Smooth Operator

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㦠2000 Carl Young. All Rights Reserved.

I work in a computing facility, which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One evening, I decided to stay for a while and catch up on a little work that I had been letting stack up on my desk. As usual, the building was empty by 6 PM except for myself and the operator in the computer room. At about 7, I decided to go get a soda out of the private machine in our main office. And, being in a good mood due to how well things were progressing, I went by the computer room to ask the operator if he wanted a drink. You can imagine my surprise when, expecting to see a short chubby guy sitting at the console, I saw an awesome ass staring at me. I then remembered that I had been told several days ago that a new operator would start the night shift tonight.

I suppose she must have sensed my presence behind her because she straightened up from reading something on the table. It was then that I noticed the long blonde hair cascading like silk cord down her shoulders. ¡§Who are you and are you supposed to be in here?¡¨ she asked.

I had a second surprise, which was difficult not to notice. Her pullover sweater barely hid a magnificent set of hooters. After a second to regain my composure, I stammered, ¡§Uh¡KI¡¦m John, and yes I¡¦m supposed to be in here. I¡¦m one of the system managers.¡¨ My eyes couldn¡¦t help but lock onto her chest. ¡§I was going to get a soda and thought you might like something.¡¨

Apparently not noticing or caring about my glare, she quickly replied ¡§Oh, hi, I¡¦m Lisa.¡¨ We shook hands. ¡§That¡¦d be great. Anything diet would be okay.¡¨

While walking down through the halls of the deserted building, I couldn¡¦t help but notice tightness in the crotch of my slacks. I looked down, and sure enough, I had a small bulge protruding that was continuing to grow as I walked. I somehow knew it was hopeless, but I wished the bulge would relax before I got back to the computer room.

When I entered the computer room again with the two cans of soda, Lisa was bent over leaning on her elbows reading again.

¡¥You¡¦re going to hurt your back doing that,¡¨ I said. And my pecker, I thought to myself.

She popped up again and her chest jiggled noticeably. I only hoped the bulge in my pants wasn¡¦t as noticeable.

¡§I¡¦m just reading when I can and it¡¦s been busy lately,¡¨ she said, taking the soda can from my hand.

¡§What are you reading?¡¨

¡§The operator¡¦s guide. Some of it¡¦s pretty detailed so I have to read it several times to understand it.¡¨

¡§Do you have any questions about it? Maybe I can help.¡¨ I didn¡¦t want to go back to my office and work just yet. ¡§I wrote most of it.¡¨

After taking a big swig from her drink and licking her lips, she thought for a moment. ¡§Yeah, I guess there is a couple of things.¡¨

Turning around, her hip brushed against the 3-ring binder she had been reading and fell off the table. The rings must have been loose because some of the pages fell out all over the floor.

She put her can down and bent down to pick up the pages nearest her. I watched her for a moment and picked up some pages as well.

I turned to hand them to her as she was squatting on the floor trying to straighten them. On taking the pages from my hand, she paused for a moment and I knew instantly why. Her eyes locked on the bulge I was hoping had disappeared. It had done just the opposite.

After a moment of awkward silence, she looked up at me and smiled sheepishly.

I tried my best not to know what she had just spotted.

¡§Did I cause that?¡¨ she asked a bit timidly.

I looked down as if I had no clue what she was talking about. ¡§Oh, uh, I guess so. I noticed you bending over when I came in and it¡¦s been like that since. Sorry.¡¨ I hurriedly added, ¡§ I better get back to work. Enjoy your drink.¡¨

I turned to leave, but felt a tug on my belt.

¡§Wait. If I caused that, maybe I should do something to take care of it.¡¨ She looked up at me with the most innocent yet mischievous eyes I¡¦ve ever seen.

Before I could summon up the will to say or do anything, she had my zipper halfway undone and her hand gently caressing the now raging bulge in my pants.

With a shock, I remembered the new video cameras that had just been installed.

¡§Wait! Not in here. The video cameras.¡¨

¡§Your office, then?¡¨ she suggested breathlessly.

I re-zipped my pants and led the way to my office on shaky knees.

I let her go in first and shut the door behind us. She had my fly unzipped again and a couple of fingers inside my before I finished locking the door.

¡§I don¡¦t know about this.¡¨ I said.

¡§I do. Relax.¡¨ she whispered. I could tell she was getting excited by the minute.

She managed to free my cock from its uncomfortable confines and it pointed straight out at her face. I noticed a few purplish veins were bulging with each beat coming from the heart pounding in my chest.

Softly stroking it with her hands sent tingles up my legs.

¡§Pull your pants off and sit pendik escort down.¡¨ she instructed.

