Sisters Visit His Cabin

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Sisters visit his cabin, First one, then the other, then both WOW

The cliffs along this part of the coast were well over seventy-five feet above the waters edge with very little beach between them and the surf. Not a place for swimming but beautiful nevertheless. I bought this little cabin on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic a few years earlier and loved it.

A quarter mile down the beach from my place is a great little cove. It has a natural breakwater protecting it with well over fifteen feet of water right up to the beach and is a perfect spot for tying up a small boat when there aren’t any major storms brewing. Some energetic soul has chiseled, or blasted, what serves as rough, but usable steps into the face of the rocky cliff. Someday I am going to have to rent a small boat, bring it around to the cove and use it for fishing.

Maine is colder than I can bear in the winter and the horseflies get aggravating for a few weeks in the summer but it is a great place to just get away from it all when the need arises. This was one of those times. My work as a financial advisor has been getting to me over the last several months. The stock market has been totally unpredictable but not so our customers. They don’t care what the market does as long as their investments continue to increase in value! I needed a break and put in for an extended vacation. I have worked up to getting four weeks a year and haven’t been taking very much at all so I have accumulated about twelve weeks and I figured on taking about eight right then. The boss let me clean up some of the stuff I had been working on before heading North. In fact he will probably join me for some fishing in a few weeks.

The cabin sets back from the edge of the cliff by over a hundred feet and while it would be more than just a little scary to have young kids staying there, it was fine for an old shit like me; after all, I had just had my thirty-fourth birthday! It has a great, but small, deck facing the sea where I sit almost every night having a sundowner or two just watching the ocean and contemplating what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I had listened to one of the old timers down at the local store and picked up a small outdoor firepit and had it sitting near my chair on the deck. With a few small logs burning away it gave off more than enough heat to take the edge off the dampness and didn’t give off a huge glow to ruin my night vision.

My place has gas heat but cutting firewood is about the only exercise I ever get so many mornings will find me with a chain saw cutting down some dead trees on the six acres I have. I then split the logs with an axe and wedge for my huge stone fireplace. Whoever built the cabin had the same love of a small, but roaring, fire as I do. I was working out near the road a few weeks ago about the time our old mailman was making his rounds and he stopped.

“Hey Jim, how’s things going?” he said with that long Maine drawl I truly love to hear.

“Fine Mr. Willis. How about with you?”

“Oh, things are about the same. The route’s slowed down a bit since a lot of the snowbirds have left for Florida,” he chuckled.

“Well, it’s a good thing you don’t get paid by the number of pieces of mail you deliver.”

“Yes, I would really suffer all winter. But then again I could just send myself a ton of letters and make a fortune.” He said with a laugh.

“I guess, if the postage wouldn’t kill you.” I joked.

The days went by without any change in my routine. Up around eight, down to the paper box for the daily paper, breakfast and then just mess around the place until noon. Drive into the local Mom and Pop diner for lunch and catch up on the local gossip, back to the place to read a little before my nap, cook my dinner, watch the news and then out on the deck to have my daily sundowners and off to bed. A real rut but I love it for the time I spend here.

It had been a rainy morning but the weatherman predicted a clearing by late afternoon. Super for, while I love my little place, it is just that when the weather turns bad; it gets very small. I can get very claustrophobic if I have to stay indoors for a whole day or two. Sure enough it cleared by mid afternoon and the sun was out in all of its glory. I was going to treat myself to a barbecue steak with baked potato and some kind of veggies for dinner that night.

The dishes and grille were cleaned by nine and I was out enjoying the first of what I thought would be probably be more than one or two sundowners. There wasn’t any moon so it was just the stars overhead and their light reflecting on the water providing my light for tonight. I had started a very small fire in the deck firepit to take off the chill and just sat back relaxing.

I was up early the next morning and must have cut and split a good cord of wood before noon. Someone once said that cutting your own firewood warms you twice. Were they ever right.

It was late afternoon when my phone rang and it was Mr. Willis calling to ask if I wouldn’t mind if he brought a real estate salesperson out to my place. He went on to say this woman was trying to come up with some reasonably accurate pricing outdoor sex porno for some of the other properties that were going up for sale and he thought I might be able to give her some help.

