Squirt and Her Cousins Ch. 05-07

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Chapter 5

The Seduction of Angie

We all walked over the grass to the beach, sitting on the sand talking, we were disturbed by Angie looking smashing in a brief yellow one piece. “Hi guys how is it going? We had a shocking drive up yesterday, there had been an accident on the highway and both lanes were closed for five hours. Three people were killed; we did not get in here until three thirty this morning, anyway I am going down for a swim, any one joining me?”

“How about you all go back to the house, I want to start my seduction of Angie.” We all smiled in anticipation and traipsed back up to the house.

Zoe walked down to the water and swam out to where Angie was trading water. “Hi Angie it’s great to see you here, sorry about your horror trip, at least you are safe.”

“Thanks Zoe, but after Pita’s accident two years ago, I have been finding difficulty accepting it. Yesterday just brought all my nightmares back to me. Last night I had some terrible dreams re-living the horrors of two years ago and woke up crying this morning. All the good work that my psychiatrists have done has been destroyed. Let’s go in I think I would like to sit in the sun on the warm sand.”

The two girls swam ashore and lay out on their towels. “If I can help you forget, you can use my shoulder as a wailing wall. You would find me a good and compassionate listener.”

“Oh Zoe thank you, I must admit that on past holidays I have ignored you and Sam, but to have someone that I can pour my miseries and insecurities out to would be wonderful. My psychiatrist always said that it is important to have a friend you can trust. I think you may be that friend. When at school I went out with the boys and would kiss and cuddle at parties; yet I was never really into it. Girl friends encouraged me to lose my virginity but it just wasn’t me. Then the Christmas holidays before my final year, I went to a tennis camp rather than come up here. I shared a room with my best friend Pita. One day Pita and I were rostered to play the last game of the day. We fought for a long time until Pita got the better of me. It was late and we knew that if we showered in the dressing rooms we would miss dinner so we went as we were. After dinner we went up to our room and to the showers. I had never seen Pita naked before and I was really taken with her beauty. I felt a cold shiver run through me and my nipples became hard and pussy really wet. After the shower we returned to our room and I watched her get dressed; I was spellbound, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. She saw me sitting there and I stammered that I had never seen her naked before and it was a great distraction because I was really homesick. Pita hugged me and I don’t know, I became really emotional and told her how much I missed my mum. She sighed, telling me that she would be my mum. It was the sweetest thing she could have said and before the evening was out we were lovers and I had a mistress to order my life for me. We lived together for twelve months. The next Christmas, she was going to meet me here for the holidays. I was so excited, we were going to make love everywhere and then the day came when she was going to join us. I remember the car coming down the track and I was wet with excitement. A policewoman got out and told me that she had been killed in a four car pileup; I collapsed and was taken by ambulance to hospital. The day of the funeral I completely broke down and withdrew into myself; no one could get me to respond and I was admitted to a mental hospital. I spent twenty five weeks there and was placed under the care of a young psychiatrist. Her name was Felicity and we became really good friends. Before I left she was my mistress and I began to improve. We lived together for ten months; she was very strict and insisted that the house be kept properly. Sex with her was simply divine and I loved her desperately but it became obvious that she didn’t have the same feelings for me. The other day she told me that she was moving in with another woman. It wasn’t a complete surprise because I had found a strange message on her mobile. Four days ago, when I arrived home, she told me to clean my clothes out. I returned here devastated and then was confronted with the accident. Zoe I don’t know what to do, I can’t get my thoughts into order. You see I have always been a very insecure person prone to highs and lows, not that my parents were ever cruel or even harsh I simply lacked confidence in myself. I am beginning to burn, could you rub some sun screen onto my back, and I’ll then do yours.” Zoe took the lotion and with shaking hands began to massage it onto Angie’s exposed neck and shoulders, down her lower back and then onto her legs working up to her thighs. Handing the tube to Angie she lay back feeling her firm hands rub the cream into her. As she did her legs and thighs she could feel her become wet, soaking through the costume leaving a dark stain on the crotch of her white costume. “You see Zoe I am so insecure canlı bahis that I find it difficult to organise my own life. I relied on Pita and then Felicity to do this for me and now they have both gone; Pita dying in a horror crash and Felicity deserting me. Oh Zoe what s to become of me? I don’t want to live, I would be much better off dead.” Angie rolled onto Zoe’s shoulder and started to sob her eyes out, her shoulders heaving with emotion while Zoe putting an arm around her lovely tanned shoulders hugged her, kissing her neck.

