Sleepwalking Mom Ch. 11

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It was late when I slid under my covers. I adjusted my position and caught a whiff of sex that Mom had smelled in the bathroom. I hadn’t smelled it then but it was noticeable now. Mom thought the odor was from sex with my date. I didn’t let on that I’d had sex with cousins Jillian and Jennifer when I got home after thinking that the long tee shirt clad girl bent into the refrigerator was one of the twins. I snuck up behind her and stuck my hard-on between the slightly spread thighs of who turned out to be Jillian. She freaked and made a lot of noise thrashing around inside the refrigerator. I was freaked too when I discovered that the girl hung up on my cock wasn’t one of the twins. Things went from there.

I drifted off to sleep thinking of my evening with Sylvia and then Jillian and Jennifer whose presence in the house was unknown to me when I left for my date. They had come, as invited, to the twins and my birthday party tomorrow, but I was expecting them tomorrow morning. Apparently, Mom was too.

I slept fitfully and I was in a half-sleep when way in the back of my consciousness, I heard the distinct sound of carpet fiber being compressed under foot. I came further into consciousness to see who it was. Maybe, someone was going to the bathroom, but it seemed closer than that. Then the sound was in my room. I played a little game to see if I could tell who it was. It was still dark but dawn was approaching. I figured that it was four-thirty or so, based on the amount of light filtering through my closed eyelids. I pretended to be asleep, as I should have been at this time of the morning. Sunrise for today was around 5:08 AM. I have no idea why I know these things.

Whoever had come down the hall to my room had quietly closed my door and then stopped beside my bed. A peculiar thought came to me, ‘If I had heard the footfall on carpet noise when I was little, I would have been scared to death to open my eyes because I just knew there would be a monster standing there. Now it’s a game. Who was it?”

It could be Mom but I decided that it wasn’t, because the carpet noise had started further down the hallway than Mom and Dad’s room. It could be either June or Julie. They had both complained about how horny they were after having to watch their cousins, Jillian and Jennifer getting fucked on the bar last night. I decided that it was June because she had been the most vocal about it.

Satisfied that I was correct, I opened my eyes to confirm. Was I ever wrong? It wasn’t Mom or June or Julie or even Jillian or Jennifer coming back for another round. It was Aunt Mary and she was standing above me grinning down. The robe she was almost wearing was parted in the middle exposing her naked body. It has been a while since I’d seen her and her daughters. There was nothing about her that came anywhere close to Mom in any single category. She is kind of a plane-Jane, with mousy light brown hair cut just above her shoulders in no particular fashion. She had ample bosom that succumbed to gravity considerably more than Mom’s. She had a baby pooch left over from giving birth a couple times. Her pubic hair was untrimmed and bit unruly. It glistened with wetness in the pre-dawn light. As a complete package though, I’ve always found her to be attractive, at least since puberty.

Aunt Mary eased down to her knees by my bed, making sure her robe stayed open. I whispered, “Good morning, Aunt Mary. I like your outfit.” I smiled and she chuckled. My cock was granite hard, anticipating what she was here for.

She reached her left hand under my covers and quickly found my cock and she expelled the air from her lungs and quickly inhaled. She muttered, “Oh my gawwdd Dex. I wasn’t imagining things last night after all.” I had a confused look on my face and she continued, “The crash last night in the kitchen woke me up. I heard one of the twins explain to your mother that she had spilled something and she’d clean it up. I didn’t think anything more of it than your mother did and I started to fall back asleep. Then I heard a groan followed by muffled moans. My interest was piqued and I crept down the stairs to see what was going on. Imagine my shock when I see you and this big cock,” she gripped and pulled my hard cock as she said, ‘big cock’, “fucking my daughters on the bar.” At first, I was pissed off and then I realized that I was getting wet and breathing heavy. I was going to break it up and then my fingers were diddling my clitoris. I watched it all and then came back up to bed and finished myself off.

She started jerking me off about half-way through her story. She continued, “I haven’t been fucked since I divorced my religious nut-job of a husband almost two years ago. He didn’t have anything close to what you’re packing.” She squeezed my cock again. I flexed back at her pressure and her eyes widened. She lifted the covers off me so she could look at it in her hand. I didn’t look where she was looking. I just kept looking at her. She continued, “Fuck, It’s even way bigger than your Da…” She vivid porno didn’t finish her sentence, but it wasn’t hard to figure out what she was going to say before she realized she was letting an awfully big cat out of the bag.

