Storm Damage Ch. 04

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Life had fallen into an easy routine , get up, go to work, come home. Patty was there, taking advantage of every opportunity to be with me or tease me. Most evenings after dinner I would don my tool belt and go to work on the electrical as the walls and rest of the structure grew closer to completion. As much as I felt for Patty, I was realizing that what I really missed most was Tina’s touch. At night Patty would join me in the hot tub or bed, always ending up in some form of sex or sexual play, but before I fell asleep the last thought seemed to be of Tina. The few conversations I had with her on the phone were primarily businesslike. When I tried to get personal she would quickly end the conversation and the call.

As the days went by I became more frustrated with the situation as it was. I had a four day business trip coming up that has been on the docket since well before the accident, and welcomed the break to try to get my head cleared. The structural portion of the repairs were nearly done by the Sunday afternoon I left for the airport. Patty kissed me goodbye one final time, expecting that she would be done and gone by the time I got back from Massachusetts. As I drove to the airport, I was filled with mixed feelings. Part of me badly wanted Tina back but at the same time I was quite afraid that she didn’t feel for me what I felt for her. And I had to be honest with myself, I was pretty much holding Tina at arm’s length, emotionally, hoping that things worked out with Tina. All in all I felt like my life was turning into some kind of soap opera. All I needed was the third daughter to show up with her sheet rock crew and complete what was turning into a real mess.

The four days went by surprisingly quickly. Long hours of working and short nights in a hotel bed made for one tired puppy. A long flight back complete with a seven hour weather delay didn’t help much and it was nearly eleven on Friday night as I drove down my road. The first thing I noticed was the large one ton truck parked by the trailer. That could only mean one thing, Tina had finished while I was gone and Tina was back. Trepidation pushed exhaustion out of the way as I drove into my driveway and parked in front of the overhead garage door. I shut down the engine and stepped out, looking out at the darkened trailer.

As I turned to survey the completed work on the house I noticed something out of place. I walked over toward the side of the house and saw the long wooden walkway along the full length of the side of the house. The four foot wide deck like structure had a hand railing with pools of soft light spilling from periodically spaced accent lights to brighten the way. I walked along the new walkway heading to where it disappeared around the back corner of the house, surveying the unexpected walkway.

I had often thought of making one similar to this, and even designed it on my computer, but had never gotten around to it. I stepped around the corner and followed the newly built walkway onto a new subdeck that extended out from the back of the house and wrapped around the bay window, butting up against my existing deck, which appears to have been re-decked with new redwood decking and railings. The whole deck was awash in the soft glow of accent lighting and gently flickering Tiki lights. I walked across the deck, almost stupefied as I surveyed the transformation, making what was once a functional deck around my hot tub into what I would expect to see on some picture postcard of a secluded getaway.

As I stepped to the back door I could see a row of glass enclosed candles through the glass door, leading across the kitchen and down the hall toward my bedroom. Curiosity certainly kicked in full tilt as I followed the line of flickering red pools down the hall. I stepped into my bedroom, or what I thought was my bedroom. My old bed was gone, as was the conglomeration of furniture I had accumulated over the years. In its place stood rustic pine chests of drawers and wardrobes and a huge antique brass bed. The entire room seemed to be bathed in the red flickering glow of more of the glass candles, illuminating the largest surprise. Lying stretched out on the bed, her blond hair flowing across a white satin pillow was Tina. Her chest rose and fell gently and rhythmically under a shimmery white translucent charmeuse as she slept, looking every bit an angel.

I stepped to the bed and silently slipped my clothes off before gently kneeling on the bed, which moved under my knee as the water flowed to other portions of the mattress. She stirred slightly as I leaned over her and gently kissed her neck. I moved my kisses slowly across her upper chest, slowly working my way down and across the tops of her barely covered breasts. She moved her hands to my head and gently steered me lower as she sighed gently. My kisses worked across her breasts, the sheer material separating my lips from her soft skin. I felt her shrug her shoulders slightly and the material disappeared between escort ataşehir kisses, allowing my lips to savor her taste as I gently sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I rolled it against the roof of my mouth with my tongue and sucked her soft skin deeper, receiving a gentle moan for my efforts. I kissed across to her other breast and flicked her nipple gently before drawing rings around it with my tongue. She stroked the back of my head as I drew her nipple into my mouth and rolled the hard nub against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. I played with her nipple, sucking and rolling it for several minutes, before I released it, kissing around her large breast and down the deep valley between them.

