Snow Daze Ch. 03: Coming Home

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Rebecca and Dean dropped me off at the station and we said our farewells. As I walked away from the car my sister called out to me. “Hey sexy, come here!” I walked back to her open window and she reached out and grabbed me by the lapel on my jacket. Pulling my face towards her she kissed me on the lips, I opened my mouth and received her tongue, sucking it, returning her kiss with passion. “You’re welcome here any time little brother, OK!” We kissed again I waved them away and headed back to the station.

I still had half an hour until my train and decided to look around the precinct. After grabbing a coffee from a nearby cafe I came upon an adult lingerie and bookstore and stopped speechless before it. If it was a sign from above it couldn’t have been more blatant. In the window were a trio of mannequins. One dressed in a cat-woman outfit, the other in a Snow White costume. It was the third that drew my eye. A genie costume. Almost identical to that worn in ‘I Dream of Jeannie!’ I remembered my mother informing me of her desire to own one right before the regrettable incident. I thought of her in my fantasies and wearing her yoga gear. My cock hardened, and then and there I made a decision. I would go home and make it my mission to seduce and fuck my own mother.


Arriving home I was happy to learn my father was having a business meeting over dinner and wouldn’t be home for hours. Already things were going swimmingly. Mom had been to the hairdressers in my time away and I complimented her on the new style. She was thrilled I’d noticed as my father hadn’t. I mentally chalked one up for me. I offered to make dinner for Mom and I and she gladly accepted. With a lasagne on the table I opened a red wine and whilst eating, Mom was quick to speak her mind. “You’ve changed Christopher. What went on at your sisters?”

I was a little shocked and thought of everything that had happened. None of which I could relay to my mother at the dinner table. “Nothing,” I replied. “I just want to help more around the house. You don’t mind do you?”

“Mind?” She laughed, leaning back sipping from her wine glass. “I don’t mind, that would be wonderful!”

“I also want you to teach me yoga!” I added.

Mom was taken aback. “Who are you and what have you done with my son?” She laughed again and I could tell she was getting tipsy. I thought of my sister asking a similar question and using her own way of finding out if I was indeed her brother. My cock grew under the table.

“I just want to experience everything. There’s no harm in trying different things is there? Breaking taboos even?” I looked into her eyes. Mother’s and son’s have a special bond. I didn’t know if that extended to psychic ability but I was trying my best to project what I had in mind to hers. “Life’s too short I guess.”

“Life’s too short? Why are you talking like this? Is something wrong honey?” She asked and I quickly reassured her my health was fine. I was about to tell her about the accident, leaving out some of the details of course but Dad returned home and spoiled everything.

“Drinking on a weeknight?” Dad stated when he observed the wine on the table. “Can’t say I approve Justine.”

“Well it’s fortunate she doesn’t need your approval then!” I piped up to the disdain of my father who dismissed me and looked back at Mom.

“Dressed strangely just for a night at home!” He commented at her appearance. Mom had been wearing leggings and a hoodie when I’d arrived home but when I offered to make dinner she took the opportunity to have a bath. The desire to just barge in and declare my intentions right then and there had been great but I’d controlled my libido admirably. When she’d finished I was delighted to see she’d changed into a dress and wore pantyhose and comfortable heels. She looked beautiful to me and seemed to radiate desire. When she offered no rebuttal to my father’s attempted swipe he seemed to give up and in my eyes diminished as a man, defeated by his own hand in life and now love.

“I’ll leave you two on your date then,” he spat and headed off to bed.

I was about to reassure Mom that it was OK to drink and dress however she chose but she seemed not to need me. As if he’d not even disturbed our evening she asked if I’d like to open a second bottle and I agreed wholeheartedly. I demanded to do the dishes and ordered Mom to go and relax but she instead insisted on at least drying and I succumbed. Standing beside her at the czech couples porno sink I noticed for the first time that evening she was wearing perfume and when our fingers momentarily touched as I placed a plate on the rack, goosebumps broke out all over my skin. I mentioned Dad’s comment about her dress and asked her why she was actually dressed up for the evening and she answered, “It’s not everyday a handsome man offers to cook for me, the least I could do is make myself look respectable for him!”

