So I’m a Story?

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Jessica lived in a nice home her husband , an accountant who brought in good money and her son had just turned 18, and by ‘just’ I mean a week ago. I mean he had to happen when he was 18 if he was 17 years and 11 months mom having sex with him would be just plain wrong.

She didn’t know this was going to happen obviously not yet how could she, but she was obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this I mean it wouldn’t be a good ‘Incest Story’ with no incest right.

Jessica’s son at the time was up in his room he was a normal kid he liked football and maths and was generally a good kid. At this time however he was sitting in his room masturbating to some porn involving two lesbians one pretending to be a teacher while the other a student. Suisse didn’t know this however she was wrapped up in her husband’s arms she felt the need to head off to bed.

“Hey honey, look I’m going to grab some shut eye alright.”

“Now but it’s 10:30.” Her husband replied worried.

“I know but I just feel like I really need to.” Jessica said grabbing her head.

“Well alright but I’m going to stay down here for a while alright.”

“Yeah of course, Tony, it’s fine.”

“Are you ok.” he said as she started to walk upstairs.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” She said feeling woosy.

She entered her bed room shortly after shutting the door and this is the part where it started to get weird. The computer was on with a bright white screen no start button; mouse or anything was on the screen except in black text.

Bombardierwells2: Hello.

She looked at her screen confused, was it a virus her son Alex had told her about those. Although she didn’t know how to see if it was or not she didn’t want to call out to her son but really didn’t know enough about computers or well anything to work out what was going on not being the smartest woman in the world obviously.

Jessica: OI!!! I’ll have you know I have a degree from the University of California.

Bombardierwells2: Oh :/ well this is awkward I didn’t realise it was showing the narration.

Jessica: What narration and what have you done to my computer?

Bombardierwells2: Don’t worry your computer will be fine we just need to have a little talk first.

Jessica: That still doesn’t tell me what you meant by narration.

Bombardierwells2: Well that’s what I wanted to talk to you about see you’re the main character in a story that I am writing.

Jessica: What?!?!

Bombardierwells2: Well I’m not sure how I could make that simpler?

Jessica: I’m in a story?

Bombardierwells2: Yes.

Jessica: So what you’re spying on me and your justification is that it’s a story.

Bombardierwells2: I’m not spying on you.

Jessica: Then how did you know about my son.

Bombardierwells2: Because I wrote that you had a son.

Jessica: What do you mean you wrote I had a son?

Bombardierwells2: I wrote it this is a fictional story.

Jessica: Well that’s clearly not true.

Bombardierwells2: Why’s that?

Jessica: Well because if it’s fictional then I wouldn’t be here would I that’s what fiction means ‘not real’

Bombardierwells2: No not really I’m writing your actions, you have some autonomy but I still write everything you do and you are bound by the limitations of the story.

Jessica: So what type of story is it? Come on, this sound like one of those crappy Sci-Fi stories or some indie film by some Film Studies student trying to be edgy and creative?

Bombardierwells2: So you believe me then?

Jessica: No but I figure if this is a joke I want to hear the punch line. Anyway if you’re the writer you should be able to tell me.

Bombardierwells2: It doesn’t work that way I’m afraid and this isn’t a joke.

Jessica: Yes well of course you’re going to say that so come on what genre.

Bombardierwells2: You sure you want to know.

Jessica: Come on stop wasting time, your readers I’ll get bored, come on tell me.

Bombardierwells2: Alright if you want to know it’s an ‘Erotic Fiction’.

Jessica: Oh… Oh I get it this is Tony’s doing some sexual role play he’s made up.

Bombardierwells2: No I’m not Tony. Look at the plug socket.

Jessica looked down, the computer was unplugged.

Jessica: How???

Bombardierwells2: Told you this is just a story the computer doesn’t really need electricity in a story.

She sat there for a moment and thought this couldn’t be really right I mean she was real. She thought back to her philosophy degree “I think therefore I am” she was thinking therefore she existed right. As she thought this she saw her thoughts appear on the screen.

She looked at this worriedly

Jessica: So I’m just a story

Bombardierwells2: Well yes but isn’t everyone.