I gently pushed the thin material down her body as I kissed each exposed inch, slowly working my way down across her stomach toward her curly blond bush. I gently nuzzled the first exposed curls as she lifted her ass off the bed, allowing me to slide the slick material down further. She lowered her ass to the bed and lifted her legs, kicking the material the rest of the way off, her whole body now exposed for me. I gently kissed around her curls, kissing to the tops of her thighs while she spread her legs wide to grant me access to her most sensitive parts.

I inhaled her scent deeply as I kissed across her already wet lips, enjoying her tangy sweetness. My tongue reached out and gently spread her lips, drawing out more of her wetness and pulling it up her slit toward her already exposed clit. She jumped slightly and squeaked as my tongue flicked across her sensitive nub, and then quickly replaced it with a moan as I flattened my tongue and licked back across it with more pressure. I repeated my strokes across her clit, alternately flicking it and licking across it, her hips moving up to meet my tongue with each stroke. I heard her moans increase as she found my dick with her hand and stroked it irregularly, her body slowly giving up to the chemicals running through her veins, intensified by each stroke of my tongue. It took only a few more short minuets of this torture before her body tensed, her pussy gushing its juices as she cried out in pleasure.

Her hands pulled my head from between her legs and up her body to her face, drawing our lips together in the first kiss we shared since her return. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, tasting her own juices as we embraced passionately. As we kissed I felt her wrap her legs around my body before slowly rolling us over, the water redistributing as she did. She pulled her face from mine as she lifted her body away from mine, and smiled down at me as she gathered her knees under her and lifted her hips over mine.

Her gaze never left my eyes as she slipped her hand down my body, grasping my hard cock. I felt her slowly stroke the head of my dick back and forth between her wet lips, spreading her lubrication over the whole head. I felt the pressure increase on my head as she slowly lowered herself down onto me. The pressure increased before suddenly easing as the mushroom head of my dick entered into her tunnel. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly as she began slowly working her wet tunnel up and down my rigid shaft. After a few strokes I felt her clit grind into the base of my dick as she fully engulfed my rod. Up and down she rode, her silken tunnel massaging all the right spots of my dick. We moaned together as I reached up and began massaging her gorgeous tits, and teasing her nipples as they swung gently before me.

Her bouncing made waves in the dampened water mattress, adding to the motions as she timed her strokes with the waves. The longer she rode me the closer I came to that final moment of bliss. I could feel her pussy tense around me as another climax began to build deep inside her. She cried out as her pussy gripped my growing cock. My explosion followed her own, as her twitching pussy pushed me over the top, causing me to pump surge after surge of hot cum into her pussy. My flowing juices seemed to drive her even higher as she shuddered and twitched over and around me. It felt like hours that my body jerked and spasmed with each pump of hot cum. Finally we both began to relax, allowing her to lower her body down until her large tits were pressing into my chest, my slowly shrinking dick still embedded deep within her.

“I love you.” She whispered, the first words we had shared since I came in and saw her.

“Marry me.” I whispered back, absolutely sure that she was what I wanted.

She looked down at me in silence for a long time, her eyes boring into mine. The longer she was silent the more afraid I became that she would refuse. Finally with a tear slowly running down her cheek she whispered her single word response. “yes.”

I tightened my arms around her, hugging her tight a she buried her face into my neck. I could feel tears wetting my cheek and neck as she hugged me back, whispering over and over her single word answer.

It must have been ten kadıköy escort bayan minutes before she finally released me and sat up on me, wiping the wetness from her cheeks. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I am blubbering so much.”

“It’s ok. As long as they’re happy tears, not sad ones.”

“Oh trust me! They are VERY happy tears.” She said as she wiped her face again. “I wasn’t sure you would want me anymore, after having Tina here for so long.”

