Strange Love

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Big Dick

“Well, it was lovely meeting you, Angelina-“

The woman’s bird-like eyes narrowed at him, the curl of her lips twitching in displeasure.


She scowled, before snatching her bedazzled clutch with those terrifying talons he hadn’t been able to stop looking at for their entire conversation, and stormed off to her next table. He sighed under his breath, raising his eyebrows a little. ‘Well, at least I get to see what I’m not missing’ he thought wryly, checking his watch again for the third time. He wanted to meet her, his lady, the woman he would spend Valentine’s Day with, the woman he would hopefully spend every Valentine’s with, as well as every day of his life for good measure. He wasn’t sure what she would look like, maybe a blonde, or a brunette? Would her hair be cut short and sexy or long and wistful? He wasn’t sure, but he was excited to find out. He already knew that his perfect woman would be beautiful, no matter how she looked, how she dressed, how she acted. That was the one thing he was always certain of. She would be beautiful despite her looks. He breathed in a slow breath, resting his weary head in his hands, it had been a very long day.

“What’s wrong there, Tiger? Not in the Valentine’s Day mood?”

He looked up sharply, his eyes dancing across the creature in front of him. He sucked in a shallow breath as he regarded her. She was stunning. Ember locks that fell like water over her shoulders, smoothing over her body like liquid fire. It shimmered as she moved to sit down, a feline grin stretching her plump rouge coloured lips to reveal uniform pearly whites. She was Valentine’s Day reincarnate. He let out a strained cough into his hands, trying to pull himself together in front of the Goddess that decided to grace him with her presence.

“I am now.”

He grinned easily, putting himself back as best he could. It wasn’t easy when she sat so close, her cherry blossom perfume drifting around him, enchanting him. She laughed a soft tinkling sound that pulled him in and made him sigh. How was she doing this to him? Casting her spell so effortlessly? She reached out a delicate hand, her nails a deep scarlet that matched her lipstick, cut short and careful. No long talons, thank God. It took him a moment before he realised her intentions and then he rushed out his own hand to take hers, his large fingers engulfing it.

“You can call me James.”

He smiled dazzlingly, forcing himself to take a hold of himself as he felt her hand finally let him go, moving effortlessly back to her. He wanted to reach out at the retreating hard, a strange need to hold her close to him as if she would disappear in a puff of smoke. Every move she made was a distraction, how was he going to get through this night in one piece? ‘In her arms…’ a little voice whispered into his consciousness, making him shiver a little. She laughed, her ember tresses bouncing as she did.

“Last name?”

She asked, a little spark of something dangerously disarming dancing in her eyes. He cleared his throat, catching her joke.

“Bond, of course, James Bond.”

He grinned again, delighted when he saw her delicious mouth crack into a full-body laugh. It was music to his ears, that kind of melody that soothed his soul. God, he wanted her, all of her, and they hadn’t even spoken full sentences to each other yet. He wanted to know more about her, he wanted her story. The redhead with a secret… so mysterious.

“Well then, you can call me Ruby. Ruby Red.”

He let out a sly chuckle, mesmerised by the way her curiously amber eyes trailed over him, drinking him in. He had worn a classic suit, midnight coloured with a red lining and pocket square to match, his nod to the holiday. Ruby balanced her head on one of her delicate hands, her eyes regarding him steadily. She reminded him of a cat sizing up a mouse… was he the mouse? He hoped so.

“So, Mr Bond… what brings a fine secret agent like you to a speed dating event on Valentines? Are you on a mission?”

James grinned, watching those eyes watch him back.

“Yes, I am, actually.. in fact…”

He leaned in, eyes darting from side to side, his voice lowering. She played along, leaning forward towards him, a smile tugging at the serious expression she tried to blanket over her face. His own smile threatened to unmask him in turn.

“I was looking for someone.”

James whispered mysteriously. Ruby grinned, abandoning escort ataşehir the charade, she couldn’t help it. He was charming, this one. James Bond… Funny guy. But she did love a man with a sense of humour, especially a devilishly handsome one. He looked quite smart too, in his black tux. It was a good choice, she liked the red lining, very thematic. His hair was an inky black, smooth like hot tar dripping from his scalp. She liked that… she liked him. She loved this character, the handsomely dangerous spy on a mission, baby blue eyes adding a touch of oddness to the black ensemble. She was a sucker for a man with gorgeous eyes and a nice smile. Luckily, he had both. She leaned a little closer, breathing him in. She caught his scent when she sat down, but now she was revelling in it. Rich and smoky, so strange, so alien, it made her knees weak. ‘Take me home right now’ she wanted to whisper while he was so close to her, while she was breathing in that delicious scent.

“Maybe I could help with that, Mr Bond. I was told I have a very particular set of skills… I’ve also got an affinity for whips and chains… you know, if you need help… getting any kind of information.”

