Spending the Night!

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Candy was too adorable in her tight little nighty. She was furious though, her husband Rod had stood her up again. She was lying on the couch, she’d fallen asleep there when he’d not shown up after work yet again. She’d suspected he was either seeing someone else or just no longer interested.

She stood and stretched before slipping into her robe. Tyng it loosely, she headed for the stairs. The doorbell rang before she could make it up to bed. She looked through the peep hole, it was her brother.

Chad was as close to a delinquent as you could be without being behind bars. She opened the door, “What are you doing here?”

He smiled his “I’m innocent” smile and pushed past her. “Kristy kicked me out again, she’s being impossible. Can I crash here tonight?”

She could never say no to him, he was her older brother and always protective. She fixed them some drinks and complained about her husband. When she looked at the clock, it was almost two in the morning.

Excusing herself, she headed for her room. She contemplated changing, but opted to just crash wearing what she had on. Lying there, her nighty slid up over her bubble ass.

A while later, she heard her door open and then close. It was pitch dark, the curtains had been drawn earlier. She assumed it was her husband, finally stumbling home.

She slipped her pillow over her head to avoid her husband. Her attempts were worthless, he slipped under the comforter and his hands found her hips. Gripped them, he pressed his hard cock against her ass. She tried to slide over some, but he just slid closer and pressed hard.

His hand roamed over her hips, rubbing her belly. He knew teasing her was the best way to get her to open her legs for him. She hated that he knew so much.

His hands moved up and found her breasts. They were tiny and very perky. With a quick pinch, they were both hard. Pressing against the silky fabric of the nighty, she was hornier now than she had been when she’d put the nighty on hours before.

It was his turn to do all the work, he owed it to her tonight. She allowed him to caress her nipples, pinching them between his fingers. Teasing her, more and more.

She lifted one leg up, resting it over her thigh. She was spread wide for him, nothing in the way of her wet pussy other than a tiny silk cloth. His fingers made their way down over her stomach, searching for her wet spot.

Finally when he’d teased his way down, he rubbed her hot spot buca escort bayan through those panties. She moaned aloud, his mouth found the spot at the base of her neck that drove her wild. He nuzzled in, licking her skin. He was tasting her and touching her as if he never had before.

His dick pressed harder against her. She was hot now, so hot she wanted him so badly. His fingers edged under the silk, finding her sopping wet. Dripping for him, his fingers lubed with her taste. She pressed herself toward his fingers. He rubbed the nub of her clit, his movements made her cum.

Feeling her sticky juices all over his hand, he turned her onto her back. Her perky nipple poked out, he leaned against her soft skin. Taking her nipple into his mouth, he began to suckle.

She felt his stubble rub against her bare skin, her body stiffened. Her husband shaved just that afternoon before heading off to work. His face wouldn’t be so rough already. Her hand traced his chest, running up toward his cheek.

The tiny scar above his eye was noticable. She ran her hand back over his cheek, stopping on the way down to rest on his chest. His hand still buried between her legs.

She knew now it was her brother, but she didn’t want to stop. She had needed to be wanted for so long. This passion, this want, it was all what she’d been begging her husband for. She’d longed for it for such a long time, she couldn’t turn away from it now.

He lifted up, his mouth moving across her to the other nipple. Taking it in, sucking harder. She moaned again, her needs were being met. He was being the perfect lover, how could she stop this? Her mind was in chaos. She spread her legs wider, encouraging to touch her more.

His fingers found her enterance and pushed their way in. Making her squirm and moan even more. She was soaked now, working on soaking the sheets. Her brother the one to make her this way.

He kissed his way down to her navel, teasing her skin. It felt on fire from his caress. He found her belly button and used his tongue to tease her. Slowly making his way down to her pussy. She had the tiniest patch of hair, shaped like a heart. He parted it to expose her clit.

His tongue flicked across, her moans grew louder. She spread herself as wide as she could, making room for him. He was now between her legs, his mouth an inch from her cunt. He pushed his fingers deeper inside, fucking her with them.

Her breathe quickening, escort buca she gasped and moaned again. He parted her lips, running his tongue from her clit to her asshole. Teasing her wetness, tasting all of her. She bucked her hips toward him. With her welcome, he abandoned fucking her with his fingers and buried his face in her tasty cunt.

