Sisterly Exploration Ch. 04

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For the past several months, Aruri’s sexual appetite has mostly been satisfied by his little sister. Aside from the occasional client-fuck, Michelle is the only pussy in his life. Her once innocent and shy demeanor has turned into one of a wild, nymphomaniac. He cannot stop fucking her tight, little pussy; and she can’t stop jumping on his big, black dick.

This particular morning, she’s thinking about the client he has later today. Usually, she gets fucked two or three times before he goes to see a client, but this client has requested that he have a full load to shoot. She knows she can guilt him into buying some nasty toys with the extra money, but she loves the taste of his hot liquid white gold.

She looks over at him sleeping and slides her right leg over his body. She slowly moves onto his lap and grabs his semi-hard cock. She stares at his eyes to watch for if they open. After positioning herself comfortably with his shaft against her wet pussy lips, she begins softly stroking his shaft. His dick springs to life almost immediately.

She struggles to keep her eyes on his as the urge to watch the sleeping handjob grows. She savors the feeling of his thickening shaft pulsating in her hand. She rests her free hand on his thigh while rocking his hips against the base of his cock. She feels his shaft parting her pussy lips each time they collide. He groans softly as his dick throbs and oozes out a thick glob of precum.

She starts to squeal but quickly covers her mouth. Her heart races every time she feels his hot slime on her skin. She gently shines his dick with its slime before sliding her pussy over the sticky rod. She lifts herself just enough to let his throbbing head stretch her welcoming cunt. Her eyes roll and her mouth hangs open as she slides down every inch of his girth.

Sneaking a fuck in the middle of the night always makes his dick feel extra big. She sighs as her ass rests against his thighs. She puts her hands on his chest and softly slides herself up and down. Her fat ass jiggles and quivers with every clench of her pussy. Her wet pussy pulsates on his throbbing mass. She can feel his thick rod oozing precum into her stretched hole, making her hotter and wetter. She slowly starts to become overwhelmed with ecstasy and forgets that he’s sleeping.

She slides her hands onto her soft, little titties and pinches her nipples. She rocks back and forth as much as she can without shaking the bed. He groans and moves around as he involuntarily starts building a powerful load. She leans her head back and moans in her mouth as her pussy twitches on his dick. Her rocking combines with her bouncing until she’s slamming her g-spot against his dick tip.

The powerful waves her elation start to come over her. His eyes softly open and he barely sees his sister’s tight body riding his dick. He thinks he’s dreaming, so he reaches up and grabs a hold of her tiny waist. She shrieks in surprise as he squeezes her waist to thrust up into her. He quickly drifts back to sleep as she holds his hands on her waist. She takes his instinctual involvement as a sign to ride him harder.

She wildly bounces on top of him until she feels her pussy spasming out of control. Her breathing shortens and her moans quite. Her pussy gushes juice onto his thrusting cock as she cums all over her brother’s dick. Her titties jiggle as her body tightens and quivers from the rushes flowing through her. She puts her hands on his chest for balance while riding her way through her orgasm.

The squishy sounds of her pussy sliding up and down his cock start to wake him. Her moans of pleasure fill the room as she cums over and over. She can’t stop fucking as he pushes to her cervix, causing her to clench even tighter. This time, her pussy squeezes his dick so hard that he feels his load beginning to blow. He quickly wakes up and pulls her convulsing pussy off his bulging dick.

He fights off the urge to blow his load while holding her against his stomach. The feel of her pussy leaking juice on his navel furthers his urge to want to cum. As hard as it is to fight off a raging orgasm, he manages to control his load and calms down.

“You’re no fun,” she cries, still shaking from her last orgasm.

“Not tonight, Chelle.”

“Come on,” she begs, twirling her fingers around his nipples. “Please!”

“Go to sleep, Chelle,” he says while pushing her onto her side of the bed.

He rolls onto his side, facing away from her, and goes back to sleep. She cuddles up behind him and tries reaches around to grab his dick. He quickly reaches back and smacks her on her pussy, sending shockwaves of painful pleasure through her. She squeals and rolls onto her back to massage the stinging sensations out of her sopping labia. She licks her juices off her hand before cuddling behind him and falling asleep.

By the time she wakes up, he’s already left to see his client. She looks around the room and finds a note next to the bed addressed to her. She opens it expecting a naughty promise, but it’s empty. She hardcore porno growls at his joke and angrily hops out of bed.