“It was nice having her here, but what I really wanted was you!”

“I’m glad!” she said as she leaned down again and kissed me gently on the lips. We kissed quietly and gently for long minutes before she spoke again. “Did you like my surprise?”

“The bedroom or the deck?”

“Both. When I was here before I found the plans you made for the deck, so I just polished them up a bit and had Patts do it for us. The bedroom was all my idea.”

“I love them both.” I whispered.

“I’m glad, because I was really hoping I wouldn’t ever have to leave.”

“You don’t! You can stay here forever!”

“Good. I plan to!” she said as I rolled her over so we could snuggle side by side.

Exhaustion finally crept back in as we lay in silence, just enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking, and I was soon fast asleep.

The next day sped by with trips to a jewelry store and various bridal shops. Tina decided that she wanted a small wedding, with only a few friends and family to be held at her new home… mine. By the time evening had come we were both tired and decided to relax in the hot tub while we discussed who to invite and exactly when this special day was going to take place. Despite not being fully recovered from my travels, Tina had no trouble at all coaxing my dick to full mast as she slid onto my lap, gently rubbing her nipples across my lips.

“So tell me… do you want to suck on my hard nipples?” she asked coyly, as she pulled them back each time I opened my mouth to suck on one.

“Oh yes.” I whispered as she moved them toward my lips again while gently stroking my hard dick between us.

“You’ve been a very patient boy today… can you be patient a few minutes longer?”

“All you have to do is ask.” I whispered back as she teased my lips with her hard nipple.

“Good…. Stay right here.” She said as she stood up off my lap and climbed out of the tub. She disappeared into the house and came back a few minutes later wearing an incredibly sexy bikini that barely covered her volumous breasts. “What do you think?”

“God you look hot!” I said quietly as I watched her turn slowly to give me an equally good view of her tight ass.

“And that’s not all.” She said before she stepped over to the shower and turned the water on. Stepping under the cool water, the material seemed to practically disappear as it absorbed water, soon showing me her hard nipples, made even harder by the cool water. She stepped out from under the spray and turned for me again. “Do you like?”

“Very much!” I replied as I stood up and held out my hand to invite her back into the tub.

“I got it specially for you. I was going to surprise you tonight with it, but you surprised me last night with your proposal, so…. I wanted you to see just the same.”

“If I hadn’t proposed last night, I would right now!” I said as she stepped into the water and gently grasped my hard dick, which was bobbing with each pulse of my pounding heart.

“I’m glad.” She said as she slid up against me and wrapped her arms around my neck, bringing her lips to mine. I pulled the strings of her top and slowly pulled the material from her body as she kissed me, her tongue probing deep into my mouth. I worked on her bottom as soon as I had her top off and then tossed both pieces off to the side of the tub. Lifting her by her firm butt, I moved her to the side of the tub and set her on the smooth edge while she spread her legs wide. She didn’t break our deep embrace until she felt the head of my swollen member pressing against her wet lips. Only then did she allow her lips to break from mine, leaning back as far as her arms would allow. “Oh yes” she whispered. “Fill me with your huge cock… ” she encouraged as I began to press the head deeper into her tunnel. ‘Hmmmmmm” she moaned slightly as I began to slowly stroke my hardness in and out of her hot tunnel. “Oh god yes!” she hissed as I stroked faster in and out of her. She let go of my neck and leaned back on her hands to improve our angle and allowing me to penetrate her even more deeply.

“OHHHH” I groaned between strokes, my body slapping against hers with each powerful stroke. My hands were busy on her large tits, allowing the rocking of the mounds of flesh to increase the pressure on her tits as I squeezed and pulled her hard nipples up.

“OH GOD!” she cried as the first edges of her climax began to creep up her body from her pulsing pussy. I was beyond holding on any longer, and drove my dick deep into her as my own body began escort bostancı to twitch and jerk in unison with spurts of my hot cum emptying into her pussy. She clamped her legs around my waist and held me deep inside her as we both panted out the last few ragged breaths of our joint climax.

“Oh god that felt good!” she purred as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, crushing her gorgeous tits against my chest.

