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Another quick piece of smut for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to arienette for the inspiration of this piece.

Please vote and comment when you’re done. A clear idea of my efforts help me write better.

“Oh damn,” I think as I enter our apartment. I can tell something’s wrong from the soft sounds coming from the living room. Going there, I find what I expect.

My lady is sitting on the couch, curled up and wrapped around a pillow. She’s got that serious look on her face, mouth set with anger and the glitter of tears in her eyes. I feel that tug in my chest that happens when I know she’s hurting. Luckily, I know what to do.

I walk over to where she’s seated and place myself on the floor in front of her. My hands go out, gently place themselves on a foot and start to rub.

Her mouth makes a little motion, trying to move into a smile. The scowl returns and two tears run free.

“Bad day today?” I ask, continuing my work. There’s a slight relaxation of her shoulders as she responds to my soothing massage. She nods her head very slightly.

“Want to talk about it?” My hands take her other foot, pull it away from her a little. She doesn’t draw it back. A good sign. Her head shakes a negative though and her arms grip the pillow more tightly.

“OK,” I respond. My hands never cease calming her. After a minute her hold on the pillow loosens. So does her tongue.

“That bitch Cathy called today.”

Inwardly I roll my eyes. Cathy is a person who thinks she’s my lady’s friend. In actuality, she’s just a nasty cunt who bullies the woman I care for. I’ve been nudging the person who’s feet I’m working on to stand up to her. My lady is too good hearted sometimes.

“And?” I prompt her.

My lovely woman pulls in a huge sigh. “The usual. How great her life is as ‘personal assistant’ to that bigwig. How she just got back from London with him. How much money she makes. How great her apartment is. How great her life is. Unlikesomepeople.” Her lower lip starts to tremble.

“Did Cathy tell you about the rest of her life?” is my inquiry. My sweetie’s face grows a little perplexed.

“Here it is, Friday night, and you know she’s working. Partly because her boss is a workaholic and partly because she’s got nowhere else to go.

“Tomorrow, unlike most people, she’ll be at work again.

“Sunday, she’ll be at home, sitting on her couch, eating ice cream and watching movies.”

My hands pull her leg out a little more. Stroking softly, I caress her calf through her jeans. She draws a quiet breath.

“That’s her whole life,” I go on.

“Now look at your life. On Friday night, you’re home and someone who cares for you is giving you a a soothing rubdown. Tomorrow is your day. You can work, live, or relax, entirely at your decision. Your life belongs to you.”

I start working both calves now. My lady spreads her legs a bit, giving me easy kartal escort access to them. Her grip on the pillow slackens yet again. The dark look on her face lightens, but the scowl remains.

My hands move upwards, playing over her inner thighs now. She narrows her eyes, pulls in a deep breath. When her brown irises become visible again, her face shows a mixed expression. The shine is now more excitement than sorrow. Her lips curl at the ends, a smile tugging them upwards. She does want to hold on to her bad mood, but I’m making it very hard.

I start to get hard as well. My chest grows warm. The signs are clear to me. I’ll have her cheerful, and wanting, in no time.

“And look at her sex life,” I expand, “When was the last time Cathy got laid?”

“Probably the last time her boss wanted some,” my lady replies.

“That’s right. Who knows when that last time was, or if she even enjoyed it.

“When was the last time you got some?” My right eyebrow quirks up, I know the answer.

Her smile grows more firm. “Oh, this morning,” she tells me. There’s a merry tone in her voice.

“Did you enjoy it?”

Her eyes do that cute roll up and to the right, a wicked grin grows. The memory is obviously very sweet.

My hands are almost at the top of her legs now. She widens more, a little shiver shakes her.

I continue my exploration of my lady’s life. “And when is the next time Cathy gets laid?”

“Who knows?” Her voice is a little breathy, passion is beginning to rule her.

I reach out and pet at the crotch of her jeans, stroking that most intimate area of her. Her hips twitch, involuntarily pushing her harder against me. A quiet gasp sounds.

“When’s the next time you’re going to have some?” I work a little faster and harder.

A groan lingers in the air. “P, pretty soon,” she manages to stammer. Her face is relaxed now, an expectant expression is on her face. The pillow is set aside. The rest of her, hidden until now, is revealed.

I grow very hard, a thin sheen of sweat beads on my skin. She’s so lovely. Even hidden by a T-shirt, her sensual femininity is conspicuous. Round and firm, her nipples now stiff, her breasts fill her garment so sweetly.

“That’s one of the things I like about you,” I tell her, “You’re so perceptive.”

My hands go to the button of her jeans, undo them. I draw the zipper down and her skin is revealed. Leaning forward I kiss above the line of her panties, little licks teasing at her soft flesh. I can taste the salt dewing her skin. She growls softly, a shudder passes through her body.

One finger runs over the nylon covering her clit and the little bump swells at my touch. My lady’s eyes grow wide, her head rolls back and a moan reverberates. Her fingers dig themselves into the couch.

I reach into my pants, adjust myself. It had become quite uncomfortable in there. My cock twitches at the sound of maltepe escort bayan her. The lust in her voice reaches under my consciousness, tickles the ancient responses hidden there.

