honey, deep! And I want you to blow your massive cum load into my ass and have your cum spew deep into my core! Fuck my ass good, honey, and then let’s go away together!”

Dave raised himself up on his knees and saw his little sister’s beautiful asshole, pining for him. Pink, puckered, and eager. He dripped his spit into his hand and used it to lube his little sister’s asshole, penetrating his fingers into her asshole. Then he pushed into her deeper, and his fingers slipped easily into her body. He felt her beautiful tight sphincter tighten around his fingers, the same sphincter he knew lay just below the fabric of her pretty shorts that he had seen her wear for so many years! He longed to lick her pretty ass every day he has seen her!

Dave’s fingers slipped easily into his little pretty sister’s asshole, and she began to relax, letting him enter her deeper. Her ass muscles opened wider, and she raised her hips for more.

“Deeper, brother. Please!” her guttural cries pleaded.

Pulling his fingers out, he could see her asshole gaping wide now. Dave mounted up higher, because he knew what his sweet little sister wanted. She was aching to be taken anally by her big brother, and he was anxious to please her. To penetrate her. To see his pretty sister submissively below him, longing for his cock to press deeper into her body. To see his cock penetrating his sister’s asshole. Stretching it, filling it, impaling her body on the fat shaft of his pole, ravaging her with his raging incestuous lust.

Peg turned and handed back a tube of jelly. “I got this today for the occasion, beurette tour porno Dave. Use a lot of it because I want you to drill me deep!”

Dave lubed up his sister’s asshole with the jell, and he spread the remainder on the shaft of his now 10 inch long pulsing cock. He wanted his sister with all his might, but wanted to hold back blowing another load into her until he could enjoy her tight anus gripping him!

Dave mounted again on top of his sister, and pressed the fat bulb of his hot pulsing cock into the freshly lubed anus of his baby sister. Just then, he felt her anus muscles relax to let him in, and he entered her easily.

“Push it into me more honey!” she gasped.

With that, Dave started to drive his cock into his sister’s asshole. She spread her legs even further, opening her anus, and submitting her entire body to him. Dave began to penetrate his baby sister’s asshole, and she began to groan. A deep guttural groan. That got him even more hot, and he pressed his cock deeper into her ass opening.

“Oh, yes, baby! Drill my ass! I want my brother’s cock to fill my ass and blast torrents of cum inside me! And I want to feel your cock pulsate deep inside my core as you cum!”

With that encouragement, Dave drilled his cock deeper into his sister’s rectum as far and as deep as it would go. Once his full length was inside her, he stopped for a moment. “My full length is in you now baby. How does it feel?”

“Oh Dave, it feels so full! I feel like my entire body is full of my brother’s cock.” She began to tighten her ass muscles to pleasure him. “How does that feel baby?” she asked.

“Incredible! Seeing you laying there, my own sister, naked, her ass spread open for me, with my cock filling every inch of you, is such an incredible site.”

“Ok, now pump me Dave. With long and slow plunges. I want to feel every inch of you parting my ass, splitting my body open. And I want your cum to fill me until I’m overflowing. Do you think it will come out of my mouth?”

“Don’t be silly, but it will sure fill your sweet pretty ass up”, Dave reassured her.

Dave began pumping his cock in and out of his sister Peg’s ass, slow and sure. Feeling her tight anus grip his cock as he entered and exited her. As he entered, he felt her body relax and open even more wide with every thrust. Then he began to feel her ass tighten again hard around his cock! His cock was now captive. She was holding him tight. Then she began to relax and tighten her ass muscles again.

Dave took long, slow plunges into his sister Peg’s ass. Each time he would pull out of her briefly to see her gaping anal opening, stretched wide open by her own brother’s cock. Then he would slowly reenter her, hearing her moan, and seeing his full 10 inches disappear into her body, thinking he must be penetrating into half her body.

The idea of what they were doing had them both in a frenzy. Incestuous sodomy. Taboo upon taboo. Peg loved getting her as fucked by her brother, and he loved doing it to her. Sodomizing his sister.

Watching the fantastic site, Dave could last no longer. He could feel his orgasm building, and cried out, “Oh, Peg, honey, I’m ready to explode into your hot ass!”

“Give me your cum, baby! I want my big brother’s cum to fill my body, so blast your cum as deep into me as you can!”

With that, Dave exploded into his pretty sister’s bowels. She was shaking so hard and convulsing below him, trying to milk every pulsation of orgasm and last bit of cum out of him with her ass cheeks. Dave’s cum filled his sister so completely, that it began to squirt out the sides of her anus. He looked down at her, and she seemed happy, fulfilled.

They collapsed together, brother and sister, into each others arms. His seed was deep inside her, and they were both satiated, at least for the moment. Dave withdrew his cock from her body, from the grip of her rectum and anus. He could see her gaping anus slowly start to close. Holding her close, she turned to look at him, and the cum started to drip out of her ass.

“I love you Dave. Let’s get out of here and start a new life far away. I want you in so many ways, and I want this passion to last forever. I want your cock to fill me like that every day of my life.”

“I love you too honey”, Dave said as he slipped his still hard cock into his sister’s pussy from behind, feeling her ass cheeks press against him. She was still turned around looking into his eyes with those big brown eyes. He began to pump her from behind, while reaching around to rub her clit. She closed her eyes, focusing on her building orgasm.

“Yes, let’s leave here tomorrow so we can live out our love together for all to see! Loving my sister with this deep incestuous longing.”

The End

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