I felt like I needed to pinch myself. Things seemed to be working. Was seducing a woman (and not just any woman, my mother) as easy as showing interest in her and cooking a meal? I wanted to kiss her there. In the kitchen. To press my body against her, lift that dress and fuck her on the kitchen bench.

“Earth to Chris.” She stated.

“Oh sorry what? I was miles away,” I returned.

“I said would you like to stay up and watch a show with me? You might like it, it’s got time travel in it!” She’d thrown in the time travel as a sweetener to encourage me to watch but I would’ve watched paint dry if it meant spending quality time together. I risked a joke.

“It’s not ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ is it?” I asked, alluding back to the incident a week before when she had caught me masturbating, and for a second I thought I’d blown it. To my relief Mom opened her mouth in mock horror and blushing around the neck screwed the tea towel up and slapped my leg with it.

“Christopher! You’re so bad.” She again made to slap me with the towel but I splashed foam at her and suds landed on her face. She threw the towel at me as a diversion and grabbed at my rib-cage to tickle, much as my sister had in the car. I twisted and countered, holding her from behind and assaulted her ribs with the same tactic. My groin pressed into her backside innocently as I tickled her and amid her laughter she begged me to stop. “Please stop. Please, I’ll wet myself!” She managed to say in her struggles and the comment made me groan internally. I relented, calling a truce.

“Come on, let’s watch your show,” I stated and referring to the few remaining dishes. “I’ll do the rest later.”

Mom had chosen the program and yet again it seemed divine intervention was pushing us together. It did involve time travel but it also contained abundant nudity. The setting was Scotland a couple of hundred years ago and the story was kind of interesting. If it had been just a few weeks earlier I’d have been uncomfortable watching it with her but now in my current state of mind the more nudity and sex onscreen the better. We sat together on the couch and Mom had her feet up. Her toes pressed against my leg as we watched a couple of episodes. I thought of rubbing her feet but felt it was too much too soon. Close to eleven o’clock we called it a night but something encouraging happened. Something we never did. We kissed goodnight. I took it as an opportunity to reveal my trump card.

“Oh shit wait Mom, before you go to bed. I forgot something. I bought you a gift, it completely slipped my mind.” I panted. “Just hang on a tick, it’s in my bedroom.” I bounded off to retrieve her present from where I’d stashed it and returned to her in the living room.

“Why would you buy me a present? My birthday isn’t for ages.”

“I know, it’s just to apologize for the other day. You know that thing and also for not mentioning it to Dad,” I offered.

“It’s just something silly, a joke really. You don’t have to wear it!”

Mom opened the gift wrapped package and peeped inside. “It’s a. Oh it’s not is it?” She held up the genie costume.

“It is. My god Christopher, where did you find this?” she asked.

I didn’t want to tell her it was in a sex shop. “Oh just a store up at Rebecca’s. Do you like it, you said you’d wanted one when you were younger. I saw it and…well…I can take it back!” I looked to her for a reaction.

“Nonsense. I love it. I don’t know when I could wear it. We’ll have to hold a costume party. Maybe for my 50th!” Her response I thought couldn’t have been better but then, oh my, did it get better. “I’ll try it on!” She made to head towards her bedroom and then thought better of it and headed through the kitchen to the laundry.

“Holy shit,” I said aloud to myself. That had gone well. I downed a mouthful of wine and folded up the wrapping paper and then had a thought. Grabbing the remote control and searching czech estrogenolit porno through our streaming service I found ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ and pressed play on an episode. I heard the laundry door open behind me and as I turned Mom switched off the kitchen light preventing me from seeing her in all her glory. The only light in the lounge room was from the television and Mom entered to the opening credits of the show.

