Sister, Lover, Vampire

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Her long black hair whipped around as she moved. A storm was coming in fast and she hoped to finish this guy before it hit. She clung to him as they made their way to the room the club let her use. It was like an apartment that she used for entertaining. It even had a bathroom with a shower. She also never knew what a client might want and kept several changes of clothes there. It was furnished with a bed, of course, but also a sofa and chair.

Stephanie was beautiful and she knew it. Her long hair was lustrous with luxurious curls too numerous to count as they cascaded down and caught the light, framing an utterly stunning face. Her large breasts were a magnet to both men and women. One look into her big sapphire blue eyes and they were lost. A gentle touch of her smooth delicate hand and everyone wanted her; and, for a price, anyone, man or woman, could have her.

His hard cock stood out from him as it disappeared in and out of her mouth. She liked to have the window open while she worked and the air had an ozone smell with the storm practically on top of them. She watched his face as he saw her full lips encircling his hard cock. She knew he would cum soon.

Performing like this as a storm approached reminded her of when she had died. It was very much like this. She had been busy at her chosen profession as the storm had hit. After he had cum and she had swallowed every drop, he had killed her.

However, on that night, ten years ago, she wasn’t killed but brought over. After that, people weren’t potential customers but potential victims. Their blood was the taste she craved. She never killed and never made another vampire, but the thirst had to be satisfied.

The club and the people that went there all knew what she was and hungered for it. For a price, they could have the Stephanie experience. She would satisfy any sexual fantasy or desire and at the same time drain some of their blood. She never took a large amount and they never had a bad experience, they simply enjoyed the sensual ecstasy of her feeding and giving them the most incredible sex they could possibly get.

Stephanie could taste a few drops of his pre-semen and felt the blood flowing just beneath the skin. She extended her fangs and bit into the main vein on his hard cock. The blood squirted into her mouth, and she swallowed the life giving fluid even as she continued to suck him.

Sucking and licking his cock, her lips urged him to empty his testicles of sperm into her waiting mouth. The blood flowed from his wound and she drank greedily. She continued sucking and swallowing when he suddenly arched his back and hot cum shot from his cock. Stephanie always became light headed when cum and blood mixed in her mouth; cum was hot but blood was hotter. She sucked for more and swallowed all he could give. His thick cockhead would have choked her as deeply as she took it and as long as she held it, if she breathed.

Following load after load, she finally felt his cum stopping and pressed her tongue to the still bleeding wound. She applied a gentle pressure to stop the flow even as she made sure every drop of blood stayed in her mouth. None was spilled; and none was wasted.

His cock was growing soft again and she continued until the flow of blood and cum had stopped. She moved to kiss him and they shared several long kisses. It was never a rush and whoever was with her was made to feel more like a lover and that she was reluctant for it to end.

Stephanie gave the ultimate erotic experience a mortal could have and live. She entertained them all…men and women, alone or together. She never stopped being amazed that it was considered an incredible honor to watch her feed on another. The clubs management, employees and patrons guarded her identity carefully, even jealously. No outsiders were let in on the secret of what she was until everyone was sure of them. She had several customers each night, enough blood for her to exist. ensest porno

Derek slept. He had waited until she had left and sleep finally claimed him. However, he later woke with a start as a large shape towered over him.

“I’m sorry Derek; I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“Stephanie…,” he smiled at her, “…have you fed?”

She smiled back at him, her fangs retracted. His smile was genuine and it had always been easy for her to know his love was real. The love she felt for her brother was special, it always had been. She was his older sister by two years, but now he had aged and she never would and he looked to be her older brother.

When they were children they had been very protective of each other. When she had been beaten by their drunken father, Derek would try to stop it and receive the beating meant for her. When their hearts were broken, it was to each other they looked to for emotional support and comfort. She had chosen her brother to be her first lover and they had explored each other as she gave herself to him totally.

When she had died, the tears that were shed for her came from the only person that gave a damn about her. He alone had grieved for her. Now he protected her rest during the day. He did it because he loved her, and always would.

She bent down and kissed him. Not a brother and sister kiss but a long sensual kiss meant to arouse. She whispered, “It’ll be dawn soon, I want you.” She sighed as she felt his arms embrace her.