I did as she asked and managed to find the visitors¡¦ chair in front of my desk and sat down. She began stroking my cock with one hand and gently squeezing my balls with the other.

After a few moments, she licked her lips and lightly kissed the tip of my penis. This sent shockwaves through my body. Sensing I might climax, she squeezed my balls a little and said, ¡§Not yet. I¡¦m just getting warmed up.¡¨

She stood up and started to remove her sweater. I heard her muffled voice say, ¡§It¡¦s getting warm in here.¡¨ Then I saw her magnificent boobs barely confined by a light bra.

¡§You like?¡¨ she said, tossing her sweater onto my desk. Seeing the reaction in my eyes, she reached behind her and undid the clasp while holding the bra in place with her other arm stretched across her chest.

When the clasp was un-done, she put a hand over each breast and squeezed them up and together. Then she lowered her hands, taking the bra with them.

They were beautiful. I guessed they were at least a 36D in size. They were very round. The nipples were already hard.

I managed to croak, ¡§They¡¦re gorgeous.¡¨

¡§Thanks.¡¨ she said.

Before I could get a better look or reach out to touch them, she was on her knees again in front of me. She opened her mouth wide and seemed to inhale my entire length in one move.


Her mouth was warm and moist and I loved being in there. I felt the sperm start to build up in my balls as if I was going to explode any second.

I heard a slurping sound as she slowly removed me from her mouth and sucked it all the way out.

¡§Don¡¦t cum yet, please.¡¨ she begged.

¡§I¡¦ll try not to.¡¨ I promised.

She inhaled me again, but much more slowly. It felt SO good! Then her head bobbed up and down several times and her hands lightly squeezed my balls. I didn¡¦t know how much longer I could hold it.

She must have tasted the pre-cum starting to ooze from the tip of my cock. She sucked very hard and pulled my cock out of her mouth reluctantly.

¡§Okay, honey, you can cum when you¡¦re ready.¡¨

She slowly sucked me in again with a loud slurping noise.

As each inch of me slid inside her mouth, I felt myself grow closer to a major orgasm.

When I was completely inside her and felt the head of my cock tickle the back of her throat, it happened. My body tensed and my cock started twitching violently. She slid it out a few inches and started stroking it. I could feel the sperm gush out of me like it hasn¡¦t done since the first time I had sex with a girl in high school.

I felt and saw her start to swallow but there must have been too much of it because several drops started oozing out of the corners of her mouth.

My cock kept twitching and she kept swallowing for what felt like minutes. When I stopped twitching, she slowly pulled me out of her mouth, sucking my cock clean as she went.

She wiped the drops that had escaped from the corners of her mouth with her fingers and sucked them clean as well.

¡§I was really thirsty.¡¨ she said after a moment.

I finally managed to lamely gasp, ¡§Wow.¡¨

¡§I¡¦m glad you enjoyed it. I sure did.¡¨

Not wanting to appear unappreciative, I croaked, ¡§I¡¦d love to return the favor. I¡¦m a bit thirsty too.¡¨

¡§Okay, if you really want to.¡¨ She stood up and I watched her breasts move. She was very graceful and I could feel my pecker coming back to life again.

I then noticed that the floor hadn¡¦t been cleaned in a while so I stood up and pushed everything off my desk.

I turned around again to see her standing nude in front of me. I felt my prick rise a little more. She came to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I tasted something strange and realized that it was my own sperm. Our tongues explored each other¡¦s mouths for a few minutes and I could feel and hear her breathing and heartbeat quicken against my body.

We stopped kissing and she unbuttoned my shirt and helped me take it off. It fell quickly to the floor.

All I could do for another few moments was to stare at her gorgeous body. It was supple and lean, without being too muscular like bodybuilders. Her breasts rode high on her chest and moved as if they had a mind of their own. Her skin looked like it was made of satin. Her pussy was shaved, except for a light wisp of hair just above it.

She noticed the awed expression on my face and laughed girlishly.

¡§I¡¦m glad you like what you see.¡¨

¡§Like?¡¨ was all I could manage.

Lisa got up onto the now-empty desk and lay on her back. She grabbed her knees in the crook of her elbows and pulled her legs back so that her ankles were behind her ears. I stared on in complete awe.

¡§I used to be a gymnast when I was in school.¡¨ she explained.

I steeped forward and gently placed my hands on each breast and caressed them very softly. She moaned softly. I bent forward, careful not to touch maltepe escort her pussy just yet, and kissed each nipple in turn.

¡§You¡¦re driving me nuts!¡¨ she whispered hoarsely.

