Slow Seduction of My Indian Mother Ch. 02

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My mother looked down at her blouse in shock. There were splotches of white semen all down the front. I saw her fingers absently touch the material of her blouse before moving up towards her face and feeling the liquid that trailed there. My mother’s brows were furrowed and I was worried she was angry. On the other hand, I couldn’t help thinking about how good my white cum looked against her brown skin.

To my surprise, my mother did not shout at me but quickly grabbed the towel by the side of the bath and began to clean my semen off her.

“You’ve finished your shower now,” my mother said as she wiped herself down. “Now go downstairs and I will make you something to eat.”

“Aren’t you going to have a bath as well, Mum?” I asked innocently as I began to gingerly stand up in the bath. I did feel a bit bruised from my fall but I felt a lot better having had some relief.

“I will have one later,” my mother said as she put the, now semen stained, towel into the laundry basket.

“But you’re messy Mum,” I said trying to keep my tone innocent. “I can help wash your back like you helped me.”

I could see a thought cross my mother’s mind as she realised how much of a mess she must look with dried semen sticking to her face and blouse. My mother was very prim and proper and would never go downstairs without having washed and made herself presentable. Making dinner whilst dirty was unfathomable to her.

“Ok, I will have a shower but you go downstairs. I don’t need any help,” my mother protested.

“Please mum. I can help you wash your back,” I said as I stood up fully. To convince her I added: “You can turn around and face the taps.”

At my full height I was only slightly taller than my mother though she was wider. My mother was the only woman I ever saw regularly and I thought how strange it was that her hips were wide — I guessed that might be due to childbirth. I stepped out of the bath to stand on the rug and put a hand on my mother’s shoulder. She didn’t resist but let me turn her around so that her back was to me.

“I suppose just washing my back is ok if I turn around,” I heard my mother say quietly convincing herself.

I could see my mother’s shapely back and her bottom in her western style trousers. I watched as her hands moved to her belt and then heard the sound of a button being undone. A moment later my mother’s trousers began to lower to the floor. Unfortunately, my mother’s blouse was quite long and as her trousers descended the bottom part of this was revealed and it covered my mother’s upper thighs. Still, I hadn’t seen my mother’s legs in a long time and I was excited seeing her long brown pins.

My mother stepped out of her trousers and placed them at the side of the bathroom. I then saw her hands move to her neck and the sound of more buttons being undone. In a moment I saw her back arch and her blouse begin to lower exposing my mother’s shoulders and back. My mother’s hand reached behind her and grabbed the other sleeve of her blouse before pulling this also. I saw her put the blouse in front of her on top of her trousers.

I felt my penis begin to stiffen as I saw that in front of me, but with her back to me, was my mother dressed only in white panties and bra. My mother’s underwear was sturdy and practical. With her blouse removed I could now clearly see my mother’s bottom. It nicely filled her white panties. I couldn’t help thinking how ripe and delicious her bum looked. The white material looked so good against her brown skin.

My mother’s hands then moved behind her towards the straps holding her bra. In a moment I saw the straps begin to part and the bra fall away. My mother again put it in front of her.

Still facing away from me, I saw my mother then move to her left and clamber into the bath. She then squatted slightly and I could see her bum stick out. Slowly I saw the white outline of her panties begin to descend as I realised she was taking them off. I could now see my mother fully naked from behind. I tried to see if I could see her privates but they were covered as she was squatting slightly down. Still, I could clearly make out the round globes of her perky bottom.

My mother’s skin was beautiful and she was hairless apart from the long black hair that she had tied up as she began washing me. I couldn’t help wondering if she had any hair between her legs but I couldn’t see from my position.

I saw some movement in my eye and realised that my mother was thrusting something white at me.

“Put it to the side,” my mother said as she reached forward and turned the shower hose on. The water began to come out and the noise broke the silence in the bathroom. I looked down and saw that my mother had given me her white panties to place to the side. A thought struck me — I knew from Biology that when women are excited they excrete moisture and wondered if my mother had. As I placed the panties down to the side of the room I slyly looked at the panties and saw it — a dark wet patch in the middle! I felt my cock anime porno twitch as I thought that touching my penis and unclothing in front of me may have made my mother wet.

