Sister’s Slave Pt. 05

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After that Incident, we didn’t see or speak to each other for the rest of the day. I eventually decided to go to bed early, since I had plans to visit one of my Ill friends the next day. After around half an hour of trying and failing to drift off, I heard a faint knock on the door, which I assumed was my brother’s way of asking if I wanted him for anything.

Ordinarily, I’d have gladly welcomed the idea, but the sexual tension from earlier in conjunction with the plans I had for the next day persuaded me to keep quiet until he returned to his room, giving an audible sigh in the process. The few minutes I spent awake were filled with inquisitive thoughts, as I began to once again wonder what my brother’s true intent could be.

Before long, though, I fell asleep.

The smell of breakfast being made downstairs didn’t come as a surprise the following morning. I thought I’d have a shower before doing anything, since I was going to be visiting someone. I stripped down in the bathroom and was greeted by a very faint, but still noticeable, odour, which wasn’t exactly unexpected since the only thing washing me the last few days was my brother’s tongue.

What did come as a surprise was the fact that the shower wasn’t working, presumably due to a mysterious gap in the plumbing system that connected to it. I knew my brother must have done this, but I still wasn’t completely sure why. With the shower busted, I had no choice but to find some clothes and skip washing altogether, since I didn’t have time for a bath.

Of course, the first thing my brother said to me as I emerged from the staircase was nothing more than a desperate lie.

“Hey sis,” he began, “Sorry, but the shower stopped working this morning. I’ll call the plumbing service later and try to get it fixed.”

“Alright,” I said, not wanting him to know I was onto him, “What’s for breakfast?”

He stepped to the right and smiled subtly to himself, revealing a full English breakfast. It was immediately clear by this point that he was purposefully trying to make me gassy, so I didn’t bother asking him why he’d put in so much effort.

I sat down and began eating quickly, trying not to waste too much time. In the former of my eye, I could clearly see my brother trying feebly to hide the fact that he was salivating, with his eyes fixated intently on me. I said nothing and simply stuck my bare feet out from under the table.

He moved slightly so that he was directly in my field of vision and shot me an inquisitive look, obviously surprised by my sudden movement.

“I’m going out today, remember? Since the shower’s not working, you’ll have to clean me up a little.”

He smiled widely as he dropped to his knees, immediately running his tongue between my toes and along my feet. He stopped once in a while to take a few breaths, but otherwise he had my feet in his mouth for the entire duration of my meal. I pulled my feet away once had finished and lifted an arm into the air, gesturing towards it with my head.

In no time at all, he had his face buried in my armpit, sniffing and licking diligently until every last droplet of sweat was replaced with saliva. Once he had finished, he started working on the other armpit, using both his hands to cover czech streets porno up the obvious bulge that had formed in his pants.

Once he’d finished, I found a fresh pair of socks and slipped them on, along with my shoes and coat.

“Don’t catch a cold, Mistress,” he shouted as I opened the front door, before running off to his room once again.

I didn’t have time to ponder why, however, as I realised I was running a little late.

I reached my friend’s house at around one, and stayed until around five, all the while looking after her with the help of my other friends, who had also come to check up on her. We all made a big fuss of her, even though she only had a stomach bug from work.

“Stuff like that spreads like wild fire in winter,” said one of my friends, “You’re lucky it’s just diarrhoea! It could just have easily been the flu!”

We worked together to fix her some dinner before heading back home. I felt perfectly fine when I arrived at my front door, blissfully unaware of both the pain and pleasures I would later be experiencing.

“Welcome,” came the greeting, followed by the admittedly considerate question, “How was she?”

“A little better,” I began, “Though she still spent half the day in the bathroom.”

There was a short period of silence as my brother glanced rapidly around the room, looking as if he was trying to build up the courage to say something. After a while, he returned his gaze to me and cleared his throat.

“Is the illness contagious,” he asked shyly.

“Of course it is, genius,” I replied, “All stomach bugs are! You really are stupid sometimes!”

I giggled playfully and he gave a childish grin. Despite this, however, I could sense both fear and excitement in his eyes. I thought nothing of it and lay down sideways on the couch, with my chest held up by my arms and my feet rubbing together rhythmically on the rightmost armrest.

My Brother followed soon after with a plate of chicken, potatoes and beans. Once again, I ignored his obvious intention to make me gassy and simply began eating. Silently, my brother knelt down and placed his head on the armrest, next to my bare feet. Without a word being spoken between the two of us, he began worshiping my feet once again as I continued eating dinner.

I returned to my bedroom after dinner, completely exhausted from all the work I had done. My Brother also went to his room, but made a noticeable effort to reach it before I could. My fatigue led me to ignore this, however, and I simply fell softly onto my bed.

I read some online books on my tablet for a few hours, but ended up falling sleep before midnight.

The first thing I noticed when I awoke the next morning was a terrible pain in my stomach, with the second being a built-up mass around my intestine. My body practically forced me to my feet as I ran for the bathroom, stripping down immediately as I entered the room.

I sat down on the toilet and a short, but very loud fart flew out within seconds. The sheer pain in my stomach caused me to moan quite frequently, and this only got worse as more farts emerged.

I was sat there for only a minute when I heard faint breathing. Glancing around the room, I noticed czech taxi porno an eye glaring at me from the gap between the door and the wall.

