Solving Puzzles with Mom Pt. 01

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My Uncle Jack passed away recently and left his entire estate to my mom, Amber. Mom dealt with most of his possessions in the normal way. Any money Jack left her mom used to pay bills and put the rest in savings. After that, she recruited me to help her sift through all of Uncle Jack’s belongings.

We sorted all of his old stuff into piles. One pile for a garage sale we would have later in the week. One pile for things we thought other family members could use, and one pile for trash.

After about 15 minutes of this, I discovered something odd. In Jack’s master bedroom was a closet packed to the gills with puzzles. Everything from the super simple 100 piece puzzles all the way to 4000+ bigger puzzles. I immediately ran and grabbed my mom to show her. She was as shocked as I was. We talked it over and at first, we decided to add them to the garage sale pile. I finished the master bedroom when I heard mom walk in the room.

“Hey Tom, we’ve been looking for something to do together on weekends. What do you think about doing some of these puzzles your Uncle left us?” She said. Puzzles didn’t seem like a very exciting proposition. I thought for a while and decided I didn’t really have any good reason not to. Plus it would be nice to spend more time with mom.

“Sure, that sounds like fun mom,” I said as we left to continue sorting the rest of the house.


The garage sale had come and gone and we even sold Uncle Jack’s house. Just like we had decided we started completing Jack’s puzzles on weekends. Now the puzzles took up a whole closet in our house and we didn’t have as much room as Jack did. Mom and I agreed to complete each puzzle then discard the boring or damaged puzzles. Hopefully, we could clear up some closet space this way.

We started with the easy ones 100, 500, 1000 piece puzzles. After a while, we realized we both really enjoyed finishing these puzzles together. It was a nice relaxed way to finish out the weekend. Plus I was starting to bond with my mom again. We hadn’t been this close since I was a kid.

It seemed like no time at all and we had done most of the puzzles in the closet. The only ones that were left were extremely difficult or had a ton of pieces. There were also 5 or 6 boxes that had no label and had been in the bottom corner of Jack’s old closet.

“I don’t know if I wanna tackle the big puzzles just yet mom. What about one of these blank ones?” I said while holding one of the unmarked boxes. I shook the box to prove it wasn’t empty.

“Oh, A puzzle without the picture that sounds like even more or a challenge.” Mom laughed and grabbed the box out of my hands.

Mom and I sat on the three-seater couch in the middle of the living room. We sat at either end leaving a seat in-between us. Mom took the top off the box and turned the box upside down on the large table in front of us.

For being in her late 40’s mom still looked good. She had long brown hair that went down past her shoulders. This matched her brown eyes and thin-framed glasses perfectly. Mom’s curves were hidden mostly by her clothes. She wore a grey top with a long blue skirt. She had kicked off her heels as soon as she got home so her naked feet were sticking out under the table.

Mom was all dressed up because she had to help with a charity event earlier. I, on the other hand, had the whole day off and was doing my laundry. Everything was in the wash except for the t-shirt and shorts I was wearing. Normally I had a pair of underwear on wash day too, but I had messed up and washed all my boxers.

At 22, I had brown hair like my mom. My hair was way shorter however and didn’t even go past my ears. My t-shirt was pretty basic but, my shorts were extremely small. So most of my legs were exposed.

Once the pieces were all spread out on the table mom and I got to work. After flipping enough of them over it was clear that the primary colors were green, peach and blue. We started with the edges as best we could and it was clear that the blue pieces were forming the sky in the background. It was still hard fake agents porno to tell what the center of the puzzle would be. The green sections were clearly the grass at the bottom of the image. It was hard to tell what all the peach colors went to. The images were only starting to take shape when mom went to the kitchen.

“I’m going to get a drink you want anything?” Mom opened the fridge while talking.

“Yeah, I’ll have whatever you’re having,” I said sifting through pieces. Mom promptly returned with 4 beers in one hand. In the other hand, she had paper towels which we used for coasters.

“Thanks,” I said as I took 2 from her and set them down. We got straight back to work. Sipping on the beers really took the edge of the extremely hot day. Mom snapped a few more pieces into place. This had cleared up the image a little and it was clearly a leg of some kind.

“Maybe it’s an animal?” I said to mom while I put another piece in the middle. “It looks familiar I just can’t place it yet.” I looked down and realized that I had the next correct bit in my hand. Excitedly I added the odd-shaped piece in my hand to the leg part. Now it was clear that this was a young ladies leg.

“Oh, Maybe this is like a swimsuit puzzle.” Mom said with a little shock in her voice.

As we continued I noticed that there were a lot of legs. I thought it was at least 6. Just then mom spoke up

“I think it’s a portrait of your uncle with his girlfriend?” She said as she completed a male face that looked an awful lot like Jack.