“Sure bring her out.”

I went down to the dirt path, I call my road, to meet his old car I heard coming a half-mile away. He sputtered it to a stop and one absolutely stunning young woman slid out of the passenger side. Lord, if she is in real estate I ought to change fields. Mr. Willis introduced her as Taski and then went on his way asking if I would give her a ride back to town when we were finished our discussion. I agreed.

“Have you eaten?” I asked her.

“I stopped for a Big Mac a couple of hours ago so I am OK as far as food but if you have any booze around I sure could use a drink.”

“My kind of gal. What’s your pleasure? Gin, Vodka Scotch or wine?”

“I would love a scotch and water if that wouldn’t be too much trouble,” she purred.

I didn’t quite understand the soft and warm tone of her voice. It was as if she was coming on to me and I sure hadn’t done anything to warrant that … so far.

“Go out on the deck and make yourself comfortable while I fix us one. Here, let me throw another couple of small logs on the embers of the firepit and we’ll have a little heat to take off the chill.”

We had a lawn chair on either side of the little stove and would be as warm as toast. Before coming out on the deck with the drinks I started a fire in the cabin’s main fireplace to warm the place up for the night.

We sat there sipping our drinks and discussing almost everything including the real estate market. It was quickly apparent her primary interest was getting some listings of oceanfront property and came out and asked if I would be willing to sell and if so what did I think my place was worth. I answered with; “Seven million, three hundred and forty two thousand, one hundred and fifteen dollars would sound about right.”

She almost choked on her drink but soon realized I was only kidding when she saw me smiling.

“Well, the seven million sounds about right but the extra three hundred and forty two thousand would be pushing it.” She jokingly replied.

Taski talked about her life and it was an interesting one. She was born in Saudi Arabia but left there when she was only two. Her father was an electrical engineer and had died in a car accident when she was just a young girl. Her mother was a homemaker and had died a couple of years earlier of cancer. Taski had graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in marine biology and was going on for her Masters. Her dabbling in real estate would support her while she was finishing up her education. She had a boyfriend but broke it off when he decided he wanted to get married and immediately raise a family. She too wanted children, but not for a few years. All in all a good looking and well-educated woman.

“May I please have another drink?” She asked ever so softly but with a little harshness in her voice.

“Sure. Have to keep the ole property thief well lubricated.” I joked.

I laughed all the way inside and never stopped while I was making the drinks and carrying them back out on the deck.

“Hey you might have stopped for a sandwich but I missed lunch today and am getting a little hungry. I am going to throw a steak on the grille and would be happier than hell to throw on two. How about it?”

“I’d love one. Medium rare if you please”

“A girl after my own heart. I’ll never understand those who cook the taste out of meat by making it well done.”

We ate and drank for the next several hours when I looked at my watch and said, “Taski, it’s getting late. How about I drive you back to the village and come get you tomorrow to finish our discussion on the real estate market?”

She never answered but turned and looked over her shoulder inside the cabin and then raised an eyebrow in a questioning manner as she looked at me.

“I don’t know if you looked around inside but there is only one bedroom and one bed in it. The sofa is very comfortable for I slept on while waiting for the furniture store to deliver the bed about a year ago. Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll give you the bed and I’ll take the sofa. OK?”

“You mean we aren’t going to have sex?” she said sort of incredulously.

“Well, that’s not a price you have to pay for my advice.”

“But I want to. Doesn’t that count?” She asked.

“Sure it counts but I want you to know you don’t owe me anything for my help.”

“But I want to have sex with you. C’mon, let’s go to bed now.” She said most invitingly.

It was a long wonderful night with the only light in the cabin being the flickering of the flames in the fireplace. I don’t think I ever had a warmer and more complete lovemaking session in my life. I also couldn’t remember a woman with tits the size of hers sitting on top of me and watching the light from the flames of the fire play across her nipples as she rose and fell on my cock.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to the feel of her mouth circling my then limp cock. It wasn’t public agent porno going to take much of that kind of encouragement to really wake me up. In fact, by the time I dropped a hand down the back of her head to encourage her to keep up the good work I was as hard as a board and driving it far into her throat. When the warm feeling started deep inside of me I wasn’t sure if I should shoot the load deep in her mouth or pull out and let it come all over the place. She answered it for me. She must have felt my cock beginning to pulse announcing the beginning of my orgasm and she clamped her hand down on my shaft and tightened the grip her lips had on the head of my cock. That was it. I filled her mouth with come and she loosened her hand and her mouth to allow herself to lick up every drop. The woman can sure suck a cock. We stayed like that until we were both asleep.

