Such a Tease

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She lay waiting, hearing his movement in the kitchen. She heard the freezer open and ice being tipped into a bowl. She shivered with anticipation of what would come next. The fridge was opened and soon shut before she heard his footsteps coming towards her. She lay naked on the bed, her hands and feet bound to the bed with black velvet ropes.

As he stepped into the room, she marveled, as always, at how gorgeous he was. Just the sight of him was enough to arouse her. He placed a bowl containing ice, and a bowl with whipped cream and strawberries next to her on the table, then moved to sit next to where she lay. Smiling he bent and kissed her, just once, and much too briefly for her liking, then ran a finger down her face to her neck barely touching her at all. He felt her breathing quicken but never stopped his feather light touch down to her breasts and across her stomach. He never quite touched her but she could still sense where he was all the time.

When he reached bostancı escort bayan her shaved mound, he deliberately moved his fingers to her inner thigh, never going too far from her pussy but running up and down her leg until she was squirming.

As he reached her glistening pussy, he stopped and reached for a piece of the ice. He sat it just above her clit watching as the heat of her body melted the ice and water began dripping down into her cunt. With one finger he moved the ice down so that it sat right on her engorged clit. He rubbed it gently before moving the sliver that remained to poke her in her pussy. She could see that he was as ready for her as she was for him.

His cock stood erect in front of him as his finger rubbed the inside of her pussy lips. As she reached out for him and ran her fingertips up and down his cock she felt his fingers become more insistent inside her. She began touching him more firmly moving her small fingers ümraniye escort steadily up and down his shaft before taking his rigid cock into her mouth and running her tongue around the head.

His hands clutched at her hair working her mouth up and down until he was sure he would cum, when her mouth moved and her tongue licked at his balls before she took them in her mouth, sucking and licking them one by one. Her fingers were busy at the base of his cock until she sucked on one and inserted it deep into his arse as her mouth went back to sucking greedily on his rock hard dick.

He scooped a finger of the cold cream onto her clit, making her shiver at the coldness before dipping a strawberry in it. He offered it to her then took another for himself. He bent and slowly licked the remaining cream from her before getting another ice cube and holding it between thumb and finger. He inserted it in and out of her pussy until it was gone. His cold finger probed her escort kartal arse until she was moaning and begging him to release her or fuck her.

His throbbing cock could take no more and he easily entered her, the coldness of the ice still apparent as he thrust into her deeper and deeper. Her hips moved with him as he drove himself into her faster and faster his hands holding her hips, pulling her on to him. “Fuck me!” she begged him as she felt her breath quicken and moans escaped her lips as she felt his rhythm quicken to match the way she was grinding against him. He inserted his finger back into her arse, deep and moved and rotated it inside her, which only caused her to throw her self against him more and her moans to become louder.

“I’m going to come, just fuck me,” she cried breathless. As he filled her body she wrapped her arms around him, her face buried in his shoulder as she felt his velvet smoothness moving inside her.

She came quickly, thrusting her hips to meet him again and again, which in turn brought him to his climax. While she was still tied, he kissed her again, more deeply than before, his tongue encircling hers. As his lips left hers, he smiled as she demanded, “Now lover untie me, it’s your turn …”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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