My tongue lightly licked around the nipple of Lisa¡¦s right breast and my left hand find the warm soft skin of the inside of her right thigh and began sliding towards her knee.

My tongue found her left nipple and licked around it while my other hand found the small bush above her pussy and started lightly exploring.

¡§Oh, God!¡¨ Her breathing speeded up even more.

I felt her body tense slightly as I kissed and licked down between her gorgeous breasts and brought my hands up to rest on them.

Her abdomen spasmed as I kissed around her naval. It felt as if she was approaching climax, if not already there. Her breathing grew even quicker and started coming in gasps.

¡§God, yes!¡¨ was all she could say.

As I got closer to her pussy, I could feel the warmth and smell the musky odor coming from it.

The instant my tongue found her labia, her body convulsed sharply.

¡§Oh, God, I¡¦m cumming already!¡¨ she yelled. I was sure glad no one else was in the building.

My gentle licking was rewarded with a gush of liquid. I lapped it up as greedily as a thirsty man in a desert would.

My tongue then found her clit and I began to slowly and gingerly suck on it as if I was sucking on a piece of sugar. It tasted almost as sweet to me. I could feel it grow and become stiff inside my mouth. I heard her moaning again.

Very slowly, my left hand traced a line up from her pussy to her right nipple and I began to tweak it between my thumb and forefinger. It got very hard again almost immediately.

¡§Oh, do that some more and harder.¡¨ she pleaded.

I did as asked and noticed that her pussy was getting very wet again so I kept licking around the clit.

¡§This is heaven!¡¨

My right forefinger slowly slid inside her and it felt like a pot of hot honey. I pulled my finger out and licked it.

¡§More, please!¡¨ she groaned.

I put my finger back in deeper this time and moved it around. I felt her pussy muscles contract firmly against my finger and knew she was getting close to another orgasm.

I heard her groan loudly in ecstasy.

My wet finger slid down and all the way out of her pussy and towards her anus.

¡§Oh, no, don¡¦t do that! I can¡¦t handle it. It¡¦d be too much now.¡¨

Ignoring her plea, I pressed the tip of my glistening finger against her sphincter and pinched her left nipple tightly.

¡§Fuck me, please! I want you to fuck me! This teasing is driving me nuts!¡¨

¡§No, I¡¦m not ready yet.¡¨ I said with a big smile on my face.

¡§You bastard!¡¨ she screamed at me. She stayed right where she was with her legs back, so I knew she wanted more of what I was doing.

My wet finger pressed a little bit harder and I felt her sphincter muscles loosen slightly. My finger slid in very slowly. Then, I felt like a vice was grabbing it.

¡§OH, SHIT!¡¨ she yelled at the top of her lungs.

So much juice flowed from her pussy that I couldn¡¦t keep up and a small puddle started to accumulate on the surface of the desk. Lisa¡¦s back arched and her body convulsed violently.

As she writhed on my desk, I inserted a finger from my free hand deep into her pussy in one swift thrust, causing more convulsions and a loud groan. I licked her clit again and was rewarded with more convulsions and a flood of juice from her soaking pussy.

Leaving her throbbing clit, I kissed a line up her sweaty stomach and back to her tits. I gave each nipple a gentle bite and licked around the outside. Lisa¡¦s body felt tense yet supple under me and I could feel my cock hardening still more.

¡§Dammit, fuck me!¡¨ she yelled at me.

¡§Okay, if you insist.¡¨ I teased.

I stood up and laid my penis on the desk just inches from her. I grabbed her hips and gently pulled her to me so the head of my penis was resting against her.

¡§Oh, God, yes! Please, fuck me!¡¨ she croaked. ¡§No more teasing!¡¨

I gently opened her pussy lips and pushed the head of my cock just inside.

¡§Deeper! That feels so good.¡¨

I rammed it in hard.

She caught her breath and looked like she might pass out for a moment. About the time I was getting scared, her body relaxed and she started breathing again very heavily.

¡§Are you okay?¡¨ I asked.

¡§Oh, yeah¡¨, she replied huskily.

She felt very tight and warm around me. I slid out of her slowly and then back in as deep as I could go. I felt her muscles quiver around me.

¡§Faster! Harder!¡¨

I did as ordered. Within a minute, she let go of her knees and rested her knees on my shoulders. I grabbed her soft round bottom and pulled her to me.

Seeing that her tits needed some attention, I leaned forward and bit her right nipple hard.

I was nearly deafened when she screamed something unintelligible in my ear. I also felt something sharp scratching my back as her nails dug kartal escort into it.

I suddenly felt every muscle in her body tense up and would have sworn that I saw beats of sweat shooting out of her skin. My cock felt like a clamp was gripping it.

