Susan Unplugged

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Susan was home from college for a long holiday weekend. She lived with her father since her parent’s divorce a few years earlier. She had a wonderful relationship with her dad and her dad had always been open with Susan on life in general and helped her out with her college studies when asked. Jim never spoiled Susan, but did provide her a safe home and always gave her advice when needed.

Susan woke up Saturday morning to find her panties soaked in blood.

“Shit, another pair of good panties ruined again.” She mumbled to herself.

Susan’s monthly cycle was never on a regular cycle. She stumbled out of bed and went to her bathroom and opened the cabinet under the sink. When she opened the doors, she found out she was out of tampons and pads. She did not pack any since she thought she had them here. She pulled on a pair of sweat pants and threw on a t-shirt. Susan opened her bedroom door and headed towards the other side of the upstairs to her dad’s room. She knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Jim said.

Susan entered the bedroom and saw her dad sitting upright in his bed reading a book.

“What is it Susan?” he asked.

“I um, started my period last night while sleeping and I don’t have any pads or tampons and I was wondering if you could go to the store for me.” She said being slightly embarrassed.

“Sure baby. What do you need?” he asked.

“A box of Tampax super tampons and a box of Kotex heavy pads.” She uttered back.

“Considered it done.” He replied as he put the book down and got out of bed.

Jim was wearing a white t-shirt and boxer shorts. He walked over to the chair near the bed and put on the pair of jeans that he put there last night. While he was putting his jeans on, he noticed Susan’s nipples pushing against the material. He then put on a pair of sneakers sans the socks and grabbed a long sleeve shirt that was on the back of the chair. As he was walking out the room, Susan gave him a big hug and told him thanks. He could feel her breasts pushing against him as she hugged him he also notice her scent which made his cock twinge a bit in his boxers. After the hug, Jim went down to the garage, got in his car and headed towards the drug store.

While he was on the way, Susan called him. “Yes baby.” Jim answered.

“I need you to get me something else, I’m pretty sure you can get them at the drug store.” Susan said.

“Sure baby, what do you need?” he asked.

“Can you get me a pack of white panties? I need a size 8.” She told him.

“Consider it done.” He told her.

“Thanks again dad. You’re the best Daddy a girl could ever want.” Susan said before she hung up.

Jim arrived at the drug store and picked up the items Susan need along with the local paper. He returned home shortly and when he entered the kitchen through the back door, he noticed Susan was at the table while a pot of coffee was brewing. He put the plastic bag containing the tampon, pads and panties on the table.

“Here are the items you need. Why don’t you go upstairs and clean up while I fix you some French toast with bacon.”

Susan got up from the chair, hugged him tight again before grabbing the bag and heading upstairs. While Susan took her shower, Jim was fixing breakfast. When Susan was done with her shower, she put the pad inside her panties and pulled them up. She realized that dad had bought her briefs that rode high. She looked at herself in the mirror and laughed at how they looked on her. She slid on a clean pair of sweat pants along with a clean t-shirt.

When she opened the bathroom door, she could smell the bacon cooking in the kitchen. She hurried down the stairs towards the kitchen. When she entered the kitchen, Jim was just about done fixing ataşehir escort breakfast.

“Feel better baby?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy, very much thanks to you.”

Jim smiled back as his put her French toast and bacon on a plate and handed it to her. Susan took a seat at the table and put butter, syrup and powdered sugar on her french toast. Dad handed her a cup a coffee along with a glass of milk. Jim fixed his plate and then sat down across the table from Susan. As they ate, Jim started to read the paper and Susan grabbed a section. Susan was reading the movie section of the paper as Jim was reading the weather section.

“It looks like it’s going to be cool and overcast today.” Jim said.

“Maybe we should go see a movie this afternoon.

“There is an action adventure movie at 2.” Susan replied.

“Sounds like a plan then. It’s been awhile since I last went to see a movie and the weather is perfect for indoor activities.” Jim replied with a smile.

“It’s a deal then.” Susan replied.

They both finished their meal and Jim started to clear the plates when Susan told him to go sit in the family room and finish the paper while she cleared and clean the kitchen.

