Susan and Dale

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It had been a long day and Susan was not only tired but she was about as horny as one could get. She couldn’t get her mind off the night the kids “put her to bed” and especially the way her son Dale’s cock felt in her pussy. She hadn’t felt anything that good for so long that all she could do was think about how it felt. And now all she wanted to do was get home, strip off her clothes and get the biggest dildo she had. Which was big, nine inches long and a circumference of at least six inches.

All during the day she had worked very hard to keep her pussy juices from running down her legs, she wore a skirt and the last thing she wanted was for her co-workers to see. But now, in the car and on the way home she didn’t have to worry about it. In fact she encouraged it by thinking of that big hard cock in her pussy.

Suddenly the cars ahead of her were stopping. Now what? An accident? And how long would she be forced to sit here? For the first few minutes nothing moved and it was beginning to look like they’d be on the freeway for awhile. Up till now she had the A/C on but running it while just sitting would be hard on the car so she turned it off and rolled down the windows. It was hot, but a breeze was blowing and that helped. She realized she’d be sitting here for a while so she relaxed and found herself going back to the other night and Dale’s dick.

Of course that got her pussy started again and not only that but her nipples were getting in on the act. She had beautiful nipples that extended out just far enough to make them perfect for sucking and the color was a rich chocolate brown. Her sister, Jan, had a nice pink color of her nipples and neither of them could figure out what the difference. At the moment though, Susan wasn’t thinking about color, she was thinking of sex, and not milling a beat she slid her hand inside her blouse and into her bra. She teased her right nipple, getting it harder and harder and as it got harder it also had an affect on her pussy. It was getting wetter, if that were possible, and she could also tell that her lips were spreading, preparing for something, anything to enter.

She hadn’t noticed because she was concentrating on her nipple, that the guy in the car next to her was watching. He had a smile on his face, hoping she’d pull her tit out of her blouse. Susan had a feeling she was being watched and looking over she saw a fairly young man watching her and he was grinning like the cheshire cat. It was apparent he wasn’t going to be embarrassed enough to look away. She held his gaze for a moment, it was obvious he knew what she was doing but did she want to stop? She decided not to, there was nothing for him to see except for movement in her blouse. Screw him, she looked away and went back to what she was doing.

However, it wasn’t long before she started losing control and paying no attention to the guy next to her she slid her hand under her skirt and into her panties. She moved her finger up and down her slit, working her juices into her fingers and pussy. She couldn’t wait and before long she was rubbing her clit hard and fast as well as her nipple. The guy couldn’t see her private parts but he could surely see that she was having a full blown orgasm. Several as a matter of fact. She managed to not shout or moan aloud, but she was bouncing around in the front seat. Finished, she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and put them in her mouth. She had always loved the taste of her pussy juice and she’d take it every chance she got. The guy next to her was applauding and laughing and Susan gave him a bow and went back to watching for traffic movement.

An hour and a half later she pulled into her driveway glad that ordeal was over, except she realized that she liked that guy watching her masturbate and that got her hot all over again. She closed the kitchen door and hollered the names of her kids, no one here and she went upstairs to her bedroom. She had decided she’d keep the wet panties on, remove all the rest of her clothes and put on a tee-shirt that came a little more than an inch below her pussy. She washed her face and hands and returned to the kitchen.

As she was looking at the au gratin potatoes in the oven she heard the front door slam and by the sound of the foot steps Dale was home. She held the pose, poking at the potatoes when she felt someone looking at her. She turned her head, “well Mister, what are you looking at?”

“Ah, nothin’ …, nothing mom, just wondering whats for dinner.”

Susan knew that the tee-shirt was up over her ass and she gave him a couple more seconds of looking while she gave the potatoes one more useless poke. She straitened up and turned to her son with a smile, “are you saying your mother’s ass is nothing?”

“No Mom! That’s not what I meant. I just said that I wasn’t looking at anything in particular.”

Susan walked to with inches of illegal bahis Dale. “That’s okay, I know what you meant.” She glanced down, “and I can see that must have found it interesting.”

