Summer Visit Ch. 10

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I had intended for Chapter 10 to be one big final chapter but since it was taking longer to write (school has been crazy tough!), I decided to finish the first part of it and get that out to you sooner. Thank you to everyone who left a rating and especially those who left a comment, it is greatly appreciated! Chapter 11 will be out as soon as possible.

This series makes more sense if you’ve ready Chapters 1 to 9, but in case you haven’t, here’s a summary of the characters and plot.

18-year-old Caylee’s parents are spending the summer in France and have asked Caylee’s cousin Matt (age 20) to “babysit” her. Matt has been helping Caylee learn about all the things she has been sheltered from her whole life, including romantic and sexual situations – she also needs help figuring out how to masturbate because she’s had trouble getting herself off. At the end of Chapter 8, they had their first kiss, Caylee had her first orgasm, and also discovered that she craved the taste of Matt’s cum (not necessarily in that order!). In Chapter 9, they explored oral sex but also had a surprise phone call from Matt’s sister Hannah, who told him that their parents were coming to visit Caylee’s home. Caylee informed Matt she’d be pulling out all the stops to seduce him before his family arrived in case their whole summer visit came crashing down around them.

* * * *

Chapter 10

Day 18 — Sunday:

Waking up for the third time in Caylee’s bed was really similar to the first time. And also the second time, actually. Yesterday, she had pretty much pounced on me immediately. Oral sex was becoming a morning routine, even though (maybe especially since) we both knew it wasn’t one that could last. Unfortunately, we had only a few days left until my sister came to visit, followed by my parents a couple of days after that!

But for now, Caylee was determined to enjoy our time together and I had pretty much stopped fighting her. Well, except when it came to her desire for me to take her virginity. As often as she reassured me this was something she really wanted, that she had zero regrets about anything we had done during my visit, I was still plagued with guilty thoughts. I suspected she would wear me down eventually — my cousin was irresistibly sexy. But I would at least try to hang in there until after my family visited. I knew it would be much easier to pretend that everything was perfectly normal if I didn’t have those kind of memories in my brain. What we’d done so far had been so mind-blowing and amazing — I’d never come so hard in my entire life — that I knew full-on sex would be unforgettable.

This morning, Caylee was propped up on one arm, waiting for me to wake up. The way we were arranged meant that her breasts were directly in my line of sight, only 10cm away. Even without a bra on, they were pretty damn perky. Perfectly luscious curves, with a deep cleavage disappearing into a light-weight PJ top with little ruffles on it. Her usual combo of innocent and hotness.

Of course I couldn’t help by tease her, reaching out a hand to trace just inside the neckline of her top as I did. “What a lovely sight to wake up to! I’ll bet that not every room in this establishment has this good a view!”

A gentle smack across the arm was Caylee’s response, but she followed it up with a passionate good morning kiss and allowed my hand to curve firmly around one breast. Her minty-fresh breath told me she had already spent some time in the washroom before coming back to bed. But I was happy she hadn’t put on any make-up; I loved the way she looked without it, so fresh and young.

Caylee ran her hand down my bare chest with a soft touch, brushing through the little bit of hair I had. Pulling the sheet down with her hand to get a good look, she found my happy trail and followed it to it’s prize, feeling up my morning erection.

“Just checking.” she explained, giving me a soft caress there before allowing her hand to wander back up. “That’s a sight I love to wake up to!” Returning for another kiss, Caylee pushed on my chest and I obliged her by rolling onto my back. She straddled me and we resumed kissing. My other hand joined the onslaught on her breasts, finding her nipples and gently rolling them between my fingers. Caylee’s gasp opened her mouth to me and I took full advantage, sweeping my tongue inside to meet hers.

It didn’t take long for our kisses to become a full-blown make-out session. I pulled Caylee down to lie more fully on top of me and revelled in the feeling of her breasts pressed into my chest. As my hands roamed her body, exploring all that wonderfully soft skin, I got so incredibly hard. She wasn’t super heavy; her small-but-muscular frame felt like the sexiest most comforting weighted blanket even. Her pelvis began to press into mine with a slow rhythm that was giving me way too many ideas.