Jim took the paper and headed towards the family room as Susan cleared the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. After Jim finished the paper, he headed back up to his room to shower and to continued reading the book he was reading earlier that morning.

While in the shower, Jim let his mind drift back to Susan’s hug and her scent. As he washed his body under the hot shower he noticed his cock getting erect. He hadn’t had sex in a long time, since Susan was the number one priority in his life. He was tempted to masturbate in the shower but decided otherwise. After the shower, Jim shaved and brushed his teeth. After getting dressed, he grabbed the book and headed towards the family room to read.

Jim was reading his book when Susan came down to let him know it was time to leave for the afternoon movie. Jim put the book down and went to the hall closet to get a light jacket. Jim and Susan headed towards the garage. After entering the car, Jim backed up to the street and then headed towards the movie theater. After arriving at the theater, purchased the tickets and made a short stop at the concession stand before entering their screen room. While watching the previews Susan thanked her dad again for his help earlier in the morning. She said she felt somewhat embarrassed about the whole thing. Jim told her that her period is a natural thing and not be embarrassed over it and all is fine. Susan smiled back at him.

After the movie ended, Jim and Susan headed for their favorite pizza joint. After being seated at a booth they ordered their drinks and pizza. Susan always liked coming here with her friends and her dad.

Susan looked at her dad and asked. “How come you’re not dating anyone? I’m sure you must get lonely at times.”

Jim looked at her after taking a sip of his beer and said. “I’m just not interested in dating right now. I have you to look after and my business to run. It’s just not a priority right now. Are you seeing anyone at school?”

“Not really. My studies take a lot of my time and I just don’t want to get by in school. Some of my friends party too much and skip classes and just get by.” Susan replied.

“I’m glad you are doing well in school. The more you learn the better off you will be when you graduate.” Jim added.

The pizza arrived and they both started to devour one of their favorite comfort foods. It did not take long to finish it off before heading back home. Once home, Jim retrieved his book from the family room and headed back to his room. He closed the door, kadıköy escort stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers and laid on top of his bed to read. Susan had gone to her room to browse the internet while listening to her iPod. She did some research for some of her classes. After spending a few hours working on class work, she had enough and decided to take a shower and then lay on her bed to watch a few movies before turning in for the night.

While in the shower, Susan felt the need to change her tampon once she got out. After drying off, she pulled a new tampon from the box her dad bought earlier and then proceeded to sit on the toilet to remove the one inside her. When she pulled at the string, the string simply came loose from the tampon and to her shock she was now holding just the string while the tampon was still inside her. She had ever had this happen before and panic began to set in. “Fuck me!” Susan uttered as she thought how her day had started.

“This has got to be the period from hell.” She added.

Susan tried a few times to remove the tampon but to no avail. She sat on the toilet realizing she would need her dad to help her. It was bad enough he had to get her things earlier in the day and now this. She sat for a bit before she put a new pad in her white cotton briefs and then stood up and pull them up. She then put on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. She left the bathroom and headed towards dad’s bedroom. She stood at the door for a moment to get her composure before knocking.

“Come in.” Jim said.

“Hi Daddy. I need your help again. I don’t know how to tell you this but I’m in a jam and need your help. I was changing my tampon after my shower and the string somehow separated from the tampon and it’s still inside and I can’t seem to get it out.”

Jim put the book aside and asked. “Has this happened to you before?”

“No Daddy and I’ve never heard of it from happening to my girlfriends either.” She relied.

“Ok then. I’ll see what I can do. If I can’t get it out, then I’ll take you to an emergency clinic to have it taken care of. Go get a towel and a pair of tweezers or something like that.” He replied. “OK Daddy.” Susan replied before making a trip to get the things he asked for. Susan returned with the towel and a pair of tweezers. Jim took the towel and placed in on top of the sheets towards the foot of the mattress. Without a word being said, Susan stepped out of her sweat pants and then slid her panties off before sitting on the towel. She looked straight up at the ceiling as her father stood in front of her. He touched her knees and she spread her legs open. Jim was now looking at his daughter’s shaved pussy. Her labia protruded just like her moms and she had a nice hood over her clit like her mom.

“Try not to be embarrassed about this.” He told her.