Dale squirmed, trying to get his cock in a more comfortable position but he’d have to put his hand down his pants and he wasn’t about to do that standing in front of his mother. “Um, yeah, well, you know, somethings just require a guy to look. Sorry I was looking at your … you know, behind.”

“That’s my ass, Dale, and it doesn’t look like you’re at all sorry.”

“Well, maybe a little.”

“Dinner’s ready, where’s your sister?”

“No idea, she was still here when I left. I’m gonna go change.”

“Don’t dawdle.”

Dale ran upstairs, taking them two at a time. His hard on felt like it was about to explode and these tight fucking jeans didn’t help. He didn’t bother closing his door. He yanked his jeans off and with them his boxers, then socks and tee-shirt. He got out a pair of gym shorts that had short legs, just short enough so that if he got another hard on it would stick out the bottom. If his mom wanted to play this game he was more than willing. Every since he and his sister had taken her upstairs and fucked her he wanted to do it again, but he wasn’t sure if she were awake and possibly willing. No matter, something was going on tonight.

Him mom was already seated at the kitchen table waiting for him. He smiled at her, “looks good!”

“Dig in before it gets cold.”

During the meal there was small talk but there was also underlying tension. They both knew what was going on and neither one of them seemed willing to broach the subject. When they finished and cleaned the kitchen Susan asked if he wanted to watch movie on TV. They decided on a movie and sat down on the couch, close to each other and watched the film.

When Susan had sat down she made sure that her tee-shirt came up jut a bit, enough to expose the lower part of her pussy. During the movie she let her mind wander in fields that would ensure it would get wet. It didn’t help that Dale’s shorts were showing the bulging outline of his cock and balls. And that was intent, and not only that, he was going to try and get a hard on, which shouldn’t be too difficult. He could usual get one if he got nothing more than a glance at a girl with tight jeans. But now he was sitting next to his mother and her tee-shirt was up past her pussy and it was more than obvious what she had in mind. Her panties were soaking wet and that registered with his cock.

Susan looked into Dale’s eyes, wanting to see nothing but lust. She got her wish and put her hand on his thigh, just above his knee. He smiled at her. She thought this was going to be too easy. It must have something to do with the other night and if that were the case there was no sense in being coy. “The other night when you and your sister put me to bed?”


“Did you enjoy that?”

“Um, what do you mean?”

“Dale! Are you being coy with me?” She laughed a gentle laugh.

“No, well, maybe.”

“I thought so. I’ll tell you want I mean. Your sister came home and found me half naked. She finished undressing me. You came home and the two of you carried me upstairs and put me on the bed. Okay so far?”

“Ah, yeah, that’s pretty much what happened.”

“Then it got interesting. Liz dared you to lick my pussy. Which, by the way was fantastic. Then Liz decided to lick me. When she finished she dared you to fuck me, which, after some quibbling you finally did.”

“How’d you know all that?”

“What do you think? I was awake the whole time. And loving every minute of it. But the thing I remember the best was the size of your cock and how it filled me. So here’s my question, would you like to do that again?”

Dale looked at her to see if she was kidding or not. She wasn’t, but he was a little nervous about doing that again. But then she was moving her hand up his leg toward his cock and now his cock had become seriously hard. “Um, sure, that might be fun.”

“Might? Are you kidding me mister, your dear old mom hasn’t been laid in years, except for the other night, so this ought to be a blast.” And she rolled over and sat on his lap, moving back and forth. She held his face in her hands and kissed him lightly on the lips and looked to see if he was okay with that. He was and she kissed him deeply and longingly. He returned her kiss and slid his hands up and down her back, first looking for a bra, and finding none, he simple loved the way her back felt. But better underneath the shirt and he put his hands under the shirt and caressed her back.

Susan loved the way his hands felt on her, she wanted more. She pulled the tee-shirt off and directed his hands to her tits. “Squeeze my nipples, make them hurt! That’s it, bite them too, I want to feel your teeth on my nipples!”