She tried desperately to change the subject and said, “My husband thought blow jobs were dirty and immoral and he would only fuck me in the missionary position. It’s been so long since I’ve had a penis in my mouth. I’d love to suck your cock and then fuck you on top. I know it’s a perverted request and I’m sorry, but I’ve been practicing this speech for hours while I played with myself. Out loud, it didn’t sound like it did in my mind. I’d never have gotten up the nerve if I hadn’t seen what I did last night. God, that was so fucking hot.” She shuddered as she finished talking.

I didn’t know how to answer her request to suck my cock. ‘Please sir, may I suck your dick? Duh?’ I smiled and nodded and that was apparently enough. She bent her face to my cock and tentatively kissed the tip and pulled back, licking her lips. She looked up at me as if to get my approval. It occurred to me that if her husband didn’t allow blow jobs, then she may have never given one before, but after her ‘cat in the bag’ slip-up, I had a sneaking feeling that wasn’t true. When she pushed her lips half-way down my cock and started a rather skilled blow job and hand job combination, I realized that she was blowing some guy’s cock, either before her husband or during her marriage, or both. It was unlikely that she had found a new guy since her divorce that only did blow jobs and didn’t fuck her too. Which would have been the case since Aunt Mary had already said that she hadn’t been fucked since her divorce. Alright, I’m getting too analytical but that’s how my mind works.

Aunt Mary climbed up on the bed without taking her lips off my cock and placed her knees between mine. She smiled at my reaction. I was savoring every moment. She seemed happy that she could please a man young enough to be her son. When I felt that delicious sensation welling up in my loins, she grinned around my cock and pulled back. I was sorry to see her lips go but she moved her knees outside my thighs and inched her way up on her hands and knees until my cock was bouncing up against her hairy pussy. She sat up straight and lifted her hips with her thighs until she could push my cock into place at her pussy.

She lowered herself very slowly like she was testing to see if she could take it. I pulled my pillow up under my neck so I could watch her fuck my cock. I stayed perfectly still, letting her decide what she would take. She engaged my big knob and held herself there and groaned out, “Oh gawwdd. This is incredible. I’d completely forgotten what this was like.” She pushed down another couple inches and just moaned a little too loud and she pushed her hand to her mouth. She stopped there and waited to see if Mom or Dad would come out and catch her fucking their son. That wouldn’t have been good.

When my cock was fully engulfed by her pussy, she started fucking me in long slow strokes. She pulled the covers that had bunched up against the wall to her mouth and gasped and moaned into them. I stayed still until I thought she might like the piston-fuck thing. I’m sure that hubby never indulged himself with anything that was enjoyable to either of them. He was apparently a ‘fuck and get it over with’ kind of guy.

I took her hips in my hands and lifted her up my cock to the ridge. She had a confused look on her face like she must have been doing something wrong. I grinned up at her and whispered, “Just enjoy.” I didn’t ease into it. I just started fucking her with a few inches as fast as I could rachet my hips. Her eyes immediately went wide as the fattest part of my cock jackhammered in and out of her vagina. She muted a scream with the covers. Her mouth came open to form an “O” and she pitched forward and braced herself with her hands on my bare chest. Her tits swung forward too and I wanted to grab them, but I had to hold her in place with my hands on her hips.

The furious pace caused her tits to gyrate everywhere and she pulled one hand up off my chest and used it and her arm to corral them. I didn’t get anything close to that action with Mom, the twins or Sylvia, or even Jaz’s mama.

One thing about the piston-fuck is that it’s very tiring. To enhance the sensation in Aunt Mary’s pussy, I began flexing my cock as hard and as fast as I could. She looked down at me and whispered around gasps for air, “Fuck, Dex. Are you doing that intentionally? Holy shit. Seriously, I’ve been missing this for all these years. Oh my God.”

Her body tightened in my grasp. She dropped her head forward and her short hair fell forward over her face. She groaned into the covers again and whispered, “I haven’t cum on a penis in forever.” She seemed to drift off into a memory of when sex was good. Like it was coming back to her, way back in her memory. She started mumbling.

