Sneaking a Piece Ch. 03

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Part 3 (Freaky Settlement)

I know it was crazy, but it had to be done. I was actually willing to share a man with my brother. Dabnis wanted to have a 3 way relationship with me & Marquis, and I accepted. Quis going along with it may be the deal breaker.

“Dab, I don’t know how my brother is going to react to this.”

“He’ll be aight. Everything will be cool, Taye. This is a way to get us all what we want.”

Quis got home from his jog to find me & Dab at the kitchen table.

“Ay. What’s going on, ya’ll?”

“Quis, man, we got to talk to you about something.”

“About what, Taye?”

Dab cut in before I could say anything else. I guess that was cool, because when I’m nervous, nothing comes out right.

“Taye knows that we’re fucking, Quis. Since you were Iraq , me & your brother have been messing around. I told him that I didn’t wanna let either of you go, so we wanted to know if you were down with sharing.”

My brother stood there in front of us with a blank expression on his face. I couldn’t read him. There was no telling if he was mad, confused, or cool about everything. As bizarre czech amateurs porno as the whole thing was, it didn’t really matter to me. As long as I didn’t lose someone that I cared so much about, all was good.

“Damn, Dab. I know that we aren’t together, but did you have to fuck Taye? My brother, of all people? Now, you want me to share you with him? I don’t know.”

“Quit tripping, Quis. Just think about it. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. I save my dick only for you, while my ass belongs to Taye. Wouldn’t you have me getting what I want from someone you trust rather than a stranger?”

“This shit is crazy. I had no idea that you even fucked around, Taye.”

“I was shocked when I found out about you, too. Look, this arrangement is cool with me, bro. I care about Dabnis a lot, and I love you. If this is a way to keep all of us happy, then I say we should make it happen.”

Dab walked up to Quis and started to kiss him. I sat back in the kitchen chair and watched them go at it. They moved to the couch and Marquis pushed Dab down, unbuckling his pants. Dab’s czech bitch porno 8.5 thick inches sprang to life, and Quis took it to the back of his throat.

My dick started to brick up in my pants. My brother eased his pants off and Dab played with his asshole, getting it wet. Soon, the both of them were naked on the couch. You would think that I would be mad to them fucking, but I wasn’t. Surprisingly, it turned me on to see Dab & my brother fucking around. I kinda wanted to join in, but I didn’t really know what kinds of boundaries were set up in this arrangement.

Quis turned upside down and sat on Dab’s face while he continued to deep throat. Dabnis stuck his tongue deep into Quis’ ass.

I fought the urge to pull my dick out and stroke it. Dab sunk 2 fingers into Quis’ wet ass to open him up. I reached into one of the kitchen drawers and tossed Marquis a jimmy. He slid it onto Dab’s piece with his mouth! Damn, my little brother had some skills! It must run in the family. Dabnis took Quis and put him on his knees, then spit on his dick and went in. He gave Marquis a little while czech casting porno to get used to the dick again, and then went for broke on that ass.

Quis had begun to match Dab’s strokes. My brother moaned like a little bitch, and my dick throbbed even more. I tried to focus more on Dab, but Quis kept grabbing my attention. This shit was wild! My little brother was actually turning me on!!

I got up and ran into my room, and then hopped into the shower to get rid of my hard on. This whole day was fucking my mind up. I actually agreed to share a nigga with my brother, and then I start to get turned on by these 2 kats fucking. These thoughts were wrong. I couldn’t be getting hard by watching my brother get fucked.

The cold water didn’t do any good. My shit was still on brick. Maybe it was just the sight of seeing 2 people fucking that got me. It couldn’t have been the fact that it was my brother fucking a nigga that already had me open.

This big muthafucker would not go down, so I grabbed some body wash and stroked it. The images of Dab & Quis fucking kept coming into my head. I tried thinking of something else, but I couldn’t. Before I knew it, nut shot from my dick onto the shower tiles. I hadn’t come that hard from beating off in a while.

This wasn’t right. I can’t do this. Dabnis would have to pick one of us. He couldn’t go back & forth fucking me & Quis. It can’t go down like that. This arrangement wasn’t gone work…

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