Studying Hard Ch. 01

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Chapter 1

A slap of paper on desk and a sigh from Professor Martin prompted a groan from Peter. On the top of his returned quiz stood a letter ‘D’ followed by a ‘see me after class.’ How could he have gotten such a poor grade? He had studied for so many hours!

Peter gazed at himself through the reflection in his laptop screen. He appreciated his ocean blue eyes and his light brown hair, which he was beginning to let grow and was curling around the sideburns and neck. Although the reflection didn’t show it, Peter was quite tall at 6′ 3″ and very muscular. He made a point of going to the gym every morning.

At the end of class Peter walked up to his professor’s desk. Peter looked at him for a moment, not knowing what to say.

“If this pattern persists, Peter, I’m afraid you are not going to pass my class.”

“I don’t get it, Professor Martin! I study more and more before each quiz and test and I don’t seem to be doing any better!”

“Maybe you need to improve the quality of your methods rather than the quantity,” he replied with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m not sure how to do that.”

“Talk to people you know who excel in school. Maybe they can teach you a thing or two about studying. Do you have any successful friends or family?”

Peter thought for a moment. “My aunt did pretty well in school I think.”

“Try talking to her,” Professor Martin suggested, “and surround yourself with brighter friends. Your current ones obviously aren’t since you didn’t think of them first.”

Peter grinned at his professor, catching his joke. Despite his difficulty, he enjoyed having Professor Martin as a teacher.

After leaving the academic building, Peter glanced back and read the entrance sign. The Michael P. Williams Hall of Health and Exercise Science. He read that sign every morning when he arrived for class. It reminded him why he attended college in the first place- to get a degree in physical therapy so he could help people who were injured.

But his first semester wasn’t going so well. He had a B- in two classes, but a D+ in the other two. College was a lot more difficult than he had imagined.

Luckily, Peter grew up a few blocks away. The college was a decent size- about 16,000 students- but it was surrounded by neighborhoods and a charming suburban downtown area. The walk from his house to campus was only twenty-five minutes, and Peter and his mom both agreed it would be better for him to continue living at home. He would save money and have less distractions than he would in a dorm room.

Peter’s mother was unaware of his academic performance. She knew he didn’t put in the effort he should be, so that’s what she always pushed him to do. Peter had done average in high school in terms of grades, but college asked a lot more of him. He didn’t have the discipline or patience to sit down for hours every night and read the same material over and over again.

Peter finally made it home after walking through a breezy autumn day. Their house was somewhat small, but it suited them. Baby blue vinyl with a touch of brick along the bottom, a small porch with a swing bench, and just two floors. They had moved here when Peter was five, after his father had passed away from cancer.

“Mom, I’m home!” Peter called as he walked through the front door. He heard a faint response that sounded like a hello, but was probably muffled by her bedroom door. Peter made his way through the hall and into the kitchen, determined to make some lunch. To his surprise, he found a sandwich waiting for him at the table. Peter smiled. He loved his mom.

Within seconds the sandwich was gone and Peter was satisfied. Now it was time for him to call his aunt to see if she was free to talk. He wasn’t really looking forward to this, but he loved his aunt just as much as he loved his mom. Peter hoped she would be cool about his grades. He didn’t want his mom to know he was close to failing a class necessary for his major.

He called and Aunt Julia and she picked up after the second ring.

“Peter! How are you?”

“Hey Aunt Julia, I’m doing okay. How about yourself?”

“I’m going great Peter! I just finished a nice yoga session and I’m about to have lunch before I get a massage. What’s up?”

“Ok, can you first promise not to tell my mom what we’re going to talk about?”

“That depends on what you’re going to tell me.”

“Ok, well I’m not doing so great in school right now and one of my professors suggested I find someone smart to talk to about my study habits and I thought of you. Do you think I could come over sometime this weekend to talk?”

“Oh, sure! When you said not to tell your mom I thought you were in trouble with the law or something,” she laughed, “I won’t tell her a thing. Today is a little busy for me so how about tomorrow around noon?”

“That sounds good to me! Thanks Aunt Julia!”

“See you tomorrow Peter!”


As Peter hung up he heard the creaking of someone walking down the stairs. His mother entered the canlı bahis kitchen a moment later and smiled at Peter.

“Who was that?” she asked.

