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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


I’m a dog sitter. I dog sit two afghans named Martha and George. The absolutely best way to get them to go to sleep and sleep a long time is to wear them out without wearing yourself out. I had them out to the high-fence dog park and out in the back yard most of the early, middle, and evening playing with every ball and stick I could find. I ran their ends and legs off. Every time we stopped I got us going again. It always worked. When Martha and George went to sleep they stayed there.

I dog sit for Cindy and Rory, about two months now. They go out on Fridays or Saturdays to have a nice time and I stay about an hour or so, after they get home and go to bed, until they get settled down and asleep and to be sure Martha and George are walked and back to sleep. They don’t want to come back after having a good time and have to bother. Great for me, I make money and it’s super great. They love both the dogs to pieces and take great care to be sure they’re safe. They never consume a lot alcohol and if the dogs woke up and got active they would know like right now. They have a cam and sound on them.

Cindy and Rory are fun people. When they get home they both take showers and change into bed clothes. I always have my bed clothes on when they get back. I have this wrap dress that folds over on itself I can put on in seconds for when I leave so I can keep the pjs on. Rory lets me drive one of his cars home. I get in it in a locked garage and open the door and start up and back out and close the garage door and go home and open the garage door at home and drive in and turn it off and close our garage door. Perfectly safe. I have my cell with app buttons to push to get emergency or someone to help or whatever. Perfectly safe. I only have to drive less than a mile through a lighted neighborhood. Perfectly safe. I drive his car back the next day and put it in the garage and either walk home or dad or mom picks me up on the way somewhere. Cindy and Rory pay me a lot for the extra help.

Cindy came back from her shower with her red silky outfit on. Full button up top but a little short in length. Sexy hip pants down to about her ankles. Plenty of room for sleeping comfortably. She doesn’t have anything on underneath. I certainly wouldn’t ruin those images with undies. I’m wearing almost the same thing. They gave me this set for a present. Different color but just as comfortable, like flowing saran wrap. I always wear it when sitting for them. I don’t ruin my images with undies either. Cindy suggested that.

The first time I put them on I worried about my nipples sticking out and hid them from Rory when they came home. I asked Cindy about it and she said it was fine just to let Rory enjoy looking and enjoy him looking so I did. Wow, was that fun. I soon got mostly used to it but I like him looking. I kind of push them out a little more sometimes. Cindy’s nipples are really nice poking out. We’re a match.

Rory wears something like that. Cindy can tease him a little and pretty soon he’s ready for bear. I’m always sneaking a peek at him when they can’t see me looking. Sometimes he gets me turned on. I’m 18 but, you know, they’re married and have married habits. Rory came back in and he had thin pjs on. He almost always wore thin ones. I love men’s butts. One time Rudy from school accidentally slapped me on the butt playing basketball and I thought about that for almost six months. I tried to find a way to slap him back but it never happened.

They don’t treat me like a kid sitter but more adult. Once when they got back and got showered and changed they danced. It was great watching. They were getting into each other with arms around necks and waists. Sometimes Rory got his hands down on her buns and once I saw him down in the back of her pants. They sort of turned around slowly so I couldn’t see I think. I just loved the feeling I got. After a while they stopped dancing and Cindy came and got my hand and invited me to dance so I did.

Before we got together I knew it was going to be really sexy. No undies and these thin silky duds and her and Rory dancing close. Married stuff. I just naturally put my arms around her neck so she got around my waist. Right off our boobs and nipples got together then our thighs and then our bumps. There was soft slow music on so we swayed and turned and lifted and poked our knees and thighs and messed with each other.

Cindy said, “This is always much better kissing. Do you mind kissing a girl or would you like to just dance? Either one is ok.”

I kissed mom so kissing a girl wasn’t all that foreign to me besides I wanted to so I said, “Oh, kissing is fine. I like that.”

“Great,” she said. “Be as erotic as you want. Enjoy yourself. This is a very good turn on.”