“Matty? Will you come have a shower with me?” Caylee pleaded canlı bahis in a moan, as though she were trying to get her words out before she drowned in her lust. She rocked her pelvis against my erection more firmly; I had no idea if she was even aware of her actions. That was one of the things I loved about Caylee’s responses – they were so real, natural, and raw.

“I could play hard to get but I suppose if I succumb to the inevitable it’ll save us some time.” I replied. Her grin was everything — sunny and affirming. We kissed for a minute more but I released my arms and allowed her to hop off the bed and pull me by the hand to follow her. She brought me across her room and towards the attached bathroom.

“Now you’re getting it!” The happy smile on Caylee’s face told me she was pleased I was going along with her so easily. “I like this whole `being irresistible’ thing.” She stood in the doorway of the bathroom and crooked her finger at me, pulling one of the little straps of her cute pyjama top off her shoulder and proceeding into the room.

“Just promise me to use your newfound powers for good and not evil.” I joked, stepping into the ensuite bath. I took deep breaths to calm myself — and to calm my raging boner. If I was about to see Caylee naked again, it was likely I would be at risk of coming in about 5 seconds flat or as soon as she laid a finger on me, whichever came first.

I hadn’t spent much time in Caylee’s bathroom since I started sleeping in her bedroom, but it was certainly beautiful. The bathroom decor was mostly white, with a deep soaker tub and massive glass-walled shower with it’s own built-in bench. The bath mats were purple and looked very cushy and comfortable. Her counter had only one sink but was filled with all the usual makeup and hair products and such that you’d expect many young women to have, lined up and organized. She even had her own little make-up station with a lowered counter and small stool, upholstered in a shiny purple fabric.

In reply to my joke about her new `powers’, Caylee said “Make me!” and stuck out her tongue. Enjoying the light and playful mood she was in, I slowly stalked towards her, trying to keep my face serious but probably failing, with a few twitches of a grin. Caylee smiled and bit her lower lip. God, she looked so fucking sexy, the straps of her little top over each shoulder, framing the delicious line of her collarbone with a dip down to accentuate the line of her cleavage. Her eyes flashed with lust. She moved backwards until her back was against the wall near the shower; I kept moving forward, pinning her against the wall with my hips when I reached her. I leaned forward, placing one arm above her head, holding her jaw gently in my other hand. She pretended to try to get free from my grasp, but was all sound and no fury, twisting and wiggling in my grasp without any real strength.

“You want me to make you be good?” I met her lips for hot kisses in between my words as I spoke with a low and growly voice. She met me stroke for stroke, tongue battling back against mine. I ran a finger down her jaw then possessively wrapped my hand (very gently) around her neck.

“It’s that or let me be bad.” Caylee was squirming with anticipation, which meant I felt her belly providing more friction against the bulge in my boxers. She clearly noticed the affect she was having and moved intentionally — side to side, up and down. I pressed into her more firmly and was rewarded with a gasp.

“Hmm, that sounds intriguing. If you’re bad, you might risk a punishment, little girl.” I moved back slightly, my grip a little looser. I wanted to test the waters just a little, playing into Caylee’s `brat’ character. I carefully observed her reaction. Her eyes were lit up with an inner glow that looked a lot like lust, so I figured `yep, this may be something she’s into!’.

Caylee continued squirming and added in little bucks of her hips against my restraining hold, seeming to really enjoy her role of my helpless prisoner. “Well, I just can’t help it.” She bit her lip and gave me a pleading look that nearly made me shudder with it’s insane hotness. “But if you have to spank me for drooling all over your cock, that’s a chance I’m willing to take.”

Caylee’s words shocked me so much, my brain skipped a beat and I stopped holding onto her. This allowed her to drop to her knees on the fluffy mat in front of the glass shower stall. She pulled my boxers down to my feet and was licking me within about two seconds! “Holy shit…” was all I could manage to groan. I’d called her bluff but she’d raised the bet by about 400%.

My hands, suddenly empty of Caylee’s wrists, pressed into the wall instead. I needed the extra balance, still leaning into the wall with my feet father behind me than my hips and arms. Also, Caylee was not approaching this blow job with any hesitation whatsoever. Jeez, give this brilliant woman a few days to practice any skill and she’d likely turn out to be a pro! One hand cupped my balls while bahis siteleri the other held my dick in position for her busy little tongue. She took her “drooling” comment to heart and was applying a lot of saliva as she worked up and down my shaft.