“All right Angie, you get it all out, I won’t let you come to any harm I promise, I am strong and will protect you, defend you.” Whispered Zoe huskily, letting her hand slip down around her shapely buttocks. After a long time Angie sat up, drying her eyes, sniffing, hiccuping, and suggesting they went into the water so she could clean up. “That’s a good idea, let’s then take a long walk along the cliffs edge. The view is spectacular and we will be alone so that no one can eves drop on us. I meant what I said Angie, use me as your wailing wall and I will be your guide. Now, last one in is a couch potato.” They swam out until they were standing on the sand bank twenty meters off shore. Standing waist deep, Angie hugged Zoe. “You are the, bestest friend, I will never be able to thank you for what you are doing for me today.”

“What are friends for, if they can’t help when it’s needed? Let’s swim in and take that walk.”

They walked up the beach and wrapping their towels around them and took the track to the cliff top. Walking silently along, listening to the birds in the trees and watching the white caps out on the reef. Coming upon a bench seat they sat down and Angie continued her sad lamentation. “I am the kind of person who needs order in her life, someone to submit to, who will love me and whom I can look up to. A lover I can cook for when she returns from work and sleep with and make passionate sex with. That’s what Pita did for me. I would not have completed school without her and then she died. Felicity took her place and then deserted me. My life is not worth anything; whenever anything good happens I am deserted. Oh God Zoe what will I do? My life is in ruins and there is no escape.”

Zoe put her arm around her and hugging her said; “You always have me. I will take care of you, organise your life for you and make passionate sex with you. That is if you will have me.”

“Do you mean it? Do you love me that much? Please, I will do anything for you if you will just take care of me, mother me.” Angie lent over and kissed Zoe on the mouth her serpentine tongue snaking in and entangling itself with her future bedfellows tongue. It continued for what seemed hours, kissing under the early afternoon sun, the raucous call of black cockatoos overhead, their hands exploring, touching.

Pulling back Zoe looked deeply into her lovers eyes. “Let’s walk home; I think we need to be somewhere private.” They stood up Angie standing taller than Zoe her arm draped across her backside. They walked slowly arm in arm back to the house and down to the garage. Once inside and locking the door behind them they fell into each others arms. Tongues wrestling and hands exploring, hand around Zoe slipped her hand around Angie’s back untying the knot holding her one piece up. Putting her thumbs under the costume she peeled it down over her large pendulous breasts across her stomach and over her hips to her feet. Angie lifted a foot, kicking the costume off.

Zoe stood back admiring her naked cousin. Large DD breasts and a firm stomach going down to her sex, naked but for a small black line of hair above her sodden fanny. Her puffy pussy lips were damp with her dew, an indication of just how aroused she had already become. Jesus Angie you are simply fucking hot and sexy; the most fuckable woman I have ever met. Still standing back from her Zoe slowly slid her costume down over her small breasts exposing her hard nipples; tracing down her silken trail uncovering her deep navel before easing it over her wide hips and pausing above her pubic mound making Angie wait with expectation before stripping quickly down her thighs and perfectly formed legs to her feet. Stepping out she stood as bare as the day she was born. The looked at each other in silence Angie’s breathing becoming short and labored. Falling back together their lips clashing, tongues weaving they allowed their hands to begin the ultimate exploration of their soft torsos.

Angie submitted to her future mistress as she became the aggressor. Zoe’s hands cupping her gigantic orbs, pinching her erect knobs hearing her gasp with the sharp pain. As her hands traced around the base of her breasts Zoe was thinking how she was going to berry face between her fun bags.

One hand still playing with a breast she allowed the other to slide down her velvety skin to just above her sodden fanny. Pushing an inquisitive finger down her slit she scratched her nail across bahis siteleri her sensitive labia, Angie moaning as she felt the sensitive skin erupt with pleasure. When Zoe stepped back Angie gasped with frustration until taken by the hand and led to the double mattress and told to lie down.