I looked around and could see my mother was soaping her arms and chest. She wasn’t using her hands as she had used on me, instead she had found a yellow flannel from somewhere and was using that. I remembered that I had told her that I would wash her back so quickly stepped into the bath behind her. I grabbed some soap from the side of the bath and began to rub it on her shoulders.

My mother’s skin felt so soft. I couldn’t believe that I was touching her naked body. I began to gently massage her beautiful neck before moving down and rubbing her back.

“Is this ok Mum?” I asked

“Yes, that’s fine. Just be careful,” my mother replied quickly. Her tone of voice was neutral.

As I stood behind my mother I could see the feint outline of her breasts sticking out on either side of her frame. As I rubbed the side of my mother’s back my fingers came into contact with the side of my mother’s breasts. I felt excited doing something naughty and felt my cock begin to twitch. My mother was right in front of me and I tried to be careful that my cock did not touch her skin — I was worried she would shout at me.

I really wanted to touch my mother’s breasts. I felt so excited being this close to a naked woman. I had never experienced anything like this before. I slowly began to edge my fingers forward as I soaped trying to reach towards the front of her chest. As I did so, I noticed the yellow flannel that my mother had been using to soap herself move quite low on my mother’s body. Though I could not see anything, I realised that she must be using it to rub clean her crotch area.

A thought occurred to me and I found myself wondering if my mother was getting horny given her panties had a wet patch in them and she was now rubbing her crotch. I took this as my opportunity and quickly moved my hands forward and touched my mother’s breasts.

The breasts felt fantastic in my hands. They were bigger than my palms, a very good size. I couldn’t see what I was doing as I reached around my mother but I felt them soft and squishy. It was heavenly touching them and soaping them. I had never touched a woman in this way and I felt my cock begin to harden. I didn’t care what my mother might say about me pressing my cock into her ass anymore. I needed to feel those globes.

Abruptly I felt my mother move forward away from me and my grip fall from her breasts to my side.

“Ok beta, that’s enough now,” she said as she turned the shower off.

I felt deflated. I had really thought that I may have a shot of something more than just touching my mother but this was dashed when I saw her move to her right and begin to clamber out of the bath.

“But don’t you want to wash your hair?” I said to my mother trying to stall her and keep her naked in the bath longer.

“No, I’m not washing my hair today,” my mother said as she opened a bathroom cabinet and took out a black nightie which she slipped over her shoulders.

My mother threw me a towel and I dried myself off. Then I got out of the bathtub. She then passed me a bathrobe which I guessed must be my father’s. I put it on reluctantly.

“Come downstairs now and I will make your dinner,” my mother said as she opened the bathroom door.

I heard her begin to descend our stairs so reluctantly followed a few moments later after making sure I was fully dry. I entered the kitchen and saw my mother had prepared the table. As I sat down to eat I felt annoyed that my pleasure of touching a woman had been interrupted.

I then began to think about my mother’s naked back and her perky bottom. Thinking about my penis touching my mother’s bottom made me excited but I tried to control my erection and suppress my thoughts.

We eat dinner and then my mum collected the dishes and took them to the sink. She started running the hot water and washing the plates. As I looked at my mother I realised that the black robe she had hastily put on was extremely short, barely coming to below her bottom. It also occurred to me that I hadn’t seen my mother put her panties back on in the bathroom!

I couldn’t stop staring at my mother’s long brown legs as she stood by the kitchen sink. The robe clung tightly to her figure and I could see the pert outline of her bottom. I could see a small gap between her legs where the robe hung down and knew that air must be going up through this space and against my mother’s bare crotch. Thinking of my mother’s crotch made the blood in my body rush to my penis. I found myself begin to harden as I sat at the kitchen table.

I wasn’t able to think clearly. I found myself standing and walking to my mother. As I approached her I put my hands on her back and felt the thin material of her robe, I could feel her soft skin through it. I could smell my Mum’s clean sweet scent and it was arousing me.

I let my asyalı porno fingers trail over my mother’s back quickly and move to her sides. I let my left hand go around her front to hug her around her shoulder. I found my right hand move to my mother’s right side waist as she stood with her back to me and then move down her body to the top of her legs.

