Strangers at the Lodge Pt. 02

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Sharon was still dozing when I woke up. I gently got out of bed as not to wake her and put on one of the complimentary hotel robes and went to the full kitchen of my suite. I got the coffee going and went around collecting Sharon’s clothes that were strewn all about the room as she discarded them last night. I put them in a pile on the couch and decided it was a perfect morning for a fire. I was getting the gas fireplace going at just the right height when she emerged from the bedroom wearing her panties from the night before and the button down shirt I had been wearing yesterday.

Now, there really is nothing in this world more adorable than a sleep-tousled beauty walking sleepily toward you in that particular fashion combination. She shuffled over to me, stood on her tiptoes to peck my cheek, then slumped into me, wrapping her arms around my midsection.

“Grrd Mrrrnng.”

“Not a morning person eh?”

“No questions before coffee.”

“How do you take it?”

“In a mug.”

I chuckled and kissed her curly topped head as I went and poured us both a steaming cup of java. She plopped down on the sofa in front of the fire, folding her legs under her as she took the cup from my hand with both of hers, raised it, inhaled the aroma, then took a tentative sip. She smiled at me as I sat next to her on the sofa.

“So Sharon…I’m curious. Now I can understand why you would decide to sit next to me than squished between to big dudes on the plane…”

I trailed off, not really knowing how to say what I was thinking. She bailed me out.

“But you wonder why I dragged you to the bathroom?”

“Right. Not that I’m complaining mind you, it just seemed like it all happened pretty fast.”

“Well Mike, I got to tell you, you ticked off all the boxes for me pretty quickly. I like tall dark and handsome men with a good physique, so that was immediately apparent, but when I sat down next to you there was no complaint, no argument, no sass. You accepted your fate and made the most of it. You didn’t get offended when I balked at you having alcohol, and you were gracious in accepting my peace offering of those THC pills. So…attractive? Check. Kind? Check. Adventurous? Check. That’s pretty much all I needed to make a play. Then when I grabbed your crotch you ticked off the secret fourth box. Nice cock? Check. You are a bit bigger than I’m used to, but I think with some practice we’ll get it all figured out and you can cum somewhere other than my tits. Not that I mind cum on my tits, of course.”

“Oh of course!” I chuckled. “Well Sharon, I must say that you turned my day around yesterday. I was coming here not sure what I was going to do with myself for this week, but at the very least this has been a great way to get started.”

I stood up and kissed the top of her head again as she took another sip of her coffee. She seemed to draw inward, as if she were unsure of something. It was not a look I had seen on her before, but I decided to venture a guess.

“I don’t know what plans you have…but if you have any free time this week I would be delighted if you would spend some of it with me. There’s a steakhouse in Ouray I was going to tonight if you would care to join me?”

That seemed to do the trick. Her contemplative look vanished into her cherubic smile.

“That sounds great. Can we do breakfast first?”

“You want to go out or eat here?”

“Eat here.”

She turned and sprawled out on the sofa, leaning back into her pile of clothes and putting her feet in my lap. She took a long pull of her coffee.

“Sooooo…what’s in that bag over there?”

She nodded to the large bag from the weed dispensary I had gotten the day before. I went over and explained that we had pre-purchased weed for four before it came down to being just me…and now her. I unwrapped the large blown-glass bong from its protective paper wrapping and she oooh’d with delight.

“That’s beautiful! We should try it out. I’ll get that ready, you call and get us breakfast. I want blueberry pancakes. And bacon.”

I went and found the phone and called in our breakfast order, and when I got back to the living room area she had organized all the different strains of weed, put water in the bong, and was finishing grinding up our first tasting of the day. She loaded the bowl as I refreshed her coffee and my own, and as I sat back down next to her she proffered the bong to me.

“Your bong, your weed, I’m just along for the ride, so you do the honors.”

“Hm. I think its bad luck to hit a bong without naming it first. What do you think?”

She put a finger to her lips and struck a contemplative pose.

“Do you know anything about Greek mythology?”

I was stunned. I LOVE Greek mythology.”

“A bit. What are you thinking?”

“I think we either call it ‘The Gorgon’ or just straight up ‘Medusa’ because once you look at it you inevitably become stoned.”

I laughed so hard I spilled coffee on my leg.