She looked at the red paint on her wall all the tiny little bumps and shadows it looked so real to her. She thought for a moment he said she was in an erotic story perhaps this wasn’t so bad she started to think that perhaps this was a good way to have some fun she had been married for 20 years after all czech harem porno perhaps it was time for a naughty little break and if the wall seemed real then…. Well.

Jessica: Alright enough meditation this is an “erotic fiction” after all so what’s the story about do have an affair with some Latin lover or Greek or is it weirder or supernatural a vampire? A werewolf? There in right now right?

She found herself getting exited imagining some strange hot erotic encounter.

Bombardierwells2: Actually you’re going to fuck your son.

Jessica: My son?

Bombardierwells2: Yh it’s an incest story.

Jessica: I don’t care what kind of story it is that’s not going to happen!

Bombardierwells2: Yes it is.

Jessica: You can’t convince me.

Bombardierwells2: Look out the window.

Jessica did so to see “Yes I can.” written in the stars.

Jessica: Look I don’t know who you are but you can’t affect what I’m going to do.

Bombardierwells2: Yes I can that’s beside the point the point is you two are going to fuck whether you’re the one that wants’ it or not.

Suddenly Alex started to yell “Mom!.. Fuck… Mom!.. I need you!”

Jessica: You don’t mean?

He started yelling more angrily “Right that’s it when I get my hands on you you’re gonna…”

He bashed on the door.

“Mom!!! Let me in!!! Let me fucking in now!!!”

Jessica timidly walked over and opened the door a jar.

“What is it?” she asked afraid.

“This milks two weeks old!”

“What… what that’s it?”

” ‘That’s it’! I just drank half a carton of it! It was disgusting!”

“Oh well I’ll get a new carton tomorrow. Good bye”

“Err.. Ok night”

“Night!” She said as she shut the door.

Bombardierwells2: You get my point now!

Jessica: Yes

The computer shut off just as Tony entered the room.

“You alright Hun I thought you were tired.”

“I… I was but the computer was keeping me up so I unplugged it.”

She walked over and got into bed with him.

“Well I guess while you’re awake.” He started to kiss her on the neck and poke her with his hard-on. She hated it when he done that.

“No not tonight.” She said.

“Ok whatever you say honey.” He said defeated

They drifted off to sleep.


The next morning she woke up several hours after her husband had he started work early and always woke up before she did. For a moment she had forgotten what had happened the day before the saw her computer with the plug still unplugged and it all came rushing back. She felt dizzy.

She ran to the bathroom and had a shower as she did so she kept on thinking it over in her mind. There must be some other explanation for this. She thought but no other explanation came. Alright but I mean my son ok, the fiction thing ok sure, but have sex with her son. She stepped out of the shower and started drying herself. He had never shown any interest in her before. Of course not.

She wrapped the towel around her and stepped outside and felt the cool air against her skin and paused for a moment before seeing some stain on her carpet outside her room she bent down to examine it more closely. As she looked at it she gradually became aware of heavier and heavier breathing behind her. She looked round. It was her son with eyes wide and a large erection barely concealed by his boxers, she looked at him he looked at her then ran back into his bedroom.

A feeling of dread fell over Jessica not because her son was eyeing her up but because this was the last thing left to convince her that what I said was true. She got dressed in a unflattering cloths as to not make things worse and went downstairs. Shortly after Alex came down.

“Oh hi Mom” he said nervously.

“Hey. You off to school then?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to say sorry about earlier.”

“Don’t look I understand.” She said walking towards him and giving him a hug.

“You do?”

“Of course it just happened. I mean things that happen, happen no one can really be blamed right?”

“I guess not?” he said confused “Look I’m got to go otherwise I’ll be late.”

“Alright just don’t get caught perving on your teachers alright!” she yelled as he walked out the door.

She spent most of that day thinking over the conversation on her computer and that morning with her son. How could he look at her like that? She looked in the mirror she was 39 years old due to be 40 in a couple of months but even so she looked good at least she thought so. She had very little fat and a 34dd breast size she looked at herself in the mirror her husband always said she looked good and now apparently her son did too.

Her husband she thought what’s he going to think he was a good man a good provider a good father and yet soon his wife would cheat on him with his own son. How could she do this to him the man she spent 20 years betrayed. Then again that’s the only reason swingers porno he existed. She knew what she had to do though. She hugged and kissed one of his shirts leaving her lipstick mark on it.