“Aunt Julia. She just wants to get lunch tomorrow and catch up. Thanks for the sandwich by the way!” Peter stood up and gave his mom a hug.

“You’re welcome!” She smiled as she dug her head into Peter’s chest. The 43 year-old wasn’t short at 5′ 9″ but Peter was tall enough that she felt small in his arms. Ever since he started to grow she was able to find love and security in him, which she had lost with the death of her husband.

Peter appreciated how beautiful his mother was. She had auburn hair that fell just past her shoulders and beautiful hazel eyes that sparkled in the light. She made an effort to stay fit just like Peter did; her thin body and heavenly curves drew a lot of attention from men. Yet after his dad died, Peter rarely saw her with other men. She was too focused on Peter.

Despite the fact that she was his mom, the feeling of her breasts pressed against body was giving him a reaction down south. He pulled away and kissed her forehead before it got out of hand.

“I love you, mom,” Peter said as she blushed. She was always very appreciative of his love. She giggled and went over to the fridge.

Peter picked up his phone to text his aunt. ‘If my mom asks, you invited me to lunch to catch up.’

Aunt Julia responded quickly with a thumbs up emoji.

“How was class today Peter?” his mom called out without looking away from the fridge.

“It was fine. I have some homework this weekend but hopefully nothing too time consuming.”

“Peter, it’s not about how much time it takes but how much you learn from it. That’s what will help you succeed.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “I know, mom. I’ll do my best.”


Later that evening saw Peter leaving the house to go to a party. He wasn’t a huge party person, but he felt like he needed to blow off some steam after receiving that quiz grade. That was often the goal of his Friday nights.

A few blocks away were the fraternity houses, where a lot of the parties were often held. His friend Tristan invited him to one. Tristan was a friend from high school who had been on the football team with Peter. Tristan was much better than Peter, and had continued to play in college while Peter had decided not to. Peter could play, but he didn’t care much for the aggressive physical contact.

Peter saw Tristan outside a medieval looking frat house. He looked as buff as ever in his skin tight t-shirt and jeans. With him were two girls who already looked a little tipsy. One had short blonde hair, the other long and black. Both were wearing rather revealing low-cut shirts.

“Peter, my man! What’s good!” Tristan shouted as Peter approached. His long blonde hair was pushed back in a flow. Like Peter, Tristan had neglected getting a haircut since college started.

“I’m doing well dude. What’s going on with you?”

“Drop the formality man! I know what brings you here on a Friday night. Same as everyone, right girls?” Tristan put his arms around both of the girls’ waists and they giggled.

“Watch it man, or I’ll have to take you home early again. Show some respect to the girls,” Peter smirked.

“Oh they know I’m just bein’ friendly! Ain’t that right girls?”

“Sure Tristan,” pipped the blonde one, “But if you get too friendly, I’ll have to let myself get taken by this knight in shining armor instead.” She motioned at Peter and he blushed.

“This is Ashley,” said Tristan, jerking his head over at the blonde. “The other nice young lady is Kirsten. Thought they might be able to keep us some company tonight.”

“Sure,” replied Peter. Ashley looked at him hungrily.

The four of them entered the house and found themselves encompassed by people and loud music. Kirsten didn’t hesitate to pull Tristan over to the dance floor. He looked back at Peter and Ashley happily before his face was lost in the crowd.

“I’d like to get a drink first. You want one, Ashley?” Peter asked the blonde.

“Yes please!” she exclaimed as she grabbed his hand pulled herself close to Peter. Her tits seemed to be bouncing out of her top. They weren’t huge, probably C cup, but they were almost free. Peter led her to the kitchen, wanting that drink so he could get that quiz out of his mind and focus on Ashley.

Some dark-haired guy in the kitchen was handing out drinks to people, so Peter took two from him. He handed one of the cups to Ashley and they drank together. There wasn’t much in the cup, and it turned out to be some sort of vodka-mix. Not Peter’s favorite, but it got the job done.

The next hour or so happened in a daze for Peter. At one point he and Ashley were out on the dance floor, and soon enough she was grinding her ass against his crotch like it was her job. He reacted very quickly and she gasped and looked back at him. She pulled his head down to hers and they kissed. He could tell she was getting too drunk because of her sloppiness, bahis siteleri so he considered taking her back to Tristan. That consideration was lost as soon as she grabbed to bulge in his pants.