When she was alive and a prostitute, she just went through the motions with all of the others, but it was her brother she made love to.

The oddest thing had happened when she had become a vampire. She actually desired having sex with the living, it made her feel sensations she had never been able to describe and had never felt before. But the touch of her brother was much more powerful and intense and she craved it like a drug. She loved the taste of Derek’s cum, and like a fine wine, she would hold it in her mouth to savor the taste before swallowing. She liked having a hard cock in her but Derek was the one that made her have an orgasm. But what an orgasm! It was like nothing she had ever experienced when she was alive.

He responded to her kiss and her tongue played with his in her mouth. Gently, she let the heat build. If she couldn’t explain what she now felt when having sex with others, she knew the words didn’t exist to describe her passion for her brother.

His fingers drifted over her nipples, sending little ripples of pleasure through her. He wasn’t demanding but she would have given whatever he needed. She was there for the pleasure of others but only her brother was there for her pleasure. It was simply different from the way her mind understood things and the way her body felt things.

Derek whispered in her ear, “I love you, you know.”

She could almost feel her heart beating again, “I know.” Her clothes and his were soon just a pile. She closed her eyes as his lips sucked her nipples. Stephanie didn’t know if it was because she was a vampire or simply because she loved Derek with all of her being that made things feel the way they did.

Her hand found his soft cock. Stephanie knew how to satisfy a man but didn’t use this knowledge with her brother as she gently explored and teased. She purposely refused her erotic experience and tried to react almost as a virgin, unsure and hesitant.

Each time with her brother was excruciatingly sharp, almost painful, and yet filled with delightful pleasure. Each time with him was almost like her very first, except that she could experience those feelings again and again. His fingers slid between her legs and produced electricity, making her pussy ache for the sensation of his hard cock. “Please fuck me, I need you.”

Derek positioned himself between her legs. With his hand, he guided his hard cock into his sister. Being inside of her was a singular fake agent porno sensation. No mortal woman could hope to give a man what she could. He entered her hot wet pussy and slid it in as slowly as he could manage.

“Aaaaggghhh…,” Stephanie groaned and clawed the sheets as she felt him slide into her. He knew how insane it made her for him to hold back like that. When he finally stopped he was deep inside of her. Her whole body was one big nerve and she tingled all over.

Derek saw her nipples standing out proudly from her breasts. His head lowered and his mouth gently clamped around one. She was sex come to life and anything you did with her was almost more than you could stand. Her eyes hypnotized you, drew you in. The power of the vampire was intoxicating.

Derek made love to her, his cock sliding in and out of ecstasy. Switching from one nipple to the other, back and forth, as he continued to take pleasure from her and give it back again. He adored his sister. He gave her what she ached for, slowly, ramming it harder and making it plunge deeper. The pleasure building between them was incredible!

Stephanie was making little moaning sounds. Vibrations from her cock fill pussy collided with the waves of pleasure from her nipples. Pure desire burned her as the heat was building inside of her making her body feel like an inferno.

Derek whispered in his sister’s ear, “Let me cum in your mouth.”

She turned her face to him and they kissed. Stephanie knew her brother was doing that for her. He had tried to describe what it felt like for his hard cock to be inside of her, and the closest he had come was to call it like being surrounded by liquid velvet that was on fire. He had called it the ultimate sexual sensation.

He knew she loved the taste of his cum and, in spite of yearning for the experience of cumming deep inside of her pussy again, he wanted to give her this. He was such a dear but she was beyond thinking, much less talking. She spread her legs wide, wanting his cock as deep as he could get it.

Derek had learned that a slight shift of weight or position caused him to hit a different place inside of her. He kept his hard cock going everywhere, knowing it drove her wild. She was beating the mattress with her fist and matching his thrust as he plunged into her.

Then Stephanie exploded. Her orgasm caused her insides to shudder as spasms of pleasure continued to burst from her cock filled pussy. Her head turned from side to side and she beat the bed with her fists as a constant series of “Yes”… “Yes”… “Yes” escaped her. Each new thrust caused his cock to slide over her clit and made the sensations grow more intense. On and on it lasted, multiple orgasms so forceful and powerful that a mortal woman would not have survived.

