Stoned Submission Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: If You Play with Fire…


On Saturday mornings, I set my alarm for 4:20. Just a little stoner humour to amuse myself. Grady’s arm snaked around my waist and he buried his face in the back of my neck before muttering a single “no” at the alert from my phone.

I hit snooze and rolled over to face his warmth, hooking my leg over his hip, stroking my hand down his back.

“Sorry, baby,” I whispered, my voice thick and gravelly from sleep.

“I fucking hate your job on Saturday mornings,” he grumbled as his hand moved down to cup my ass, and I shifted to wriggle against his morning erection.

“But there are some benefits to the early start,” I teased, kissing the hollow of his throat, absorbing the heat there. He hummed in agreement, nudged me to roll over, hooking his forearm under my knee as my ass settled back against his crotch.

I was morning moist, from last night, from dirty dreams, from just being in close proximity to him. He angled his cock against my cunt, grinding it through my folds to lube up. He groaned as my heat coated him, his teeth scraping the back of my neck.

“Oh, fuck baby,” Grady moaned in response to my morning moisture. “I love that you wake up ready for me.”

The tip of Grady’s cock pressed against my entrance and I murmured a soft “yes”, pushing back against him, taking three quarters of his shaft. Clenched and released, clenched and released. I smiled into the pillow as he bit my earlobe and thrust all the way into me.

The room was dark, heightening my sense of sound and touch: the pounding beat of his heart against my back reverberated through to my chest, the rough stubble of on his face scratched delightfully along the back of my neck, the soft shifting sound of our bodies under the sheets a dreamy contrast to our guttural moans.

I bit my lip and twisted my upper body down to the mattress, rubbing my hard nipples against the sheets, leaving my hips, ass and thighs angled for Grady’s greedy morning invasion. His cock massaged the ache deep inside my cunt and my midsection flooded with heat. A flood that built as he maintained this torturously slow rhythm,

I groaned into the pillow and thrust hard against him, demanding more. He chuckled, sleepily, ataşehir escort bayan stroking a hand along my side, from my hip until he cupped my breast. He flicked the bejewelled peak before moving his hand up to my throat, angling my head back. His tongue and breath were steam in my ear, making me shiver to grip him tighter.

“Fuck you feel so good inside me. Splitting me open, stretching me,” I moaned, rocking my hips faster, demanding more from him. “I need more, Gray baby.”

“I’m going to fill your needy cunt with my sticky come so you feel me inside you all day,” he growled, sending tingles down to my toes. I bucked my hips in response.

“Yes, yes. I want you to fill slutty little Nika with your creamy hot seed, then stuff her full with kegels so I clench around you all day.”

“Fuck, Annika. Fuck,” Grady roughly pushed me over to my tummy, knelt between my legs and thrust into me. One hand rested at the small of my back, the other on the back of my neck, pinning me down. I could barely move.

“You’re going to come for me, Nika. You’re going to spasm and milk my cock, aren’t you?”

“Ye-yes,” I responded, my words broken by his hard thrusts. “Make me cum, baby. Empty your load into me. I missed it last night.”

“Show me, show me, Annika, what a little slut you are. Show me!” I couldn’t move under his hands, his body. He pistoned into me, over and over, the growing speed indicating his approaching orgasm. And I was helpless but to take it. The sound of sloppy sex filled the dark room; my cunt was clenching from deep within, and I knew it wouldn’t take much for that internal tingle to externally combust.

“I’m gonna come,” I announced, and he redoubled his efforts, both hands now at my hips, lifting me as he speared and stroked me, his balls slapping against my ass.

“Fucking come for me,” he snarled, his thrusts quick and slippery; I knew his cock was drenched in my juices and it drove me over the edge. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, the vibrations spreading through my body. My legs began to shake and I stretched my arms out, my whole body on fire, screaming his name, gripping the sheets.

I gripped his cock and felt him swell inside me. He let out a long, breathless moan as an intense escort kadıköy heat flooded me, and he filled me with his seed. He continued to thrust as he emptied into me, and I orgasm again, milking him, not wanting to miss a drop.