I was stunned. Mom’s hair wasn’t long enough to pull through the headpiece but it didn’t detract from the spectacle. She looked amazing. As she rounded the couch and approached me to stand only a few feet away my jaw dropped in admiration. “I don’t look silly do?” She asked. The television light wasn’t enough for me. I needed to see her completely.

“Just a sec, I can’t see,” I said and jumped up to turn on the light. Turning back I couldn’t quite believe what I saw. Mom wasn’t wearing underwear. I’d assumed the dark patch at her groin had been her panties showing through the sheer material but it was her thick mat of pubic hair. Did she not realize the pants were see-through? And then I noticed her breasts. The little red vest that came with the costume barely covered her shoulders and only half her chest. I could clearly see her pink nipples through the fabric.

“Oh, I do look silly don’t I?” Mom had taken my silence the wrong way.

“What? Ah no! You look…you look beautiful!” I gushed, “I’m just speechless that’s all.”

Mom broadly smiled and twirled for me. Her ass filled out the rear perfectly, the pink material hugging her rounded buttocks to perfection, disappearing along the crack between those glorious globes. She sat on the couch and watched the screen smiling, as if comparing herself. In my eyes there was no comparison. I sat beside her and did my best to hide my erection. “So do I get three wishes?” I asked her after a few minutes.

“She’s not that kind of genie Master,” she answered.

“Master?” I questioned.

“Well that’s what Jeannie calls Major Nelson. But OK, I’ll play along. What are your three wishes?” She lifted a leg up onto the couch and folded it under the other, turning towards me. I could clearly see her pubes. Her breasts were within touching distance, kissing distance.

My mind had gone blank. I hadn’t prepared anything. My mother was sitting next to me essentially naked and all I could think about was kissing her. That was it. “OK, my first wish is just for a goodnight kiss.”

“A goodnight kiss? We’ve already done that but OK!” Mom leaned in and I did the same. I slowly moved my face to hers, staring into her eyes. I placed a hand on her knee. As my lips neared hers she closed her eyes and I kissed her. No tongue but open mouthed. I felt her breath exhale as I puled away, her mouth left open, the tip of her tongue visible. Her eyes remained closed for a second longer. Her neck was flushed. I could smell her wetness. It was working. Mom opened her eyes as I removed my hand from her knee.

“Well that was easy, I think you wasted a wish Master!” She stated.

“I don’t think so,” I answered.

“Well what’s your second wish?” She asked and I wondered if she was wanting or expecting me to ask for something sexual. She must have realized there was tension between us, it was undeniable.

“My second wish is just that you teach me yoga.” I could see the surprise on her face and she promised a lesson the next day. We went to bed separately and I masturbated long into the night.

I dreamed of being buried in snow and when I awoke in the morning I was actually shivering. I lay in bed and listened for Dad to leave for work and I was up. I asked Mom what I could help her with and she did assign me tasks. “Are we still up for yoga class?” I asked.

“Were you serious about that? That’s actually your wish?” She asked in return and I informed her, to her delight, that I was. We made a plan to meet up around 10am and I set about my jobs. I had to think about what I would wear. I had running shorts that had the potential of revealing my cock through the leg holes but I thought better and went with light grey track pants and a white t-shirt.

If Mom had agonized over her outfit it paid off. She wore tight shiny purple spandex 3/4 length leggings and an equally as tight light pink tank top. She wore no bra. Her nipples already protruding through the nylon material. “Ready for your lesson Christopher?”

“As czech experiment porno ready as I’ll ever be,” I responded. “Don’t go easy on me now.”

“Oh I won’t,” she smiled.

