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If everyone knew the fallout of things there would be no crimes. People get so carried away with the things they are doing that after a while it doesn’t seem to be bad at all. If only they knew what they would have to face later no one would dare do anything out of line.

Well I for one didn’t ever in my wildest dream think I would be witnessing something that was impossible. Let me start by giving the details of the environment so as to understand the story better.

I live in a colony of about 40 houses. This is one of the housing facilities for a big manufacturing unit in the industrial are nearby. Being in the same work force and living next to each other all the neighbors were well known by each other. I lived with my parents, my dad working in the plant and my mother a plaid home maker. The daily routine was my father left for his work at 8 am then me to college. Both me and my father came back home at the same time of about 7 pm, except Sundays when we were all at home.

I don’t know much about my parent’s sex life but like most 19 year olds I did have sexual thoughts about my mother and wondered how she might be doing it. Strange thing was that I could never imagine actually how the sex act would be with her in mind. It was because of the way she was, so homely and always fully covered. In spite of being fully covered up one could make out her big boobs, her slender waist and then the big ass. Her waist was the only body part that showed from between her sari.

My father on the other hand was average mid lifed fellow with a big belly and always stuck in the newspaper. There were very few times he spoke mostly when guests would come to the house.

This was life for us till one day it got really exciting. We got a new neighbor; he was not so old as the other men and real fun. We became pals right from the time we met. As good neighbors we sent food for him till he had his kitchen set. He came often to our house to borrow tools and stuff so he could get things set up.

In the evenings we would spend time chatting, I showed him mofos porno around the colony and the shops nearby from where he could get all his daily needs. Then naturally there was talk of sex and girlfriends and stuff. I hadn’t been more than first base that too very briefly, the girl’s father interrupted. So anyways I got to know that my friend here Sunny was a pro he had a tale for every situation.

I liked it to spend time with Sunny, he was so full of life and with a good sense of humor, and it rubbed off on people. My parents too liked him. As it happens when you like someone you tend to show belonging to the person and we claimed sunny to be ours to the whole colony. He became a part of the family. It was not strange to Sunny sitting at our house watching movies or eating at odd hours.

Till this one time, the time when people think they will get away with anything because no one will ever catch them or get to know what they are doing. I had to leave with my friends for short outdoor party. We were going to bunk college and go tot his waterfalls in the nearby hills. I came home to collect my rucksack and some food.

The doors were all locked so I used my keys. It was unusual because my mother is always at home. I came in and saw Sunny’s favorite blue shirt lying on the sofa, I still didn’t suspect anything. Thinking about that I climbed up the stairs to my room, and then it struck me. I wondered why his shirt was lying there. I held on to the knob of my door and pondered .I was just about to open the door when I heard a moan. Someone in my room. I froze for a minute, thinking what to do.

I slowly squeezed the knob and pulled the door ajar. I would have been blinded by the sight in front of me. My mother was standing in the far corner of the room facing the wall. Her hands were on the wall and she was bent from the waist. Sunny was on his knees, he was holding her sari and petticoat, bunching it up at the waist and his face was lost in my mothers big ass cheeks. This was the first time I had seen the private parts naughty america porno of my mother and that too having sex with another man. I was totally dumbfounded. I looked on as Sunny was busy licking her ass and pussy .Since his hands were used up in holding her sari up he moved his face left and right to part her ass cheeks.

This was really too much. My own mother, that plain old woman being eaten like this. Nothing would be more erotic. And at the same time nothing was more enraging. In this mixture of emotion I kept watching. Sunny moved, pulling her backwards. I didn’t want to be spotted so I closed the door quickly. I waited, not breathing at all. I waited till like eternity and then again pulled the door a bit. They were both on the bed now, naked. They moved from the wall and removed all their clothes. My mother’s white body was a contrast on Sunny’s dark one. He was lying on the bed and my mother was licking his cock. He was moaning with pleasure. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he pushed her down. He put his mouth on her nipple and came between her legs. Moving her big thighs apart he positioned himself at her opening. With one hand he rubbed the tip of his cock into her cunt to make it wet and then let it slide into her. All the while he sucked her nipple taking turns on both.

I had had enough; I just couldn’t take it any more. I thought of all what could happen when my mother will realize she has been caught. With so many thought still running in my head, I walked into my own room where my mother was getting fucked, in a daze. They still didn’t see me so busy were they in their fucking. I stood near the bed, so near my mother could have touched me. But she had her eyes closed as Sunny humped her pussy. He was lying on top of her crushing her tits, only moving his pelvis to jam his cock into her cunt. She was clutching at his ass trying to push more of him into herself. It wasn’t long before in the realization that someone is watching she opened her eyes and saw me. Sunny was still facing down so public agent porno he got a clue only after seeing the surprised face of my mother. He looked up, there was so surprise or whatever it was just vanished. He kept going; he kept fucking her as if I wasn’t there at all.

Then I realized he was so close to cumming into her. Now I know no man would leave that time when he is just about to cum. Not even when the son of the woman he was fucking was watching. My mother put her hands to her face, shame. Sunny grunted on top of her and was cumming into her belly, pumping his seed. When he pulled out fully I could see he didn’t even have a condom. My mother’s thick white juices coated his cock. I was not in this world at all. I had a terrible erection, poking thru my pants. What sunny did next was even more stunning. He just unbuckled my pants and let them fall on the ground. I was standing there seeing what he was doing but unable to stop him. I was naked waist down. he pulled me on top of the bed right between my mothers spread out legs. I got in between as the next natural thing to do leaned in and let my hard cock into the just fucked cunt of my mother. I slid in very easily into her now raw opening. It was all wet and red on her mound where she had got a thrashing just a few minutes ago.

I didn’t want to look at her face. I closed my eyes .Somehow I wanted this to end so fast and at the same time I was feeling so good that I wanted it to last forever. I pumped in with vigor, fucking my mother in her sperm filled pussy. I put my hands under her ass, holding on to her ass flesh I rammed my cock in and out of her. I couldn’t do more than 10 strokes and I was cumming into her. Filling up her pussy once again with fresh cum.

My mother opened her eyes for a brief moment. There was resignation, hurt, and shame so much of so many feelings. She knew it was really shameful first being caught and then to save that being fucked by her own son. But now all of us knew we could never talk of this, not to anyone and definitely not between ourselves.

We all make mistakes, not knowing what the fallout would be. Sunny realized it was going to be very strange living in the colony, so he moved out. I moved away for higher studies. My mother not realizing what she would get into for that spur of lust, at least can rest assured all this will not be told to anyone.

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