Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 –Butt, Shaheen!

Nephew manages to grope and fondle Indian aunt’s anal regions

The next morning, a Monday, I woke somewhat early. It was about eight thirty. It took me some time before I remembered what had happened the night before. Immediately I covered my mouth with my hand in horror.

I had cum on my aunt! And not just Taiba — this was Shaheen! My older, conservative, orthodox aunt! Oh my goodness! If only she knew what I had done!

I corrected myself immediately. What do I mean if she knew — of course she knew! She must have found out! And … I shuddered as I thought of what could happen now.

I was alone on the bed. Naturally, Shaheen had woken up even earlier, and wasn’t there beside me. I yawned, stretched and glanced at myself. My dick was now inside my underwear, but the front part of my underwear had stains from my ejaculation from last night. It was dry now, of course, but there was a faint aroma of my cum. I felt the bed sheet. It too had an area which was wet during the night, but had now dried. I wondered what Shaheen thought of all of this. Had she seen this? Did she realize what had happened in the night?

Suddenly a pang of regret hit me. In a moment of weakness, I might have destroyed my relationship with my mamani. For some reason what had seemed like a good and daring thing to do at night was now suddenly seeming like a very, very bad idea. You know how sometimes you do things “in the moment” but later you regret it? That is how I was feeling now. At 2 am in the night it felt nice to cum on your mamani’s ass, but in the cold harsh light of the day when you have to go down and face her, suddenly it was seeming like a very, very bad idea. Yes, I flirted with her and sometimes acted naughtily with her, but that was just fun and games. Last night I had crossed a line.

There is no way she must have missed the fact that her salwar was a little wet, right on her butt where my dick had been rubbing against. She MUST have put two and two together, and realize that I had rubbed against her and cum on her butt at night. My goodness! I wonder what she was feeling right now. If she was feeling disgusted with me. If she was angry, hurt, disillusioned, and wanted nothing to do with me. She had reminded me, several times, she wasn’t Taiba. Yet I had done to her exactly what I had done to Taiba. Worse, I had not even bothered to clean it up afterwards. It was almost as if I was daring her on. She had told me, explicitly, that her butt was off limits. And here I was, masturbating on her big bottom.

I suddenly felt very small. But I also had to pee.

So I entered her bathroom. I didn’t even bother to shut the door. Standing at the commode, I started to pee. Anyone (well, her) could have walked in to the bedroom and see me in the bathroom, peeing. But I didn’t care. What happened, had happened. I was almost lost in my thoughts. It was as if I had realized I was falling into an abyss, and I didn’t care how deep it was. As my pee hit the commode, suddenly I came back to my senses.

I remembered how she had fussed in bed last night about me cleaning up after I urinated in her bathroom. So I indulged her and made sure the commode was clean when I was done. I then walked to the sink. I could see her toothbrush on the stand, right next to mine. Without thinking, I took her brush, put some paste on it and started to brush. It was weird, but also felt nice. I was putting something that had been in her mouth, into mine. As I said repeatedly before, I was a pervert. Why else would I brush my teeth with my mamani’s toothbrush, except that it felt naughty?

After I was done freshening up and combing my hair, I looked around the bathroom. Like every bathroom at the lodge, this one had a laundry basket as well. I looked into it and saw that the salwar kameez that barey mamani was wearing last night was there. THIS was the dress she had been wearing last night! The dress on which I had cum upon!

Feeling sick to my stomach, I walked over to the basket and picked up her salwar.

Yes, it was still evident there had been a stain on the back, right near the buttock area, and some wetness was still there. It was dry now, but if you sniffed it, you could get the faint aroma that the wetness was due to an ejaculation. Shaheen MUST know, I realized. Feeling slightly uneasy, I put the clothes back in the laundry basket.

I was still dressed in my T-shirt and underwear. It was time to face the music. It was time to face the consequences of my actions. I exited the bedroom and walked downstairs to the kitchen, unsure of how my mamani would treat me.

She was in the kitchen, her back to me. Shaheen was now dressed in what we Indians call a nightie. A “nightie” or “maxi” in Indian vernacular is not a lingerie, although that’s typically how it’s described as. Well, it’s canlı bahis NOT the usual sexy and sensual lingerie. It’s a comfortable cotton “maxi” nightdress that many Indian women wear around the house. It’s not something she would wear in front of guests or other men, but only around people she’s comfortable and feels at home with.