“No, that doesn’t make sense, there are too many legs,” I said. Mom took another sip of beer and shrugged her shoulders.

“It will make sense once we finish more of it.” She said while clicking another piece into place. After I solved a few more segments I picked up an odd-looking one. I noticed it looked peach like the others but with a dark circle in the middle. Why did that look so familiar to me? I stood there just staring at the piece. Suddenly I heard my mom gasp.

Off to the side of the main puzzle frame, Mom had been assembling two or three pieces separately. She had her hand over her mouth in shock. The section she had assembled looked an awful lot like a penis. That’s when it hit me the piece I had was a nipple. Mom could see me looking at the ones she had assembled, she had forgotten to hide it. So I showed her the piece I had in my hand.

“Mom, I think Uncle Jack made some custom puzzles.” She almost laughed as she saw the piece in my hand. Out of embarrassment, I started to put the loose pieces back in the box quickly.

“Wait, what are you doing.” She said while grabbing a piece out of my hand. She threw it back into the pile.

“Oh, I just thought it’s kind of weird to finish an adult-themed puzzle with my mom,” I said while picking up another piece. I could see a look of confliction in my mom’s face. Then after a few moments, she grabbed the three pieces that revealed the penis and connected it to the main puzzle.

“I know it’s weird honey, but we haven’t failed to finish one of these yet. I’m too stubborn to let Jack’s weird puzzle beat me. Let’s just finish it quick and we can discard it after” She said while looking for more edge pieces. I didn’t know what to do, this was too weird. Like my mom, I had a bit of a stubborn streak too. After a few moments of my own contemplation, I got up from my seat and headed to the fridge.

“This is to weird to do sober,” I said. “You want another beer? I’m gonna get another for my self either way.” Mom just nodded.

“Thanks, I know this is weird lets but, we’re almost done.” After returning with 4 more beers (2 a piece) we got back to work.

The beer was affecting me more then I thought. When I sat back down I sat way closer to mom then I had the first time. Instead of leaving a space open between us I sat right next to mom. I had moved so close our legs were now touching. The crisp fabric of her skirt felt nice on my leg.

After a few more minutes the entire outer edge of the puzzle was complete. A few more minutes of work went on fake angets porno without incident. The center was almost all done now. Jack took up center stage in the image. He was completely naked except for his socks. You could kind of see that he was holding a girl in each arm but, we hadn’t finished enough of the puzzle to know who they were. It just now hit me that this was a picture Uncle Jack had taken in his back yard. The fences in the background gave it away. They were old and stained in very unique ways. The three of them were naked in his back yard. He must have taken the picture and cut the pieces himself. I always knew Uncle Jack was a bit of a risk-taker. I stopped and looked over at mom she has stopped solving and was just staring at the image on the table.

“Mom, you ok.” Saying this shook her out of her haze. “Oh sorry just lost in thought, honey. You’re Uncle was pretty well endowed.” She said. “Shit, did I say that out loud.” She looked at the half-empty beer in her hand (Her 4th of the night).

“Sorry, honey I’m not quite my self.” She said after setting the beer down. As she did this her skirt shifted and rubbed against my leg. The soft fabric rubbing against my leg felt nice. I took another swig of my beer. I looked down at the picture. She was right Jack did have a big dick.

“Honey, watch your language around me.” She said this right after I had the thought about Jack. Shit did I say that last part instead of think it.

“Sorry Mom.” I simply lifted my beer and pointed at it. She giggled a little.

“It’s ok, I did the exact same thing a second ago too.” It was my turn to laugh. I laughed much harder than mom. The movement once again made my leg move up against my mom’s skirt. It felt just as good this time, it even made my shorts bunch up a bit more. All this attention on my leg was causing my member to react.

“The beer is making us both a little silly, if not honest too.” Mom said while clicking 2 more pieces into the left side of the picture. That’s true, I guess it made sense that Jack had a large package.

“How does that make sense?” Mom said. Shit, I did it again, the beer was erasing the wall between my thoughts and my speech.

“How does that make sense, Oh did you see your father’s cock in the gym or something.” My dick twitched and grew even more in my shorts. The beer was making mom slip too. I’d never heard her talk like this ever. Something about hearing my mom use such dirty slang was making me grow faster than before. At this point, I had a fully-fledged tent in my shorts.

“No, I never saw dads dick at the gym,” What was I doing why didn’t I just lie. Stupid beer, now mom was going to put two and two together.

“Wait, if you’ve never seen your dad’s, then how does it make sense that your Uncle has a big…” Mom stopped in mid-thought. I looked away from mom and put a few more pieces into the woman forming on the left of the puzzle. The two pieces I had finished made it so you could see the entirety of her naked breasts. So many things were now making my dick react. The intermittent motion of mom’s leg against mine. The weird phase of the conversation we had just entered, and now beautiful naked breasts staring up at me. My dick was at full length, even a bit of the tip was sticking out the side of my shorts that had bunched up.

