Sugar Baby Ch. 01

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I was 21 when I graduated college with a degree in dental hygiene. My resume was sent out to every dental office within 50 kilometres of my home. Months went by before I was finally called to work as a temp and backfill hygienist. Far from ideal, I was happy to be doing something related to my education. Working at the local Tim Horton’s was underwhelming to say the least; it helped pay the bills though.

My decision to move away from home was premature in hindsight. After college I should have moved back to my home town but I was determined to make my way in the world. It was depressing at times when I looked around my small basement apartment and its scarce smattering of mismatched furniture. The grandiose visions of life on my own faded with each passing day. A vehicle would have been nice, but my limited income kept me to public transit; cold shelters, crowded buses and smelly patrons were in my foreseeable future.

During my time at college I had made a few close friends who lived in my town. One particularly had become my best friend. Annie had the most beautiful smile; her teeth were perfect and glowed white. She was 23, petite with natural blonde hair that touched her shoulders. We received our share of attention from the guys at school. We contrasted well with my long red hair and slender frame. I routinely reminded her that she was short because I was a few inches taller than her; I am only 5’5 tall.

When school finished we didn’t see each other as often as we would like. Both of us were held hostage by a slow moving transit system and the distance of a city between us. Every week or so we would meet somewhere in the middle of town and have lunch somewhere. Annie had not received any responses from her resume and had resigned herself to work at a local call centre.

Finally a Saturday off, it didn’t happen often enough; typically I didn’t receive two days in a row off and it never happened on a weekend unless requested far in advance. I called Annie to see if she would be free so we could spend the day together.

“I can’t wait to see you Lynn.” Annie’s voice was excited. “I will come to your place.”

Our plans were set and I was looking forward to spending the day with my best friend. I wasn’t dating seriously at the time; in fact I avoided dating during college all together. Many guys wanted to go out, but I was focused on my education. Naturally I went on a few dates but I refused to commit to anything serious. I made a point of not sleeping with anyone at school though.

Desmond came for coffee every day I worked; he made no secret that he was interested in going out with me. I figured he was about 26 or 27 years old. He was cute, well-built and worked in construction. Human nature began to take its toll and I had an overpowering urge for physical contact; Desmond was the first guy to come to mind.

Friday morning came and I turned to see Desmond smiling at me, “Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning Desmond.” I smiled at him with alluring eyes as I made his coffee.

“Big plans this weekend?” Desmond began to bostancı escort bayan dig in his jeans for money.

I slid his coffee over the counter, “My girlfriend is coming over tomorrow but I’m free tonight.”

Desmond jumped on the opening, “Want to do something tonight?”

“Sure.” I wrote my cell number down and handed it to him. “I’m done at 4.”

He glowed, “Dinner? Say six o’clock?”

“Sounds great.” I motioned at the growing line, “I’ll talk to you later.”

Desmond rolled up in front of my house in a monster pickup truck. Racing around he opened the door and struggled to climb in to the cab with dignity. I knew Desmond would not miss an opportunity to look up my dress if the opportunity presented itself. My dress was mid-thigh length and probably not ideal for climbing in to a big truck.

He was a perfect gentleman throughout dinner. Desmond genuinely wanted to know as much about me as possible. I explained that I wasn’t looking for a relationship just a friend to hang out with once in a while.

“So what do you want to do now?” I smiled at him.

A mischievous grin crossed his lips, “Want to go back to my place?”

I laughed, “Presumptuous at all?”

Back in his truck I moved to the middle seat so I was beside him. Desmond put his calloused hand on my bare knee as he drove; I put my hand on his. I gave him a peculiar look when he pulled in to the empty Walmart parking lot bringing his truck to a stop.

“Everything okay?” I scanned his dashboard for signs of trouble.

He turned his face to me, “Sorry, just something I have to do.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant until he put his arm around me and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm as we locked ourselves in a passionate kiss. His cologne was intoxicating, I needed this so badly. An audible gasp escaped my lips as his hand slowly slid up my thigh pushing the hem higher; I squeezed his thigh as shivers raced over my flesh.

Desmond’s coarse hand moved quicker to the top of my thigh. At the same time as his fingers pressed against my pussy he pushed his tongue past my lips and deep in to my mouth. His tongue probed the deepest regions of my mouth while his fingers traced and teased the delicate folds of my rapidly moistening pussy.

Panting in his mouth I spoke, “How far is your house?”

“About ten minutes more.” He pressed his lips tightly to mine.

His fingers continued their assault on my pussy. As he drove I moved my hips to the edge of the seat giving him full access to me. My dress was up over my ass leaving my bare cheeks against the cool vinyl seats. I squeezed his thigh harder when he pulled my panties to the side and touched my bare lips.

“Someone is horny.” Desmond slid his fingers up and down my slit coating his fingers.

I could only moan and involuntarily move my hips on his fingers. Desmond watched my face intently as he pushed his moist fingers in to my opening.

“You are so fucking hot!” Desmond covered my mouth with his and our tongues began to dance.

I gasped and moaned in his mouth ümraniye escort as his fingers began to fuck my pussy faster. Desmond guided me on my back so I was lying on the seat. His fingers worked deeper in to my pussy and gave him a clear view of my baldness as he sat behind the wheel.