I couldn’t keep the piston-fuck woodman casting porno pace any longer and on an upstroke, I pushed my cock all the way in and then I started a full-depth normal rhythm pace and that did the trick. She went completely rigid and groaned out, “Oh my God. I’m cumming. Fuck me Jarod. Oh Jesus. Yes.” She collapsed her torso down on mine. Her reference to “Jarod” rang through my mind like a loud bell. If anything, it enhanced my erection and I continued to fuck my cock up into her pussy with long strokes. I smiled to myself when I felt her pussy clenching hard on my shaft. She was holding her breath until I whispered, “Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.” A huge exhalation of air exploded from her lungs and then she gasped a lungful back in and held it again as she writhed around on my cock. I smiled to myself. Aunt Mary was having her first cock induced orgasm since, well… since she had one with her brother, my father. I pondered on whether that was twenty plus years ago when they were teenagers but it could have been all through her marriage to Uncle Ray. My cock surged at the image of Dad and Aunt Mary having illicit sex whenever we got together at family functions. If that was true, I wondered if Mom knew.

Aunt Mary felt my cock surge harder and she started humping her hips up and down again. She didn’t want to stop and I only then realized that I was so into making sure that she had an orgasm that I had forgotten about my own. With her renewed motion, I could feel my balls preparing my load and my cock hardened further. She knew what that meant and she increased her pace, as she muttered, “AAAHHH.. AHHH… AAHHH,” and then she groaned hard as she felt my cum blast up into her. She buried her face in my chest and mumbled, “Oh my gggaawwwwddd. So much. Fill me up, Dex. Oh shit. YES… YESSSSSS.” I must have launched at least eight shots, of diminishing power and volume, into her before I was done and then she settled down, lying straight out on my body with her legs outside of mine with my hard cock still imbedded. I caressed her side boob and she trembled and moaned. She kissed one of my nipples and ran her fingertips through the peaks and valleys of my abs, causing me to tremble too.

We laid there like that until well after sun-rise. My cock had softened and fallen from her pussy. I could feel cum drooling from her, down over my balls to the sheet under me. She seemed to want to talk, now that we were breathing normally again. She whispered, “If it wasn’t for my girls, I would have gone crazy with sexual frustration these past couple years.” She giggled at a thought and then continued, “The dildo they got me helped too.” She was quiet for a few moments and then whispered, “I think I have to get a bigger dildo.” She giggled again as she pushed her hips down on mine.

Mom and Dad’s bedroom door clicked open and it sounded like Mom hurrying across the hall to the bathroom and the door clicked shut. Aunt Mary nearly freaked out as she quickly got to her feet and pulled her robe together. She took a swipe at the cum drooling down her thighs. She eased my door open and listened for any indication that she had time to get back to her bed without getting caught.

She looked back at me and blew me an air-kiss and silently and quickly moved down the hall. I heard the sink faucet come on and I knew she would be okay. I dropped from my elbow to my back and muttered, “Whewwww.” Then I realized that when Mom had crossed the hall to the bathroom, my bedroom door was shut and Aunt Mary had neglected to close it again when she left. If Mom was observant, and she always was, she’d wonder why my door was open now, when it was closed before. It was too late to do anything about it now.

The bathroom door opened and Mom stepped out into the hall. She looked toward my room and stopped and pondered what she was seeing. I watched with my eyes mostly closed pretending that I was asleep, like that had ever fooled her. She cinched her robe together and came down the hall to my open doorway. As soon as she stepped into my room she whispered loudly, “Jesus, Dex. This room reeks of sex. What’s going on?” She headed for my front window and lifted the sash as far as it would go. The curtains billowed and pushed against the screen.

I lifted myself up on one elbow and looked at her and said, “What?” I knew it was a stupid reply to her question.

She came over to my bed and lifted the covers to see my wet gooey dick and the wet cum on my sheets between my thighs. Then she softly said, “Yeah, right. What? You’ve been fucking someone in here only minutes ago. What the hell?”

I hated to lie to Mom and I probably could have told her the truth and she would eventually be okay with it. After all, what was so wrong with fucking your Aunt when you’re already fucking you mother and your sisters. I just shrugged my shoulders like I didn’t know what she was talking about. She just looked at me and then said, “Okay, I get it. There’s a house full of family türkçe alt yazı porno members and you’re fucking one or more of them this morning. You’re protecting them. Okay.” She bent down and slurped my flaccid dick into her mouth and lashed her tongue all around to clean my gooey cock off. She sucked her lips off with a pop and said, “Well, that narrows it down. It wasn’t June or Julie.” I just shook my head to confirm her conclusion. I knew she’d get the story before the weekend was over, but it wouldn’t come from me.

