Spying on Mom Ch. 03

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All characters in this work of fiction are over 18.

“Watch me play with my nipples, lover boy – I know how much you like seeing my nips get stiff when I pull and twist these hard, hard nubbins. And I really love playing with my nips while you watch. Maybe I’ll have a nipple orgasm for you. Did I really say ‘maybe?’ Count on me having a nipple orgasm! Or two! Oh, you want to suck on my hard, stiff nipples, too? Here you go! Just give both nipples equal time. Oh, and let’s watch Mom play with her own nipples, too.”

John could feel the firmness of Kelli’s nipples – yes, both nips – as he sucked her nipples between his lips and ran his tongue over their sensitive ends. So firm, so delicious! John’s dick was hard as a board, very warm, tightly enclosed, and very wet.

“Watch me, too, John,” said his Mom, who appeared beside Kelli, her bikini cups pulled up to expose her own stiff nipples. “I want you to watch me play with my hard nipples instead of watching that vixen sister of yours and her big, firm boobs. Don’t you like my nipples better? And I love having you watch me play with my nipples at least as much as your sister does.”

John did not answer. What can you say when you’ve got two nipples sucked between your lips and teeth and your tongue is lovingly laving the sensitive ends of those nips? Instead, John just stared (not open mouthed this time) as Mom pulled up on her nipples, raising her gloriously large boobs until the force of gravity acting on her heavy breasts exceeded the traction between fingers and her nipples. John watched as Marie’s boobs bobbed down, and then back up, her eyes closed and a groan escaping her open mouth. But then, her breasts kept bouncing and bouncing, just as high and low as the first bounce. And then her boobs were gyrating in circles, the stiff nipples scribing opposing arcs in the air. Meanwhile, John kept licking stiff, succulent nipples. But whose nipples were they?

Wait a minute – it was Kelli’s boobs that went in circles as I ground into her hips in her bed. Mom’s boobs shouldn’t still be gyrating, should they? This must be a dream, John finally realized.

But if this is a dream, I don’t want it to stop. But if I get too high, I know I’ll wake up instead of having a wet dream. But who cares, this is too hot! John started to thrust his dick into the bed sheets.

What if …

John was now looking down on Kelli and his Mom, who were lying on their sides, feet pointing in opposite directions, both with their heads lined up with the other woman’s boobs. Each woman was sucking on the other’s nipples, with boobs pillowing out in breath-taking mounds. Their nipples were so stiff and now very wet, as saliva coated them whenever they backed away to work on the other nip. And all the time, John was licking nipples and holding onto a boob, rubbing yet another nipple. So hot! I don’t care if I make a mess in the bed, I want to come! Stiff nipples, big soft boobs, maybe my dick is inside my sister’s hot pussy, my Mom’s nipples poking out under her bikini, it’s been so long since I’ve come during a hot dream, nipples, nipples, nipples … I’m so close…

And then, as John predicted, he woke up before he in fact spilled his seed. Dang!

Then, his mind reeled with the incongruities. The fading sun was coming through the window – of his sister’s bedroom. And, he did, in fact, have a handful of large, pliant bosom, with a stiff nipple responding to the unconscious nipple rub he’d been applying. And, the warm, clinging slot where his hard, hard dick was lodged, was his hot sister’s pussy, not against his sheet! He froze, tensed, and drew in a quick breath, but otherwise did not move.

“Have a nice nap, lover boy?” Kelli purred, bringing her hand up to cover John’s grip on her right boob, a move designed to make sure he did not abandon her ever hungry nipple. When John continued to cup her boob and manipulate her nipple, she moved her hand to her other boob, cupping at and playing with her other stiff nipple.

“Um – yeah – with a very hot dream,” he mumbled, giving his dick a gentle thrust to confirm that yes, he had napped, and woke up, without ever having his dick leave his sister’s pussy empty. What a thrill that realization was! That erotic notion brings him close to coming, once again. “Um – how long have you been awake?”

“Oh, maybe five minutes. I’m guessing that’s when your hand started to twitch on my bosom and you started breathing heavy. I helped you find my nipple, and then concentrated on feeling that amazing dick of yours get bigger and bigger as it inflated deeper into my womb, stretching the walls of my pussy as it grew. I tried to imagine what it must look like – you know, if I had X-ray vision. It was hot! But I wanted to see what would happen – would you have a wet dream inside your sister, or would you wake up first? Either way was going to be hot. Were you dreaming about me?” she asked coyly. “You’d better say canlı bahis yes!” she finished, as she thrust back a little more intensely.