“Ok Daddy.” She replied.

Jim slid his middle finger inside her pussy to see how far the tampon was inside. He could feel the cotton that expanded inside her. He could also smell her scent as well. Jim removed his finger and wiped the taint of blood off on the towel. He reached for the tweezers and then used the fingers on his left had to spread open Susan’s pussy. While doing so, he accidentally rubbed her clit to which Susan let out of a soft moan. Jim could feel his cock harden inside his boxers. Spreading her pussy open as far as he could, he picked up the tweezers with his right hand and slowly slid it inside her. While trying to grab the tampon with the tweezers, he would rub her clit from time to time resulting in a soft moan. He looked up at her and noticed her nipples were rock hard and poking against the material of her t-shirt. The tweezers found the target and Jim started to rub Susan’s bostancı escort bayan clit slowly as he took his time slowly pulling the tampon out.

Susan moaned more and whimpered out “Please don’t stop.”

Once the tampon was out, Jim let it fall on the towel. Susan opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows. She looked at her father legs still wide open and saw the outline of his hard cock moving freely inside his boxers.

“Daddy, do have a boner?” She asked coyly.

Jim turned a bit red and replied “I guess so.” “Can I see it? She asked.

“Susan, I don’t think that would be appropriate.” He relied.

“But Daddy, you got to see my pussy and all.” She smiled back.

Before he could reply, Susan sat up and pulled down his boxers releasing his large uncut cock and low hanging balls.

“Poor Daddy has a nice big boner.” She said before taking into her hands.

Jim tried to push her hands away but couldn’t since it had been so long since someone other than his own hands had touched his hard cock. Her soft hand began to caress his cock and balls. He put his hands on her shoulders as she rubbed and stroked his cock. It wasn’t long before Susan took his cock into her warm wet mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh” he moaned.

Susan licked his cock up and down and then took each one of his balls into her mouth slowly sucking them. She could feel his hard cock pulsating in her hands and mouth. She took his cock out of her mouth and looked at him and asked. “Did Mommy suck your cock and balls this good?”

“No baby, your mommy did not like sucking cock.” He moaned.

“Did seeing and smelling my dirty pussy get you all hard Daddy? I’m betting you haven’t had a piece of ass in a long time. I bet right now you would love to put that big hard Daddy cock inside my tight dirty pussy right now. Right?”

Before Jim could utter a logical response all he could say was “Yes baby. Daddy would love to put his hard cock inside your tight dirty pussy.”

“Good answer Daddy. No go put that towel in the middle of the bed and lay down.” Susan told him.

Jim complied and was laying down with his cock pointing up and he watched as Susan straddled his cock and grabbed it with her right hand guiding it inside her. She slowly lowered her wet stinking pussy down on his cock. Once he was completely inside he, she pulled off her t-shirt showing him her firm tits with hard nipples. She leaned over and as she did, Jim leaned up to suck her tits. While Jim continued to suck her tits, she rode Daddy’s cock hard.

“That’s it Daddy suck them hard, bite them while your daughter rides your big Daddy cock with her dirty pussy. When I get done making you cum inside my messy pussy, you won’t want another piece of ass ever. Maybe tomorrow night I will let you be the first to fuck my asshole. Would you like that Daddy? Would you like to fuck your daughter up her ass like a whore? She said riding him harder.

“Oh fuck yes. Daddy would love to fuck your virgin asshole baby and put a nice load of cum deep inside you.” He replied just before his balls tightened up hard and began to empty their cum deep inside his daughter.

“Give me all your baby batter.” Susan cried out as she came milking his cock dry.

After he emptied his load deep inside, Susan leaned over on her chest hearing his heart beating like a drum feeling the combination of her their cum and her blood dripping out of her pussy. Susan lifted up off his cock and while on her knees still over his semi hard cock, she spread her pussy open and he watched his cum and her blood dripping out over his cock.

“Time for Daddy to give me a hot shower and for me to clean off your cock.” She said before rolling over and heading back towards her bathroom.

Jim just laid there staring up at the ceiling and trying to figure just what happened thinking it was all a dream until he looked down at the mess covering his cock. He thought about it more and then got up and headed towards Susan’s bathroom.

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