Supersize Me

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Everyone in this story is over eighteen. No one mentioned in underage.

High School was hell for me, at least up until midway through my senior year. You see, I was the shortest guy in my class and everyone picked on me. But much worse than that was that I had a really small dick, and, to my extreme horror, this became known to everyone in the school.

Since I was short and a lightweight, I couldn’t play football, so I became the assistant manager instead and went to all the football games with the players and cheerleaders. After one game, as we all showered up and were dressing in the away teams’ locker room, the cheerleaders were watching us from outside in the dark through the partially open window. They checked out all the guys’ packages and how they were hung. Of course they soon made it known to everyone that I had a tiny dick. At the time it couldn’t have been worse for me. It was hell. Everyone was making fun of me and the jokes never seemed to end.

I barely survived the embarrassment. My sister, Julie, seeing my depression, helped to encourage me. We had always been very close and she was my ideal woman. I totally idolized her. She had heard what was bothering me and felt really sorry for me. She sat on my lap and putting her arms around me, told me how special I was to her and that always being there for her meant a lot to her. Then she leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. It was the first kiss that ever meant much to me and it seemed to last forever, and, to this day, is the most wonderful moment of my life. I felt so much love for her then that I just wanted to hold her forever. She really got into the kiss and seemed to forget to stop. We kissed for a minute or so.

Well, my ego was a lot better after that. I am definitely in love with Julie, sister or not. She is my dream girl, and I think about her all the time. Of course, a lot of that thought is about sex, and I did fuck her hundreds of times. At least in my fantasies, I fucked her really well. I have been in love with Julie ever since I can remember, but only recently did I realize how much. And only recently did I start to fantasize about Julie and having sex with her.

Even though she is eighteen and I nineteen, she always treated me like a younger brother, as did her two incredibly hot girlfriends, Tricia and Linda (also both eighteen). They were always coming over to swim in our pool in their skimpy bikinis and excite me with their amazing bodies. They were really nice to me, but I felt more like their mascot than the guy I wanted to be for them. They didn’t take me seriously as a male, due to my short height and small ego, but at least I was their tight friend. We shared a lot of stuff together and it was the highlight of my existence to be with them. I looked forward to it every day, they were just so wonderful to be with.

One day Linda grabbed my tiny cock in a playful way and as if talking to my dick, she made a joke, “When you grow up I would like to check you out again.” She really didn’t mean anything by that, but I took it very badly and felt that I had to do something about my dick size as well as my lightweight frame. I was so self-conscious and had such an inferiority complex that I was always miserable. I knew I was a runt, and even worse, I had a tiny dick. What could be worse?

I decided to build up my body with lots of weight lifting, running, and seriously getting into sports. But most importantly I was determined one way or another to find a way to increase the size of my cock. I was so fed up with being the butt of jokes and getting nowhere with the chicks. Sure, my sister and her friends were really hot and were great friends to me, but there was no chance of it going beyond friendship, unless I had something more to offer them. And a buff body with a large cock seemed like a good place to start. I made it an immediate fixed goal of mine. The weight lifting and exercise to fill out my body was the easy part. It wasn’t hard, just a lot of work. But a lot more thought had to go into making my dick bigger.

Guess what? The spam email is right, you can increase the size of your member. In case this is not clear enough to any guys who are reading this, it means that you can have a bigger cock if you really want to. And I do know you want this. You can actually do something about your small cock and make it larger. No shit. Really. It works. I did it, and I didn’t spend any money or reply to any of those spam emails. It just takes time and a lot of exercise. Just like you pump iron to build up your biceps you can “pump” your cock to make it bigger. The trick is knowing how to do it and not overdo it. You can definitely do damage if you aren’t careful and we don’t want that.

A careful search on the internet revealed a process that was complete with a doctor’s explanation, cautions and a detailed procedure. Wow! I became totally obsessed with increasing my dick’s size.

