Summer Island

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Chapter one

Nick pounded Alice over the small bathroom sink as he held her waist. It was spontaneous. It was furious. They would both be traveling. They would be apart. He liked her well enough. He kept the rhythm with each pump and each slap of his pelvis agains her ass. Pulling her into him.

It was sweaty summer sex and it was the last time he would see Alice. She liked him more than he. She would miss him. But then she would move on. She was looking for something more. They struggled to keep their clothes halfway up. Alice with her yellow sleeveless top and khaki shorts. She wore no bra and the nipples of her small tits poked through the shirt. He reached for them now under her shirt and pulled them. She moaned and threw her hair to the side. This was a quickie before they set off for different summer assignments in different parts of the world.

Alice was thin but her hips flared out. She used to say she had saddle bags like her mother. Nicolaus like it. The wide hips and the extra encouragement at the sides of her thighs. He grabbed it and pulled. As he pumped her hard. The last time. There would be no time for a night together lying in bed. Schedules being what they are. This was it. For in the evening they had planes leaving. Different directions. Different intersections. Different lives.

He took hold of her short, blonde wavy hair and balled his hand into a fist. He yanked it back. Thrusting. Pounding. He pulled out and pulled her to him as he shot up into the center of her back. The release spreading and smearing all over her back and his belly as they pressed bodies together.

Someone knocked at the door. They had to use the bathroom. Nicolaus and Alice raced to clean up and return to the get-together.


Alice caressed his cheek for the last time. “I”ll miss you, Nicolaus.”

“I’ll miss you too,”

Tears fell in her eyes. And he felt it too. But he wanted to make a show of strength. He had never thought of marriage or children with her. But that’s what she wanted. And though he didn’t see a future he enjoyed her company and liked her. But he didn’t want marriage. He watched her walk to the gate and disappear. He shouldn’t have watched her. He should have turned and not looked back. He was superstitious. It reminded him of the Greek myth of Orpheus in Hades. And how Eurydice was pulled back down to Hades forever. Because he looked back to see if she was still behind him.


Nick could see the island from the small plane. The island was also inhabited by a billionaire. An older gentleman from Greece. A summer assignment to teach on a small island.


Nick had begun his summer assignment. He did not realize that the loneliness would get to him. There, on the rocks on the shore he watched the waves crashing in. He hadn’t heard from her and he didn’t want to contact her. Perhaps it was better this way. He looked around. There was no one. He was so horny. It had been a month and he had denied himself the pleasure. He opened his shorts and began to stroke himself. He came quickly. His foam merged with the sea foam below.


Nick had taken to long walks in the countryside. The hills provided a beautiful view. There was little chance of getting lost. The island was too small. He came to an open field. He noted a manse above up the hill. There were tall cypress trees to either side. There was a terrace on the second level and on the ground level.

He saw two figures on the upper terrace. One sitting at a small white table. And a formally dressed server. The figure stood up and approached the balcony. He waved Nick to come.

Nick made his way up the hill. He was greeted by a servant impeccably dressed. The servant showed him the way to the upstairs terrace. He took a seat before the circular table with pristine white tablecloth. The servant poured coffee from a deco, silver carafe.

His host arrived and introduced himself. Nick stood up to shake his hand. His host bid him sit and continued the conversation. Nick noted the gleam in his eye.

“No doubt you have heard of me but I don’t want it to make you uncomfortable.”

He was the billionaire. A businessman. A recluse. An eccentric.

“Let us forego the formalities. You can call me Konchis,” he said. With the second syllable rhyming with ease. “How are you finding the island?”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Indeed it is, but perhaps you find the pace a bit too slow. The island has its own rhythms.”

“I have to admit it takes some adjustment but I am glad escort bostancı for the opportunity.”

“And how is teaching?”

“I enjoy it very much.”

“Good, then let us eat. Today, we will sample some Greek delicacies.”

Plate after plate was brought out. Olives. Cheese. Cucumber salad with tomatoes, olive oil, onions, salt and pepper. More cheese. Desserts and coffee.

Konchis motioned to the clearing below where Nick had been. There was now a circle of tall torches. The circle was some several meters in diameter. A satyr with a laurel wreath upon his head appeared playing a flute and dancing. He entered the circle and danced about for some time.

A nymph appeared. And they began to dance. The satyr danced around the nymph. Other than a laurel wreath upon her head she wore no clothes. Only her long blonde hair that fell to her waist and covered her breasts. They danced until the sun set completely behind the ocean. Servants lit torches around the estate.

Konchis laughed. “When you have the resources you don’t need virtual reality. I must retire Mr. Nicolaus. Feel free to stay as long as you like.” He rose and curtly withdrew himself from the terrace.


Nick lay in bed with the windows open. Nick no longer was thinking about Alice. He could not get the image of the white-skinned beauty that was the nymph out of his head. With her white thighs and curvaceous hips. Wide blue eyes and pert breasts. Was she an actress on the island? He grabbed some olive oil from the kitchen and massaged it all over his cock and balls. He began to stroke himself as he imagined taking the girl in a grotto. He came on his belly and left it there. He lulled into a sweet slumber.