“Oh, you do feel amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of your stiff nipples,” he said, making a play to get both nips in his one hand. Kelli allowed it, shifting her right hand down to her sopping clit. “And yes, you were certainly in my dream.”

“… and Mom, too?”


“Truth. I’m the one you’re screwing, but I kind of liked watching her play with her own nipples, too.”

“Well, yeah, I was watching both of you play with your nipples while I was sucking on a pair of nipples as well. I think they were yours. Must be, since yours are the only nipples I’ve ever sucked on!” So far, he thought. One could always hope! He pinched her nipples a bit tighter and thrust a bit deeper.

“Cool. So what was so hot that it made you wake up?”

“Well, I don’t know if there is a name for it, but if you two had been doing 69 on each other, but instead of licking your pussies you were licking each other nipples, that would be it. It was so hot I couldn’t stand it, and I wanted to come, but …” he trailed off.

“Whoa – nipple 69 with Mom! I’m not sure at all about being bi, but I can see how that would turn a guy on.” She upped the hip action, loving how John’s dick filled her up so full on the in thrust.

“Um – Kelli – can you see the clock? I hate to think about being practical, but it must be getting late, Mom could be coming home for dinner, and we ought to, well, clean up at some point.”

“Damn, and I was just going to lie here and let you play with my nipples and fill my cunt until the cows came home – or at least until you did!” She glanced at the clock. “But I guess the cows are already home – nearly 7:00. Let’s do this!” she said, really putting some energy into her fucking while playing with her clit and rubbing John’s dick as it slid in and out of the entrance to her love canal. She knew that was one of his triggers.

“There’s always tomorrow,” John replied, as he thrust more and more deeply in and then almost fully out, continuing to maul his sister’s pebbled nipples.

“Oooohhhh, yes, yes, harder,” cried Kelli as she came for – what – the 20th time that day?

“Ungggghhhh,” John cried, as he took a huge breath and held most of it while planting another load of hot sperm deep inside his sister, never losing his grip on her sensitive nipples.

Meanwhile, Marie had only barely left the house when she missed a traffic light by seconds. As she fumed about being called away, the breeze from the AC blowing across her stiffening nipples caught her attention. She glanced around – no one in the next lane. With that she fully opened her blouse and brought both hands to her now quite stiff nipples. Wanting to take full advantage of the two minute red, she spread her fingers and rubbed like her nipples like they were guitar picks and her fingers were the strings.

Oh! That was fast, she thought to herself as a mini orgasm shot through her. And me with no panties! Thinking quickly, she grabbed some tissues from under her seat and stuffed them under her pussy lips and somewhat between as well. That should catch my juices, she thought. Her clit got an “incidental” rub before she went back to her nipples. Then the light changed. Oh, well, there would be three or four more between here and the office. She left her nipples out and carefully used just her left hand to slowly stroke first one nipple and then the other nip. It wouldn’t be good to lose control along this road due to a full on nipple orgasm!

Once at the office, Marie was relieved that the AC was still, as usual, cranked way too cold. It meant that wearing her jacket through the meeting would not look out of place. Because if she’d had to take it off, her nipples would definitely have looked out of place, perched as her nipples were, just above the cups of her shelf bra, and with only a translucent blouse between her nipples and the crowd of men around the table. Her nipples perked up in anticipation how the evening was likely to go. She hoped that the tissues stuffed between her labia would stay in place. And that there were enough of them!

As the meeting got under way, Marie forced herself to pay attention, giving the critical advice when needed. But when the discussion veered to aspects not in her purview, she only feigned attention, directing her gaze in the general direction of the speaker, but only half hearing his words. Meanwhile, she folded her arms on top of the conference table, leaned in a bit, and slid her hands inside the lapels of her jacket, giving a little shiver, as if to show that she was chilly. In fact, however, the shiver was in response to her fingers coming back into contact with her well-hidden nipples.