It took me quite a few months of effort illegal bahis but slowly my cock increased in size. In six months I went from a measly 4 3/4 inches to 7″ to 8 1/2″ and finally nine inches. That’s twice as long and a lot thicker also. I am pretty happy with the result and it has boosted my self confidence a lot. Before you start to doubt this, I suggest you do a search on the internet yourself. The method I found was quite scientific and involved experienced doctors. It didn’t take me too long to find this site, which describes the process in simple terms. I just searched in Google and skipped over all of the rip-off sales sites. Basically you just stretch your dick with exercises and force the blood cells to expand, so that they grow in size when filled with blood (when you get hard). It is kind of like milking your dick. It is called Jelqing and there are about five different exercises which all work together to increase your length and girth.

Of course, this constant focused attention to my dick made me horny as hell, and being with these beautiful girls in their bikinis everyday was a total rush for me. They were absolutely gorgeous, but not interested in me as a sex object, even though they loved to show off their bodies to me. To them, I was just their little brother. Needless to say I jerked off a lot. My favorite trick was to announce I was going out to my friends house and then sneak upstairs to watch them sunbathe topless and sometimes bottomless. That’s how I decided to get into photography and got a job so I could afford good equipment.

As my dick grew bigger and bigger I became more and more obsessed with its size, thinking how much the chicks would love it. Of course none of them knew yet that I had a superman’s cock, but I had a plan to leave it bulging in my swimsuit so that these beautiful girls would notice it. By the time it had grown to my satisfaction, we were past the winter and had to wait until summer for the swimsuit season.

As it turned out everything fell into place one fine day with my goddess sister. I was supposed to work and not be home until 4 in the afternoon, but by noon they closed up shop and I was home shortly thereafter. As I took a soda from the fridge, I looked out to the pool in the backyard to see Julie sunbathing naked, so as to not get tan lines. She was my very special dream girl whom I fantasized about daily, so this was a unique opportunity not to be missed. I loved every inch of her wonderful body so much and wanted nothing more than to ravish her endlessly.

Running upstairs I grabbed my video bag as well as my digital camera and tripods. I set everything up in our parents’ room to video her with a shotgun mike attached, which would pick up any sound and also started taking snaps of her. Their window was in the shadows so you couldn’t see inside. Julie was lying with her feet toward me but they were too close together to see her pussy, a first for me. And how I longed for that, a worshipable object of my focused attention. I knew if I waited I would see her most desirous asset, sooner or later, in all its wondrous natural beauty. Her amazing breasts, which I had often seen and photographed, fulfilled my ideal of perfection. I couldn’t get enough of seeing them. They were full and perky and stood out from her chest without any sag. How I longed to suck on them and fondle them, pulling her erect nipples and pinching them with my fingertips. My meditation was almost as real as the actual thing and I was lost in thought, contemplating Julie’s succulence. I totally idolized Julie and would do anything for her (or to her) if she asked. She could do no wrong and I was her greatest admirer, even though she didn’t know this.

All of a sudden she spread her legs wide open and started rubbing her pussy furiously, which was suddenly and fully revealed to my eager eyes. As she spread her lips with her fingers and pulled and rubbed herself to orgasm, I got a lot of close up snaps of her glorious bare cunt. The video also whirred away, recording every movement Julie made. This tape would be my most valued possession, kept locked away to treasure always. She stroked and frigged her clitoris rapidly with her fingers, forcing a finger into her oozing virgin pussy, and pulling on her swollen nipples with her other hand. She was breathing hard and moaning like a wild animal in the peak of her ecstacy. I listened intently to her sighs of fulfillment and realized that this was the most erotic thing I had ever seen or heard. She was so hot to watch, I was about ready to cum myself any moment. I was totally hot just watching her, but needed to stay hard myself and not come now. Finally she came violently with a loud scream, as she arched her back in ecstasy, pressing her pussy hard into her hand, her fingers moving in and out of her slippery pussy in a frenzy. Then she finally relaxed and settled down, as her orgasm faded. God, she was amazing, I was so excited watching her. My cock was the illegal bahis siteleri largest I ever saw it. It was painfully swollen and throbbed with desire for release, but I had to wait. I had to stay hard. Later when it looked like she was sleeping, I took the chance I had been waiting for. This was it, my golden opportunity and I wasn’t going to miss it.