Pulling back, I take the waist of both lower garments. She pulls her legs together, making a sharp hiss as she does. Her swollen centre is squeezed by her motions. I draw her pants down her gorgeous legs and throw her garb across the room.

God damn, she’s beautiful. My woman spreads herself again and I can see her shining, puffy womanhood. She’s thrumming, her muscles there vibrating with her want. The rich smell of her arousal packs my nose. So delicious it is. Almost involuntarily, it draws my head towards the source.

As I move, she pulls her shirt off. Her splendid tits, encased in a bra, come into view. They jiggle with the now rapid working of her chest. I can see her nipples are very engorged, full with want.

At that sight, I can’t hold back. My mouth places itself on her vulva and I work voraciously. I play my tongue over her lower lips, swiping the tasty fluid the coats her there. I run inside her and her flavour is stronger, overwhelming my senses. I groan into her and an answering one echoes.

I lave her thoroughly, swiping over every little bit of her pulsing interior that I can reach. Her sound metamorphisizes to a wail. Her hips buck as her body demands my attention. A small gush of her want fills my mouth.

My eyes look up into my lady’s sweet face. She is open mouthed, panting in passion. Her eyes glitter with the delightful lust that fills her. Her hands go to her bra, pull the cups upwards and her fulsome breasts burst free. She squeezes them, fingers rolling the peaks. Her eyes goggle and roll.

My mouth moves to her clit. Opening wide I suck at it, vacuuming it into me. My tongue pokes, licks and prods. Her thighs lock on my head, her voice nears a shriek. My beard soaks as her body prepares itself for our final act.

My woman’s utterances fade into a quiet, “Eep!” Her body grows quite stiff. Before she can orgasm though, I pull myself away from her. A soft wail of disappointment comes from her and she reaches for me unknowingly.

My hands reach out once more, taking her by the waist. I roll her over, then lift. She follows my unspoken directives. She’s now kneeling on the couch, arms on the back and her head resting on those. I gently nudge her knees and she spreads herself once more. A purr comes from her as she realises what I am going to do. This is her favourite way.

I undo my belt and pants, they fall to the floor. My underwear joins them a second later. Shuffling forward a step, bending my knees, I place myself where I know she wants me. Wriggling my hips, I play my tip over her hot, wet lips.

Her mouth drops open and she groans throatily. “Please!” follows in a long, desperate whine.

I answer her request by pushing my entire escort pendik length into her is a slow, torturous motion.

“Oh,” she pants as I fill her. “God. Good. Oh.” A “Yes!” emerges as my hair tickles at her perineum.

I start to work, full, lengthy pumps go in and out. My lady gasps, hisses and gurgles as she is filled and emptied. I can feel her pussy grasp at me, squeezing me, telling me the joy she feels and raising my own. God, how her happiness inflames me!

My hands go to her hips, I pull and push her, increasing the force of my thrusts. She quivers all over. This is what she wants, me inside, my hands guiding her, driving her to the edge.

My lovely woman makes a sudden gasp, lets it out, draws another. And lets go with a wavering wail as her orgasm fills her. I can feel her grip at me, liquid heat sluices out of her, telling me how utterly overcome she is. My fingers feel the strong contractions of her tummy. She softly beats her head against her arms, her body out of her control.

Gritting my teeth I hold my own climax back. I know how much she likes multiples. It’s so difficult though. It feels like she’s sucking at me, trying to pull me into her. What a glorious feeling!

Her ecstasy fades. She regains control of herself. Looking over her shoulder, she smiles. “Yes,” she hisses, “you know what I like. Don’t stop. Don’t…” Her voice fades and her eyes go blank. “Stop. Don’t, st…” And she comes again. That passionate wail sounds, her body shakes once more.

And I answer her call. My vision blurs, my awareness shrinks to the joy that overwhelms me, the pulsing heat of my woman as I fill her with my seed. I spit sounds, maybe words, but what they are is beyond me. The sensations go on, and on. Brief flashes of my surroundings pop into my mind, only to vanish again under the blindness of this exquisite moment.

With a start, my perception returns. I’m still inside her, but softening. I’m draped across her back, my arms wrapped around her stomach. I can feel her heart pounding, her chest gusting deep breaths. Waves of fading bliss pass through her body and she squeezes me gently at each one.

We stay that way for a sweet, unknown interval. Cuddling after is something we both enjoy very much.

My limp prick falls from her and I pull away. She rolls on her back, her face warm. I lean into her, give her a kiss. A short, sweet one that tells her all she needs to know.

“Thank you,” she remarks, hugging me hard. “You’re so good to me.”

“You’re welcome. That’s one of the things I agreed to do when I signed up. Not that this was a hardship or anything.”

She laughs, an honest sound that tells me all her unhappiness has fled.

“Now, go take a nice bubble bath. I’ll have dinner ready when you come out.”

We stand. She gathers her clothes and I pull up my pants. She heads to the bathroom, pausing for a moment to give a smile of warmth and gratitude. I return it.

As she disappears I head for the kitchen, warmth and joy permeating me.

“I love my work,”I think as I get started on dinner.


Thanks for reading. I hoped you enjoyed it.

Please remember to vote and comment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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