Then again she hadn’t had an orgasm with him in years, he always tried bless him but no luck although she had got very good at faking them she thought it was probably just the fact she had had sex with the same man for so long. Although she wouldn’t be any more she started to think even if the new man was her son. “Man” she thought to herself she’d never thought of him as a man before yet he was he made that most clear this morning with his long hard cock barely staying in his underwear.

The cock that would soon be in her thrusting in and out of her she imagined herself on all fours with her son bent over her going in and out of her. She stared rubbing herself. There was no reason to not enjoy the idea it was going to happen if she liked it or not she pushed her fingers deeper. It had to happen it was the whole point of the story. She started moving them in and out thinking of her son’s torso above her his fit muscly body rubbing against her. After all it was what she was for the whole purpose of her creation to fuck him to make him cum she was made to bring her son pleasure. She berried her fingers deeper insider her and came. Then lay there on her bed till she fell asleep.


When she awoke her husband was back from work.

“Hey sleepyhead. How long you been asleep?”

She opened her eyes to see Tony her husband.

“Oh it’s you!” she said

“Well don’t seem too pleased to see me.” Tony replied confused.

“Look can you leave me alone for a moment.”

“Of course I’ll be downstairs.”

She got up out of bed and went to the wardrobe and got out the shirt she had kissed earlier.

She grabbed it and walked down stairs.

“Tony we need to talk!” she said in a fake angry voice.

“You ok mom?” Alex said looking worried.

“Oh Alex I didn’t know you were here don’t worry this is between me and your father”

She didn’t want him to see this but then again perhaps it was right he did this was for him after all.

“What is darling?”

“Explain this!” she said thrusting his shirt towards him trying not to look him in the eye.

He examined the shirt before seeing the lipstick mark.

“You don’t think?”

“You’ve been cheating on me!” Jessica said.


“You have you’ve been fucking someone else.”

“No I couldn’t I’ve never had sex with anyone but you. You’ve got to trust me darling.”

“Lies all lies” she said.

“Look ok, look, I’m sorry but it just kind of happened alright but me and Brittney, it means nothing ok you have to believe me!”

“He is cheating on me she thought!” She thought she pondered how she felt about that for a moment she didn’t feel bad about it if anything a bit relived it made what she had to do easier.

“Leave!!!” She shouted quite convincingly so much so that Tony really believed the note of betrayal in her voice and left.

The door slam shut. Alex had run upstairs wanting to get out the way.

She sat on the couch and contemplated what she had done.

This had to be a story now because if it wasn’t then she had broken up a 20 year marriage for nothing she contemplated. So what now when would she son fuck her.

She went upstairs and changed she had been wearing a loose fitting tracksuit and jogging bottoms in an attempt to not goad her son onto doing anything, but now the steps were in place that she had now bet everything on this she felt a change of outfit was in order she looked at many bras and panties until thinking they were pointless as they’d only be taken off. She looked through her different dresses till she found one she liked it had white fabric over the cleavage with a pattern in black then a thick black streak down the middle with pink silk either side and was only held on with two pieces of fabric over her shoulder, she put it on to find how tight it was on her and it seemed to only fall a quarter of a way down her thigh. “Perfect” she thought.

She went downstairs until inevitably her son came down stairs and sitting on the couch with him.

“Hey Mom are you ok?”

“Yes of course I am.” She said smiling at him.

“Are you sure because well Dad…”

“It’s fine Alex besides gives me some alone time with you.”

“I guess.” he said confused and somewhat worried. “By the way why did you change?”

“Well I wanted to look nice not my fault your dads been screwing around.”

Alex look her up and down he seemed transfixed on her legs staring at them for ages he looked at her dress he’d never seen it before and before he knew it he was imaging holding on to the pink silk sides as she bounced on top of his dick. A noticeable erection forming in his pants.

Jessica coughed a polite cough to get his attention.

“Sorry czech pool porno I… I mean.” Alex said desperately.

“It’s fine actually I meant to talk to you about this morning.”

“Mom I don’t need the lecture I know it was wrong.”