I had put a new 90 minute cassette in the video camera and left it recording, as I snuck out next to her and laid down on the recliner three feet from her. My huge dick was hard as a rock, stretching my flimsy speedos in all its glory. I made sure she would see my super package fully when she woke up. I had on my ipod headphones and dark sunglasses, but the ipod was off and my sunglasses hid my eyes. So I could hear and see everything, but it looked look like I was sleeping.

A little later she woke up and seeing me lying there next to her totally naked self, jumped up in surprise, but then realized I was asleep. Seeing my huge cock bulging my swimsuit obscenely, she gasped and said, “Oh my God, David, your cock is gigantic. When did it get this big? Wow, I’m impressed. It’s fantastic. Oohh!” Clearly she was ogling it and was definitely impressed with the size of my cock. I pretended to still be asleep, as she stood there mesmerized by my throbbing dick. It felt so good to have her filled with lusty thoughts, as she stared at my cock. It was a high point in my life. My dream girl was obsessing over my huge cock, which I, myself, had been obsessing over for months as I slowly, slowly increased its’ size. I could feel my throbbing meat swelling even more, perhaps to ten inches, as Julie ogled it. It was an amazing feeling.

Suddenly Julie reached out and gently touched it, lightly holding my cock in her hand, feeling its size. She stroked my cock lightly from the head to the base, squeezing it as she moved her hand. Julie was smiling with pleasure and was obviously loving the feel of my hard cock. She stroked it gently and squeezed the spongy head, sending shudders of ecstacy through my body. I was in heaven as Julie continued stroking my hard cock up and down, up and down. I thought I would come for sure. This was a dream come true. Finally, after allowing lovely Julie to fondle my incredibly hard cock for a few incredible minutes, I ‘woke up’ and looked right in the eyes, saying, “Oh Julie, that feels really good. Don’t stop.” Jumping back suddenly in surprise, she pulled her hand away from my cock and was flushed and breathed heavily. It was very obvious to me that she was really turned on by touching my cock, but also very embarrassed at being caught fondling me. I loved catching her like this.

She was pretty shy, ashamed at her own boldness, but totally turned on by my large cock. She swooned with conflicting emotions as she tried to figure out what to do. Blushing, she asked really softly, “Can I see it? I have never seen one up close, other than on the internet. I have felt some small ones in the dark, but nothing like yours. If you let me touch your dick I will do anything you ask me to.”

I knew she trusted me, but thought this was really risky on her part to promise something like this, something unknown I could now demand from her. I agreed, knowing it would be more than worth it. Visions of fucking my dream girl and deep throat blowjobs buzzed in my head and my cock was even harder now, as she carefully pulled it out of my thin suit and groped it, feeling it all over. It was very obvious that she really liked my dick and was fascinated by it. She just kept playing with it in various ways, obviously very happy to be fondling my cock. Watching her face I could see she was awed by her first meaningful experience with a real live cock, up close. I was in total ecstasy as Julie stroked and played with my dick for a long time.

Then she asked me if I would teach her how to give head, as she didn’t know anything about it, but thought she should know how to do it, “Just in case.” I told her I would teach her everything, if she would teach me how to pleasure her also. She wasn’t so sure about that at first, but caved in pretty easily. I could tell by the glazed, dreamy, totally fuckable look in her eyes that she was as horny as I was. Things were looking really good right about then. This was far beyond what I ever expected and I now had much higher expectations of where this would lead. If I was very careful and did everything right I could make my dream girl mine. I could surely fuck her if I didn’t blow the situation.

Now, let me tell you that I could best be described as a terminal geek. I read about everything I can get my hands on and am always researching things on the internet. I have, in the process, done a lot of research on all aspects of pleasuring the opposite sex. Ergo, I know, at least theoretically, just what to do in every situation that could arise with my sister. Regina Lynn writes on, “Geeks make better lovers.” And her reasoning canlı bahis siteleri echoes what I do, learn how to do everything right and then do it right. This is a story of a very important part of my life and a testament to the veracity of this statement.