And she didn’t. I couldn’t believe how strenuous yoga could be. Mom went through simple poses, correcting my posture and even helping me balance on occasions. We both became sweaty and breathless and relaxing side by side in ‘corpse pose’ we talked. I confessed to her about the accident involving Rebecca and I. She then understood why I’d said the things I had at the diner table. She in turn confessed there was no longer any love between her and my father. It wasn’t news to me but I heard her out and was a sympathetic ear. We again tried some poses with Mom explaining the benefits of each. She would have me feel her biceps or her calves after a certain routine to show the firmness attained.

“And this is great for my pelvic floor,” she claimed after moving from ‘cat pose’ into a ‘hindu squat.’ My eyes which had been focused on her ass when she was on her knees were now drawn to her crotch. I couldn’t help myself. The way her legs spread, her arms joined together at the hands in a prayer position, it all framed the bulge of her pussy and the slight camel toe in the spandex. I’d been fighting my erection so as not to come across like a sex crazed pervert but now I was powerless. Facing her I copied the pose as best I could. I noticed her eyes glance across my groin, my hard-on obvious. She changed poses, again laying on our backs side by side. Our fingers touched.

I broke the silence by going out on a limb. “All this must be great for sex!”

“Oh my god! Christopher.” Mom turned to me with her now common mock horror expression. She slapped my hand but I noticed, replaced it in exactly the same position, fingers touching.

“Just saying, there must be some end benefit.”

“Well I’m sure there would be,” she replied but then almost under her breath followed with. “Not that I would know.”

“Sorry?” I asked her.

“Oh nothing, forget I said anything.”

But I wasn’t going to let it go. “No, we’re both adults here. What did you mean?”

Mom seemed more than willing to talk. “Oh I shouldn’t tell you this but your father lost interest after I became pregnant with you.”

I sat up on my elbow and looked at her. “Mom! That was more than 20 years ago!”

“It’s OK,” she stated.

“No it’s not. Dad’s an idiot. You’re beautiful, what man wouldn’t want to f…” I was going to say “fuck you” but quickly corrected myself. “Make love to you?” I could see a tear had welled up in the corner of her eye. “Look at your body for starters.” I reached out and dried the tear with a knuckle then waved a hand over her body. Her breasts, large and separated as she lay on her back. Her nipples poking through still. Her flat belly, skin exposed between her top and the leggings. I gazed at her mound of pussy. That most beautiful looking lump. Her legs wrapped in the shiny, silky fabric. My cock strained against my pants.

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better,” she challenged.

“No I’m not! And you shouldn’t be feeling bad. Shit if I wasn’t your son I’d…” I stopped. Mom searched my eyes.

“You’d?” She asked.

“I’d make love to you!”

We sat there silent. I’d done it, I knew it. I’d basically declared my intention and the ball was in her court. She didn’t respond. I broke any awkwardness she may have been feeling by changing the subject. “Come on, show me your favorite pose.” I challenged and Mom smiled and wiped her other eye.

“Alright, it’s called ‘happy baby’ or ‘happy buddha.” Mom brought her knees up and grabbed hold of her ankles. Lifting her bottom off the floor she spread her legs wide, presenting her cunt to me obscenely.

“And what’s this one good for?” I asked.

“Everything!” She replied. “You’re not going to do it?” I sat up fully and made no attempt to hide where I was looking. The purple spandex bulge of her pussy was wet. It of course could’ve been sweat, but the scent emanating from her cunt proved it wasn’t.

“I think I’ll just watch you this time Mom.”

I could’ve pressed my face into her wet pubic mound and inhaled her sex. I could’ve pulled her leggings off and entered her right then. She was on heat and presenting, it was obvious. My sister’s and my willingness to embrace incest must have come from somewhere and I knew it was from my mother. We’d inherited it from her as sure as day. She wanted my cock, she was staring at it but I would let her stew. I wanted her begging for it. I wanted her demanding I fuck her and it would be wonderful when it happened. We parted ways, highly aroused. She to shower and hopefully masturbate, and I to further my strategy of seduction.

End of chapter 3

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