Cindy and I were almost the same height so kissing was easy. We tilted and rip her up porno both had our lips open when we started. It was a few seconds before our tongues found each other. We kissed and swayed and rubbed bumps and legs and kept at it. Cindy rubbed down my buns and I liked that too. Our tits were into each other nicely and I felt her hands down in the back of my pants on my buns. We were both girls so I didn’t mind besides I absolutely loved it. I opened my legs a little more and felt her fingers push through my buns to my ridges. I kept dancing so she got a finger or two in a little and messed around.

I got a moan or two out so she knew I was good with it. Besides, we were both girls. My mind snapped back and I wondered if Rory was watching. We slowly danced around so I could see and I peeked. It wasn’t all that bright and the carpet was dark but I could see him smiling so he must know his wife was messing with me in my pants. We got turned around again and we switched arms. Cindy was around my neck and I had her waist and my hands went immediately down on the top of her buns. I didn’t even think about it, they just did. I knew Rory could see me do that.

We kissed a lot, softly, sometimes our lips rubbing lightly and sometimes just touching and twirling our tongues. Inside our mouths and sticking out. I don’t know why but I wanted Rory to know I wasn’t a little girl, which I think he already knew, but when Cindy’s butt was toward him I got down in the back of her pants. She got either a hum or a moan out. I’ve never touched another girls vagina but I knew I was going to go for it.

I waited until we turned around so Rory couldn’t see and slid my hand down the center of her buns just like she did me and she opened her legs more. I got a couple of fingers inside her folds right on her vagina and did the girl thing. More moans. Rory probably saw her open her legs more so he probably knew. It was ok with Cindy so I was good with it. We were both in deep erotica by now. It wouldn’t take much for us to go girl fuck. I was all kinds of virgin but I could sure learn in a hurry with Cindy. I got my hands out and we slowed down and stopped, smiling and face pecking each other. That was so good. Besides, we were both girls.

Rory got us glasses of wine. The glasses weren’t full and he said it was a very mild strength wine. I was in a lounge chair I liked and Cindy and Rory were on the sofa together with her head against his shoulder. Rory wasn’t all that disappeared down between his thighs. They were both about 25 so we weren’t all that far apart in ages and we all had about the same structure.

Cindy and Rory would play making out a lot on the sofa after then got home. I mostly looked away but had a way to sneak watch and they wouldn’t know. Cindy was glancing at me. She knew I didn’t look. I don’t think Rory did. She slid her hand over on Rory’s lap and felt him all over with her fingers down in over him. I’ve seen that before and always hoped she would do that more. It made me squeeze my butt and tilt up my hips. Way good stuff.

Cindy said, “Cristy, would you like to dance with Rory?”

I turned and looked up at her. I’ve never danced with Rory before. He’s hugged me a few times but not that firm. I didn’t want to mess with Cindy’s husband like that. She would hate me.

I said, “Oh no, I don’t think I should. I mean, he’s yours but thanks for asking.”

“It’s ok with me,” she said. “We do that all the time having dinner with another couple or at an event or something. I love watching some girls surprise when he fills up her open space and his surprise at how much he likes it. I get to do the same thing with some guy I might like. It’s really all about getting turned on and enjoying yourself. It’s just casual contact and the longer you dance the more erotic it gets. It gets like when we were dancing. Give it a try.”

I looked at Rory and he was smiling and shaking his head ‘yes’. He seemed ok with it, and Cindy sure did. I sat there quietly for a moment and said, too quietly, “Well, ok.” Rory got up and came over and got my hand and we got out to where we dance. He was still smiling. I got around his neck and he around my waist. We didn’t get that close right away. I think he was deferring to me. I was deferring to me too, waiting for my body to do something.

It sort of took care of itself. My boobs and nipples got against his chest first. He was about an inch taller than I was so we were almost a fit. After that our stomach worked into each other while we were moving around. Then our thighs and middles met and our feet and the rest of our bodies started their dance rubbing just about everywhere. It was actually a couple of minutes, which is a long time doing this, and I felt him touching both sides of me between my legs. He must have been holding himself back so he wouldn’t shock me.

He was hard and I could tell there was a lot going on there. Probably because Cindy was just playing with it. Every rus porno time we shifted our feet he rubbed all over my clit and hood and it didn’t seem to stop. Talk about getting turned on. Once when we turned we came apart and when we got together again he stabbed me about half way up my hood and then slid on up and against me again. Our cheeks were together so I couldn’t see his face. I made sure not to show any sign it wasn’t ok because it was perfectly ok.