I took my time and explained to my sis that her lover should pay a lot of attention to her and get her good and hot before fucking her. Most guys just want to fuck a girl and then leave them. So a good sign of a guy who is a keeper, is that he really takes his time with the foreplay. I had learned also that if you lick a woman all over and even suck on her toes, you can drive her crazy with desire for you. This surely keeps them coming back for more. So I did this with Julie and she loved it.

First, I kissed her passionately. This was the second time in my life I had kissed a girl (her) with so much meaning and was again overwhelmed with loving emotions for her wonderful self. My head was spinning and I think she was also overcome with love for me. It was a tender moment and we made out for a very long time. After that, I kissed all over her body, licking her and squeezing her tenderly, as I did my best to arouse her passion. Then I showed her how to give me head. She was a natural and got into it right away. She licked the head of my cock tenderly with her skillful tongue and nibbled me there gently with her lips, working her way down and back. Then she swallowed my cock, choking in the process. After several tries he was able to deep throat me and it was a most wonderful feeling to have ten inches of cock throbbing in her throat as her mouth continued working me into an orgasmic frenzy.

I didn’t last long and soon had an incredible orgasm, as she happily swallowed the large quantity of cum that I blasted down her throat. She didn’t gag anymore and seemed to love giving me head, if her smile of satisfaction was any indication. Then I went back to licking her body all over, from head to toe. Julie sighed continuously and shivered in ecstasy as I licked her hot body everywhere.

Finally, I reached her smooth pussy, which was twitching with desire, for I had not touched her there yet. As I licked agonizingly slowly up and down her swollen slit, pausing to suck on her clit, gently biting it, driving her wild with pleasure, she exploded with an intense orgasm, surprising me with its power. She looked so divine then, I just knew that I could never give up loving her in this way. I felt that she was mine forever and we would be eternal lovers. We were soul mates, brother and sister, eternally bonded, true lovers.

As she recovered from her incredible orgasm, she pleaded with me, “Please take my cherry. David, I really want you to do it. I am so hot for you bro, I really want you to do it. I really need you in me. Please David. Just do it now.”

“Ok,” I said, “Only if you take mine also.” She looked a little surprised at this but her smile of acceptance was so sweet. Yeah, I was also a virgin, and not happy about that. So this was to be the most momentous happening in my life, when my loving sister and I deflowered each other.

I asked her again if she was certain she wanted to do this. I told her that I always had a thing for her. She was very special to me and I cared for her too much to screw up our relationship. She was so hot to have me inside of her that she just kissed me deeply and said, “Please fuck me now David. God, I need you. Please take me now.”

After all the foreplay we were both very impatient to fuck each other, so I quickly forced my huge cock between her swollen pussy lips and entered her clenching cunt. She was so tight I felt like I couldn’t push in at all, but pumped my cock slowly in and out, working it in little by little, finally breaking her cherry as I penetrated her fully and deeply. She was overwhelmed with intense feelings and could hardly breathe, only making some unintelligible deep throaty sounds. After she got more used to my cock filling her beyond capacity, I slid in and out with long smooth strokes and incredible feelings. I was in heaven and could not imagine anything better than fucking my favorite person in the whole world, my beautiful little sis. And fuck we did. As I slid in and out of her tight twat, I relished the exquisite feelings of sexual fulfillment at it’s best. She was an absolutely incredible fuck and we both ravished each other thoroughly in our sexual frenzy. We were lost to the wonderful pleasure pulsating from our throbbing sex organs, fucking to our hearts content. It was a religious experience if there ever was one. I could not imagine anything better than this.

Unknown to us, a little earlier Tricia and Linda had arrived at our house and after changing into their skimpy bikinis, were about to come out to the pool when Linda saw Julie sucking on my cock. “Oh my God, Trish, you won’t believe this. Holy shit. Julie is giving Robbie head and he has a huge cock. Fuck, I don’t believe it.” Rushing to the window Trish said, “Wow, I want some of that. Looks yummy. Lets go upstairs and watch for a while to see what they do next. Then we can go join them. This is so, so hot. I think I am going to cum right now, just watching them.”

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