I was as coherent as I could possibly be, telling Caylee how amazing she was, how hot she looked on her knees sucking me off, how good it felt being bathed by her wet, warm tongue. She enjoyed my comments, moaning if I said something dirty. She was loving this “naughty girl” persona and I was happy to help her explore it.

Caylee used the same hand that cradled my sack to encircle an index finger and thumb around the very base of my shaft, switching the other hand to hold my ass cheek. When she sucked me into her mouth and pulled me towards her with her grip on my butt, I just about lost it. She still hadn’t had any success trying to get my entire length into her mouth, but seemed determined to keep trying. Pushing herself down further along my cock as she simultaneously pulled me into her mouth, she bumped the head at the back of her throat several times. Although her gag reflex made her keep having to pull off, I appreciated her effort and very much enjoyed the sensations. After a half dozen attempts, I encouraged her to come back up to kiss me.

Nibbling at her earlobe, I whispered that she was a naughty girl, that I was going to punish her for drooling all over my cock. I said that it was cold now that my spit-soaked pole was exposed to the air. I told her I was going to check how wet she was and admonished her for how soaked she was. “Does it turn you on to be a bad girl?” I kept my fingers at her entrance, teasing her without pushing them inside her soaking wet box. Caylee could only moan out in response.

Caylee had mentioned being spanked but I verified that this was what she wanted and got an enthusiastic “yesss!”. I made her promise to tell me if it was too much and then started quickly pulling off her pyjamas. Once I had her naked, I took a moment to enjoy the delicious view and feel of her soft curves. She was so perfect — curves for days, fit muscles, angelic blue eyes that held a new mature spark of desire. I enjoyed firing up her lust further, choosing random actions to keep her guessing. Clutching a breast and drawing it into my mouth, dragging my fingers through her wet folds, grabbing underneath her thigh and lifting her against my cock for just a second.

I did that last one without thinking and Caylee gasped and tensed up when she felt the pressure of my shaft against her pussy. This was something I had specifically avoided in the past because I knew how easily I could be tempted into more. And it took every ounce of will power I had to pull her back and face her towards the wall. I gave myself a mental slap. Oh God, I could still feel the fresh wet spot on my dick, it would have been amazing to have just – “oops!” – slipped inside. I realized that I could not just mindlessly explore with Caylee, running through my repertoire of “moves” to get her turned on. I had to keep my wits about me, being extra careful to keep my brain more alert than I usually did. I could not allow the sensations to absorb me and carry me away. Ironically, this was harder to do than usual with Caylee because she was just so delicious and enjoyable.

I stroked Caylee’s curves as she stood there, pressed against the wall, her breasts mashed together and slightly out to the sides. I felt up her ass and reached between her legs from behind to tease her pussy again, this time allowing my fingers to thrust inside ever so slightly. She moved her hips, desperate to get my fingers deeper and increase the friction. But now that I was recovered from the accidental stamp of her wet cunt onto my dick, I got back into character and told her it was time for her punishment.

Sitting on the purple stool at her makeup counter, I tucked my thick erection between my thighs so it was somewhat out of the way. Pulling Caylee away from the wall, I flipped her over my lap. She shrieked but it was a happy cry. I balanced her pelvis on my right thigh, with her belly on the left one. Her head hung down to the left, pointing at the wall. Her feet to the right in an obtuse angle towards the floor, where her tiptoes found purchase on the tiles. I stroked her ass cheeks softly, enjoying how lovely the creamy skin looked. I couldn’t help dipping into her wet pussy one last time before asking if she was ready.

“Yes, oh please. Punish me.” Caylee moaned in a low whisper. I gave her the first smack — not too hard at all – with my open palm, and saw her ass jiggle slightly with the motion. She did not cry out, only a small moan. I repeated this on the other side, then a couple more times per cheek. I figured this was enough of a sample; we could debrief later and she could let me know if she liked it and what else she wanted to try. But I wasn’t done playing with her ass, now that I had it so temptingly displayed.