She takes a cold shower to wash off last night’s orgasms. She can’t help but to repeatedly run her hands over her steaming pussy. With every drop of cold water cascading over her cunt, she wishes that she were full of brotherly goo. She gets out of the shower and pats herself dry, leaving a light mist on her skin.

She comes out of the bathroom and throws her towel into the dirty clothes basket. She walks over to her dresser and takes out a bright orange bra and panty set. She tosses them onto the bed and grabs a bottle of lotion. She sits on the bed and starts putting lotion on her legs. While rubbing the lotion into her thighs, she realizes how hot her pussy still is.

Even after the shower, her pussy is aching for her brother’s fat load. She tries to ignore the yearning and continues putting on lotion. As she rubs the lotion into her waist, she imagines her brother’s hands holding on to her while slamming his dick into her cumming cunt. She starts feeling light-headed and lies down to regain her composure.

Her right hand instinctively reaches down and grazes her clit. Her hips buck from the sudden sensation, and her hand massages her hot labia to ease the tension. She bites her top lip and groans as her middle finger teases her wet cunt. Her fingertip slowly makes its way to her G-spot while her thumb soothes her over-excited clit.

Her two hot spots tingle as she swirls her fingertips opposite one another. Her hips rock and her tiny waist arches as she lets her imagination run rampant. She can feel her brother’s cock swelling inside her pussy, ready to explode. Her fingers’ pace quickens, causes her moans to shorten and intensify. Her left hand squeezes her nearest tit as her pussy twitches in her hand.

Her body lifts as high as it can as her legs open wider. She slams her head against the bed and screams as she swirls her fingertips faster. Her eyes softly close as she feels her pussy’s hot spots exploding. She pinches her nipple and whimpers as she trembles from her talented fingers. She slowly pulls her middle finger from her dripping cunt and gently squirts onto the floor.

She reaches down and calmly holds the sheets as her pussy pulsates with orgasmic elation, gushing tiny streams of squirt with every breath. Her legs violently shake hanging off the edge of the bed, causing her cumming pussy to vibrate. She pulls her legs up onto the bed and continues quivering. She softly massages her labia while imaging her brother’s tongue licking her pussy clean.

She rolls onto her side and massages her over-excited pussy. She moves to the center of the bed and slides her left hand down her torso to her navel. She closes her eyes and imagines her brother’s dick is trailing its way down to its natural habit. She rolls to the edge of the bed and opens the top drawer of the table next to her side of the bed. She pulls out the real mold of her brother’s big, black dick, with a vibrator in it, and moves back to the center of the bed.

She briefly contemplates whether or not to use one of her special lubes, but her pussy is more than wet enough to handle to rubber enormity. That face and the fact that she’s too horny to wait for a dick any longer makes the decision for her. She moves all the pillows behind her and leans against them for support. She leans her head against the headboard and closes her eyes while taking a deep breath.

She imagines her brother’s lips against hers as she bites her own bottom lip. She uses both her hands to position the bulb-like tip against her convulsing cunt. She slowly opens and starts to engulf to veiny, rubber rod. She moans in her mouth as she imagines, and feels, her brother’s girthy shaft stretching her pussy to every limit.

As she slides the tip against her depths, she switches on the vibrator. Her overstuffed pussy shakes with earthquake-scale tremors. Her entire pelvic region quivers with waves of pure pleasure. She smiles and moans as she draws closer to reaching new levels of sexual satisfaction, all before even moving the rubber mass.

Just as she feels her cervix nearing an explosive climax, she begins thrusting the entire length of the vibrating beast. Her knees immediately open wider and lift off the bed. She looks down at the brown shaft pounding into her pussy. The sight of her tiny hands mastering the monstrous object fills her mind with waves of bliss. She starts pumping her dildo into herself like a teenage boy stroking himself off for the first time.

Her pussy squishes and sucks against the vibrator. Her head falls back against the headboard and fills with elation. Her perky, little tits tremble on her chest, sending shockwaves of delight to her hard, little nipples. She grips at the sheets with her left hand as her right hand pumps the vibrating dildo against her G-spot.

Her hips buck wildly as her pussy finally sends her over the edge. Her eyes roll into the back of hd porno her head before they clench shut. She lets the dildo go and leaves it in herself as she screams and shakes. She tries putting her hand over her mouth, but she’s shaking too hard to actually muffle her moans. The vibration of the dildo continues sending waves of pleasure into her pussy and up to her G-spot and clit.