We were up around nine and I thought she might like to tour the area so I made a couple of omelets and toast and that was breakfast. I promised her a dinner in a nice place to make up for the skimpy breakfast.

I had a fantastic little restaurant in mind for dinner that night. It was about twenty miles further north from my place and was situated right on the cliff looking out to sea. I knew the owners and was sure a call would get us the best table in the place.

We just explored my property along with the land around mine and saw all kinds of wildlife. We stopped at one little stream and surprised a doe and her fawn. They didn’t run but just stood there looking at us in a staring contest. It was fascinating. On the way back to the cabin I said that we still had plenty of time for changing for dinner.

“Changing … what do you mean? I only have the clothes on my back with me.” She replied and continued with, “If I am going to need different clothes than what I have on, I’ll need to go to town to pick up a few things. I need some fresh underwear anyhow.”

“Yeah, I was wondering if you were ever going to change those dirty panties.” I smirked.

Whew, did that ever piss her off. “What dirty panties? I’ll have you know I was up late last night washing my undies in your bathroom sink and then hung them near the fireplace to dry. SO there smart ass.”

“OK, OK. Don’t get in an uproar. You’re not half the scrounge I thought you were.” I stupidly continued with my poor taste in humor.

“That’s it. I’m not taking any more of your bullshit. Let’s forget about dinner and you can take me to the bus station.”

“OK, I’m sorry for my stupid jokes. I apologize. I’ll take you into town and you can get the things you want.”

She was mumbling something I couldn’t make out but it sounded as if she wanted to go to dinner with me but wasn’t quite ready to accept my apology.

“C’mon, smile and say you’re sorry.” I said, again with my twisted sense of humor.

“I’M sorry. You asshole. It’s you who should be sorry.” As she looked over at me and saw I was laughing she went on with, “You are an asshole. Where did you ever get your sense of humor?”

“Oh shit, lighten up. I’m just kidding but you are so damn up tight you can’t see it.”

She roared while laughingly saying, “You really are an asshole but a lovable one.” As she dropped her one hand to my crotch and gave me a little grope.

We drove into town and she re-outfitted herself to the tune of a few hundred bucks before we headed back to the cabin.

The dinner was perfect. I had baked trout and she had some kind of steak. We started off with a couple of drinks and then had a bottle of wine with dinner. The food was terrific and the manager gave us the prime table overlooking the ocean. Once the sun sets an ocean table allows you to see the reflections of the stars and then the moon glow makes it that much more romantic.

I had started a small fire before leaving the cabin for dinner and it was just down to embers when we got back. No problem, the glowing embers made it easy getting the next fire going.

We were out on the deck for our final-final drink of the evening and she thought it far better if she just sat on my lap on my deck chair rather than sitting in her own … Wonderful. She was close to being tipsy and the moves she was making on me while on my lap suggested we were going to be in for a night of fun … she didn’t disappoint. It was a little strange. About ten minutes after we sat down together she was telling me what she wanted me to do to her in our lovemaking.

“Jim, please use your fingers and play with my clit until you can slide the covering back…Yes, that’s right.” as she oohed and ahhed. “Now can you use your fingers and slide them up and down each side of my nub?” she asked. “Yes, yes, that’s perfect.”

” Now will you fold up your fingers like they are a tent and slip them inside of me and then twirl them around?” “God, Jim you have the most tender touch and you do exactly as I tell you.”

“Taski, where do you get off giving me these types of instructions? You make it sound as if I have never pleased a woman before which is a crock of shit.”

“Oh, so you don’t like to be kidded either.” She said with an ear reality kings porno to ear grin.

“Slide over to the other chair smart mouth.” She did and I stood and walked over to her side and took out my cock and said, “Now shut up and put this in your mouth and suck me deep.”