“Thank you so much for helping me earlier, mum,” I said as I leant my face forward and put it on top of her left shoulder.

I tried to make it seem as if I was affectionately hugging her with my left hand whilst my right moved stealthily under my mother’s robe. Underneath I felt the smooth skin of my mother’s bottom. I wanted to feel her crotch. I had to know what she was like down there — was she wet? Was she hairy? I couldn’t think straight I was so horny.

“Beta [son], that’s enough. Sit down!” my Mum said sharply as she squirmed from my grip.

I found myself release my hug and my touch cease on her as she squirmed and I was pushed backwards slightly.

“Stop being naughty, now!” my mother said as she gave me a stern look over her shoulder.

I felt the blood rush to my face as she admonished me and quickly moved back to sit at the kitchen table. I stared at the table’s surface and waited for more shouting to come but I was surprised when my mother did not say anything further.

A few moments passed in which I heard the tell-tale sounds of the dishes being washed resume before I dared to gaze upwards and towards her again. I felt upset that my mother had shouted at me and also ashamed that I had groped her. These thoughts though cleared, however, when I looked at my mother again.

My previous rough handling of my mother’s robe had meant that it had become slightly bunched up. I could now see the bottom part of her right bum cheek. The brown skin there looked so soft, pure and inviting. How I wanted to see more of it and see what was between my mother’s legs. I knew I should stop these thoughts and go upstairs but I didn’t want to. I was getting excited, I couldn’t think straight.

I remembered the wet patch on my mother’s panties. My mother had told me off but she had not made any effort to cover herself up or told me to go to my room. She had allowed me to sit and watch her bum jiggle as she washed the dishes. Did she like me watching her? Did she like me seeing her long sexy brown legs? Was my conservative Indian Mother really an exhibitionist?

I know I shouldn’t have thought like this about my own Mother but I couldn’t help myself. I felt so aroused and so horny. I found my cock starting to harden as I watched my mother. It began to peak out from the folds of my robe as I sat at the table.

My cock needed attention. I was so horny looking at my mother’s sexy legs and bum. I found my right hand moving down and begin to gently stroke my cock. How I wanted to take my mother’s robe off and put this thick cock into her. How I wanted to give my bossy uptight Indian Mother the hardest fucking of her life.

“Son, what are you doing?!”

I looked up quickly.

‘Shit!’ I thought.

My mother had stopped doing the dishes and, half turned around and was staring at me. Panic hit me. ‘What was I doing?’ Jacking off in the same room as your Mother is deranged. I racked my brains trying to think of something to say to explain why I had my hand on my cock.

“I umm..” I tried to form a cohesive sentence

“Gunda [Dirty person]! What the hell are you doing?” my Mum said angrily. She had turned the tap off, fully turned around and even taken a few steps towards me. My mother had raised her voice and I realised from this that she was extremely angry.

“I’m sorry mum…I just…it still hurts from my fall,” I said trying to think of something so my mother wouldn’t be angry at me.

“It still hurts?” my mother said as she took a few more steps towards me. To my surprise her tone had become softer and calmer.

“Are you ok? Are you still hurting from earlier?” my mother asked. I realised when she said this that her anger at seeing me expose myself in the kitchen had abated. Her Motherly protective instincts must have kicked in.

“Yes mum,” I said as I tried to make my voice sound as innocent as possible. I still had my hand on my penis but was not stroking it. “It’s painful.”

“Hmm…you shouldn’t touch it without lubrication,” my mother said crossly then her tone changed “I’ll get some makhan [butter]. Ek minute rukho [wait one minute].”

I watched as my mother turned and went to the refrigerator. I saw her open and rummage in it for a moment before shutting it and coming towards me quickly. She had a yellow tub in her hand which she quickly took the top off and placed on the table.

I released my grip on my penis as I wasn’t sure what my mother was going to. I watched as she slowly knelt down in front of where I was sitting and put her right hand into the yellow tub. Her hand moved around and then when I saw her take it out it was slick babes porno with liquid.