She quickly reaches down and pulls the dildo from her cumming cunt, only to gush squirt all over her hand and the bed. She tries rubbing the gushes out of her pussy, but her rubbing only intensifies her orgasm. Her body tenses and lifts off the bed a little as she squirts all the way across the room, two times in a row. Her mouth hangs open and she forces her eyes open to watch as she continues cumming and gushing onto the bed.

In the midst of her overwhelming orgasmic marathon, she hears the doorbell. She tries muffling her moans and screams again but accidentally rubs her pussy against the still vibrating dildo. Her little clit lights up with sensation, causing her to shriek louder than she was before. She slams her legs shut and tries pushing through her orgasm while reaching over for her panties.

She pulls herself over to the edge of the bed and uses the table for support while sliding her panties over her still sensitive pussy. She nearly falls backward as some the lingering pussy convulsions cause her entire body to jolt. Her knees wobble wildly, forcing her to sit back down and let her pussy finish its sexual release.

While letting her clit desensitize against her panties, she turns the vibrating dildo off and sits it on the dresser next to the bed. She leans her head back and tries catching her breath. She reaches over for her matching bra, and the doorbell rings again. She figures it’s just someone lost or looking for Aruri, so she leaves her bra on the bed and just puts on one of Aruri’s blue shirts.

She quickly heads downstairs, every once in a while stopping to let her legs get out a few trembles. She stops just shy of the door as her pussy pulsates one last time, nearly making her fall over. She rests against the wall and looks down at the front of her completely soaked panties just as the doorbell rings again.

“Coming,” she yells.

She wipes away the streams of juice streaking down her thighs. She pulls the end of the shirt down a low as it can go and walks over to the door. She looks through the peephole and sees a tall, voluptuous ebony goddess. She opens the door and smiles at the ebony princess.

“Hi,” the cocoalate beauty greets her.

“Hi, can I help you?”

“Yes. Is this 2436 Glamour Street?”

“It is.”

“Great. I’m looking for a guy named Aruri. Does he still live here, or?”

“Yeah, he’s my brother.”

“Your brother?” the goddess gasps.

“Yeah, I’m Michelle. Are you one of his clients or something?”

“Am I a client? No. Although I did see his little, rather I shouldn’t little, but I did see his ad. That’s actually how I found him. My name’s Jacquelyn. I kind of know his mother. She thought it would be best if we met.”

“Oh,” Michelle steps aside and waves the very attractive woman inside. “Please, come in.”

“Thank you,” Jacquelyn replies while stepping inside.

Michelle closes and locks the door behind her before escorting her guest into the kitchen.

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“No thank you,” her guest replies while looking around the neatly decorated room. “So how long have you two lived together?”

“Almost three years,” Michelle answers, walking over the dining room table and signaling for Jacquelyn to join her. “I moved in to go to school nearby, but that didn’t work out the way I’d hoped. You said you wanted to talk to him about something?”

“Yes, but it’s kind of really private. So, I would really like to talk him. No offense.”

“None taken.”

“You said you’ve lived here almost three years?”


Michelle notices Jacquelyn’s slightly excited stare.

“What’s he like?” Jacquelyn asks with a slight spark of enthusiasm.

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“I don’t really know how to ask you any of the questions that I want to ask about him without giving myself away.”

“Well, I am his sister so maybe it’s something that only I know,” Michelle tries persuading her.

“Okay,” Jacquelyn agrees. “This is going to sound really weird, so you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to.” Jacquelyn takes a deep breath and licks her lips before asking, “Sexually speaking, what’s he like?”

“Sexually speaking?” Michelle gasps. She leans back in her chair and tries to hide her excitement by the question. “From what I’ve heard from overly talkative clients, he’s an absolute beast in the sheets,” Michelle calmly answers.

Jacquelyn pushes the braids out of her face and rubs the back of her neck. She softly bites her bottom lip and smiles at Michelle after realizing she’s not alone.

“Do you know exactly how big he is? Not latina fuck tour porno just length in inches, but how BIG he is.”

Michelle closes her eyes and looks away to appear shy and uncomfortable, but accidentally lets out a soft moan. She immediately tries hiding her arousal, but her wet pussy pulsates with desire for her brother’s cock. She looks out the corner of her eye and sees Jacquelyn staring at her with eyes full of lust.