Shaheen was wearing a red maxi with white patterns. It was a little tight, and of course her big derriere’s outline was prominent. Her rump quivered as she moved around busily. Her long hair was not tied up and fell to her hips. She heard me walk in and turned around.

“Ah, Nazu beta!” She beamed. “I made paratha and anda for you! I know you love a good omelette!”

It was my favourite breakfast. And she did appear to be genuinely smiling. I smiled back.

“Oh, mamani.” I gushed. “You will make me fat.”

Shaheen glanced at me up and down.

“You could use a little fattening up!” She said. “I don’t understand why everyone is so slim and trim nowadays. A little fat is good for the soul! My breakfast will put some colour in your cheeks.”

“Oh, mamani.” Suddenly overcome by relief and emotion, I gave her a quick hug from behind, my arms going around her waist to the front of her stomach. I pressed myself onto her, and kissed the nape of her neck.

“Nazu, beta.” She said, still with my arms wrapped around her from behind. “Just a hug or a small peck won’t do. I woke up early and made breakfast for you just in time for you to eat. Give this old woman a wet kiss on her cheeks.”

“Yes, mamani!!”

Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so afraid or apprehensive any more. Holding Shaheen firmly by her hips, I turned her around and then kissed her on both cheeks.



I kissed her on the right cheek, and then again on the left. Her skin felt really smooth, and she smelt nice.

“Your skins feels so smooth, mamani.” I told her. “And you smell so nice too.”

Shaheen beamed at my praise, and I couldn’t resist my urge. I kissed her again.



“Oh, really, that is some nice soft skin, mamani.” I told her, my lips remaining pressed against her cheek.

“That’s because I just took a shower, silly boy.” Shaheen giggled. “It’s the same cheeks you always kiss.”



I kissed her again. I really couldn’t control myself. My dick was dangerously close to peeking out from under my shorts.

Barey mamani tousled my hair. “When should I serve my prince?”



“Hmm.” I kissed her on both cheeks again, dangerously close to her lips. “Your prince is ready now, barey mamani.”

“Only if you let me go, Nazu.” Shaheen giggled. “I can’t do anything if you are hugging me. And kissing me. You naughty boy! I asked for only one kiss and how many did you give me!”

Both of us were now breathing quite deeply and rapidly. It seemed those kisses had awakened something in her as well, so she was putting an end to that. Somewhat reluctantly I unwrapped my arms from around her, and then decided to take a punt.

“Hmm, mamani.” I told her, placing a hand on her behind. “You seemed to have put on a little weight here.”

“Oh!” Immediately, like any woman who was told this, she grew conscious. “Where, Nazu?”

I gently patted her right butt cheek.


Then I kneaded her left butt cheek.

“Here. And your hips too.”

“Oh.” For a moment Shaheen bit her lip, and then she laughed.

“Then again,” She said. “I have always had a big butt. Oh well, one has to eat, and your uncle doesn’t seem to mind!”

“I see.” My hand was still on her rump. “Well, some people do like a big butt!”

“That they do, beta. Now … you naughty boy … get your badmaash hands off my peechwade!”

“Er … of course, mamani.”

I immediately stopped kneading her gaand and withdrew my hands.

Then Shaheen pointed at my underwear and giggled.

“Nazu beta!” She grinned. “Please go and put on some pants. At least wear that shorts of yours, no matter how small it is. The maid will soon be here, and I don’t want her to get the wrong idea! Especially when your lund is standing at attention like that!”

I had no way to hide a noticeable bulge in my drawers, so feeling rather mortified, I managed a squeak.

“Yes, mamani.”

“I mean,” Shaheen continued, “I don’t mind you wearing an underwear to bed in the evening, but in the day time please be decently attired when you come out of the bedroom. This IS a shareef gharana (respectable home), you know!”

“Yes, mamani.”

I fled to my room to change and put on some decent shorts (or half-pants, as they are called in India).

When I came back downstairs, the table was set, and I joined barey mamani at the table. The bahis siteleri maid had arrived, and was in the kitchen, busy. We enjoyed our breakfast in relative quiet.

