Sitting in My Lap

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Late at night I sit pounding away at the keyboard. Writing isn’t Always as glamorous a life as I had once thought. Hours alone, Endless edits, unreasonable deadlines. At times It didn’t seem worth the effort. But for the moment, I typed away at the stories that rolled out of my head. Despite the lost sleep and isolation it brought, releasing these stories had become a very healthy addiction.

Quietly, from behind, you approach me. I’m oblivious to your entrance as I finish another chapter. You watch the screen, waiting for a break in the process to make yourself known. As I save the final sentence, you rest your naked breasts on my shoulders surrounding my head with warm lush flesh, your hands slide sensuously down my bare chest and tweak my nipples. you gently kiss the top of my head and rest your chin on me, Asking how its going.

I Rest my head in your soft cleavage and feel my cock begin to stir from your touch. I tell you I’m almost there. Just a few more hours. Your hands slide further down my torso and you slide your tongue along my right ear, nibbling softly, as you whisper that its time for a break. Your tongue slips deftly into my ear and I cant stop the gasp of breath it pulls from me. Your fingers glide over my loose pajama pants feeling my cock grow. Your fingers wrap around it and you begin jacking me firmly.

I know you, you have been sleeping, naked, and you stand behind me, wet and ready for me. Your tongue dances over my earlobe and down my jawline as you push back and spin my chair around to face you. Standing before me is my beautiful woman. Only 5 feet tall, but packed canlı bahis tight with sexiness and sensuality. Large round tits capped with rubbery stiff nipples, Long brown hair brushing the midpoint of her arms, Creamy pale porcelain skin wrapping the body of a lush full woman. Her shaved pussy glittering wet in the light of the monitor. As I turn toward her, I can smell her arousal, and it tunnels my focus to making her cum for me.

She has plans for me though. She holds her fingers out to me, I kiss the tips wetly and she slides the first two into my mouth. I can clearly taste her juices on them as I suck them deep into my mouth. She begins to whisper seductively that she woke alone, and already playing with her clit dreaming of me. As she grew wetter, she thought of working her favorite dildo into her wet hole, but decided I had made her so horny, It was up to ME to handle it. I smiled big around her fingers as she traced her hand across my chin, along my chest and grasped my rock hard dick. she knelt before me and slipped my pants off as her lips closed over my swollen head. after only a few strokes of her hot wet mouth, she pulled away, saliva and pre-cum strung between my cock and her tongue.

She smiled up at me as she rose and lifted her leg over my waist, she smoothly slid my stiff dick into her open pussy and dropped firmly onto my lap. sitting in this position, she began to feed me her hard nipples as she explained that this dildo was MUCH more satisfying. Her Pussy was strong and very talented. she clenched her hole around the base of my dick, as she rippled along the rest of my shaft. bahis siteleri She never moved, but it felt as though she was pumping me furiously. My cock fit her all the way to the mouth of her cervix and stretched her just enough to rub her walls thoroughly. Her clit was so prominent, I could feel it rubbing against me as she rocked smoothly against me.

Feeling her nipples in my mouth as her pussy massaged me was a delicious experience indeed. She was enjoying it too, breathing quickly in time with her rocking motions, and now sharing her nipples with me. I was reaching around kneading her ass and massaging her hole with a damp finger as she rolled her hips.

We maintained this motion for several minutes, both lost in our lust for each other. As I approached the point of filling her with my cream, she released her tits and extended her tongue to my mouth. as she kissed me deeply, she began to rock harder and faster against me. I knew she was close too and started to rock my hips up to meet her. her juices started to literally spray from her with my thrusting and she immediately went stiff and stopped breathing as she came in shuddering waves. I couldn’t hold back after that. spewing my long held juice into her gripping hole.

she continued to ride me until i softened enough to slip from her. She slumped against me, our sweat mixing between our chests. Her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck as I stood and lifted her to the bed behind me, laying her down gently and sliding my tongue along her neck. she wrapped her fingers in my long wavy hair and began to wrap herself around me bahis şirketleri as i explored her moist body with my lips and tongue. I slid over her chest, suckled her nipples, may have left a few love marks along her chest and belly. but I was focused on something a bit wetter than her heated skin.

Sliding along her waist i could smell her, I could feel her soaking hot crotch against my chest. I slid smoothly across her shaved mount and into her sticky wet slit. The taste of our juices mixed in her was intoxicating and irresistible. Her pussy was red and swollen from our fucking, I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her. Her hands drew me directly to her hole, knowing that I would take care of her sore skin, and give her the added release she craved. I slid my tongue deep into her and lapped around the inside of her in slow circles. her legs were wrapped around me as i dug into her spasming juiciness. We had played this game for a long time, I knew she could cum again almost immediately, and she knew how much I loved to feel her cum for me. so there was no hint of hesitation or holding back. she let herself fall quickly and deeply into another shaking and spewing orgasm. I locked my mouth over her hole and flicked at her with my tongue as I drank down her sweet tangy juices.

She came hard and long, shaking around me for several minutes. as she slowed, I released her and began to gently lick and lap at her slit. letting her drift back to serenity and relaxed blissfulness. slowly she released her legs and pulled me to her. kissing me deeply, she gazed at me sleepily and told me she was spent. I kissed her on the forehead, and wrapped her in a blanket, she was breathing soft even breaths before I had her tucked in.

Taking the step back to my chair, I began to pound away again. Wide awake and rejuvenated to write again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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