Zoe fell over her, allowing her mouth access to her pussy. She cried out thrusting her hips up as Zoe’s subtle tongue eased apart her puffy lips. Starting low down below her pussy she lazily licked her tongue up and down capturing engorged labia in her lips as she did so. Angie thrashing as she rode the waves of the torment as her passion rose higher and higher. As she slipped her tongue under the hood protecting her fuck button Angie went ballistic as her first orgasm with Zoe erupted with a violence she had never experienced before.

Zoe continued stimulating her clitoris whilst her fingers pushed between her lips into her love tunnel. Moving slowly around the wall she touched upon her G spot causing her submissive lover to have a big O in as many minutes; the sweltering spasms squirting into her lover expectant mouth.

They were exhausted, lying in each others arms slowly recovering from their torrid session of sexual stimulation they passed out into a heavy slumber. Sleeping together Angie’s mouth just above her mistresses left breast they did not awake until the sun was low in the sky. Angie slipped silently out of bed and going to the fridge returned with beers. Leaning over, kissing a breast she woke her lover. “Her is a beer for you darling.” Zoe said she needed to go to the toilet first and went towards the toilet. Angie gasped when she saw the fading stripes across her bottom.

“What have you been up to? You have allowed someone to whip you.”

“Oh yes, Sam, Squirt and I ask George to whip us weekly because we are naughty girls. I find it really erotic and can’t wait for the next session.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Oh yes, the pain is the best thing. Sam is a real pain slut whilst Squirt always has an orgasm on the twentieth stroke. I just cry with the excitement it brings me. Why don’t you join us for the next session? If you would rather, I will administer your punishment myself.”

“You are going to be my lifelong mistress so if you are going to get George to punish you I believe you should punish me. I really couldn’t get George to do it, although I love him as a cousin he is, after all a man and I could not bring myself to being flogged by him. I don’t mind getting naked in front of him; after all we have all done this in the past. So my love, my mistress and dominatrix would you please flog my disobedient arse at your next punishment session?”

“Of course I will do that for you. Now let’s return home for our evening meals. Will you join me in my bed tonight, I need an orgasm myself. Angie there is just something I have to say, I am not a lesbian rather I am bisexual, I also need a bit of dick, George’s dick to be precise. Tomorrow morning he and I are taking off for a day and night of glorious sex so I will not be with you for thirty six hours. ”

Chapter 6

The Engagement

“Squirt darling would you rather I didn’t go with Zoe today?”

“Of course not, you go and fuck her brains out, she loves you as well. Now you run along and collect that beautiful cousin of ours, Sam and I will cover for you. Fancy taking her to a resort, she is certainly the lucky number.”

“Look darling I don’t want her to feel that she is on the sideline. As you know I spent the night with Sam and we had great sex. Zoe was asleep in the same room with Angie, but she found us sleeping arm in arm this morning. Do you understand why I wish to treat her to something really special? You and I will be together forever and I believe that Sam won’t be far away either so let’s give her a break.” Kissing Squirt I walked around to Zoe passing Sam on the way. Pulling her to me I gave her a hot kiss and pushed two fingers under her skirt and into her cunt. She moaned before kissing me and walking quickly away.

When I arrived in Zoe’s room she was lying naked on her bed with a back pack on the chair beside her, Angie was nowhere to be seen. I kissed her. “Now Zoe I want you to get up and dress yourself in a pair of shorts and white panties; please put your yellow tee shirt on and wear a pair of thongs. One item I forgot to tell you to pack was a pair of dressy shoes. Now let’s go because we have a long drive ahead of us.

We got into my car and headed south down the highway. When we passed the fifty kilometer mark I pulled off the road and gave Zoe a blindfold asking her to put it on. We drove on until I pulled into a five star resort with water front access. Once we had pulled up and were met by a porter I told Zoe to remove her blindfold.

“Oh fuck, what are doing for me? How long are we staying here?”