He went down on her, burying himself inside her. She was close to orgasm now, his face had to be covered in her juices. He ran his tongue up from her ass. Taking time to tease her asshole before he ran it up to her clit and nibbled it harder and harder.

She grabbed his hair, holding him to her sweetness. Begging him not to stop, she shook and humped his face. Causing him to grip her thighs, biting harder on her clit. She bucked one last time, feeling the cum dribble down his chin, onto her.

His face covered in her juice, he leaned over her. Pushing the pillow over a little, he pressed his face near her ear, he whispered, “Your turn little sister! I know you enjoyed that, are you ready to suck your brother’s big cock?”

She moaned, still numb from her orgasm. He kissed her neck, finding his way to her lips. She met his with a need, a hunger for a man. His tongue parted her lips, teasing her mouth the way he had her pussy. The head of his cock teased her opening, rubbing against her clit. Her hands wrapped around his neck, tangled in his hair. She wanted him more than she had ever wanted any man.

He pulled himself up to a kneeling position, giving her room to find his cock. She kissed down his neck, across his chest and down his rock hard abs. He was in great shape, his cock dangled between his legs. She felt it, starting with one hand, then the other.

In the dark, she could only guess how amazing his cock was. She estimated it at about eight inches, very thick. She stroked it first, running her tongue along to lube it up. Gulping, she leaned her mouth near the head.

It was now or never she thought, she couldn’t tease him if she wasn’t going to help him cum too. She opened her mouth and he pressed the head of his cock into her throat. She bobbed her head, up and down. His hands were caught in her hair.

She rubbed the underside with her tongue, tasting his entire length deep into her throat. She gagged, choking on his solid cock. Pre-cum dribbled down her chin. His hands holding her head, he began to fuck her mouth. In and out, harder and harder he fucked her mouth. buca escort

Finally, he pulled back. His cock slapped against her cheek, she licked the head like a lollipop. She made her way back up to his face, her lips finding his. This kiss was deeper, more passionate.

She had become daring, allowing her brother to eat her pussy. Then sucking his cock. Both were completely naked now, perfectly aroused. His cock was pressed against her bare stomach. She could feel the heat.

She nibbled his ear lobe, teasingly, “So big brother, did you like that?”

She could almost see his grin in the dark, “Oh yeah Candy, you’re so sweet. I need to be in you.”

Her smile was wide, her body was on sexy alert, “Really? Well then, what’s stopping you? Fuck your little sister!”

She leaned back against her pillows, he lowered himself over her. The head of his cock touching her opening, he was hesitant.

“Just do it, fuck the hell out of me! Do it now!” She was begging, but she didn’t care, he was teasing her for too long.

He just enjoyed teasing her more, he gripped her wrists in one hand. Pinning them above her head, he pushed into her. She gasped loudly, “Oh fuck me!”

He let go of her hands, but caught her legs instead. Forcing them up to his shoulders, he buried his cock deep into her. Pumping his hips, causing her pleasure and pain all at once.

She begged for more, harder! He flipped her over onto her knees. Slapping her huge ass. She knelt, spread wide in front of him. His cock found her opening again, sinking deeper into her.

He pounded with all he had, using her hips as a guide. She was screaming now, begging for his cum. He couldn’t resist it, he couldn’t stop himself now. He used one hand to find her clit.

Rubbing her clit while she bounced against his cock. He was about to burst. He pulled out of her, prepared to cum across her chest.

She had other ideas, she pushed him back onto the bed. Climbing onto his dick, she began to rock with him inside her. His head tilted back, his eyes closed. He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t stop.

She bounced on him, slowly teasing him by pulling almost out before dropping all the way down. Burying him deep in her. She was about to cum too.

He tried to push her off, but she gripped him. Rubbing harder and harder, her clit rubbed against his skin. She cried out, gripping his shoulders.

As her fingers dug into his shoulders, he tried to move her off of him. She wasn’t having it though, his efforts were useless. He cried out himself before filling her with his cream.

She rested against his chest, exhausted from their passion. He kissed her forehead as she whispered, “You can spend the night any time you want!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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