“Ha ha ha ha OW! Ow. Yes. ataşehir escort bayan Fantastic. I like ‘The Gorgon’ because Stheno and Euryale could all turn people to stone.”

“Oh. My. GAWD! Did you REALLY just name drop the two immortal Gorgons?”

“Why yes. I believe I just did.”

“Do you have ANY idea how unbelievably attractive you are right now?”

I leaned back, my robe parting to show off my chest, and I took a long pull of my coffee.

“Sharon honey, do you think THIS kind of attractive happens on accident?”

I threw her my most charming smile. She gently set the newly christened Gorgon down on the table next to her coffee. She slowly walked over to me and took my coffee mug, setting it on the table as well. Now that all the breakable items were safely out of the way, she growled and jumped on top of me. She kissed me and started ripping my robe off. I tickled her and she squirmed away. I got up and she chased me. We scampered from room to room, wrestling and jumping on beds, chasing each other, catching each other in a flurry of kisses and tickles before jumping up and starting anew. Soon there was a knock at the door. We paused, mid-grapple, before I remembered, “Our breakfast!”

We both looked down at each other. My shirt was ripped and one of her breasts was perkily popped free. She squeaked and dove under the blanket. I re-tied my robe and went to open the door, hiding my boner as best I could. I signed for our food and brought it in, thanking the delivery waiter and giving him a good tip. When the door closed, Sharon’s curly topped head peeked around the corner.

“Is it safe?”

“It’s safe. Let’s eat while its hot and then we slay The Gorgon.”

“Your terms are accepted.”

I went over to the table and sat down. Sharon collected our coffee, topped them off, and joined me. Her left breast was still peeking out of the tear in my shirt, but as it wasn’t bothering her, it certainly wasn’t bothering me. I ate my eggs and sausage while I watched her put her bacon on a napkin, carefully cut up her pancakes before applying butter, absolutely drowning them in syrup and attacking them with ferocity. I sipped my coffee and watched in awe as she obliterated a huge stack of pancakes followed by a pile of bacon. She sat back and heaved a sigh of contentedness, patting her belly.

“Ready to bong?”

“I’ll bong along.”

We walked back over to the couch and she plopped down. I bent over and sucked a stray drop of syrup off of her breast, then picked up the beautiful green and gold flecked glass bong.

“Out of curiosity, which one are we smoking first?”

I waved my hand at the nine different strains of weed that Davy had spent two weeks researching before the trip. He had made a spreadsheet notating the varieties and which attributes each had to offer versus the others. He was the weed expert in our group, the rest of us were just happy to light it up and smoke it.

“This one is the Chumbawumba. It’s a Sativa so it won’t slow us down as we get the day going. Perfect weed to pair with breakfast.”

I nodded, putting the glass to my lips and sparking the lighter. I filled the chamber, withdrew the bowl, and sucked in a mighty hit of high quality weed like only Colorado can provide. I held it was long as I could then promptly coughed it out, passing the bong to Sharon who looked at me with a concerned expression.

“You ok over there?”

“If…*coff…you don’t *coff..cough…you don’t *coff…get off.”

She chuckled and pulled herself an equally large hit, sucked it down, and then she too proceeded to cough profusely. I smiled back at her as she shoved the bong back and me and doubled over coughing and laughing. We finished the bowl and set The Gorgon back on the table. I leaned over and lay on my back on the couch, my head resting in her lap, her fingers gently tracing circles on my head. We savored the high as it took hold of us and we shared a quiet moment. Eventually I broke it.

“So how long are you staying in Colorado?”

I was hoping she would say at least the week I would be here. I was not anticipating her actual answer.

“I’m here until I go somewhere else.”

“Hm. So where do you live?”

“In the moment.”

“I see. Would you like to continue having moments with me?”

“I would like that Mike. You seem like a really fun guy. I like you.”

“Oh good, cause I like you too.”

She was idly playing with her exposed left nipple and had teased it to attention. I was watching intently from my spot resting in her lap.

“I have a question for you now.”

She took my head in her hands and looked down at me.

“Do you think…if I tried REAL hard…I could fit your entire cock in my mouth?”

“Well Sharon, if you CAN, you would be the first.”

“Challenge accepted.”

“So how do you want to proceed? Me laying down? Standing up?”