She almost burst out laughing when he choked on his next words, clearing his throat as he tried to compose himself. His eyes held a heat in them that made Ruby push her legs together tightly, trying to hold herself from squirming from the fire that touched her skin with every look. James cleared his throat again, trying to shake the storm inside his head. ‘Focus!’ he wanted to scream at himself, but how could he focus when the woman he wanted by his side was sitting just on the other side of him? When he was tickled implicitly by cherry blossom cruelly circling around his senses? She was intoxicating, and he was already drunk on her.

“I think that I may be in need of such… skills.”

He finished slowly, his voice dropping, turning sultry. Ruby licked her lips, her heart stuttering at the husky change in his tone. She wanted to eat him alive. She looked around slowly before lowering her eyelashes and leaning a little closer to her man. He instinctually leaned in, following her like a charmed snake.

“Don’t look now, but I think your cover has been blown, Mr Bond.”

She smirked when he immediately looked around, alarm colouring his features. It took a fraction of a second before he re-examined her words. He breathed out slowly, trying to hide the small smile trying to take over his firm pressed lips. He had recovered smoothly, even meeting her eyes with mock contemplation.

“Can’t have that, can we, Miss Red? What to do, what to do?…”

She let out a small giggle, a beautiful sound that was mismatched with her character, but he didn’t care. He loved that sound. She leaned a little closer, her fingertips on her right hand reaching out to graze across his arm, spreading a wave of goosebumps over his flesh. His body hummed at that little attention and he shifted in his seat.

“Well, Mr Bond… it just so happens that I have a key.”

James couldn’t help the surprised blink that took his features before he could stop it. This woman… she was something else, and he liked that very, very much.

“A key…”

James whispered, watching those downcast lashes flicker with every touch of her eyes on him. She nodded, a wicked grin stealing her smirk, making him shudder at the pure heat she radiated. How could he ever get bored with this girl? He was lucky he so enjoyed living life on his toes.

“Yes, Mr Bond… a key to my room. A secure location for us to continue this meeting, without fear of… interruption. Maybe we can even swap trade secrets? I can show you just how useful I can be to your operation. I don’t mind doing dirty work.”

With that and a final wink, James managed to walk on two steady legs as Ruby slowly pulled him to her abode. He never took his eyes off of her, she was like a favourite movie you could watch over and over again for all time without a hint of boredom and only a sense of irritation each time it had to end. The way her ass gently swayed as she lead him across the halls and to the elevator, the way the fabric clung to each curve, each ebb and flow to her body that promised to much pleasure, so much pain. He was enraptured, he was enamoured, he was in love.

His hands were aching by the time they finally reached her floor, every nerve in his kadıköy escort bayan body was shot, every cell crying out to touch her, to claim her. He was physically aching. He didn’t have to wait too long. Ruby giggled that out of character giggle that he loved so much, her surprise evident as he pushed her hard against the door that lead to her room. He just couldn’t bear to wait any longer. His fierce hands roamed her body unencumbered, twisting at the silky fabric, pulling it up her thighs.

He moaned in blissful agony when he felt her panty-less ass as he pushed her dress up to her waist. He managed to unbuckle himself unsteadily as he went back and forth, touching as much of her as he could, feeling, squeezing, tasting. He was already as hard as a rock, his member practically begging for her.

“John, what if there are cameras?”

Ruby managed to gasp out through each breath-pulling kiss.

“It’s James, my love. Only James. Get the key card ready.”

Ruby moaned, more than excited about the open hall, knowing anyone could walk in at any moment and catch them, feeling the cold air on her exposed lower half, feeling the heat of his body overruling her senses, maddening her. She fumbled absently for the key card as she was pulled higher into his grasp, wrapping her legs around his back. She swiped the card, but nothing happened, just an unhappy beep. She growled in frustration, wanting, no, needing him inside her, now.

His own groan mirrored hers, feeling her buck against his groin, feeling the wave of pleasure and need gripping every nerve in his body. He lined himself up as he pushed her shaking body harder against the door, her hand still trying to unlock it with another swipe. He plunged into her, revelling in her pleasure soaked moan as she gripped onto him tighter, her eyes squeezed shut at the sensation, at the scene they were in. All efforts to swipe the card were forgotten as he fucked her hard against the stubborn door to her room.

She almost squealed as she felt him drive into her again, feeling him touch that little spot so deep inside of her. He was so big, so strong, so fucking animal. They were in sync. She scratched at his back, hearing the satisfying sound of acrylic nails on an expensive suit. He grunted as he drove into her over and over again, her own hips meeting every fevered thrust, driving every delicious move. He was lost in her, lost in the sensation of her tight cunt gripping at his girth, her core so overwhelmingly hot and wanting. He was a madman, and she was his madwoman. They belonged together. How could they not? Each time he thrust into her all-encompassing pussy he could swear he touched heaven. They just fit. They were perfect.