Rory said, “Should I stay off your buns? I could do what Cindy was doing if it’s ok. I like both. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Well, I really loved Cindy doing that and it was just hands and butt cheeks so I said, “I loved Cindy doing that. Feels great. If you would like to, sure. Thanks.”

He didn’t do it right away and when he did he didn’t hide it. My back was to Cindy and I felt him on the outside of my buns, both hands, spread out and shifting with them while we danced. We danced very slow like with Cindy. HIs fingers would touch my ridges every now and then, sometimes pulling them apart. I loved that too. I squeezed them almost every time. I could be wetting my pants very easily. We swapped arms and I got down on his buns and did about the same thing. I had my hands on the back of a grown man’s butt. I could feel down in his butt crack when his butts shifted around. His pjs, like mine, were like he was nude.

After a while we swapped arms again and his hands got on my waist on skin. He pulled his head back a little and tilted and I closed my eyes and we kissed. A good sex kiss like Cindy but not like Cindy. His dick was in me a little harder and his tongue felt better and he had his hands down inside the back of my pants and one or more fingers rubbing my ridges and sometimes dropping in to my vagina. I had my middle pushed into him and had to work to keep my legs and feet moving around dancing.

I knew this was going to be a married level of a turn on and sex euphoria and it damn sure was. Wow. I stole a glance at Cindy and she was smiling and sipping wine. She was way enjoying Rory and me giving it up to each other. The only thing left for us to give each other were in our fronts but we didn’t go there. That was always a no-no until invited and not a problem here. It didn’t matter for the moment. What we were doing was way up there in the clouds. I didn’t care if I wet my pants. It would only add to the excitement.

We switched arms again and it suddenly dawned on me I was going to get in Rory’s pants. He would be expecting me there. I did. Slid right down his butt crack and got some fingers down in. I won’t swear to it but I think I got his butt itself with at least one finger. That’s a middle of the body opening and a new accomplishment for me on a guy. We were constantly soft kissing and touching tongues. I was playing way down at the bottom of his buns with my fingers down in when he squeezed. I took a chance I could and slid one hand down under and there it was, his balls. I just got a little feel right on the bottom of his sack when it swung back once. It couldn’t have been enough for him to notice.

My fingers were weaving their way through hair all down his butt and under but I knew it was his balls and not just hair. No question. I got his balls for sure. By now we weren’t shy about letting what we had get played with. I glanced at Cindy again and she was very happy with the whole thing. We slowed down and finally stopped and sat and sipped wine. Rory thanked me and gave my face a peck and I did about the same to him. That was one fantastic big success for me.

Very raw sex stuff with a married man. Married person sex is different than normal sex when you’re just 18. When you get older and learn it all it isn’t but it is now. Cindy and Rory were super comfortable with giving some of it away. They had plenty in reserve and giving some of it away generated new and different erotic feelings for them. Rory said goodnight and went to bed. Cindy and I sat talking. I was going to be there for at least another hour so I liked the company.

She said, “How was dancing with Rory? Was the sex ok? Was it too much?”

“It was so good I could hardly stand it,” I said. “I don’t see how you two cope with that level of sex and feelings.”

“Oh,” she said, “You have to have good release and satisfaction too. Rory does this thing that works great when we get to bed. It calms us down and gives us great sex at the same time. It’s kind of erotic but if you would like to hear about it?”

I couldn’t believe she would offer. I bit my lower lip to keep my face from smiling wider than was possible. I said, “Could you? I would love to hear about it.”

“Sometimes when we go to bed he teases my vagina in a certain way,” she said. “You have to be in bed, you can’t standing up or on the sofa. I get on my back and he uses different positions. He puts petjel all down and in and on himself. He gets just the head touching and teases me just playing around sert porno with my entrance and a little inside. It’s so smooth and feels so good and it seems to calm us down. He can do that a long time and it doesn’t tire us out. Sometimes he teases me in more and I can push down a little to get him in more and sometimes we go ahead and drive the buggy. Of course he’s playing with my nipples and butt and other stuff. It’s all working together.”