“Better lie down. This could take some work.”

We went back to the master bedroom we escort kadıköy had shared the previous night. Sharon took me by the hand and led me into the room, then undid the sash of my robe and slipped it off my shoulders. She looked down at my cock, which was still in a state of ‘semi-hard’ following our tickle romp before breakfast. She furrowed her brow in anticipation of the upcoming challenge and looked to be thinking over different methods of accomplishing her self-appointed task as she pushed me down onto the bed. Her contemplative expression stayed firmly in place as she slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons on my ruined shirt and let it fall free to the floor. As she undressed my cock got harder, which made her scowl.

“Fuck! Why is it getting bigger? How much bigger does it get? Oh my gawd…I’m having regrets already.”

I chuckled and jiggled my junk at her.

“This is about as big as it gets sweetie, and this was YOUR idea. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I know…but I at least have to TRY.”

She climbed onto the bed, wriggling out of her panties as she did so. She wrapped both of her tiny hands around my now fully erect cock and still the tip peeked out. She sighed, and then a look of steely resolve cemented itself on her cherubic face. She slowly started stroking my cock up and down, feeling that it was indeed at its fullest state of arousal, and then she locked eyes with me and slowly parted her lips, taking the tip of my shaft into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my cockhead and then slowly started to work her way downward. By now I could really feel the bong hits taking their hold on me, and I entered a state of total relaxation as I lay back and watched Sharon slowly work more and more of my thick cock into her beautiful face.

I was already impressed. Most women give up after the first four inches, or just focused on sucking the tip, bit Sharon was doggedly trying to take in every inch all the way to my balls. She had made it more than halfway, pausing every so often to take a break, but never neglecting my cock as she did so, teasing my balls, or stroking my shaft as she worked her jaw to try and get it fully relaxed. She went at it this way for a good ten minutes, and I have to admit, after a while it was getting difficult not to cum. She was talented at her work and made delightful noises as she worked my cock over. But try as she might, the last two inches seemed to be beyond her ability and eventually she came up gasping for air with her pouty face back on.

“That’s as much as I can do like this, but I don’t want to quit. I just need to change angles, and I need your help. I want you to fuck my throat until that big dick is all the way in my mouth. I want to feel your balls resting on my forehead. I’ll tap out if I can’t take it.”

She switched places with me, sprawling on her back with her head off the side of the bed, aligning her throat with her open mouth. I positioned myself in front of her and squatted a little in order to be in the proper alignment.

“You really don’t HAVE to do this you know.”

“I know. I WANT to do this. I want you to shove that dick completely inside my mouth and shoot your load in it. Then we get dressed and go skiing. It’ll be fun. Now quit trying to talk your way out of this and fuck my face Mike.”

She was determined. So I checked my positioning one last time and reached down to squeeze her big breasts I slid my cock in her mouth. I went slowly so she could reacclimate herself to her appointed task, and soon it was halfway in, then deeper until it was as deep as it had been earlier, seven inches in, two to go. She was playing with her pussy as I pawed at her breasts. I slid my cock slowly back out and then in, and Sharon moaned around my cock as it went back into her. This time I pushed a bit and got a little deeper. Another slow thrust and I was nearly there. Her breathing was slow and deep as I squeezed her breasts and with one final slow probing thrust I did indeed manage to get my whole cock inside, my balls gently brushing her forehead, as requested.

Sharon continued playing with her pussy, but one hand slid up to give my balls a gentle squeeze. Now that step one had been achieved, it was just left to me to get to step two and finish the job. To be honest though, that was easy. I had been on the edge of cumming for a while now, so a few quicker thrusts later and I once again shoved my cock balls deep inside Sharon’s throat and groaned loudly as I came inside her throat, mauling her plump breasts in my hands as I climaxed. Sharon giggled around my cock as she spent another minute licking it clean.

“That was the weirdest sensation, feeling your cum on the inside of my throat.”

“I can’t believe you didn’t gag at all.”

“Never had a gag reflex. Sucked when I was a kid. It has its uses now.”

“Well I’m in awe. I can’t believe you pulled that off. But I do believe it is now your turn to cum. Mind if I show off some bostancı escort more of my own oral talents?”

“Oooh. Display away, by all means!”