Finally, she had to make it stop and wrapped her arms and legs around him and just held him. She just couldn’t take any more, her body needed to calm down. Powerful and concentrated feelings of passion still coursed deep inside of her.

Derek could never totally describe what being inside of his vampire sister felt like. As she was rocked by her orgasm, her pussy grabbed at his cock, increasing the pleasure for them both. He couldn’t describe how it felt to be in her before she climaxed; and knew the English language was totally inadequate to describe the ever-increasing sensations of being deep inside of her when she convulsed in orgasm. It was mind numbing as her whole body shuddered.

He felt his cock being coaxed to give up his sperm by the muscles of her body that still trembled as the pleasure slowly died down. He lay with his mouth to her ear and nibbled, “Make me cum, Steph.”

He felt her arms and legs release him. The vampire was incredibly strong but he felt no fear in her embrace. He knew she would never hurt him. He moved to position himself over her.

Stephanie could finally open her eyes and saw her brother’s fake cop porno hard cock just inches from her mouth. She licked her lips at the thought of having it in her mouth. Her tongue slipped out to the underside of his cockhead. She heard him moan and smiled.

When they had first started to explore each other, when they were young, she was surprised at how many ways she discovered to bring him pleasure. If she licked around his cockhead, it brought a different reaction from him than if she licked all along the shaft. She had never tired of experimenting and he didn’t seem to mind.

She placed her hands on his butt and made him thrust into her mouth. Her lips closed around him and she sucked hard but not hard enough to bring pain, never that. Feeling him take over, Stephanie let him enjoy the sensation of fucking her in the mouth.

He eased himself in and out. She loved him for being so gentle. There was no way for him to hurt her, of course, but she found him being concerned for her irresistible.

Derek was mesmerized by his cock sliding past those lips. Her eyes sparkled, displaying how much she loved him. She had always been beautiful but death had made her magnificent. He took his cock out of her mouth. Being in her mouth was magnificent; it felt like heaven, being in her pussy was the only thing that surpassed it. He imagined that being in her ass would feel indescribable but had never gotten to like doing that when she was alive and had no desire to do it now.

Stephanie licked his cock as he slid it over her lips. She knew he liked this and she loved being able to give it to him. To others she did things because they wanted, with Derek she did things because she wanted. She was the only one he had ever had in any way and she loved him for it. It brought her happiness to bring him pleasure. She started sucking him, wanting to give her brother the ultimate oral sex.

Derek pleaded, “Open your mouth Steph.” He was breathing hard as he pushed his cock past her lips.

Her hand tenderly took hold of his cock; she could feel his pulse under his flesh. She absently wondered what his blood would taste like. She knew eventually he would have to decide about that. He would age and die or she could make him like her, either way she would respect his choice. He would be the only one she would turn into vampire like her.

Gently, she coaxed his balls to give up their fluid. She accented her actions by licking and nibbling the sensitive ridge separating cockhead from cock.

A moan escaped as he shot his white hot cum. Derek was mesmerized by the sight of the liquid spurting out of the end of his cock and into her mouth.

Stephanie loved the feel of a hard cock shooting its load. His cock managed to project his sperm to the back of her throat. She kept licking as her hand urged him to give her all he had to give. The taste was a little salty, but she did not swallow, not yet. This is something she did for herself, the one fantasy she had and only her brother could give it to her.

More of what she craved shot out of him and she didn’t miss a drop. There was a puddle of his sperm at the back of her throat. She couldn’t have done that when she was alive. Her lips kissed the head as his ejaculation started to ease.

Derek watched his sister lick the last few drops of cum that oozed out of his cock. She would have to sleep soon and he would protect her, but now he lay down beside her, exhausted. After she retired and he had regained some energy, he would make himself breakfast and have some coffee. For now he was content to just lie beside the only person he would ever love.

Stephanie’s tongue played with the sperm in her mouth. She enjoyed how it felt on her tongue and how it tasted. No one else could please her, just Derek.

She swallowed and gave a contented sigh. She turned over and kissed him, “A fine white, perfectly aged.”

Derek chuckled and then got a mischievous grin, “You know why you’re so good at oral sex don’t you?” He saw her shake her head, “It’s because vampires suck.”

She saw the innocent look on his face and cracked up. Both were still laughing as she got up to go sleep before the sun came up.

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