“Holy shit!” was all she said with wide eyes as she looked down at his pants. Peter, feeling a little out of character, wanted more. But he didn’t want to take advantage of some drunk girl he just met.

Still in a daze, Peter suddenly found himself alone with Ashely in a storage closet. The two kissed excessively until Ashley dropped down to her knees and looked up at him.

“I want to see your cock,” she pleaded. Before Peter could react, she had undone his belt buckle and pulled down his jeans. His only remaining cover was his underwear, which wasn’t hiding much. She cooed as she felt his bulge, her eyes fixed on his. Then Ashley pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang free.

“Holy fuck, you’re big!”

She wasn’t lying. Peter was about nine inches long and perfectly thick. Enough to make any girl go mad with desire. His cock throbbed as she cupped his heavy balls. Then she lifted his shaft up and he gasped as she licked the underside of his cock.

She placed her mouth on his tip and sucked gently. A moan escaped Peter’s mouth as he tilted his head back. He grabbed Ashley’s short blonde hair and held it up in a bun for her. She responded by bobbing her head on his cock. As he was big, she could only get a few inches down on him.

Before they could really get going, the door suddenly opened and the dark-haired guy bumped right into Peter.

“Woah, sorry man! Didn’t mean to interrupt…” he trailed off as he took in the sight of what Peter and Ashley were up to. Peter quickly pulled up his pants, his face turning red. He helped Ashley to her feet and led her out of the room. This wasn’t going how he expected it to.

Peter had to leave before word of him spread throughout the party. He didn’t want to be the laughing stock of the night. He somehow found Tristan and Kirsten in no time at all.

“Hey, I’m going to take Ashley home now. I think she’s had too much to drink tonight.”

Kirsten stood up. She appeared to be in more control of her body. “Let’s all go. She’s my roommate, we can walk back to our place together.”

The four of them left the frat house, Tristan looking just as out of sorts as Ashley. It took them about ten minutes to find the girls’ dorm. Once inside, Peter escorted Ashley to her bed. As it was a single room, nothing further was going to happen between them tonight.

“Thanks for the escort, Peter,” said Kirsten. She leaned over and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush again. He was about to grab Tristen and leave when Ashley suddenly spoke up.

“God, Peter, your cock is so huge!”

Tristen looked over at him and smiled proudly while Kirsten’s eyes simply widened. She looked down at his crotch and back up at him.

“Dude I knew you were packin’ but I didn’t know how much!” Tristen exclaimed as he tumbled over the Peter and patted him on the shoulder.

“Maybe I should take Tristan home now. Take care of Ashley,” Peter instructed Kirsten. She nodded, still studying him in wonder. Peter led Tristan to the elevator to take him to floors down, where his room was. Before the elevator opened, Tristan had passed out.

Peter managed to get Tristan down to his room and into his bed without too much trouble. His roommate Brian was home and promised to look after him for the night. Peter then left the building and walked home. He the realized how buzzed he felt himself, and the whole getting home ordeal must have been powered by either adrenaline or embarrassment.

Luckily, Peter made it home without any trouble at all, and fell asleep on the couch in no time.


Peter woke up on Saturday morning with a blanked draped over him. His mom must have covered him up before she left for the gym that morning. He got up to go to the bathroom, which he badly needed to do.

A buzz in his pocket encouraged Peter to examine his phone. It was a text from Aunt Julia. The time was 12:18.

“Shit!” Peter cursed as he fumbled upstairs to change clothes. He threw on a fresh t-shirt and some sweats and grabbed his jacket from the closet. On his way out of his room he grabbed his backpack. It was a ten-minute drive to his aunt’s house. He sent her a quick text letting her know he was sorry and would be there soon.

As he drove across the neighborhood, the previous night’s events circled back into his mind. He was ashamed of himself for taking advantage of Ashley in her drunken state. He blamed the alcohol. He would have to be more careful in the future.

Peter was also ashamed at being exposed. While he wasn’t embarrassed of his size, he wasn’t comfortable with too many people knowing about it. He didn’t want to be the guy known for having a big cock. He wanted it to be special for the girls he was intimate with.

Honestly, he thought to himself, he just wanted to be known as the best physical therapist, bahis şirketleri and nothing else.