Holy shit, did she ever take me in her mouth? She almost had me buried and I have been told I have a big cock. I know that no other woman had ever taken so much of me without gagging. This woman is a keeper.

The night was even wilder than the previous one. I think she enjoyed herself and I know that I did.

She stayed with me for another week or so before I drove her down to the bus station in a nearby town for her ride home. We promised to keep in touch since we didn’t live that far apart.

I went back to chopping wood for my fire and just enjoying the cabin and the Maine woods. I even talked one of the locals into taking me out on his boat to try my luck at fishing. Lo and behold I landed a huge mackerel but had to beg for an education on how to clean the damn thing. He showed me and I took one small steak home and gave the rest of it to him for the education. I’ll bet I was the talk around the pot- belly stove at the hardware store.

That afternoon I got a call from Taski. She wanted to come and visit but wanted to make sure I was going to be here before she made the long drive. She also asked if I would mind if she brought her sister with her. “C’mon, the more the merrier.” They were going to drive most of the night and thought they would be here in the late morning. Sure enough a car pulled up at eleven AM and Taski jumped from the drivers side and ran into my arms. I was looking over her shoulder to see what the sister looked like and was almost flattened to see a drop dead gorgeous piece of femininity get out of the passengers side. She was introduced as Mehra … a year younger than Taski and every bit as good looking.

“Hi, Mehra, welcome to the cabin. I have the fridge pretty well loaded for us with food but didn’t know what you drank. I have whiskey, Scotch, Gin and Vodka with a few bottles of red and white wines. What’s your pleasure and if I don’t think we have enough I can get Mr. Willis, the mailman, to bring what we need out with him on his next mail delivery. They both said that Scotch is their drink so I would have Mr. Willis bring out a few extra bottles.

Mehra got the biggest kick out of seeing the cliffs and the steps chiseled into them. I suggested we go down the rocky steps to see what was at the base of them. I had never been down them before and had been thinking about bringing a boat into the small cove for fishing or just plain sightseeing.

With the spray on the granite steps they were absolutely treacherous and we turned after only half way and returned to the top.

We were sitting out on the deck overlooking the ocean and I volunteered, “Gals, it’s time for lunch and I am pretty well loaded up with lunch meets and salad mix, canned tuna or I could whip up some egg salad. What would you like?

Taski answered and almost floored me. “I could go for some good raw sex. How about you Mehra?”

“Sounds good to me.”

I am absolutely certain I stuttered for a good while before I regained my ability to speak. “Will that be before lunch or after or instead of?”

Mehra took the lead saying, “Why don’t we make it before. Who knows what we’ll find to eat as the sex progresses.”

I looked back at the door going inside and saw Taski bare ass naked just on the other side of the door and I stood to go in and join her. “Coming Mehra?”

“You bet. From what Taski tells me I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world.”

As we entered the cabin Taski reached out and took my hand and led me into the bedroom area saying, “It was my idea so I’m first.”

I could see a long face on Mehra and said, “Honey, don’t be disappointed. Why don’t you come in and join us in the fun.”

Her eyes lit up and she had her clothes off and thrown on one of the living room easy chairs and was into the bedroom area before even I could get there.

I was absolutely speechless as I looked at the sight in front of me. Two stunning females with tits to die for and figures that should be patented. I’ll never know how the hell I got so lucky?

My hard on was raring to go and Mehra made the first move. She reached over and wrapped her hand around it saying,

“Taski, you were right. I am going to fall in love with this cock.”

“Mehra, how about the guy it is attached to?” I asked.

She laughed and leaned over and planted a hell of a big kiss on me, “Oh, you are lovable also.”

“Mehra, hands off for now. I get him first.” Taski ordered.

She was flat on her back and pulled me over to her. I flopped down on the bed and she rolled on top of me. It didn’t take her long to position herself on top of my cock and then lower herself ever so slowly. It seemed to take her forever to bury it but when she did it was if she had never been fucked before … she went nuts. She was throwing herself from side to side with her hair swishing from side to side. I reached up and had a tit in each hand and was trying to steady her a bit just so I could start driving my cock in and out of her. It was a little while before she settled down long enough for me to start long slow but deep thrusts. I could hear her breaths coming a lot deeper as I kept up my thrusting.

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