“You had a good night sleep last night, barey mamani?” I could not help but ask. “I was tired and had fallen asleep early.”

“Ah, yes, I saw.” Shaheen replied. Was it my imagination or was there a grin on her face. “Beta, I had a very nice sleep last night. You are quite the hugger.”

“Uh? What do you mean, mamani?”

“I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and when I came back to bed, you were snoring.” Shaheen answered. If only she knew! “I then actually placed your arm around my hips just so I could snuggle close to you, beta.”

“Oh, I see.”

“And then,” Shaheen giggled. “Even in your sleep you cuddled close to me and hugged me from behind, pressing yourself against me.”

“Oh, I am so sorry, mamani. I didn’t know-”

“Oh, don’t be sorry, beta!” Shaheen dismissed my apologies. “It was quite nice, actually. I fell asleep in your warm embrace quite easily. It was good to be hugged like that in the night in a long while, beta. Even if your lund was poking me from the back!”

“Oh, mamani.” I managed to squawk. “I am so sorry. I didn’t realize-”

“Oh beta! Don’t worry! I am just teasing you. I am just having some fun!” Shaheen laughed. “And you know, your mamu doesn’t hug me like that any more in bed. He just plonks down and goes to sleep. We old ladies don’t get much love.”

“Oh, you are not old, barey mamani!”

“You say I am barey, but not old!” Shaheen laughed again. She was enjoying teasing me. “Alright, so what are your plans for the day? Swimming in the lake?”

Even as I continued the conversation, I could not help but revel in what Shaheen told me. She liked the way I cuddled her. She openly was talking about my lund — my penis, and how it “poked” her. Was it my imagination or was my normally conservative aunt flirting with me, and giving me some hints? Or was I completely off base and this was just a loving aunt doting on her favourite nephew and having a banter with him?

“Ah, Pushpita!” Suddenly my aunt beckoned at the maid as she entered the room. “Stay in the kitchen. I have some work to discuss with you.”

“Yes, didi.” Pushpita the maid servant, a young girl, probably twenty years old, nodded and went back to the kitchen.

“I will be right back, Nazu.”

I finished my breakfast and decided to return the plate to the kitchen sink. As I walked, I overheard my aunt instructing the maid.

“And clean out all the laundry room baskets. I want you to take all the clothes and wash them and hang them out to dry on the clothesline before you leave.”

“Yes, didi.” Clearly the maid knew her tasks.

“Every laundry basket.” Shaheen was saying. “Well, except the one in MY bathroom.”

“Why, didi?”

“Um … it has a rather delicate salwar kameez. You will just spoil it. I will wash it myself.”

“Yes, didi.”

My aunt was preventing the maid from seeing her cum stained dress! If I had any doubt that she didn’t know what happened last night, they were now gone.

The rest of the day passed rather uneventfully. It almost seemed like we were both waiting for the night to come. Or at least I was; I am sure my aunt didn’t care in the least. I spent some time swimming in the lake. The hot and humid summer of Kolkata was long forgotten with the nice and balmy day by the lake here in Tinpur. It was refreshing to go for a swim. Lot of other lodges and villas backed on to the lake, so there were quite a few people there — neighbours of my uncles.

Shaheen herself didn’t join me, but promised to do so sometime. She lounged around on the deck in her nightie, reading a book and snoozing in the afternoon sun. Truly, the life of a rich woman in India is far different that a poor one!

In the late afternoon after lunch we both went down to the village market. Shaheen had to do some shopping and I just wanted to accompany her. We visited few shops and barey mamani even bought an ice cream that she shared with me (I didn’t want one initially). It was a treat to lick the cone in the same place that she was licking it. I told you I was a pervert!

I carried her shopping back with me, and she complimented me on how strong and respectful a young man I had grown up to be.

Dinner was a quiet affair. I usually don’t eat much at night, and today had been a high calorie day. Shaheen even offered to feed me with her own hands, but I didn’t overeat. After dinner, I helped her clear up and then we both watched a movie for some time.