I screamed and stood up, kicking the door shut as a reflex. The next thing I heard was a cry of pain from the other side. I opened the door to see my brother clutching his head. Before long, I also noticed a very large lump in his boxers.

“Sicko,” I yelled, more shocked than angry.

He said nothing and stared at the floor, trying desperately to avoid eye contact.

“What the fuck were you even doing,” I add, regaining my composure a little in the process.

Again, he stays silent, clearly embarrassed. I stare at him for a while, and the continued pain in my stomach causes an idea to begin forming in my head.

“You bet your ass I’m gonna make you pay for this,” I say in a playful tone.

Finally, he looks up at me, intrigued and confused. He catches himself after a few seconds, however, and hastily returns his gaze to the floor.

“Look at me, bitch,” I shout, causing him to jump back a little and lift his head up once more, “Get in here and accept your punishment!”

Half way through the word punishment, his face lights up, and he crawls into the bathroom.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” he says wholeheartedly, “I deserve to be punished.”

I choose not to question his obedience and instead kneel to the floor, clutching my stomach. He bites his lip slightly as I begin talking.

“You’re going to help me with this! Lie down!”

“Yes Sis,” he said enthusiastically, lying down on his back with his arms by his side.

I remove my trousers and panties from around my ankles and stand above him with my bare ass high above his face. The bulge in his pants rises slightly as I lower my ass, resting it with my asshole pushing against his nose.

I cup my hands around my stomach and push slightly, releasing several short, wet farts in a cluster. He began breathing deeply, and the knowledge that he was inhaling all my gas made me a little wet. He, however, didn’t know, as he was far too busy sniffing my putrid farts. I pushed a little harder and a very long, very loud, and very stinky fart erupted into his nostrils.

I glanced back at him to see him staring wide-eyed at my asshole, which now had small particles of shit clinging to it. I lifted my ass up slightly and he instinctively opened his mouth, allowing me to sit on his face as if it were a toilet.

As soon as my asshole entered his mouth, he began licking it intently, completely unfazed by the shit stuck to it. He continued licking for several minutes, swallowing everything he scraped off, all the while tasting the foul flavours of my toxic gas.

The longer we continued, the worse the farts got. Eventually he began gagging slightly purely as a reflex, but this didn’t deter him. With each passing gust, I could feel the heavy mass inch closer and closer to my anus. We both knew what was coming, it was just a matter of time.

“Ready for your real punishment,” I asked cheerfully, lifting my ass from his mouth and blasting him with another fart.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied eagerly.

Without any further delay, I moved to a squatting position, and hovered digitalplayground porno my asshole just above his gaping mouth. With one final push, a flurry of semi-solid logs fell swiftly from my anus and splashed against the back of his mouth. He gagged again, but did not resist, instead beginning to push the shit to the side of his mouth with his tongue.

Before he could fully complete this task, however, a stream of sloppy diarrhoea came pouring out of my ass and practically painted the inside of his mouth brown. I looked back at him and he gave me a reassuring smile as he began licking the diarrhoea from the walls of his mouth and swallowing it, along with the initial chunks, which required him to chew for a while.

I held back the stream while he did this, letting it run once more after he’d finished. This continued until the pain in my stomach had completely faded, and by then his mouth, teeth, tongue and cheeks were covered in my chocolate.

“Are you finished, Mistress” he eventually asked, struggling to clean his teeth with his equally shitty tongue.

“Here,” I answered, “Let me help.”

With that, I rotated my body and let loose another stream, this time of urine, into his mouth. He welcome this golden shower and used it to wash as much shit off of his tongue and teeth as he could, swallowing it all as it mixed into my piss.

Before long, the shower stopped, and he was left with a mouth decorated with splashes of diarrhoea and droplets of piss.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he whispered gently.

“You’re not done just yet,” I sang, returning to my original position and displaying my asshole to him, which was covered both inside and outside with a layer of liquid shit.

He smiled once more and I changed to a crawling position, with my head resting on his knees and my asshole raised above the ground. He sat up so his mouth met my asshole and began cleaning the outside with his tongue, slurping the remains of his meal as if it were ice cream.

He moved his tongue around in circles, tickling the rim of my asshole and washing it clean in one movement. After a while, he pulled away and sat motionless for a few seconds. Just as I was about to turn around and ask what he was doing, he spread my ass open wide and plunged his tongue deep inside, causing me to give a moan of pleasure.

He ate my asshole expertly, managing to clean my rectum efficiently while also pleasuring me greatly. My moaning became synced with the rhythm of his thrusts, and we stayed like this for what felt like forever. By now, my pussy was dripping wet, but I was too engrossed to care whether or not be saw it.

A small part of me became disappointed when he eventually pulled his tongue away, leaving me to collapse onto him. He leaned back with his arms propping him up and simply admired the view, letting his eyes drift all over my body, from my ass to my chest.

It took a few minutes, but I eventually calmed down and regained some strength, lifting myself off of the ground and retrieving my clothes.

“Good boy,” I laughed, “Now wash your mouth out properly, alright?”

He nodded his head obediently.

“First, though,” I continued, “put the pipe back in the shower.”

His mouth tell open for a few seconds, but the smile on my face calmed him down.

“Don’t worry, I don’t intend to use it! But you probably should!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he answered, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Call me Sis,” I said as I left the room, leaving him stunned and alone in the bathroom…

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