She was almost hysterical now as she cried loudly and unencumbered into his shoulder, biting down hard, muffling her screams. She came hard and long, her cries like a siren song that called to his own release. He pumped into her, frenzied, desperate to hold on just a little longer, feel this feeling just a little longer. He pounded her as she shuddered in his arms, her body held up purely by his arms and his cock. He let out a loud groan as his release exploded through him, her still clutching canal milking him for everything he had. They both moaned in unison, Ruby’s sated and puffed, his triumphant and loud, staking her with his last few pumps before holding himself there. Keeping them joined. When they finally caught their breath, Ruby grinned at him, her eyes tired but still wild.

“Well that was… that was the best fucking Valentine’s ever, baby.”

She laughed, his own chortle joining hers as they puffed in each other’s arms.

“You’re telling me! That hair? Fuck me, you look so sexy tonight.”

He trailed a silky strand through his fingers in wonder. He could feel his deflated cock starting to actually twitch again in interest. She smiled a smile that was so familiar to him and yet so out of place on Ruby. That smile was all Vera, his Vera. He pushed his mouth to hers, tender and sure as he let his message send through his touch. That was just for Vera, that was for his wife. She sighed contently when they parted, her fingers trailing his cheek tenderly, her Ruby persona now forgotten for the moment as she took in her man.

“Look at you my love, Mr Bond, as I live and breathe.”

Vera giggled as he grinned down at her, his hand softly tracing her jaw, her lips. She blushed.

“It escort bostancı took me a long time to actually think of something good, I wasn’t sure what kind of fantasy you wanted since we agreed to both keep it a surprise. I figured I should go with the complete opposite of me. Playboy Spy seemed like a good choice.”

She smiled, softer now as she grazed her fingers through his hair, a sticky black substance sliding off in her fingers, she looked to her husband, shock in those pretty eyes.

“Did you… put shoe polish in your hair? Oh, God, honey, that can’t be safe.”

He couldn’t help but grin a little wider as he regarded his Vera. As much as he loved the devilishly confident sex kitten that was Ruby, she just couldn’t compete with Vera. Couldn’t hold a candle to his beautiful, loving, worrying wife. He rested his forehead against hers as he breathed her in. She had changed perfume obviously for today as he had, the cherry blossom was still clinging to her skin, but the smell of home lingered softly behind the intoxicating wall.

“I did, actually. You don’t know how much cologne I rolled in to hide the stench. I’m also slightly concerned that that wasn’t the best method to cover blond hair. I’m not sure how well this will wash out, hun.”

She shook her head at him, the delightful giggle escaping her ruby lips.

“I will be ok, I’m sure we can figure it out. For now it works though, you did a good job, my love.”

Vera watched as the small compliment light up his face. I made her heart flutter. That was her John, that was the man she had fallen in love with ten years ago. She had always loved that about him, the warmth he had. She could give him the smallest of compliments and he would light up like a puppy. He was the gentlest man she had ever met, and that was surprising on his over 6ft frame. He was her gentle giant, and she wouldn’t change that for all the Bonds in the world, even if he did look dangerously sexy in that ridiculous shoe polished hair.

“So… how was that for a 10th anniversary? Was it everything you expected?

Vera asked, eyeing her husband. She had hoped to give him something truly memorable for this day, something that would express the deep and ever-present love that had clutched her heart since the day they had first met. John was, the first, and the last great love of her life, and she wanted to make him as happy as he had made her throughout all these years.

“Vera… that was more than anything I could have ever hoped, ever expected. I truly am the luckiest man alive.”

He kissed her now, long and deep, expressing to her how much he had appreciated her efforts. He never wanted anyone else, never even longed for a woman other than his wife, and that’s what had made him nervous when she had first proposed the idea. He didn’t know what he would find, and if he would even like it, but… when he had laid his eyes on her, he knew that no matter what colour hair, what name, what persona she put on, he could always recognise the love of his life. He was even surprised to see a whole other side to his wife he had only ever glimpsed in the past… and himself? Apart from the few bumbling moments he had had when Vera had completely disarmed him, he quite enjoyed slipping into the character of a suave and dangerous man. It felt… freeing. Like he could explore a part of himself and a part of his wife that was so rarely seen. It had truly been, a magical night.

Vera smiled, one delicate finger tracing down his face, down his collar, and lower. He let out a sharp breath when he felt her nimble fingers stroke his shaft boldly. He looked to her and saw that glint in her eyes, one that was unmistakably Ruby. He shifted her so that he could lean on the door for support as she touched him, explored him. He groaned, his head falling back as he felt it all. He almost jumped as he heard her whisper right into his ear, her husky voice penetrating his soul.

“We’ve got the room until tomorrow and we have a champagne breakfast greeting us in the morning… so, I say we work ourselves up a big appetite.”

“Oh, Vera-“

Vera cut off his words with a quick peck on the lips, successfully shutting him up.

“No, no, Mr Bond, Ruby has an appointment with you, and it involves a few new toys she wants your help in trying out.”

John groaned as helped her fumble for the key card, swiping it a few times before it miraculously suddenly took. Ruby grinned mischievously as his eyes landed on the arsenal before him. His cock twitched as he eyed each piece, surveyed each toy. James was in for a long night, a very long night indeed, and he was more than ready to work his ass off for that champagne breakfast.

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