“That it did.” I replied breathlessly as I lowered us into the water, where we spent the next several minutes cuddling and stroking each other in post orgasmic bliss. My dick finally shrunk beyond the point of remaining inside her and slipped out, replacing the feeling of her hot wet pussy with the turbulent waters of the tub. I slid back against the tub seat as she released her legs and stood on her own. I admired her firm ass and spread pussy as she stepped from the tub, bent at the waist to pick up her discarded suit. She wrung it out and hung it over the railing on the deck and then stepped back into the water.

“So I take it you liked my new suit?” she asked with a giggle as she slid next to me.

“Uh huh!” I replied, nodding my head enthusiastically.

“So you want me to wear it on our honeymoon?”

“You wear that in public and you’ll get arrested.”

“Not where I have in mind going.” She grinned.


“Uh huh. How about we go to the Caribbean and get one of those little huts on the water?”

“Oh you want to be all alone where you can attack me any time you want?”

“Uh huh!” she replied with a grin, “Or get you to attack me… I have more little goodies like that one in mind.”

“In that case I think we should go someplace where we can attack each other anytime we want.”

“My idea exactly!” she cooed as she snuggled against me.

I loved my tub, but I have a limited time that my body will handle the temperature, and I finally had to get out. It was a warm night so Tina and I snuggled up on one of the lounge chairs on the deck, where we lay listening to the crickets and peepers. We lay there until it had grown fully dark before deciding to take one more dip in the tub. We had been in the bubbling water smooching and giggling like a couple teens for at least fifteen minutes when we heard a voice calling.

“Tina? Is anyone home?” The female voice called.

“Sandy? Is that you? We’re back here!” Tina called to the female voice.

We could hear the sound of shoes on the boards of the walkway and soon saw a body moving from pool to pool of light as she approached the deck. “Tina?” The female called.

“Over here Sandy!” Tina called as she slid from my side to the middle of the tub, keeping the water above her tits.

“Hey Girl!” the female voice said as she stepped into the glow of light coming up from the frothing water of the tub. The view looked very much like a slightly smaller version of Tina, only with bigger tits. Her long blond hair cascaded over her shoulders and flowed easily to the middle of her back. She had petite feet and legs, her short black heels holding to her feet with little more than thin straps. Her perfectly shaped legs flowed up and disappeared up under a short res skirt that enclosed a clearly firm ass. Her white halter style blouse seemed to be filled to overflowing with a pair of huge tits that would look out of place on someone with less curves. I did my best to not stare as Tina introduced us, causing Sandy to step closer to the tub until I was looking up her short skirt clear to her tiny red thong panties. I stood enough to reach her hand to shake, but not enough to allow my quickly hardening dick to be visible in the roiling waters.

“You made good time Sandy!” Tina said as the two of us moved back down into the water.

“Yeah. I decided to head straight in instead of making one more overnight.” She replied. “Long trip that way though.”

“Where did you come from?” I asked her.

“I was in Newark for a few days. It’s a really long drive and I am stiff as a board now.” She replied

“Why don’t you join us then?” Sandy invited.

“Oh I couldn’t… I mean I didn’t bring a suit or anything with me.”

“No problem. You can wear one of mine.” Sandy said, squeezing my now hard dick under the water. “There’s one drying on the railing over there.” She said pointing with her free hand.

“You sure that I’m not intruding?” she asked as she looked down at us, clearly trying to decide what we had been up to before she showed up.

“Sure, come on in. Always room for family.” I said.

“Family?” Sandy asked quizzically.

“Uh huh!” Tina said, holding up her hand to show off the new engagement ring we had picked out earlier that day.

“Oh my god no!” she squealed like a teen as Tina slid over to her side of the tub while her sister squatted down to examine the ring being held up for her examination. I did my best to not stare up her skirt as the two shared the good news. “So when is the date?” Sandy asked as she looked over at me.

“We haven’t set it yet, but soon.” I said as I tried not to stroke my rock hard dick while I tried to decide which view was better, up her skirt or her tits smashed against her legs trying to push out of the halter top.

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