Steamy Workout Escapade

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It was a beautiful day as Missy drove to the gym to workout. She had the top down on her convertible as she drove through town, the wind blowing through her long blonde hair. She was very excited about going to the gym today because she had just hired a sexy new trainer. His name was Jay. He was built like a Greek God.

Missy didn’t know Jay that well. She had seen him at the gym several times working out. She had admired his amazing body from a distance, just hoping to get a closer glance at what lay beneath those tight muscle shirts, and tight biker shorts. She could tell just by looking at him that he was the type who could satisfy a woman’s every aching desire.

She arrived at the gym 10 minutes early so that she could change into her outfit and fix her hair and makeup. She wanted to be sure to look extra sexy today. She went into locker room and changed into tight biker shorts and a sports bra. Missy had big boobs, 38C to be exact, and she loved to flaunt them in front of good looking guys. It was not uncommon for her to bend over innocently, letting whoever look down her shirt. She really got off on that.

After she finished getting ready she made her way to the gym. She walked through the doors and there he stood. She made her way up to him and introduced herself. He seemed really interested in meeting her. Missy could not help but look him up and down to look at his body. She just wanted to reach out and grab that tight ass of his, among other things.

They got started and worked the circuit. They had a really ataşehir escort good conversation, talking about everything. As they got to know each other better the topic of sex came up. They talked about different things that they liked to give and receive. Missy found out that Jay really loved it when a woman sucked on his hard cock and played with his balls. Missy said that she really liked it when a man fucks her from behind while grabbing her ass.

By the time this conversation was over, the gym had just about cleared out, as it was getting close to closing time. Missy’s cunt was dripping wet. She was made horny by all the things Jay had talked about. It was very evident that Jay was very horny too. His cock was just about to pop out of his shorts. Missy was ready to head to the shower room for two reasons. One she was all hot and sweaty from the workout, and two she could not wait to get in there to play with herself. She knew that she had to have an orgasm because she thought that the drive home was too long. She told Jay goodbye and she headed out towards the women’s shower room.

As she made her way there, she kept thinking about what all they had talked about, and she kept getting hornier and hornier. Once in the dressing room, she slowly took off her clothes. She looked around the entire shower room to make sure that there was no one else in there. Once she decided that she was by herself, she quickly started to run her fingers over her clit. She was dripping wet, so she would get some of the wetness on kadıköy escort her finger and rub it over her nipples. It felt so good as she moaned out in delight.

All of a sudden she thought that she heard the door open slowly, like someone didn’t want to be heard or seen. She could she a shadow around the corner. She was pretty sure that it was Jay so she decided to sit down on the bench and spread her legs apart. She wanted to make sure that he got a good look at her naked body and she played with herself, making herself come. She could see everything Jay was doing by his shadow. She watched him slowly and quietly pull down his shorts to expose his hard cock. She watched him stroke it while he fondled his balls with his other hand. Missy made sure to let out some noise as she orgasmed. She wanted to let Jay have a good look at what he could have. She decided that it was time to move into the shower.

She walked over and turned up the hot water to make it nice and steamy. She slowly hopped in the stall, but left the door open. She started to soap up her huge tits and slowly worked her way down. She watched as Jay’s shadow moved closer and closer. She finally decided to let him know that she knew what he was doing and to invite him into the shower.

Jay was surprised to find Missy wanting him to hop into the shower with her. She told him and she needed to “pay” him for today’s workout lesson. She grabbed the bar of soap and started to lather up his chest. She slowly worked her way down to the part she really wanted bostancı escort bayan to play with. She grabbed his hard, throbbing cock in her hand and worked it with her soapy hand. Jay threw his head back with delight as he started to moan. Missy couldn’t wait to put her wet mouth around his thick shaft and suck on it, so that is just what she did. She knelt down and went to work. As she ran her tongue all over it she could taste the pre-cum. She worked all up and down his thick pole, hitting every inch. As she kept going she looked up at Jay she could tell that he was ready to cum. Missy didn’t want this until Jay had fucked her while she was on her hands and knees.

Missy got on the stall floor and Jay to get behind her and ram his cock inside her. He fucked her so hard and so fast that it didn’t take Missy long to orgasm. As she did she could feel Jay’s rod get harder and harder. She reached behind and grabbed his balls. They were so tight and ready to explode all that hot, white cum. Missy couldn’t wait to see all his love juice come shooting out. Jay couldn’t hold out anymore. He told Missy to squat down by his cock so he could shoot all his cum over her face and in her mouth. Missy obliged. She got in the proper position. Jay took his cock into his hands and massaged it slowly at first, but soon was pumping away. Missy had her mouth wide open to receive the load he was about to give her. All of a sudden he let out a moan and his cum was shooting out all over her face. She had it all in her mouth on her face, in her hair, and all over her chest.

When they were finished they got cleaned up and departed the shower room. Missy thanked Jay for his help working out. She said that she would see him the next day and they decided that they needed to do the same “workout” again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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