Most of the time, as the meeting dragged on, she toyed with her nipples through the blouse, but on occasion, she bahis siteleri slid the fingers of her left hand between the gaps in the buttons of her blouse to make direct finger to nipple contact. Oh, she did love playing with her stiff, naked nipples! Part of the time she thought about John’s dick, but mostly she just loved up her aching nipples as best she could. But the fact that she was in this very serious meeting with a bunch of very serious men who had no idea that she was very seriously playing with her very stiff nipples really made her hot! Plus no panties, and no one the wiser. The private mini-nipple orgasms washed over her on a regular basis.

They broke for a half hour around 7:30, but it was clear the meeting would not wrap up until 11:00 or later. Marie reluctantly texted the kids to that effect, then she visited the ladies room where she hung up the jacket, opened her blouse, and gazed admiringly at the way her boobs and nipples were displayed on the shelf bra. Now, she could play, in private, with her now truly naked nipples. Enough with suppressed mini-nipple orgasms, time now for a big one!

She still wanted John’s cock, but for now, at least she still had her gloriously stiff, ultra-sensitive nipples! She pulled her nipples up and out until they slipped from her fingers, repeating the motion faster and faster. The nipple orgasm overtook her quickly, and she stifled the moan that tried to escape from her lips. She kept rubbing her nipples for some minutes even as she came down from the high. Looking at her watch, though, she reluctantly cleaned up, inserted more tissues into her labia, repositioned her boobs in the shelf bra, gave her nipples one more tweak, and returned to the table with slightly flushed cheeks, hoping no one would notice. No one did. Thankfully, she only needed to pay attention to the speakers a few more times for the remainder of the night; the rest of her attention was devoted to her achingly stiff nipples. She repeated the rest room nipple orgasm drill at the 9:30 break and again before leaving at 11:30. There were times that being the only woman in the firm had its advantages – no risk of an interruption in the ladies room!

As Kelli’s breathing began to slow after their last orgasm, the clock read 7:10 when Kelli heard her stomach growl. “Seems likely that we’re on our own for now. Are you up for pizza? I am kind of hungry.”

“I’m still hungry for your nipples,” John replied, noting that Kelli’s nips were no longer at full attention. “But yes, let’s get pizza.”

Kelli called for pizza while John tried to distract her by playing with her nipples, which immediately stiffened back up. Again, she dazzled him with her ability to carry on a conversation at the same time that her nipples were being ravaged. When she hung up, she said, “We’ve got 20 minutes and no word from Mom yet – guess we’d better shower in our own bathrooms; it wouldn’t be good if she walked in while you were fooling around with my boobs. And we both smell too much of sex right now.”

“Awww …,” John mock protested. “Just one more nibble of your nipples,” he suggested. Kelli relented, and within minutes, his tongue brought her nipples to full attention and quickly to a minor nipple orgasm.

“Quick, to the showers,” Kelli finally intoned. Still, she couldn’t resist rubbing her nipples one more time during her shower, then giving her pussy a thorough cleaning. A very, very thorough cleaning.

Both of their phones buzzed when they stepped out of their showers. Dropping their towels, they ran naked into the hallway – Kelli with her boobs bobbling and John with his dick lengthening. “She won’t be home until midnight!” they both said to each other, lascivious grins crossing their faces as young, taut, bulging naked bodies were scanned by the other. “The pizza guy… Dang, got to put on some clothes,” Kelli said, a little crestfallen.

“Ahhh – but what clothes?” John asked, grinning. “Kelli, do you think you could fit into one of Mom’s bras?”

“Well, they might be a bit tight, but why … Ohh, one of her shelf bras!” Kelli exclaimed, her nipples filling in once again. “I like the way you think, brother. And I’ve got just the top. I hope it’s that nerdy kid again – it will be fun to tease him!”

“Better hurry, he’ll be here in five.”

Boobs swaying and nipples extending as she worked on her plan, Kelli padded into her Mom’s bedroom. She found her Mom’s bra drawer on the second try and couldn’t resist giving her nipples a quick tug – a nipple tug that went straight to her clean pussy, which was already getting damp again. A second, neatly folded shelf bra sat on top. With trembling hands, Kelli slipped it on, glancing in the mirror at her boobs and stiff nipples as she did so. Her tits rested a tad uneasily on the half cups, oozing over the lace on all sides. But that didn’t bother Kelli, since the prime objective was to display her naked nipples, which poked out bahis şirketleri prominently, along with nearly the complete circles of her areolas. Kelli strummed her nipples again – this was going to be fun!