Mom said, “You’d better get in the shower before you come down.” She walked out and closed my door behind her. I lifted my covers and inhaled. ‘Yeah I guess I do smell like sex.’ It was still early. I could have snuggled back down in the covers and gone back to sleep but I opted to get up and go soak in the hot tub before it got too hot outside. I’d take a shower after.

I pulled on my bathing suit and a tee shirt and walked quietly down the hall. I guess Mom must have gone back to bed when she left my room. Dad’s office door was shut. Downstairs, no one was stirring. Other than the sound of the purring refrigerator, there wasn’t a sound. I looked into the family room to see if Jillian and Jennifer were still asleep on the pull-out sofa. They were snuggled up with Jillian spooning behind Jennifer, sound asleep. I went outside through the sun-room and pulled off my tee shirt.

The hot tub was in one of the automatic pump circulation modes and the jets surged water up the sides of the tub. I climbed in and submerged my self to my neck and immediately removed my bathing suit. There weren’t many better pleasures in life than sitting naked in a hot tub. I moved over to the lounge seat and stretched out as I pushed the suit under my ass just in case I had to get back into it in a hurry.

I wished there was a way to shut these automatic hot tub jet cycles off so I could just enjoy the silence but there wasn’t. It would shut off on its own. The sun was just illuminating the tops of the tall trees in the yard and they had a golden glow like they were on fire. There wasn’t even the slightest movement of air. I closed my eyes and dipped my head back into the water until my ears were submerged. I listened to the roar of the powerful water jets and sizzling of the tiny air bubbles bursting at the surface.

I only realized that I had fallen asleep with my face half submerged when the pumps turned off. The only sound now was the sizzling air bubbles and that was soon gone too. I felt something touch my knee, which was pushed up above the surface because I’m too tall to lay out fully in the tub. I opened one eye and saw that it was my bathing suit floating on the surface. I reached down to grab it and another hand grabbed it first. I opened my other eye and turned to see Jillian standing outside the tub with my bathing suit in her hand. I scooched up in the lounge seat to see that she was still in her long tee shirt. She draped my dripping bathing suit on the edge of the tub.

Jillian looked from my face to my crotch and smiled. I looked where she was looking and with the jets turned off, she was seeing everything. I’m not sure why I felt embarrassed after last night, but I did and I covered my dick and balls with both hands. She looked back at my face and said, “Oh don’t be that way.” She walked around the side of the tub and hoisted her body up on the edge and leaned in and kissed me and not the way cousins kiss each other. I kissed her back. She pulled back an inch and said, “Happy Birthday Dex.” She pushed back in and we kissed again. My cock was pushing hard against my constraining hands.

When we broke our embrace, I said, “Sorry about last night. I thought you were …” I realized too late that, what I was going to say left me wide open for interrogation of ‘who did I think she was’. She seized on it immediately.

She said, “You thought I was someone else? Who could that have been? You didn’t know Jennifer and I were here. The only people in the house were your family as far as you knew. You thought I was one of your sisters, didn’t you?” She grinned at me and planted a quick peck of a kiss on my lips. She pulled back and looked at me.

I was looking everywhere but at her. I was flat-out busted. My mind was flying through possible explanations and all of them sounded stupid to me so they wouldn’t fool anyone else. I reverted to the old standby ‘errs’ and ‘ummms’ until she put her index finger on my lips to shush me.

Jillian smiled at me and said, “It’s okay Dex. It wasn’t hard to figure out even before you got home. June and Julie talked incessantly about you and your appendage there.” She pointed at my erection that couldn’t be contained by my hands any longer. “Jennifer and I thought they were exaggerating, figuring that we would never find out anyway. Oops, we found out that they weren’t exaggerating at all.” She kept stealing glances into the water. She grinned and reached her hand down in the water and pulled my hands away. I didn’t resist much. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started jacking me off. She groaned and said, “Oh my ggawwd, I totally understand their fascination. If you were my brother, I’d be riding this monster all the time.” Her giggle made me smile and she pushed in for another kiss.

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