Chapter two

After a day of teaching Nick found himself curious about Konchis and the impromptu show. Was he trying to prove something? Nick wanted to venture there again. But he didn’t want to seem intrusive. He had walked back to his apartment from the small building where he taught the class. There were a few passerby but no one of note. Villagers going about their daily business. He was standing outside his small apartment stairs when a limousine arrived.

The driver pulled alongside him and stopped. Then she opened the door and stood with one foot in the automobile and one foot upon the cobblestone street. She was dressed like a chauffeur with a cap and breeches. Nick took note of her high, black boots and breeches. She was tall. Over six feet.

The setting sun alit her wavy blonde hair that fell upon her shoulder. She smiled and called out. Her white shirt was thin and she looked like a pinup girl from the fifties with the torpedo type breasts. Her white shirt was thin—almost see thru.

“I’ve been instructed to come collect you.”

Nick paused a bit. He was surprised by the visit but he was also dumbfounded by the beauty of the chauffeur. He was nervous and uncomfortable. “Me. Yeah. Sure. Okay.”

“Yes, you.” She walked around the car and opened the door for him.

Nick didn’t say much during the short trip. He didn’t know what to say. Then it struck him. He wanted to inquire about the actress that played the nymph.

“Uh. Excuse me.” He cleared his throat. The privacy window slid down.


“Do you know if Mr. Konchis hires the actresses for the shows.” He asked.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask him.”

“OK.” Nick turned his attention to other things. He took note of the buildings outside. This did not look like the way to the estate. Narrow streets were surrounded by open countryside. F

It was farm land mostly, consisting of rolling hills. They came to a one story warehouse with broken windows. She stopped the limo and came around to his door. She opened it.

“I’m a little confused. This isn’t his country home.”

She made a sweeping gesture which her gloved hand. “He’s got something interesting planned for you,” she said.

She ushered him to the door and drove away. Nick stood at the large, rusted steel door. It squealed as it swung open. A single chair stood in the middle of the abandoned space. Darkness came and Nick was grabbed under the arms and ushered to the chair. He seemed to have passed out. Did he or didn’t he black out. How much time had passed?

He was now bound and gagged and tied to the chair. Naked. Moonlight shone through some of the windows. It came through broken window panels and those that weren’t painted black. He tried to move. He tried to call out. It was futile.

A light came on ümraniye escort and a tall woman appeared before him. She looked every bit like a Nazi officer from World War II. She too was tall and beautiful. Her leather coat was unzipped to reveal her cleavage. He waist was thin with a thick black belt clenched tight over her hips. Her legs were long. She had a riding crop in her hand and she slapped it in her palm as she circle him.

“I want to know why you are here. And I want to know what you know.” She untied the gag in his mouth.

“What. I’m not… I’m not a spy. I think there’s been some mistake.”

She slapped the crop hard against her thigh as she stomped with her high heeled boot.

“I didn’t say you were a spy. I said I want to know what you know.” She paused for a moment and looked him over. “I do not have time for your games, little fly,” she barked back at him. She leaned in over him with her cleavage in his face. He could smell her. And though he was in a panic he could swear he saw the edge of her areole nearly peaking out of the black leather.

“I swear. I am not a spy. You can ask all you want but it isn’t going to change anything.”

She stoped circling him and stood before him. “Very well,” she said. She yelled out something in another language and two woman came. One was a brunette with short hair in a latex catsuit. Beautiful. Fit. The other was a redhead dressing like a nurse but with a very short skirt. Her cleavage was also nearly busting out and her red, wavy locks cascaded around her neck and over her shoulders. Her short, white skirt barely covered her vitals at the front and the crease of her buttocks could showed just under the hemline of the skirt.

She wheeled out a metal shelf of supplies and stood before him. She bent over several times to reach the lower shelves and gather supplies. He could see her leg muscles tighten and her calves flex as she bent over. And her lips with no hair.

Nick felt a strange mix of arousal and fear.

“Wait, wait,” he screamed as they placed the gag back in his mouth. The redhead was carrying a syringe and she injected him. The brunette and redhead disappeared. He heard the clicking of their heels grow faint and then a large door slammed.

The blonde took his head in her hands. She rose up and disappeared behind him. A large switch, probably a breaker, made a resounding click and then there was darkness.

Nick could feel hair and soft flesh against him. Her smell was sweet. Floral. The gag came off again. Hard nipples entered his mouth. He was erect. It was the injection they gave him. Something in it gave him a rock hard erection. She opened his legs and caressed his balls and shaft. Something about the fear and the chemicals in his body. He thought he might come at her slightest touch. He felt her lips around his member for a few moments and then she took her place on top of him. She put her nipples into his mouth. One then the other. Alternating breasts into his mouth as she rode him slow.

The last thing he remembered was coming inside her and then falling asleep.

Nick woke up in his apartment. The sun was rising. He heard a rooster from a nearby farm cock a doodle do.