“Actually I was going to say the opposite “


“Well things have recently come to light, I can’t say what exactly but well with your dad gone.”

She moved closer to him before saying in a whisper. “Anytime you want me I’m your totally and undeniably yours” before trying to kiss him on the lip.

He pushed him away. “MOM!!! I mean… I mean NO!! just.. just..” He said with horror before running away.

She sat there confused. She was supposed to fuck him that was the point the point of all this but when she offered herself he refused. Why?

“Well what do I do now?!?!” she yelled to empty air there was no reply.

She waited a while then went upstairs to apologise and perhaps to check her son hadn’t caught her talking to herself.

Then when Jessica was about to knock on the door she heard something. The sound of his headboard knocking against the wall and the movement of covers then quietly a “M….M….MOM!!!” as he relived the moment that previously happened.

“The cheeky devil.” She whispered to herself. “So he does want some after all.”

She went downstairs and made dinner it took around an hour before it was done and Jessica called him downstairs to eat.

They ate dinner in relative silence as you might suspect. Until when they were both done they got up and Alex started to leave.

“Wait” Jessica said.

“What do you want? Look I know the thing with Dad probably made you a bit confused but don’t worry about it.” He said turning to look at her. Which was a mistake seeing her there in her dress he couldn’t help to think what I’d be like just to pull it up and fuck her over the kitchen counter he’d been thinking of that all day he didn’t know why. He turned away from her to hide his erection.

She hugged him from behind.

“Sorry about earlier.” She said wrapping her hands around him squeezing herself onto him.

“It’s fine Mom” He said as the warmth of her body made his head cloudy.

“But you see this is what I don’t get” she said one hand moving down to his crotch and the other arm clutching him tightly so he didn’t move away.

She ran a thumb up out and down his erection.

“You see you clearly want this and it has to happen so why fight it.”

She put her hand down his underwear and started messaging his balls as the felt like they were filling up making him grow harder and harder.

“See son it’s not that bad.”

“Mom loo…”

“Shh just let it happen.”

She took her hand out of hit under wear and he felt a quick surge of disappointment before she wrapped her head round his cheek kissed him on the side of his lips then started unbuttoning his trousers.

“One.” She unbuttoned the first button. “Two.” She unbuttoned the second button brushing her thumb on his cock head for a while. “Three.” He let out a whimper as the third button was undone. “And finally four.” She said unbuttoning the last one then with the other hand still wrapped around the body of her son. Then she grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled out his cock fully exposed it was a nice cock of around 8 inches.

She looked at it and smiled to herself. Much bigger than her husbands but then it had to be didn’t it.

She rubbed his chest and then after giving him another kiss on the neck wrapped her hands round his cock.

“Mom… Mom I don’t…”

“Hey! Didn’t I tell you to shh! Only speak when you’re spoken to mister!”

With that she started moving her hand, pumping her sons cock slowly at first but then with increased confidence. She was in an erotic story after all she should probably act like it.

“Does that feel good Alex?”

“yh.. uh… ohh. Uhh”

“I said does that feel good.”

“Yes Mommy that feels incredible.”

‘Mommy’? He hadn’t called her that in a while. She thought.

She continued stroking his cock. Pressing up against him she could feel him getting warmer as she felt a trickle of water run down her leg. She really should have warn some panties she thought while the water ran over her feet.

She increased her tempo and thrust her waist more onto his buttocks.

“Mom… Mom…Sorry but… I’m going to cum!”

“Well I wasn’t doing this to relive your leg pain. Go on then!”

“OH!! OH!! Oh my god! AHHHHH!!!” Big squirts of cum came rushing all over the floor luckily it was stone marble downstairs so wouldn’t be too hard to clear up.

She unlocked her arms from around him. “Now there’s a good boy.” She said as he turned to face her.

“Did you enjoy that” She said looking him strait in the eye.

“Ye… Yes!” He said nervously.

She licked the cum that had got on her hand off of it. It was tasty much more than her husbands.

“So how about a kiss then” She said looking him in the eye.

He looked nervous then ran upstairs.


Later that night around 10:30 she went to bed. Partly in the hope that she would get another message on her computer. Partly because she was tired of fingering herself on the couch.

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