“Thanks,” I said. “He was teasing me a little. I had a great time.”

“Rory seems to have the ability to tell what someone wants to do and how much. He can get very turned on but hold off when he needs to. He usually asks anyway. He’s really good to experiment with. A really fun time.”

“Yes, he did that with me,” I said. “He asked if I wanted to do what you and I did. I thought it was ok and said yes.”

We talked a little more and she said her and Rory were good and I might as well drive on home so I got ready and left. She was already in bed by then. I paused a few minutes before opening the garage door. I couldn’t believe how turned on I got tonight. It was so much fun and I touched Rory’s balls. I didn’t tell Cindy.


Mom was always awake when I got home. I cycled and got in bed. I always left the light on because mom always came over. We turned it off later. I was stretched on my back with my arms out dreaming about the evening. Mom came in a little later. She climbed on beside me and got comfortable.

“How’s the pair,” she said. “Did they get to sleep ok? Are you sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable in your cotton pjs?”

“They’re fine, and asleep. They’re good dogs,” I said. “You know I wear these pjs with Cindy and Rory. It’s a present from them besides they wear almost the same thing when they change, just different colors.”

“Well,” mom said. “Are they nude underneath too?”

By then mom was rubbing my knee. Soon she would be rubbing my thigh and soon after that up my inner thigh and soon after that right up under my crotch. I loved her doing that but I wish she would change her routine now and then so it was different.

“Sexy too, that way,” I said. “Sometimes Rory even shows. I don’t know if it’s me or Cindy that gets Rory started. Maybe both.”

Mom was rubbing the edge of her hand up against my ridges just outside my vagina. With what I had tonight from Cindy and Rory it really felt good. I tilted up a little. Sometimes I couldn’t help it. Mom smiled. She knew I liked it. She edged over a little closer, not crowding, and turned her hand over and let her fingers run up and down pushing my pjs down inside a little. Way good. Mom liked to help me keep my sex drive down by giving me orgasms. She did as good a job as I did mostly. She didn’t want me to get vibrators so I don’t have any.

She said, “You have the distinctive scent of a girl that’s been in heat. A little musky scent too.”

“That’s probably Cindy,” I said. “We were dancing. Rory too. That’s probably the musky scent.”

Mom slipped her hand down in the front of my pjs right to my clit. She knows how I like it. I reached over and turned the light out. Mom lay down a little more and we kissed and then more. I had my legs open. Sometimes mom did my vagina too but mostly my clit. I opened my legs more when she did my vagina. I pushed my pj pants down to below my crotch. I could keep my legs open with them there. I unbuttoned my top and pulled it open. Mom liked to help me along using my nipples. She had an endless supply of little ways to touch me here and there with a little pressure in the right places to help me along.

“How much does Rory show when he does?” She said. “They don’t mind you seeing? If you danced with him after he was started that’s probably why I got a scent. That must have been fun.” Cristy’s mom knew she caught a male fuck scent. She knew his dick was dripping and he was ready. It probably wouldn’t be too much longer.

“When we were dancing he was totally hard,” I said. “It was so good. Cindy didn’t mind at all. We were all doing that. You can’t image what that did to my clit.”

I was used to mom keeping track so her questions and comments didn’t bother me in the least. I think she enjoyed the sex contacts in my life which wasn’t any except for Cindy and Rory. Kept her young and helped her look after me. She slid her fingers on down to my vagina. I felt a finger then two dip in and get settled down finger fucking me. I got into my upward tilt with mom and we both enjoyed it. I asked her once why clit or vagina. She said sometimes a girl needs to have a nice orgasm to satisfy herself and sometimes she needs to be fucked.

“Sometimes Rory does show a lot,” I said. “I can look without him seeing me. I love it. So sexy and they really actually don’t mind being loose and sexy around me. I guess we’re getting used to each other. When Cindy and I danced she got her hands down in the back of my pants so I did hers. Rory too. He asked and I wanted to see how it was so I said ok. I did him too. Seemed innocent enough with skin on skin.” I didn’t tell mom I got his balls. I said, “It’s ok mom. It’s just casual sex play to them. They’re married so sex play like that to them is just a little fun.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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