He collapsed onto my limp, but very awake, body, his cock still buried deep inside, twitching.

“I love the feel of you wrapped around me like this, Nika,” he sighed, sucking my earlobe, giving me a hint of teeth. My erratic pulse jumped and I bucked my hips back to him in agreement. I had no words.

We continued to gently gyrate and move against one another, savouring the hot wetness between our bodies. I turned my head to the other side, seeking cool sheets, and he brushed the hair away from my profile.

“Do something for me, baby?” I murmured.


I smiled. “Reach over and grab my two heaviest kegels, will you?”

He bit my shoulder. “Wench.”

He shifted, withdrawing from me, and Nika shivered and clenched, missing him already. Grady rolled over to his side, propped himself up on an elbow. He traced the shape of my lips with the first kegel.

“Suck,” he demanded, and I opened my mouth, twirling my tongue around the ball. I blinked my eyes open to half slits, made out his silhouette in the room beginning to brighten with pre-dawn. He pulled the ball from my lips and rubbed it through my folds.

“Fuck, you’re so hot and swollen and sticky, Nika baby,” he teaseed, pressing the ball against my still gaping hole. I lifted my ass, silently asking to be filled. Grady pushed the ball in with his thumb, rubbed it against my cervix, and I caught my breath on a surprised gasp. His three fingers split through my gash and he wriggled his middle finger over my sensitive clit, making me pant. But he withdrew before I could fully acclimatise myself to the sensation.

He rubbed the second ball, cool and soft, along my bottom lip. I sucked it into my mouth, rolling it under my tongue, coating it in thick morning spit. He removed it and popped it into his own mouth. I gyrated against the sheets bunched up under my hips, searching for some friction. His eyes travelled down the length of my body, back up, before holding the ball against my hot sex.

Again, his fingers bostancı escort glided through my slit, the pad of his middle finger on top of my clit, and he pushed the second ball into me with his thumb. As he moved the balls around inside me, he rubbed his three fingertips over my sensitive clit.

“You’re gonna make me come again if you keep doing that,” I moaned, shifting under his touch.

“No, you won’t. You’ll get close, but you won’t come. Do you understand me?” His voice was deep, gravelly, not to be messed with. I nodded, whimpered a little, as he continued to tease me, bringing me to the edge.

My pussy clenched helplessly at the kegels inside me, the muscles gripping them tighter with the magical dance of his fingers. I leaned up on my forearms, a modified upward facing dog pose, and tickled my lips over his. My body shook trying to hold myself up and I wheezed a breath over his mouth.

“Baby…” I moaned. Am I on the verge of begging for release, or begging for him to stop?

His ring and index fingers captured my clit from either side, making it bravely leave its sheath, while his middle finger remained gentle, passive even. The vibrating tingles around my clit made me drop my head between my arms, suck in a deep breath in an attempt to control my pleasure. To keep it banked, at bay.

Grady rolled his thumb around inside me, shifting the kegels, pushing them against my cervix. I groaned and my legs trembled. He immediately withdrew his hand, softly shushing me and pulling me over his chest. I lifted his hand, fingers slick with our sex, and sucked them between my lips, one at a time.

I sighed at the taste of his salty essence mixed with my sweeter, muskier flavour. I bit the pad of his thumb and pulled his face down to mine, letting him taste us, too.

“Fuck, I love the taste of our sex,” he murmured against my lips. “Makes me want to drink it directly from the source.”

I sighed, checking the time on my phone. I got up, turned on the adjoining bathroom light as to not disturb him.

“Too late for that,” I teased, a hint of laughter in my voice. “Nika is full and I need to get ready for work.” I walked over, combed my fingers through his messy curls, leaned down to kiss him again. “Go back to sleep, baby.”

“Don’t shower,” he mumbled into the pillow, already starting to phase me and my morning routine out. “And keep your phone on you.” I saw his eyes close on a secret smile, and could only begin to wonder what he had planned for me that day.

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