Summer Heat

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Kellie was divorced, for over 8 years now, and was left to raise her son Mark on her own. It had been tough, but she had managed, and she and her 18-year-old son had grown closer than Kellie thought they would have been if her husband was still around, and she was thankful for that.

Kellie was still a very attractive woman at 38 years of age, but despite this fact she rarely dated, and no longer wanted the disappointment of trying. Sexual release for her now consisted of a number of vibrators, devices, and lubricants she had hidden at the bottom of a draw beside her bed.

It was 4 in the afternoon, and hot as hell in the midst of summer. Kellie had just taken a lengthy swim, doing her best to keep cool while not thinking about the fact that she hadn’t masturbated in 5 days, and after drying off she thought it too hot to bother getting changed out of her skimpy bikini. Her son was having a nap, and she saw no reason to cover herself considering the fact she liked the curtains closed for privacy anyway.

She make herself a cool drink before laying herself back on the lounge, stretching her long, smooth legs out and allowing herself to close her eyes for a moment before considering doing some of the chores that needed to be done.

She was having trouble not thinking about sex, in her sexy bikini, stretched out on the lounge, she couldn’t help but fantasize about some hunk laying her right there and then. Her daydream was interrupted by the sound of her son making his way down the hall. Her heart jumped for a moment, and she sat up a little, but didn’t bother putting on anything else, what difference did it make if her son saw her laying on the lounge in her skimpy outfit?

“Look who finally decided to join the land of the conscious” she remarked as he came into view. He said nothing, and her eyes instantly began to wonder his body. It wasn’t until that moment that she suddenly realized what a man her baby boy was becoming.

He wore only a pair of boxer shorts, which did nothing to hide his erection, and the sweat running down his muscular chest made him look quite the object of sexuality. There came an all too familiar feeling between her legs, and Kellie softly moaned in protest at her bodies’ reaction to her own son.

Mark worked out a few times a week, and was in great shape. She knew he wasn’t a virgin, and for a moment she let her mind wonder how many young girls he had bedded down.

Mark disappeared into the kitchen, and Kellie felt her heart start racing at the thought of getting a better look at his masculine body.

Slowly, she gently lifted herself to her feet and made her way into the kitchen, quickly finishing her drink so she had an excuse to do so.

Mark’s head was berried in the fridge, and she couldn’t help but look at his firm butt as she went past. Kellie quietly scolding herself for doing so. What was she thinking? This was her very own son? Still he was growing into quite a man, and an irresistible one at that.

Mark turned and almost caught his mother staring at him, however she managed to hide the fact she had been canlı bahis checking him out, and quickly made her way back to the lounge, making an effort not to look at her son as she went.

She waited until she thought it was safe before making a run for her room and closing the door behind her. Kellie quickly striped then launched herself onto her bed, leaning over the reveal her draw of goodies.

It had been too long, and seeing her son like that had turned her on way too much, she needed to masturbate before she did something she would regret.

She retrieved a dildo from her draw and laid it on the bed besides her. She then laid herself back, spreading herself as wide as she could on her queen size bed, and then gently started to stroke herself. She moaned the moment her hand contacted her cunt, a hand that quickly became wet, and she realized she wouldn’t need much rubbing before she was able to slide the dildo into herself without the aid of lubricant.

A moment later she picked up the dildo and rubbed it up and down her sopping cunt, allowing the juices to cover the device before slipping the head into her pussy. Kellie moaned a little louder than she should have, and it was only a few seconds before she was working the entire thing inside of herself, pumping it in and out like a mad woman.

It didn’t take long for her to feel the beginnings of an orgasm, so she slowed down a little, wanted it to last a little longer before she let herself go. It was at that moment that Mark entered the room to find his naked mother spread out on the bed with the dildo pushed right up her dripping pussy.

He stood there in shock for a moment, until Kellie finally noticed, and gave a scream before Mark slammed the door in shock and raced to his room.

Kellie pulled the dildo out and wiped her hands on the bed, her heart going a million miles an hour and her mind racing as she tried to come to terms with her son walking in on her for the first time, and what she would do now.

Mark had never seen her naked before, not since he was a little child, much less see his own mother pleasing herself. She knew she would have to talk to him about this, it wasn’t something that could just be forgotten easily, for both of them, and she spent the next fifteen minutes gathering the courage to face her son.

Finally, she eased herself off her bed and wrapped a nightgown around herself; however another five minutes passed as she paced the room in nervous thought before she finally opened the door and headed for Marks room. She stopped outside his door, took a breath, and knocked.

“Just a minute!” a nervous voice came in return, and Kellie thought she heard the sound of Mark pulling his boxers up. Could he have been masturbating over what he had just seen? Surely he wasn’t fantasizing about his old mother.

“Come in!” Mark called, and Kellie found her son laying on his own double bed, wearing only a pair of boxers as he was before. She could see his penis was still very stiff, and she took a seat on the bed beside him.

“I ummm…” She was stuck for words, “I think bahis siteleri we might need to talk about… About what just happened” He didn’t look at her, and she was worried he was upset with her.