Back in her room, Kelli never even gave a thought to putting on panties. Instead, she simply stepped into her short cheerleading skirt, raising it up her trim waist until she could nearly see her naked pussy in the mirror – just right! Thinking ahead, she slipped a twenty into the inside pocket. Next, she found her lacy pool cover-up and buttoned the bottom three buttons, which served to close the top just to the point of her deep, long cleavage.

The fabric was so lacy that she could easily see the white bra and the darker nipples and areolas perched above the half cups. But were the holes in the lace big enough to pull her nipples through? She reached up underneath to cup her left boob, then tried to force the nipple through one of the openings. Dang, she couldn’t quite get her nipple through! Maybe if her nip weren’t so big and stiff – but no, her nipples weren’t going down any time soon!

She hurried down the stairs, boobs swaying and wobbling on top of the bra, then called out, “John, I need your help with my nipples.” Needless to say, at the sound of the word “nipples,” John, dressed in nothing but his short tennis shorts, hustled in from the den, where he’d just found a lingerie channel. But the sight that greeted him put the pretty girls on the screen to shame!

“Holy … Damn, girl, you are hot! Help with your nipples, you say?” Kelli explained that she needed more hands to spread the fabric enough to force her nipples through the lace. John was quick to assess the situation, and shortly had Kelli’s stiff left nipple pulled through and throbbing. For some reason, though, John was finding it – um – hard to get her right nipple through. There was a lot of fondling of the right boob and a lot of tweaking of the nipple going on, but, gee, it wouldn’t quite fit. Kelli was getting so turned on by the nipple play that she forgot to protest.

Then the doorbell rang, and she instructed, “Now, John, get my nipple through that opening!” Sure enough, that pesky right nipple was nestled in its lacy cage in a second, poking through with red tinged lust.

“Coming,” Kelli called out, then, over her shoulder, “well, almost.” As she hurriedly walked to the front door, the cover-up swung freely around her shoulders and around her back, but the motion of the front was limited by the motion of Kelli’s boobs – which is to say, not all that limited. But her throbbing nipples were most assuredly snared in the lacy cages of the mesh top, and that area of the top moved as her nipples and wobbly boobs moved. Which was a lot.

With her hand on the door, she thought about giving her nipples a quick pinch, but looking down, it was clear her nipples could not be any stiffer. But what the heck – it would feel good anyway! She gave her nipples a quick pull, then doubled over a bit as she felt her pussy muscles contracting. John, who had silently positioned himself in the dining room so as to see both Kelli and the delivery guy, whispered, “Nice!”

Kelli swung the door open quickly, causing her boobs to swivel around on top of the shelf bra, the stiff nipples still popping through their lacy openings. The reaction of the poor delivery boy was classic – his eyes were immediately drawn to the motion of Kelli’s boobs, and when he realized that the tips of her nipples were naked to his eyes, his lower jaw dropped. As did the pizza box.

To his credit, he caught the pizza box before it hit the ground. When he straightened up, he couldn’t help but notice how much leg he was looking at. The light was fading, but … damn! Did he just get a flash of her naked pussy??

Once he was fully – um – erect (yes, it was happening fast), he did his best to look at Kelli’s smiling face – he really did – but most of the time he spent looking at her nipples. God, would he ever beat off to the memory of this beauty! He spotted the shelf bra itself through the cover-up, but he had no previous idea that such a device existed. Damn, all that cleavage, all of that boobage, and those nipples!

“So …?” Kelli intoned, swaying her shoulders to make her boobs wobble a bit, loving the attention and the mesmerizing impact her tits and nipples had made.

“Um … pardon me?” A quick glance at Kelli’s face – very pretty, to boot – then back to the nipples that kept staring back at him.

“So … what do we owe you?”

“Oh, uhh,” glancing at the slip on the box, “20 dollars.” A quick glance at her face, then back to the nipples. God, they were stiff!

“Well, here’s a 20,” Kelli said, pulling her cheerleading skirt out further than she needed to to reach the bill she had slid into the inside pocket while dressing. Just coincidentally, this allowed the delivery boy to briefly see down to the top of her pubic hair. Suspicion confirmed – no panties!

“As for tips, I hope these will do,” Kelli said with a grin, giving her nipples another squeeze before taking the box and quickly closing the door on the dumbfounded boy.

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