Peter arrived at Aunt Julia’s house at 12:40. Her house was a lot bigger and fancier than Peter’s. His aunt was a very successful retired business woman who liked to spoil her husband. She never had to worry about money, and Peter was thankful. She was always willing to help out him and his mom if they really needed it.

He checked his phone and read another text from her: ‘door’s open.’ He walked in and called her name.

“Downstairs!” she shouted. He looked around as he walked towards the basement. His Uncle must be on another business trip. He was out of town more than he was home, and he almost felt sorry for his aunt. He hoped she didn’t feel underappreciated.

Peter walked down to the basement and saw his aunt kneeling face down on a yoga mat, her ass up in the air. Her grey yoga pants accentuated her figure nicely, and her bright purple sports bra contrasted her wavy dark brown hair beautifully. Like his mother, Aunt Julia was a very beautiful woman.

A timer went off and Aunt Julia looked up. She noticed him staring from the stairs and smiled.

“What are you doing, Peter?”

“Oh, sorry! I just haven’t seen you do yoga before and it fascinates me.”

Julia grinned at him knowingly and motioned for him to come over to her. She stood up and began to roll up her yoga mat. Julia was just an inch shorter that Peter’s mother at 5’8″. She was about a year younger than his mother. The basement was quite cozy, and Peter sat on the large couch while she rolled up her yoga mat.

“So talk to me, Peter,” his aunt started. “What seems to be your problem when it comes to your school work? Be as honest as you can.”

He thought for a moment, scratching the stubble on his chin.

“I’m doing okay in a couple classes,” he explained, “but I have a D+ in the other two, and one of them is for my major. We’ve had a couple quizzes and an exam and I study for longer before each one and I don’t seem to be doing any better.”

“Just because you study for longer doesn’t mean it’s more effective. Quality over quantity.”

“So I’ve been told. But I don’t know what to do.”

Aunt Julia placed her mat next to the couch and sat close to him. Peter could smell her sweat, and he thought it was kind of… hot! She smelled very womanly. Her sports bra covered most of her cleavage, but her voluminous breasts still caught Peter’s attention. He succeeded in keeping his eyes from wandering.

“Why don’t we start by taking a look at the studying you did before your last quiz. Describe to me what you were doing and for how long.”

“Okay, I took out my class notes and read them and tried to memorize them.”


“Uh, that’s it.”

“I see. What class is this for?”

“Human anatomy.”

Aunt Julia sighed. “Well I can tell you now Peter, for a class like human anatomy, you’re not going to be able to just read your notes and expect to do well at all.”

“Why not?”

“Because anatomy is all memorization, and memory is a funny thing. You aren’t going to remember things by reading them without any motivation. You need to use tricks. You need to be practical.”

Peter frowned. “How am I going to do that?”

“Let’s use an example. What was your last quiz on?”

“The arm muscles.”

“So rather than reading about where the muscles are, why don’t you try pointing them out on your actual arm? Like this,” Aunt Julia pointed to her left forearm with her right hand. “This is the flexor carpi radialis. This one next to it is the palmaris longus.”

“Damn, how do you know that?” Peter asked.

“I took human anatomy in college as well.”

“And you still remember all the muscles?”

“Well, not all of them,” Aunt Julia admitted through her blush, “But I do remember some. It’s a lot easier to remember if you study correctly.”

Peter examined his aunt and wondered how someone so physically attractive could also be so intelligent. He felt a spike of jealousy for his uncle, who had her as a wife.

“Can you teach me how to study?” Peter asked her. “I really want to pass this class. No, I want to be a physical therapist someday! I need to know the muscles and the rest of the body if I’m going to be good.”

“Of course I can help! Anything for my favorite nephew.” She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Her lips felt incredibly soft and Peter felt himself respond in his pants.

“I’m your only nephew,” he replied with a grin.

“You probably don’t want to study with me when I’m all sweaty. How about I go take a quick shower, and while you wait you can compile your notes and we can make a plan. Deal?”

“Sure,” he said, somewhat glad she was leaving so he could readjust his crotch. A small part of him really wanted to join her in the shower.

Peter took out his folder and looked at his class calendar. He had a quiz coming up next Friday on the upper body muscles, and a test the following Friday on the entire muscular system. The sound of running water in the basement walls indicated that his aunt had begun showering. He spread all of his notes on the coffee table in front of the couch and waited for his aunt to return.

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