Dale illegal bahis siteleri moaned as he sucked and bit on his mother’s nipple, then squeezed and pulled on the other. His shorts were wet from the rubbing she was giving them, and his cock was about as hard as he’d ever felt it. How he wanted it in her cunt! He’d wait for her though, in the meantime he was having an awful lot of fun with her tits. They weren’t big, but they were big enough to fill his hands nicely and that’s the way he loved them. Dale was going to love this evening.

So was Susan. As she rubbed her pussy up and down his cock she was getting hotter and hotter. It was almost to the point where she couldn’t wait any longer before she took her panties off and his shorts and she’d sit down hard on that pole. Why wait? “Baby, pull my panties off!” She rose up on her knees and he obeyed in a second. He got them off her and raising his hips he lifted both of them and got his shorts off. His cock stood straight up in the air and looking at it, Susan decided there was no time like the present and grabbing hold of it she guided it into her pussy. And sat down hard. Her pussy was dripping wet so that his cock slid all the way in without a problem. For a few minutes she sat on his pole, pushing down hard, feeling that stiff cock all the way up her cunt, pushing hard against her cervix. A few minute or so later she started rotating her ass while pressing down. She loved the way his cock rotated inside her stretching out her cunt, and the way Dale was moaning, he was loving it too.

This was all well and good for a little while, but she wanted more and moving over to the side she was on her hands and knees, her ass pointing at the ceiling. Dale didn’t need a map to tell him where to go, he was up and kneeling between her legs in a second with the tip of his cock touching her pussy lips. Taking hold of his cock he slid it up and down between her lips. Susan was moaning, “please baby, put that gorgous cock in my pussy, I want to feel you all the way inside me!”

“You need this cock? Do you want me to, what?”

“I want you to fuck my wet cunt, now!” She was shouting and moaning at the same time.

“Why not?” And Dale slammed his cock into his mother’s pussy, hard, all the way in and she nearly flew off the couch. Dale was hanging on to her hips and giving her a pounding like it was the end of the world. She was screaming with ever stroke.

“Harder Dale, harder! I’m gonna cum!” And she did, slamming her ass tight against his pubes, screaming.

“Me too! Mom, I’m cumming!!” And Dale rammed his cock into her cunt as hard as he could and didn’t move a muscle, just moaning, “cumming Mom! cumming in your pussy!

Susan could feel each throb of his dick as it released string after of string of his cum into her pussy. And with each shot of his cum she felt another orgasm. When they collapsed a few minutes later she knew she had cum several times but she didn’t know how many.

They lay there panting, trying to catch their breath. Dale had a hand on her tit and she was holding his wet, semi-hard cock. For a few minutes they didn’t say anything, until finally Susan got her breath back, “geeze Dale, that was the best fuck I’ve ever gotten. Where’d you learn that?”

“An older woman I met on my paper route a couple of years ago.”

“Shit! You were underage!”

“I lied to her, she had a great ass and tits.”

“Fuck, the both of you could have gone to jail.”

“Didn’t think of that at the time, I just wanted to know what it was to get laid.”

“How many times?”

“Don’t know, lost count after the first six months.”

Dale’s cock was getting hard at the memories, and Susan didn’t miss the implications one bit. She slowly began to pump the cock in her hand, watching his face as she did so. He closed his eyes and soon he had a slight smile on his face. Susan wanted him hard again, she was just getting started and wanted to feel his cock inside her again. But first things first and she leaned over and started licking his shaft, working her way to the head of this monster.

Most of their juices were licked off his cock and nothing to do now but put him in her mouth. She put her lips over the purple head and began licking him. It wasn’t long before she was sliding her mouth down over his cock, taking him in until she had the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat. She was surprised, she didn’t think she could still do this, but she did and loved every bit of it.

Holding his balls she moved her head up and down, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, keeping him off balance while she gave him a blow job. Dale was moaning and giggling, he loved the way she was working his prick, but at this rate it wouldn’t be long before he blew a wad of cum in her mouth. He didn’t know if she was okay with that but he’d give her a warning canlı bahis siteleri just in case.

Susan had forgotten how much she loved sucking cock, but now she would certainly not wait so long before she performed oral sex on a man again. She could feel Dale begin to tense up, he was about to feed her a load of cum.