I gave a super-gentle smack on bahis şirketleri her pussy lips, which brought an “ohh!” of surprise from Caylee. She wiggled, perhaps expecting a repeat, but instead I gave her my fingers, adding a third one and going deeper than before. Pausing my thrusts, I spread some of the lubrication of her juices to my thumb. Thrusting my fingers back into her pussy with my palm up, I moved the wet thumb to press against her rosebud. Giving it the slightest wiggle and pressure, I listened to and watched Caylee closely for any reaction. Her panting breath sped up, her moans increased. I added a bit more pressure to her anus while I pumped my fingers in and out of her box at a faster pace.

“Matt, oh my God! I- what-” Caylee seemed unable to comprehend and/or vocalize what she was feeling. I grinned, thinking to myself `something else to analyze later!’. I figured I might as well give her lots to think about for the time we would have to be “hands off”. I slowly increased the power of my finger-fucking, but kept them impaled deep for a time so that I could circle my thumb around her little star.

Caylee’s moans and gasps continued and her hips started to buck, likely without her conscious awareness. I held her ass with my left hand and arm and she clutched my left knee and thigh with both hands. I drove my fingers into her pussy with firm thrusts, spreading them apart to fill her more completely and seek out her G-spot. I stopped circling my thumb and pressed the pad firmly against her rear entrance, almost but not quite pushing through the tight sphincter. This allowed me to resume a constant pace of finger-fucking.

Caylee rolled her hips in reaction and suddenly tensed, letting out a cry as her orgasm starting rolling through. Using her toes to grip the tile floor, she thrust down onto my fingers to get them as far inside her pussy as she could, shuddering as she came. I felt her juices gush onto my hand and slowed my speed as I brought her down.

I rubbed my hands all over Caylee’s back and ass cheeks as she caught her breath and found her strength. She slid down to her knees on the right side of the stool, looking a little boneless. She gave her head a minute to figure out it’s blood flow, then pulled herself up to straddle me.

“Holy crap!” She met my gaze and looked shocked, but not in a bad way. Kind of like a `wow where was that hiding?!’ kind of thing. I suspected she had a lot of really interesting and hot ideas buried in her naturally sexy brain, but Caylee likely doubted that about herself and lacked the confidence to even start exploring them. Until this summer, that is.

I laughed happily at her expression. For Caylee, saying “crap” was kinda like me using actual swear words. “Sorry I distracted you from your shower plans but I wanted to follow you into the kinky territory you were heading into.” I knew my grin must be insufferably smug, my chest puffed up with pleasure at satisfying my woman with a bit of kinky play and an orgasm.

But Caylee didn’t seem to mind and swooped down for a kiss. After a few moments of ravenously eating my mouth, she pulled back so our eyes could meet. I relished the look of her face – shiny and slightly sweaty, glowing with a new happiness. She still looked slightly shocked and surprised. Her blond hair was tousled and out of place. She had that beautiful “freshly fucked” expression that I dearly wished I could see in another context.

Caylee slowly lifted herself off my lap and held out both hands to me. I let her help me up from the makeup counter stool and felt my erection spring free from where I’d had it trapped. Certainly, helping Caylee dip her toes into kinkier waters hadn’t done a damn thing to calm it down.

“Enough distracting me, Matt!” Caylee chided playfully. “I want you in the shower, all slippery and wet, and I won’t take `no’ for an answer.” She turned to start heating up the water and looked back at me, expectantly.

“You’re in charge!” I told her, holding my hands up and metaphorically handing over the keys. She’d allowed me to take her places; now it was her turn to explore her own desires. I admit, I was very curious to see where her shower fantasy would take us. I couldn’t help the smile that stretched across my face easily at the thought. My boner also twitched it’s anticipation.

“Good.” Caylee seemed a little nervous but mostly just happy. She took my hands from where they were raised beside my head and positioned them at my sides, stuck against my thighs. I took the cue and stood still, allowing her to step back and look me over. Her hands started to roam and explore. We had done a hell of a lot of touching in the past couple days, but much of it was quite frantic. This was more of a calm and intentional perusal. I closed my eyes and sighed at the pleasant sensation of her hands skimming over my skin.

Caylee only gently brushed her hands over my cock, ever so briefly. I immediately opened my eyes and gave her a narrowed-eyed glare but that only made her laugh. Coming to stand behind me, she explored my back and even my butt, skimming over the outer curves. She paused (perhaps tempted to explore my ass crack?) but simply traced a finger over the upper curves.

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