“Again from what I’ve heard, he’s big enough to make any woman addicted to him,” Michelle manages to answer.

She looks back over at Jacquelyn, who’s staring at her with a curious smile. She notices Jacquelyn’s legs rubbing together and can clearly see that’s she’s aroused. Jacquelyn opens her eyes and leans toward Michelle with a devilish grin.

“How about we put everything out in the open? You can ask me any question you want and I’ll answer honestly, only if I can ask you any question I want and you answer honestly.”

“I might be okay with that. Who goes first?”

“I’ll go first. I’ll start off with an easy one.” Jacquelyn sits up in her chair and crosses her legs. “How wet is your pussy right now?” she asks with a smile on her face.

Michelle stares into her eyes and smiles back at her. “The front of panties are completely soaked; see,” she replies while lifting up the bottom of her shirt.

Jacquelyn’s eyes dart down to Michelle’s neon orange panties. The entire front of them, except for a small spot on the top, is soaked with excitement. Jacquelyn moans and looks back up at Michelle as she lowers her shirt.

“My turn,” Michelle states. “How do you know Aruri’s mother?”

Jacquelyn smiles even more and answers, “Because she’s my mother too.” Michelle leans forward in shock and opens her mouth to speak but Jacquelyn cuts her off. “My turn again. How do you really know how BIG Aruri is?”

Michelle grins at her guest and bites her bottom lip at her. “About ten months ago, a friend of mine hired Aruri to give me one of his special massages. She didn’t know he was my brother at the time. After his powerful and precise massage made me cum hard three times…,” Michelle’s words get slower and more seductive as she rubs her hands down her own body to taunt Jacquelyn. “We came home and he fucked me harder than any other man ever has, and he’s been fucking me every single night since.”

Jacquelyn’s right hand slides up her thigh and rubs the front of black yoga pants. She balances herself on the table with her left arm while entranced by Michelle’s self-exploration.

“Your turn,” Jacquelyn urges her.

Michelle smiles at her and asks, “Do you have a different dad than us or are we related as well?”

“Aruri and I are 100% brother and sister. We are half-sisters.”

Jacquelyn wastes no time in asking, “What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re fucking our brother?”

Michelle closes her eyes and groans just thinking about her answer. “Well, it’s not really what I do that’s my favorite. I mean if I have to answer what I like doing, it would probably be sucking the cum out of his exploding cock. I am completely obsessed with his cum and will suck and swallow every drop I can.

That or I’ll make him shoot it all over her body and rub it into my skin like lotion. But if I’m being completely honest, my favorite thing is getting a pussy full of his cum. Just feeling his hot liquid white gold gives me orgasms. I’ll take it in any position he wants to give it to me in, as long as that big dick spews its treasure into my hot, sopping cunt, I’m lost in orgasms.”

Michelle’s left hand slides into the front of her soaked panties and finds her burning clit. She softly rubs across her first hot spot, completely oblivious to Jacquelyn’s staring eyes. She leans back in her chair and squeezes her pussy lips while imagining them coated in her brother’s hot slime.

Jacquelyn reaches over and pulls Michelle’s hand away from her slippery pussy. Michelle opens her eyes and realizes she’s still in the room with Jacquelyn. She moves her hand over to Jacquelyn’s mouth and slides her wet fingers into Jacquelyn’s mouth while smiling at her.

“It’s my turn again, isn’t it?” she asks while letting Jacquelyn taste her sweetness. “Okay, why did your mother want you to meet your brother?”

Jacquelyn sucks the remaining juice off of Michelle’s fingers and lets her hand slide from her mouth. “She finally realized how out of control my sexual urges were getting. I’d been thrown out of four different schools and two boot camps for fucking students, teachers, and faculty on campus, during school hours.”

Michelle slides her hand back down to her pussy and starts rubbing her burning clit. Jacquelyn continues softly rubbing the front of her pants while seductively continuing her explanation.

“I’d fucked all of my girlfriends and boyfriends, and their girlfriends and boyfriends. I was fucking a bunch of older guys so that would buy me all the sex toys and lingerie and porn I wanted. And I was fingering and fucking myself all over the house.”

Michelle leans her head back and closes her eyes to imagine herself in Jacquelyn’s shoes. She opens her legs more and really starts rubbing her clit. Her moans alert Jacquelyn who starts telling her story more seductively.

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