“Mom, I’m cumming.” And he started to pull away.

But she was having none of that. She took his cock into her mouth as deep as she could and held it there while squeezing and bouncing his balls. He stiffened and moaned, shooting the first string of cum down her throat, followed by several more which she swallowed as fast as she could, not wanting to waste a single drop of his awesome cum

“Damn Honey, you must have a huge factory producing all that cum. Twice within a few minutes and each load was as much as the other. How soon can you do this again?” Susan was practically delirious from the sex with her son, and she wanted more.

Dale’s cock was still rather hard and after licking it clean Susan lay on her back, “mount me big boy an fuck my brains out!”

Dale laughed and rolled over on top of her, with his cock settled between her pussy lips he began humping her, teasing her pussy. He wanted to hear her beg.

“Dammit Dale, either put that monster cock in me or go to your room!”

He laughed, “then will you take away my computer?”

“Yes, you little shit, then you won’t even be able to jack off to porno! Now fuck me!”

“Oh well, with all that punishment hovering over my head …” And Dale jammed his cock into her hot, wet cunt. For a few minutes he fucked her hard and fast and therefore neither of them heard the kitchen door open.

Liz had heard the noises coming from the living room the minute she entered the house and as quietly as she could she went to the door to investigate. Liz peeked around the door frame, her eyes got big. From her vantage point she could see Dale on top of their mother, his ass in the air, her legs were wrapped around his back and she could see Dale’s monster cock pounding their mother’s cunt. Dale’s balls were bouncing like a couple of rubber balls. Liz had no intention of interrupting the scene, it was hot and she loved the sight of Dale’s cock and balls and her mother’s stretched out pussy.

The girl couldn’t help it, the next moment she was sliding one hand down the front of her jeans, which were too tight and she was forced to undo the button and pull the zipper down. The other hand went inside her bra and she began playing with herself. Her pussy was already soaking wet, so no problem there, she ran her finger up and down between her slit bumping up against her clit on each upstroke. Inside her bra her hand was pinching and teasing her nipple.

But it was her pussy she was giving the most attention too. So much so in fact that she had to pull her jeans down, and with them went her panties. She was standing in living room door naked below the waist and finger fucking herself for all she was worth, matching her brother’s tempo. Liz didn’t know how long they’d been at it, but she was determined to cum when they did, so watching close and pacing her strokes she tried to get the timing right.

It was difficult, she had been ready to cum five minutes ago and Dale was still pounding her cunt, but now he was going faster. Her mother was beginning to show signs of cumming. She was moaning, “that’s it, right there, fuck me hard Dale, fuck me like you want to split me in half! Oh yes, that’s it, harder now, I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too! I can’t hold it any longer!” Now they were both screaming and yelling that they were cumming. Dale went stiff, pushing his cock into his mother’s pussy as far as he could get it. They held the pose for at least two minutes, and then Dale began to relax a little and cum started oozing out around his cock, dripping down between Susan’s ass cheeks and onto the bed.

Slowly Dale’s cock slid out, semi-flacid, and he rolled over to lay beside Susan. Liz could see how wet and coated Dale’s cock was with their cum. And it was oozing out of Susan’s pussy in globs, rolling down her ass and onto the couch. Liz couldn’t stop herself, as she brought herself to orgasm, she moaned and Dale and Susan sat straight up on the couch. Susan’s eyes wide with surprise and Dale was laughing.

Liz’s eyes were closed as she let her orgasm ricochet through her body, taking a full two minutes. When she opened her eyes she saw the two of them looking at her. She still had her fingers in her pussy and her hand on her tit. At first she didn’t know what to say, “well, what’d you expect? I have to watch the two of you and not do anything about it? Besides, what are you having all this fun without me?”

Susan and Dale laughed, “come my little darling, join mom and brother and we’ll give you a little fun too.”

Liz didn’t waste any time, she pulled off her shirt and bra and naked, she jumped onto the couch between them, laying half on her mother, kissing her and grabbing hold of her brother’s wet cock.

“This is better,” Liz said taking hold of her mother’s left tit.

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