Lisa screamed again, long and loud, and her body convulsed as if she was having a seizure of some sort. Afraid I was hurting her, I stopped pounding into her.

After several seconds and more screaming and some sharp gasps for air, she collapsed onto the desk.

Thinking that she¡¦d fainted, I pulled out of her and reached for her wrist to check her pulse.

¡§What are you doing?¡¨ she asked with a very hoarse voice.

¡§Just checking to see if you were okay.¡¨

¡§Oh, yeah, I¡¦m great. That was a mind-blower of an orgasm and the best one I¡¦ve ever had. You¡¦re great.¡¨

¡§Thanks, so are you.¡¨ I said.

Not sure what else to do, I reached for my pants and was surprised when she said, ¡§We¡¦re not done yet.¡¨

She sat up and faced me. ¡§I want your cock up my ass. That finger was nice but I want something bigger.¡¨

She slid off the desk and turned her butt towards me. I could see her knees shaking. She leaned forward and pulled her cheeks apart with her hands. Turning her head towards me, she said, ¡§Fuck my ass!¡¨

My cock, which was still rock-hard, seemed to have a mind of its own and I pressed the head against her anus firmly but gently. It was slick from her own juices dripping out of her pussy and from my finger. The head slid in when I applied a little more pressure.

I heard her grunt and asked if she was okay.

¡§Yes. Keep going gently.¡¨ she replied in a barely audible whisper.

I pushed slowly deeper. It felt even hotter and tighter than her pussy. When my balls brushed up against her, I felt her twitch slightly.

¡§I¡¦m okay.¡¨ she said. ¡§It¡¦s just sensitive. Fuck my ass like you did my pussy but build up to it a little at a time.¡¨

She stood up slightly so I reached around her with both hands and tweaked her nipples.

¡§You¡¦re teasing again. Fuck me!¡¨

I pulled out slowly and pushed back inside her a little harder than before. This made her gasp a little. I pulled out again and jammed back in hard this time. I heard and felt my balls slap against her.

The next thing I felt was her hand reaching between her legs stroking herself and my balls gently.

¡§Oh, God, I can feel the veins on your cock throbbing inside me!¡¨ she said loudly. I hoped no one was listening outside my office door!

I started pounding in and out of her as hard as I could, making slapping noises as our sweaty bodies collided against each other again and again.

I felt the sperm start to build in my balls and she must have too. ¡§Are you about to come?¡¨ she asked. ¡§Come all over me when you¡¦re ready! I¡¦m about to come again too!¡¨

I felt her body tense against me heard her scream again and felt like my cock was going to get pulled off. She was in the throes of another strong orgasm.

I pounded a couple more times inside her tight ass. I hadn¡¦t heard a breath from her since she screamed.

The head of my penis started to tingle and I felt like my balls were going to explode. I pulled out of her quickly and finally heard her breath again. Lisa turned around and grabbed my cock in one hand and started stroking it rapidly.

She was rewarded with a big blob of cum oozing out of the tip followed by a loud scream of my own. ¡§I¡¦m coming!¡¨ I yelled.

¡§Shoot it all over me!¡¨ She encouraged. She lowered herself to her knees on the floor in front of me, eager to be covered in sperm.

My cock started twitching violently and I aimed it towards her gorgeous tits. A thick, gooey, milky-white rope shot towards her and landed on one of her nipples. I was sure I heard a spattering sound as it hit and it sure felt like the hot goo was coming out with some major force.

I grunted as I kept shooting all over her and it kept coming and coming out like it wouldn¡¦t stop.

I heard her moan and watched her rub the stuff all over her chest and flat stomach. I couldn¡¦t believe how much of it there was and how it looked so much like soap lather. Her body was becoming slick with it and it still kept shooting all over her.

After what seemed like minutes, and about the time I thought I couldn¡¦t stay standing up anymore, my cock finally stopped twitching and the long rope of goo turned into a slow trickle.

Lisa reached out her wet hand and grabbed my cock and gently pulled it toward her mouth. She started sucking to get every last drop. I felt my knees weakening under me.

¡§I need to sit down.¡¨ I finally gasped. I heard a sucking sound and a popping noise as I pulled out of her mouth to find my chair.

Sitting down, I stared at her in awe as she sat on the floor rubbing the remains of my huge load into her skin and licking her lips. I couldn¡¦t really believe what had just happened.

After I had calmed down somewhat and she had finished, we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity as if to ask; Now what?

Sensing this, she stood and reached for her clothes. ¡§I¡¦d better get back to the computer room and make sure everything ¡¥s running normally before the next shift operator arrives.¡¨

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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