“I… I’m sorry you saw that,” she managed, “I’m really sorry, I…its been a long time since your dad left and…”

“Its ok” he spoke, “Just forget it” he shifted to try and hide his body’s bulging excitement.

She dared to place her hand on his leg, and that instant they looked into each other’s eyes as a chill ran up her spine. She froze, and she felt knots in her stomach.

“I…” she was out of breath, “I know you aren’t a virgin, I know you know what goes on, I just didn’t expect you to see me like that”

He just stared at her, and there was something in his eyes that made her want him, and consider the possibility that he wanted to take her too. Then it happened, she knew it would, there was not stopping it, she leaned over and kissed her son passionately on the lips.

She regretted it the instant their lips met, but to her surprise he kissed her back, and the next thing she knew his arms were around her and they were laying together on his bed, kissing, touching a little, consumed in each other.

She slid her hands down, slowly, waiting to see if he would let her, which he did, and finally into his pants and gripping his hard shaft. He was bigger than his farther, and the tip was already slippery with precum.

She couldn’t help it; she deprived his body of his pants, leaving him exposed to her. He moaned, and slid his hands into her nightgown, stopping for a moment as he heard her gasp. Oh god, she was going to do it, she was going to let her son take her body. She let him remove her gown, glancing over to watch it fall to the floor beside her bed, and in the next moment his hands were all over her breasts, holding them, rubbing them, squeezing them.

She was getting so hot she could feel the wetness of her pussy dripping down her thighs. Mark knew what to do, just like his father, and wasted no more time, he held his dear mother tight and rolled over onto her, sucking her breasts as his hands found more places on her body to explore.

“Oh god” she gasped out of breath for the foreplay alone! She spread her legs wide and felt the head of his massive erection nuzzle her wet pussy.

“Mark” she gasped, helpless to her sons pleasures, “Mark… have… you… oh god… have you got any protection?” She had stopped taking the pill years ago, it was an expense she didn’t need when she slept alone.

“Somewhere” he dismissed as he rubbed her sides and started to nibble on her nipples.

“Oh god” she knew right then it would happen with or without protection, she didn’t have the willpower to stop herself as her son worked his lips over her breasts, and back to her shoulders. She hooked her legs over his, and ran her hands over his smooth, glistening back as she let him have his way with her.

Mark knew now was the time, and slowly began to insert his penis into his mother hot hole.

“Ohhhh god!” she whimpered as she felt bahis şirketleri him going in, stretching her pussy lips and invading her horny body.

He pushed forward more, sinking the entire length of his hard shaft into his mother, and she instinctively pushed her hips up to meet his. Mark grunted, pressing his pelvis hard into Kellie before starting to pump, long, deep strokes which left her breathless.

“Oh my god!” she gasped as she felt her sons unprotected penis slide in and out of her wet pussy, every stroke leaving butterflies in her tummy. Mark silenced her by kissing her again, and she held him tighter and kissed him passionately, probing his mouth with her seductive tongue. She rubbed on foot up and down Marks leg as he pounded her sweet cunt, and the teenager responded by pushing his manhood harder into her, probing the very depths of the hole he had come from so many years ago.

Kellie could feel a tingle in her stomach, and knew she would not be able to hold out much longer, not when she hadn’t ever cum from masturbating, and now the feel of her hot young son pounding her wet pussy was too much.

When it happened it happened like an explosion, her womanhood erupted around her sons penis, and she left his lips and cried out in pleasure. Mark started pumping harder and faster, and she knew soon her son would not last much longer either at this rate.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god Mark” was all she could say as he continued his thrusts, his balls dripping with his mothers fluids and his penis sliding in and out of her cunt with great ease. Mark managed to last another minute, but it was all too much. He erupted inside her with a volcano of sperm filled seamen.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Mark!!!” she cried out, a hint of nervousness in her voice, “Ohhh my baby, ohhhhhhh”

She wrapped her legs around his waste and held him in place as she felt his fluids spilling into her, filling her, his warm seamen flooding her unprotected organs. Mark thrust his cock deep into her and held it tight in pace as he came, and Kellie could tell her son hadn’t masturbated in a while as well, as gush after gush of cum spewed out of him and into her.

She was scared at how much he came inside her, but the pleasure overwhelmed her and made her forget any possible consequences for a time.

Mark came for just over a minute, and the two stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before he withdrew, and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next few weeks went by without any further contact between woman and son except for the occasionally word. They both didn’t know how to act around one another anymore, and as a result the two had become somewhat reserved around each other.

Finally Kellie found out she was pregnant, to her son; she had had no other sexual contact with anyone since that afternoon with her son.

Mark was not impressed when she told him, and made her feel guilty for him getting her pregnant.

He left home a few weeks after and moved in with a few of his friends, leaving Kellie to raise her daughter/granddaughter by herself.

Mark came back home a few years later and met his daughter for the first time, and promised Kellie to help financially to look after her, however they both agreed never to let their daughter Linda know who her real farther was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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