Stepfather Takes the Daughter

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Big Dicks

I grew up an only child with parents that were very sexually active. When I was 18 I would listen to my parents having sex, and eventually would masturbate to their marathon sex sessions.

I would love to sneak up to their bedroom and watch them fuck. They rarely shut the door, I guess they thought with my room downstairs they didn’t need to. They seemed to be into rough sex, and loved to talk dirty to each other, especially Mom. She was also a screamer, she would moan loudly and when she came she would scream out in pleasure.

One night has always been vivid in my mind because it started out in a fight. They were screaming at each other and really upset. I quietly excused myself to my room for the evening to avoid getting in the middle of the argument. Even downstairs I could hear them yelling, and I struggled to take my mind off the fight. After a while I heard them moving around, and then it sounded like they went into the bedroom, but I could still hear loud voices.

I decided to sneak upstairs to see if everything was okay. Coming up the stairs I heard Mom yell ” fuck you,” and as I looked into the bedroom I saw my dad slap my mom across the face. The look in her eyes was terrifying, and she charged at Dad, slapping him across the face. I was just about to intervene when Dad grabbed her, spun her around, and bent her over the bed, ass up. He lifted her dress, and slapped her bare ass hard, leaving a red mark. Mom screamed, but it was a different scream, almost like she liked it. Dad slapped her again, and she moaned, and arched her ass up.

Dad, in a low guttural voice said, “I will teach you a lesson you fucking bitch,” and removed his belt and lashed it against her ass.

She squealed, and moaned “yes, teach me, punish me, spank me!” Dad slapped her a couple more times, then undid his pants, dropping them to the floor exposing his hard cock. He moved behind her and violently thrust his cock into Mom’s cunt. She whimpered, and moved her ass back towards him, allowing him to go deeper inside her.

They fucked doggy style for a while, until Dad pulled out and ordered Mom to climb on top of him. As she stood up, Dad slapped her across the face again and Mom’s eyes canlı bahis lit up.

“Get on the bed you fucking bastard,” she said and pushed Dad down on his back. His cock was rock hard, and she grabbed it has she swung over him, and in one fluid motion buried the cock into her cunt. She started to ride him hard, and violently and started to talk really nasty. If he did not respond she would slap him across the face, and demand an answer.

They fucked for what seemed like hours, rough, violent and loud. They would slap each other, call each other names, all the time fucking like wild animals. Watching them I literally came in my panties without even touching myself, it was such a turn on.

That night was years ago, and since that time my parents divorced and my mom remarried. But the memory of that night came back to me on a recent visit to my mom and step-dad’s house.

I was asleep in the guest room when I heard the familiar moaning I had heard so much growing up. It was the sure sign my mom was enjoying a good fucking. I smiled and thought what the hell, it can be just like old times. I walked quietly down the hallway to their room and found the door partially open.

Looking in I had a perfect view of the bedroom, and my mother on all fours on the bed. Randy, my step-dad, was behind her fucking her hard. He was slapping her ass hard, and telling her what a dirty fucking bitch she was, and that she better fucking take all of his cock. Obviously my mom had not lost her desire for rough sex!

I moved closer in the doorway to get a better view, and as I did I tripped over the rug in the hallway and fell into the door. I felt like an ass as I looked into my mothers eyes, and saw Randy staring at me. I tried to stammer out some lame excuse, but it was too late.

Mother just smiled, and looked back at Randy, who in turn looked at me and said, “so, spying on us having sex are we?”

I just nodded as Randy stepped away from my mother, pulling his cock out of her. I gasped out loud as he turned towards me, he had the biggest cock I have ever seen. I swear to God it had to be 12 inches long, and thick as a baseball bat! I couldn’t stop staring as he walked towards me, and bahis siteleri grabbed my arm, pulling me towards the bed.

“I think she needs to be punished for this,” Randy said as he looked at my mom.

My mom nodded, and smiled a wicked smile and said “yes, I believe she does.”

Randy pushed me over the bed, next to my mom and lifted up my night gown. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I will be gentle.”

With that he put one hand on my back, holding me down and positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I started to beg, asking him not to, as I did not think I could take that massive cock inside me. He responded with a hard slap to my ass, as he started to push himself into me.

I can’t describe the feeling, but the tip of his cock just barely got inside me and it felt like a baseball bat being shoved inside my cunt. He could feel the pressure as well, and paused for a second while he grabbed my hips, and with one brutal shove, he drove that massive cock into my once tight pussy. I swear to God it felt like he ripped my pussy, and the pressure of that huge tool inside me took my breath away. I thought I was going to pass out for a second, but he just stayed there, all of the cock deep inside me, letting me adjust to the length and girth.

Tears were streaming down my cheek as he slowly pulled himself out, and again, without warning drove himself back into me crushing my cervix. I screamed so fucking loud I am sure the whole neighborhood heard me. I looked over to my mom and she was just watching me with a smile on her face, rubbing her clit.

He was fucking relentless, pounding the shit out of my cunt. The pain was intense, but found myself loosing up, and before long had the first of several orgasms. The wetness helped ease the pressure and I found myself relaxing and enjoyed the monstrous cock. I started to push back in rhythm, arching my back, working the cock around my pussy, when all of a sudden Randy stopped fucking me, and pulled his cock out of me.

When the cock left my hole it made a popping sound, as the gaping hole suddenly closed. I looked back, just in time to see Randy raising his hand to slap my ass. His hand hit hard against my ass and I felt bahis şirketleri the sting, and watched the instant welt form.

Randy looked at my mom, and said “I am done with this bitch for now, get your ass over here.”

With that I sprang from the bed, and slapped Randy hard across the face, pissed off that he had hit me, but honestly more pissed that he stopped fucking me.

Randy stepped back, grinned at me and said, “just like your mother, I like that!” He grabbed my arm, and pushed me back on the bed. Holding me tight he said, “just sit here and watch like a good girl, and maybe I will fuck you again.”

I was still pissed but I also had a gaping hole in my pussy that I desperately wanted filled again by his cock. So, I sat there like a good little horny bitch and watched as he man-handled my mother, fucking her hard, rough and loud. I watched intensely as he pulled himself in and out of her pussy watching how the folds of her skin gripped his cock. My God I thought, she has been fucking him for a while and she is still tight against his huge cock. This thought just heightening the sexual desire, I had to have more of his cock, and I rubbed myself to an orgasm.

After close to thirty minutes of fucking, I heard Randy grunt, and then unload his cum deep in my moms pussy. She just laid on the bed, totally exhausted, with cum running out of her. Randy stepped back and I watched his softening cock drip cum as he looked at me.

I had to have him fuck me, so without an invitation I quickly went to him, dropping to my knees and started to suck him off. I could just get the tip of his cock in my mouth, but I worked it hard, and gave it all I had to get this man hard again. It wasn’t long until he had regained a beautiful erection, and we began to fuck.

We fucked in every position imaginable, and what seemed to be for hours. I came so many times I lost track. I have never been so completely satisfied sexually in my entire life. My pussy was so unbelievably stretched, and sore but oddly I still wanted, no, needed more. When we finished, a frightening thought hit me, no other man could ever satisfy me the way he had, and I was, and forever would be, his bitch. I looked at my mother, and she knew what I was thinking, and just smiled and said “we have that extra room, you are welcome to move in, or visit as often as you like.”

The next weekend the moving van I hired pulled into their drive…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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