Chapter three

Nick carried on as he did every day he taught. But burning inside him was the question. What the hell was going on? And who did this guy think he was? He admitted to himself that he liked it. There was anticipation and fear. What would happen next? What was this guy after? And who were those women.

Nick was determined that he would go to the manor and find out what was going on. Was this some kind of joke? He would get to the bottom of it. And he would find that girl that played the forest nymph with the pale skin and blonde hair.

Nick returned to the apartment to freshen up and change. But he did not delay. He was in a hurry. Dropping things and bumping into things. Finally, he grabbed his keys after he had already forgotten them. He was heading for the door.

A knock came at the door. Nick rushed over. He did’t have time for interruptions. Whatever the matter it would have to wait. And there stood the pale-skinned girl with the long blonde hair. But her hair was up under her beret. She wore a short plaid skirt with a black turtleneck and a wool, plaid jacket. She also had stockings and patent leather shoes with one big buckle.

She smiled a nervous smile, hunched and lifted her shoulders. “I heard you were looking for me.”

“Ah… Would you like to come in?”


He kartal escort bayan held the door open for her. He motioned with his arm. “Sit, please.” She sat in the middle of the small sofa and put her small, black, patent leather purse on her lap. She smiled. “I like your place.”

“Thanks. Ah, water, coffee, tea.”

“Tea sounds great. Black. Lots of cream. Lots of sugar.”

“OK. Coming right up.”

He served the tea and sat at the nearby armchair. “I’m so curious. How did you find me? How did you know I wanted—”

“You wanted to meet me. Well, when you associate with a a billionaire you have access to certain things.”

“Associate. Are you friends, lovers? Do you work for him?”

“I’ll tell you what. Have you been to the other side of the island yet?”


“Come on. Let’s go.” She grabbed his hand.

They spotted an old taxi cab and took the short ride to the small town on the other side of the island. The evening was a montage of bar hopping. Laughing. Drinking. Meeting and talking with the colorful locals. Fisherman. Farmers. Cheesemakers. Shepherds. A butcher. A brewer. A winemaker.

She took him by the hand from one place to another. A shot here. A drink there. Then they walked. Until they were in the sacred circle by the sea. With the tall torches. She dragged him to the center. It was too late to realize where he was. He was too drunk. “And now it’s time,” she said. She threw off her jacket. Pulled off her turtle neck and her black bra. She unzipped her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. “I bet you didn’t realize I wasn’t wearing panties did you?” She grabbed his hand. “I’m wet. Feel. She spread her legs and pressed his index and middle finger inside. She had a blonde, trimmed triangle of hair. “Taste.” She put his fingers in his mouth. Then she sucked them. “I want you.” She grabbed him and forced her tongue into his mouth. His arms were still hanging down at his sides. She grabbed them and placed them around her. “Don’t be shy. I know you’re not a virgin.”

It was then he noticed the figures in the shadows. The nymphs and satyrs had gathered to witness the unrehearsed ritual. Silhouettes of bodies. The nymphs and satyrs outside the circle of flaming torches that now roared in the wind had come to see as they too played. Nick could see the outline of a nymph sucking a satyr. All the spectators were in various forms of play. Nick was aroused. He kissed her and then began to undress. He was throbbing hard with the knowledge of her wearing no panties for the evening and the wetness. And the spectacle around the circle.

She jumped into his arms and he entered her as he held her. They made love like this for a time. She jumped down and turned around and bid him come hither. All round them were bodies writhing in an orgy of delight. She surrendered herself to him. He pulled her up. She was standing with legs wide. He had a good hold of his hips. There were flashes of flesh in the fire. A cock being sucked there. An ass being fucked here. An explosion of ecstasy and orgasm. All before the crashing waves of the sea at night. Sweat dripped from Nick’s brow as he pounded furiously. He unleashed himself into her as he pulled her to him. He wanted to cloak and envelope her. He wanted to stay inside her. He wanted to get to know her better.


Nick woke up. The sun was already above the horizon. He was alone. Naked in the sheets. He had a hangover. She was nowhere to be found. His teaching contract was nearly over. He called Alice. Her number was no longer in service. He remembered thinking about Orpheus. But he was no Orpheus. He had no enchanting music to play. And you know what. She was no Eurydice.


It was his last weekend on the island. Nick walked over the hills and took the trails the shepherds still take with their sheep. He came to the manor again. There were no torches, no Konchis, no satyrs.

He moved down the hill and toward the sea and the rocks and waves. He was sitting on the rocks watching the waves come in. Someone sat down beside him there, on the shore. After a time he looked over. It was her. Blonde and fair.

“So it wasn’t a dream. You’re real.”

“Yeah, I’m real. I wasn’t supposed to come here. To see you.”

“It’s against protocol.”



“What makes my situation different?” He asked.

“There’s supposed to be a whole thing that happens. Each summer someone new arrives on the island. And they become a pet project to Konchis. An experiment. Some sociological and psychological subject”

“And this time.”

“This time it’s different. Come.” She held out her hand. He took it and they walked the beach together.

Konchis sat with his bathrobe on the terrace. He watched them with his binoculars. He smiled.

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