“We are booked into the honeymoon penthouse on the top floor. It is the best room in the resort. bahis şirketleri We are here until tomorrow lunch. We have to depart at two so that we can get home before the folks. Now let’s get our bags and book in, because there are many surprises for you.” We went in leaving the car with the porter. Once we were booked in we were taken to our suit. When we walked in Zoe gasped in awe. The penthouse comprised a lounge room with double French doors leading into the bedroom. The bed was a king size heart shaped bed with a private terrace overlooking the ocean. The bath room had a huge bath, a double shower and a spa. Returning to the lounge room Zoe saw a huge bouquet of flowers and a cold bottle of Champaign.

She came up to me with tears in her eyes. “Fuck George how much is this costing you? I didn’t know that you loved me as much as this.”

“Zoe we have all night to talk but right now have a glass of Champaign, it’s imported from France.” When our glasses were full I raised my glass. “To the world’s most beautiful woman; here is a token of my love.”

“Oh my God what can I do to match all this?”

“You already have. You are here and we are going to make great sex together. Now let’s cork the wine and try out this bed. We have time for a quickie before lunch. We have a table booked in the restaurant.” Zoe put her arm around me and we walked into the bedroom. Getting naked we fell onto the huge bed. I rolled onto her and started to kiss her neck, licking my tongue over her soft skin. Breathing in her perfume I kissed her eyes and ears before taking her lips in my mouth and slowly pushing my tongue into her mouth. Zoe was responding with force moaning encouragement as her hands slid down my back. I took position of her breast, growling as I did so. Like her twin Zoe’s breasts are quite erotic. I kissed her nipples, bringing them to full extension. Forcing my knee between her legs; massaging her sex. Zoe was beginning to go into overdrive as I replaced my knee with my mouth and started to tease her clit as I pushed my fingers inside.

“Oh fuck I love this please put it in me. Pummel me, fuck me and make me cum. Oh shit what are you doing now? I can’t take any more you have taken total possession of me. I give you my body, you own me. I am cumming, yes my muscles are clamping my pussy is weeping, George keep driving into me cum in me. Here it is. Oh fuck you have brought on the best climax yet.” Zoe thrashed on the bed, the jetsam of our love leaving the bed clothes in a heap on the floor. As she began to subside my orgasm arrived, pumping deep into Zoe’s womb. We lay there in complete abandon recovering from the most relaxing passion; the type of passion I recognise as unique to Zoe. We lay for about an hour when I told her that we needed to get up and go down to lunch.

“Do I put on my dress?”

“No darling, just wear what you arrived in; the dress is for the formal dinner tonight.” We got dressed and took the lift down to the Flinders Room. The Maitre de took us to our table, asking if we would like a carafe of water. We were thirsty after our exercise and accepted the water gratefully. He returned leaving us with our menus. We both selected the lobster with a bottle of Pinot Noir.

“George, why am I so special to you when it’s Squirt and Sam that you love?”

“Don’t put yourself down. I have had a special place in my heart for you ever since our first time. I know that I love Squirt and Sam and I know that you see me sleeping with Sam for the part of every night. Zoe darling forget all that; when it comes to true erotic love in bed you are the mistress. I love sex with Sam, it’s fast and violent. She tells me to rape her and give her pain. It’s exciting sex. Squirt is also into pain but she is not as intense. When I left your room this morning Sam said she was jealous. I slapped her butt and told her to think. Squirt said she was home sick. She also said the same thing after Sam and me. Now where does this leave you? Well Zoe you are my very special lover. You mean lust; you mean pure sex, not for sex’s sake but for something deeper than that. Sex with you is something truly beautiful and I will never be able to do without it. When we are all together I am really grateful when you and I come together.

So Zoe my love, please don’t imagine, that you are the girl on the sideline because you most certainly are not. Now drink up, because our lobsters are coming. What are we doing over the next thirty hours? I am going to love you and pay homage to your beautiful body, and we are going to be really naughty. So after we have finished lunch I suggest that we return to our room and sleep off the wine and Champaign which we are going to finish. While we are lying in bed I wish to talk with you about some very private and personal topics. This conversation will remain between us, but I need your advice because I am very frustrated.

With lunch over we returned to the penthouse suit and sat back finishing the Champaign. As we sat Zoe looked over to the flowers. “Were they compliments of the house or did you buy them for me?”

“I bought them for you.”

“You spoil me and come to think of it you have been spoiling me for years.”

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