It was an old horror movie — The Omen — and Shaheen cuddled up against me under a blanket. I spent most of the movie with my arms around her waist, occasionally straying to her bum. bahis şirketleri A couple of times when I would make a joke to lessen the suspense of the movie she would laugh and either tousle my hair or give me a kiss. Later, when I would recollect that evening, I realized we kissed quite a few times. Either I would lean in and give her a kiss on her cheek, or she would kiss me. While we were giving each other a platonic kiss on the cheeks, those kisses did seem to get closer and closer to our mouths.

A few other times she told me how bravely I was watching the movie while she had her eyes shut. Again I would then lean in and kiss her, saying she was a nice mamani for saying so. The whole time I had a hard on, almost evident in my shorts, which I was hoping was not visible to her in the darkness of the room. When the movie ended, Shaheen remarked, almost wistfully, that it was time to go to bed.

“Yes, mamani.” I stood up, and then once again leaned in and gave her a kiss on her right cheek. “Let’s go. I have to cuddle in bed with my favourite mamani. And poke her with my lund.”

“Hehe, you naughty boy! OK, let’s go, beta.”

Shaheen giggled like a naughty school girl. Then she suddenly reached out and pinched my left butt cheek!

“Time to put on your underwear, Nazu!”

I looked at her in surprise and she winked.

“I know you have been wanting to get back in your underwear for sometime, beta!”

I feigned some playful indignation.

“So you can pinch my butt cheek, but I can’t touch your peechwade?” I asked her.

Shaheen authoritatively placed a hand on my behind and gave me a squeeze. My own conservative aunt was now fondling my bum.

“No, Nazu. I am your barey mamani. YOU have to do what I tell you. You can put your arms around my waist — that’s it. And you DID knead my butt in the morning, pretending to talk to me about my weight, you besharam ladka!”

It felt strange. Usually I was the one groping women. Here was one of them groping me. I laughed and gave Shaheen another hug and wrapped my arms around her. With my arm around her waist, and her hand on my butt, now groping me openly, we both walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

Once in Shaheen’s room, I quickly went to the bathroom. I left the door slightly open. I knew Shaheen wouldn’t enter. I stood and urinated. Shaheen must have heard the sound of me peeing in the commode.

“Make sure you clean up after!” She yelled.

“I will, mamani!”

“And close the door next time, beta! I could hear you peeing!”

“I don’t care, mamani!”

“Naughty. Very naughty, you are.”

After that, I brushed my teeth with her toothbrush, washed up myself, and then stripped off my shorts. It was time to wear my underwear, which I had left hanging on a hook on the back of the bathroom door.

When I emerged from the bathroom, I could see Shaheen was seated on the stool in front of her dressing table, brushing her long luscious hair. She was still wearing her cotton nightie. Looked like she would be wearing that loose maxi to bed tonight.

I got into bed and pulled up the covers. It was Shaheen’s turn to go to the bathroom. I knew she would take her time, so I pondered on what to do.

Should I repeat what I did yesterday? Should I just roll my underwear, expose myself, and pretend to be asleep? I did have a fun night last night, and it seemed to have no repercussions. I badly wanted to do it.

But I was also aware that my aunt probably thought it was a one off accident. Do it again and she might even suspect I wasn’t really sleeping. No, I decided, I was better off playing it safe and seeing what happened.

So I covered myself and shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Shaheen came out of the bathroom. She had taken a quick shower, so her hair was all still wet and clung to her. Even her nightie seemed to hug her tightly. Through my half shut eyes, I could see the top of her maxi stick to her breasts, her body’s wetness almost making the soft material of the cloth transparent. I could faintly make out the shape of her areoles. She wasn’t wearing a bra — my mamani had nothing on under that maxi!

I remained perfectly still, making gently snoring sounds. My aunt came and stood next to the bed, looking at me.

Was it my wishful thinking, or did a slight look of disappointment cross her face? It was only for the briefest of moments. Then she got into bed, and then, turning sideways so that her back was to me, immediately took my arm and placed it on her hip. Almost instinctively, as if I was moving in my sleep, I took the chance to wrap my arm to around her front, placing my hand just under her breasts, and press myself onto her back. My dick, raging hard inside my underwear, pressed against her bum.

I badly wanted to rub myself against her, and cum, but I knew today I had to play it safe. So, hugging her tightly, and softly, “accidentally”, caressing her boobs from time to time, my hard dick pressed against the crack of her behind, I fell asleep, as did she.

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