Holding my head up I strained to make eye contact with him as my orgasm began to build, “Don’t stop.”

Desmond maintained his pace as he watched me paw at my breasts, “Cum for me. Cum all over my hand baby.”

I bucked my hips wildly on his hand; I hadn’t had an orgasm in weeks and was way overdue. With my neck strained I watched as his free hand released his strained cock from the confines of his pants. Watching him stroke his cock was more than I could take; my orgasm took over.

“Fuuuuuuuccck!!” I screamed out at the top of my lungs as my orgasm tore through my body. His fingers continued to pound me bringing wave after wave of pleasure over my body until I couldn’t take anymore. “Okay, okay…” I climbed up leaning against the passenger door panting. “That was amazing.”

Desmond’s cock stood proudly out the top of his hand, “Want this?”

I rearranged myself so I was lying on the bench with my face on his chest staring down at his swollen cock, “I think it wants me to suck it.” I laughed.

With a moan, his hands tangled my hair into his fist as he bucked his hips pushing his cock towards my lips. Slowly I lowered my face to his cock with an open mouth taking him deep. When I closed my lips around him he grunted like an animal and began to thrust wildly.

His cock oozed pre-cum like a river in my mouth. Sliding my hands in his pants I held his balls gently and began to work his cock. Desmond’s cock was perfect size for sucking, not too long or too thick. His cock fit deep in my mouth nicely allowing me to relax and let him fuck my mouth without fear of choking.

Desmond moaned wildly, cussing words of pleasure as his hands held fistfuls of my hair, “I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck I’m gonna explode.”

I kept sucking him holding his cock deep. His cock let me know how close he was without his words. His balls tightened in my hand and his cock twitched in my mouth. The flow of pre-cum had begun to increase; I knew it was time.

His cock erupted flooding my mouth with the first wad of semen. I swallowed as best I could only to have him re-fill my mouth with another load of his cum; after swallowing again another smaller load of cum washed over my tongue. I swallowed again and held him in my mouth as his cock softened.

Sitting up in the truck we caught our breath. Desmond spoke first, “That was wild. You are hotter than I could ever imagine.”

Not taking my eyes off him I licked my lips, “That was fun.”

I decided to not bother going back to his place and that I would take a rain check. Clearly he was onboard and shared my need for a friend with benefits. When he pulled up in front of my house we kissed a bit more before calling it a night.

On Saturday morning I was puttering around my tiny apartment cleaning when escort kartal my phone chimed indicating a new text had come in; it was Annie.

Annie: I’m here!

Me:Get in here woman!

Annie:Come out I want to show you my new toy.


Annie stood beaming a brilliant smile beside a little red car, “It’s mine!” She proceeded to give me the details of her car, “its power everything Lynn! It has a sunroof too!” She was very excited and it was contagious.

I ran over and hugged her before climbing in behind the wheel for a closer investigation, “Look at you rolling in the dough! Is this thing brand new? It smells new.”

“Brand new! I got it yesterday.” Annie beamed. “Now shove over, let me take you for a ride.”

Annie drove me around town proudly finding the farthest Starbucks before pulling in so we could grab a drink. She was so excited about her car that it was only a matter of time before she began to talk about it again. I couldn’t blame her level of excitement over her new car. It was beautiful and I made a point of letting her know how jealous I was.

“My boyfriend bought it for me.” Annie was matter of fact when she responded to my inquiry about how she could afford a new car.

I laughed disbelievingly, “Really? Does he have a brother?”

Although she didn’t provide much detail I read between the lines that he was fairly well off and he was a bit older than us. Judging by her apprehension to my probing questions about her new beau, I began to assume she was dating a married man or something of that nature. I decided to let it go for the time being.

“Want to go see a show?” Annie changed the subject. “I’ll buy!” She could read the hesitation in my body language. I had spent the majority of my money on groceries and rent; payday was still over a week away.

As promised, Annie bought the tickets and a voucher for the concession stand. I shook my head at the cost of a movie; Annie pulled her debit card out and paid the $56 without hesitation. Locking my arm she guided me in and led me to get our popcorn.

“I’m rolling with my sugar mama.” I squeezed her arm.

Annie squeezed me back, “I got me my own lil sugar baby.”

Annie stayed over at my house. Lying in bed I decided to see if I could get more information on her boyfriend. It took a lot of probing and promising not to judge her before she finally relented and told me the details.

As she put it, she was surfing the net one night and clicked an advertisement that lead her through a chain of pop ups that ended with a website called “Kittens her words and selections could not have been said better.

“What age range?” Annie turned to face me. “What age range of guy would you date?”

Taking a moment to think, “20 to 27 I guess.”

Annie gave me a friendly growl, “Seriously? How many rich guys do you know that are that age?”

She was right. “I don’t know then. What did you put?”

Annie filled the form in, “I’m putting twenty-five to fifty.”

“Fifty? Like my dad’s age?” I began to laugh.

“Yes, these guys are even more generous and will appreciate you more.” Annie smiled at me. “Trust me.” A few clicks later and Annie had a couple pictures up on my profile that she stole from Facebook, “All done.”

“Now what?” I looked at her puzzled.

She gave me a hug, “We wait.”

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