“You, knew about his cock because your’s is big too.” Mom said while looking away from me.” I should have pretended I couldn’t hear anything but, I was too hazy now.

“Hey, I heard that.” A look of pure shock took over my mom’s face. Her cheeks were bright red as she avoided eye contact with me.

“God we are bad drunks.” My mom said while giggling again. I laughed too rubbing up against her again. My shorts rode up one more time exposing me even more.

“Oh, Honey sorry.” Mom said as she finally noticed my ascending shorts and my member. I should have covered up but, I didn’t. “Mom, look,” I said as I pulled the pieces out of the puzzle with my uncle’s dick on them. I held it right next to the section of my penis that was exposed. We both laughed.

“Ok, fake cop porno I can see how you thought that made sense. It looks remarkably like your’s.” She said while now fully staring at the puzzle pieces I was holding next to my leg.

“They look the same but, there’s no way you’re that big too. That’s just to much good luck for one family.”

“Oh, Yeah,” I said and before even thinking about it I pulled my shorts off and threw them to the other end of the couch. Mom’s face was one of shock again. She was staring right at my meat now. My 7-inch dick stood straight up into the air after gaining its freedom.

“Boy, was I wrong, Now that’s a hard cock.” She said. “It looks like a hybrid of your father’s and your uncles.” She said while picking up her beer and taking a big swig.

“Yeah but, look it’s thicker than Jack’s,” I said pointing at the pieces. Mom did a spit take and her mouth full of beer ended up all over me. All over my t-shirt, legs and all over my dick. As a reflex action mom immediately started to wipe up the mess. Using the paper towel she had set her drink on. It happened so fast I didn’t even have a chance to say anything. Mom was wiping the towel all over my waist and occasionally brushing past my balls.

“We’ll just throw your t-shirt in the wash later, I can get the rest with this.” She said as she continued to wipe me. Quickly she moved to my dick, rubbing the paper towel up and down and around my shaft. This all came out of the blue but, it felt amazing and I didn’t want it to stop. Mom had gotten most of the beer off me. The brand of beer we were drinking had more sugar than the average beer. This caused it to be stickier than normal beer stains. A wicked idea suddenly popped into my head.

“Mom, you got most of it but, it’s too sticky. Here wet this and hit it again.” I said. I handed her the paper towel I had been using as my coaster. Instead of going to the kitchen and getting water from a faucet like a normal person my mom just spit on the paper towel. When she did this the paper towel she was spitting in was inches from away from my dick.

Mom continued to rub me down with the towel. She spent 3 seconds on my waist before focusing heavily on my member again. As she did this I pumped my dick one or two times with her motion.

“It’s too dry mom, maybe add a little more water,” I said. She leaned down in the exact same spot and was about to spit on the towel. I took a risk and thrust my hips up. My cock tip made contact with mom’s lips. Her downward head motion caused about 1 inch of my dick to go inside her mouth. Mom sat up and looked right at me.

“Son, don’t do that it’s too naughty for family members.” I put my left arm around mom’s back and began to rub it in slow circles.

“Sorry, mom it’s just this beer is expensive and I didn’t think you wanted to waist any.” I pointed to one of the bigger patches of beer still left on my shaft.

“You’re right it is good beer.” With that, my mom leaned over and began to lick the spots on the side of my shaft. She moved up and down only on the sides. She was avoiding the tip, although I didn’t know why.

“Mom you missed a spot,” I said as I pointed to the tip of my dick. There clearly wasn’t any beer there. Only a little bit of pre-cum, but I took the chance. Mom immediately kissed the tip of my dick before gobbling it up. Up and down my mom’s head was bobbing. Every time she reached the tip she would lick around the tip and go back down for another pump.

I moved my hand from mom’s back to her ass. I began to massage her firm cheeks through her skirt. This was one of the hottest sexual encounters I had ever had. Consequently, I was dangerously close to cumming. Just then my mom began deepthroating me. Taking nearly all of my shaft down her throat. A short gagging sound could be heard each time she did this. This sound sent me over the edge quickly. I felt my cock stiffen up, and my balls began to empty themselves. Thick ropes of cum shot down the back of my mom’s throat. I hadn’t had sex or even masturbated in a while so there was a lot more jizz then normal. After I felt the last drops escape my dick I looked down at my mom. Mom pulled her mouth off my now deflating member. I could see streams of cum oozing out either side of her mouth. Mom looked up at me with a mixed look in her eyes. Then a wicked grin appeared on her face as she swallowed.

End of Part 1

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