Sharon scooted around atop the bed to the spot I had previously lay and spread her legs. I lay between them and once again set my lips on her sweet pussy, exploring her thighs and stomach, flicking my tongue down and across her rosebud ass, then up her sweet slit to her throbbing clit. Sharon didn’t need long either and after just a little while sucking her clit she reached down and grabbed ahold of my head, pressing me into her as she convulsed and moaned through her own orgasm. We spent the next ten minutes in a haze of afterglow and bong smoke letting our bodies melt together on the bed.

“So Sharon, you ready to get the day started?”

“Kinda. Need to shower. Guess I need to go hit my room for my shower stuff and fresh clothes.”

“I had a thought about that. Are you paying by the night or did you make a reservation in advance?”

“I’m not really a ‘reservation in advance’ kind of girl Mike.”

“I thought not. Would you consider just moving in to my room with me? I have plenty of room and would be delighted to be your host for the foreseeable future.”

Sharon favored me with a long look and a coy smile.

“Ok Mike.”

We devised a plan to divide and conquer so we could hit the slopes that much sooner. Sharon went to the front desk and checked out of her room, while I took her key to her room, grabbed her two bags and brought them back to our room, leaving her key behind. She had beaten me back and was already in the shower when I arrived, so I threw off my clothes, set her bags on the bed and snuck into the shower with her. She attacked me when I got in, a small soapy whirlwind of cute that tickled me relentlessly. I gave as good as I got, making sure she was well and thoroughly tickled as I soaped her down, making sure her breasts especially were well cleansed. Plus, she was ticklish on her ribs and so it was especially fun to alternate from sudsing her pert full tits to making her squeal by tickling her sides. She learned that my thighs were my weak spot and used the same techniques I had by soaping my cock then making me jump by reaching between my legs. But soon enough we were clean and ready to go out and hit the slopes.

We got dressed and because we got rather a late start we had lunch before we went out and started skiing. It was a glorious afternoon for it. Sharon and I chased each other down slope after slope, and on the lifts we chatted and got to know each other a little. We both liked watching sports as well as playing them, and while we didn’t have any favorite teams in common, neither did we root for rivals. I don’t know how some families make it work with someone who roots for the Rockets and someone who is a Dallas fan. That just ain’t right. We also found out that we like watching cooking shows on television, especially when high. The sun sets early in the winter, so we went back inside around five, took another shower together to cleanse off the sweat of skiing and to make sure her boobs and my cock were each at maximum cleanliness, and then I called in an uber to come and pick us up to take us to the steakhouse. I put on a charcoal grey suit and tie, one that I bought for when I want to look my best, and I certainly wanted that for tonight. Sharon shooed me out of the room and shut the door behind her.

“It’s the right of every woman to be able to get prepared for an evening out in solitude. If you want to make yourself useful, load The Gorgon back up and we can blaze up before we head out. How long do I have till the Uber gets here?”

“I told him to meet us here in twenty minutes and then its about a 40 minute drive there. Do you need more time than that? Should I call them back?”

“Twenty will be fine, but have the bong ready.”

I went ahead and did as she asked, grinding up a hybrid blend strain that was supposedly ‘the best of both worlds’ according to the report Davy had prepared in advance of our trip. I think getting the flu and missing bummed him out the most. He wasn’t here for the skiing if you get my meaning. I had smoked most of a bowl by myself as I waited for Sharon, but with two minutes to go she sauntered out of the room, wearing a long black coat buttoned up to her neck. The lower part of her legs that I could see were clad in dark hosiery that had a swirled pattern, and she stood tall in a pair of black stiletto pumps that were exquisite. Her dark curls were extra bouncy and she had chosen a vibrant red lipstick to compliment her outfit. Quite simply, she looked stunning. She walked over to where I had left The Gorgon, and bent over to pick up the bong, took a huge hit, and as she coughed it out, she walked over to me, grabbed me by the arm, and started walking out into the hallway with me so we could go meet our car.

Our driver was originally from Jamaica, so we peppered her the entire way from the Lodge to the steakhouse about the island life. We were nearly there when Sharon settled back into her seat and looked over at me.

“I could really get used to the island life. That sounds like just my speed.”

“I’m not sure I can picture you with an island tan with your fair skin.”

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