Sleepover Ch. 02

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Ken’s daughter Kari and her three eighteen year oldl girlfriends (Cindi, Maria and Diane) had a sleepover and during the night tied him up and used him as their fuck toy. In the morning one Diane’s mom Joan came to the house and found him tied up and used him also.


Ken could not wait to go get Kari at Joan’s house the following weekend. Kari had told him to come about 10am the same as Joan had to his house. Kari told him he would enjoy going to Joan’s room when he got there.

Ken had dressed in sweats figuring something easy to remove might be useful. He drove up promptly at 10am wondering if any of the other mother’s would be arriving also.

Ken knocked on the door, and was greeted by his daughter Kari.

“Hi Daddy. I see you are on time, I know Joan will enjoy you visiting her in her room!” Kari said as she led him down the hall. Ken loved the view of his daughter in her panties and short tee shirt. Just thinking of how good her pussy felt was enough to start getting his cock hard.

“Daddy, I want you to go into her room thru this bedroom and the common bathroom. I want you to be very quiet so you can surprise her!”

Ken türbanlı porno entered the bedroom and quietly went into the bathroom and slowly opened the door a crack. His cock leapt as he looked in.

There was Joan tied to the bed, her hands to the headboard. Her ankles were also tied to the headboard so that her pussy and ass were fully exposed. Between her legs was Cindi’s mom Laurie. She had a long two headed dildo and was working it in and out of Joan’s pussy as she licked and nibbled on her clit. Joan was gagged but could see what was happening to her. Laurie was naked and fucking her good!!

“You like this don’t you Joan dear! The girls sent me pics last night of what they were doing to you. They told me they had you eating each of them, your daughter included. What a great little slut you make! “

Ken watched as Laurie used both hands and worked the dildo deep into her. He could hear Joan moan as it fucked her hard and deep. The sound of a soaking wet pussy told him that she had already cum many times.

“You know what I want to do to you Joan dear? You always seemed so shy to me, well now is my chance to see how good a fuck türk porno you really are!”

At that Laurie got on top of Joan and slid the other end of the thick dildo into her own pussy. She worked down on it till nine inches was buried in both of them. Ken watched as she started to fuck them both.

Ken had stripped and his hard cock wanted a hole to fuck. One look at Laurie’s ass and Ken knew JUST the place. Grabbing some Vaseline, he coated his cock and lubed it up. As he approached the bed Laurie had her head down sucking on Joan’s nipple and did not see Ken but Joan did. Ken watched as Joan nodded yes to letting her have it!

Ken got on the bed and pinned Laurie to Joan.

“Oh my god. Who is it!”

“Someone who wants your ass Laurie!” said Ken as his cock head found her back door.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” moaned Laurie as Ken’s cock started to work its way in as she was working up and down on the dildo.

Ken reached down and pulled Joan’s gag off.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah!” was all Joan could say as Laurie fucked her hard. On about the fifth stroke Kens cock was buried in Laurie’s ass. Then he started to fuck them both. türkçe alt yazı porno The sound of the two women moaning and cumming filled the room. The feeling of Ken’s cock trapped in her ass, squeezed by the dildo hurt but felt so good!

They had a good rhythm going, up and down on the dildo, Ken buried in her ass, long and long strokes. Ken was sucking Joan’s tongue as Laurie worked on Joan’s neck and ear. Joan could only moan and cum as she was fucked!

Ken kept pulling Laurie further and further toward the headboard so they could slam down on the cock and feel it fuck them. On one of the strokes the dildo pooped out of Laurie and ended up at Ken’s waiting ass. As he rode her downward he drove the dildo deep up his shit-hole!

Laurie knew what had happened and started going up and down working it up his ass.

“Its up his ass Joan, start fucking him!” Laurie screamed as she fucked Ken.

Ken’s cock was rock hard, as hard as the dildo. The more he fucked them the more he fucked himself! The room was filled with the moans of the three parents fucking the other!

The girls were in the bathroom watching. They had Cindi’s video cam and were filming the whole thing. They were getting all kinds of ideas of what to do to their parents! They were looking forward to the next sleepover at Maria’s!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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