My mother’s right hand then moved towards my crotch and I felt her begin to touch my curly dark pubes above my penis. She rubbed on top of my penis and then moved her hand to the side and began to gently touch my balls. My mum’s hand felt extremely soft against me but the butter on her fingers was slightly cold. Nonetheless, I wasn’t used to any sexual contact and I found my penis began to harden as I felt my mother’s touch.

“Does that feel better?” my mother asked me as her fingers moved from my balls towards my cock.

“Yes mum,” I replied as sweetly as I could.

It felt so strange having my mother on her knees in front of me touching my penis. I was finding it hard to think straight, all of the blood in my body was rushing to my penis. My penis felt like it was on fire and it was only the freshness of the butter helping me keep my cool.

“I’ll just take this off,” I said as I took my robe off.

I had noticed that my robe was touching against my mother’s hand as she began to get into a rhythm of stroking me plus it was constricting me. With it gone I was able to spread my legs further apart. It felt so naughty being fully naked in front of my mother who was kneeling in front of me. I felt my penis throb with excitement as she jacked me.

“That feels really good, mum,” I said.

“You need to be careful in future,” my mother replied sternly as she focused on stroking me.

I looked into my mother’s face and could see that she was gazing down at my cock as she jacked it. She was concentrating on rubbing my balls and stroking from the base of my cock to the tip. It felt so good on her downstroke when her fist bumped against my balls. I was thankful that I had came only a short time ago so I could last a bit longer. It felt so good; I didn’t want this to stop.

“You’re really looking after me today mum,” I said

“What else do I do?” my mother snapped at me. Then more gently she added; “I won’t do this again so look after yourself in future beta [son].”

My mother was the only women I had any regular contact with and at that moment, as she stroked my cock, I felt so close to her. My mother’s face looked so beautiful. Her black hair looked so shiny and luscious, her brown eyes were so big and inviting and her skin was so smooth and delicious. My gaze went down my mother’s face towards her mouth and pretty lips. My mother’s mouth was open; it looked so warm and inviting.

“Is it still hurting?” my mother asked as she stroked me.

“Not as bad now,” I replied.

I noticed that my right hand was on my mother’s left shoulder as she knelt in front of me. I couldn’t remember putting it there. I could feel her soft skin under the material. I had been gently rubbing my mother’s shoulder but she hadn’t noticed, she was too intent on stroking my cock. I slowly let my hand creep up her shoulder to her neck and then to the back of her head.

“Will you kiss it better mum?” I asked quietly

I could feel my Mum’s soft hair as I touched the back of her head. I slowly began to exert pressure and move her head towards me.

“Please mum,” I added softly.

I could feel the breath from her open mouth on my penis as her head moved towards my crotch. I saw my mother’s eyes quickly dart upwards from concentrating on my crotch to stare at my face as I pulled her towards me.


Then I felt it.

Wetness and warmth engulfed my cockhead as I felt my penis slip into my mother’s mouth. Our eyes met. I kept up the pressure on the back of my mother’s head. I needed this. I had never felt anything as intense as I felt the muscles of my mother’s mouth on my penis. I felt every inch of my cock slowly enter into her mouth.

To my surprise my mother didn’t make a sound or stop me, despite her surprised eyes. Was she enjoying this? Almost two thirds of my cock was in her mouth before I met any resistance. I would really have to push to get the remainder in. My thickness had caused her mouth to spread open. My mother looked so beautiful with my thick brown cock spreading her luscious lips.

I slowly relaxed the pressure on the back of my mother’s head but still held it and felt my mother withdraw until most of my shaft was outside her mouth. I then increased the pressure on the back of her head so she swallowed more of my cock. My mother’s eyes remained locked on mine as I began to guide her into a routine of ascending and descending on my penis.

I noticed my mother’s right hand move to the base of my cock. As she bobbed her head downwards her right hand began to stroke upwards to meet her mouth. As my mother bobbed upwards her hand would move downwards towards my balls. The sensation was incredible.

After every few sucks my mother would release her mouth from my penis and then give my cock two or three full strokes from the base to the tip. I realised she was gathering in air before she would resume her sucking on my penis.

There was so much blood pumped into my cock it felt on fire. I was so thankful that the cool butter and my mother’s spit was cooling me down. My cock had never felt so hard. I had seen photos of blowjobs on my friend’s phones but I never thought they felt like this.

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