Sweet Sister Ch. 02

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On the drive home from Ellen and Bill’s, I thought about the relationships between the three of us.

Bill’s interest in bisexuality surprised me, but I had a feeling it went deeper than just whacking off to hard core videos. He didn’t object when I gave him a blowjob and he didn’t seem reluctant to suck me.

Sex with my sister was as exciting as it had always been. And she didn’t seem shocked, or even surprised, when I told her I was bi and had demonstrated the figure eight suck on her husband so he could “teach” her.

I wondered if there was a possibility of the three of us getting it on together. Ellen might like to watch me blow Bill. Or we could blow him together. I was pretty sure Bill would enjoy it either way. I knew I would like to suck his cock again and let him screw my ass with his hard thick seven inches.

Maybe Bill would like to see his wife blow or screw her brother. I wasn’t sure if Bill knew that Ellen and I had been incestuous lovers. Ellen’s sweet pussy was pure pleasure. And slipping my cock into her warm pussy or mouth was equally pleasurable.

There were some possibilities to explore, but then again, their sex life seemed to be rejuvenated and neither one of them may now have a need or desire to have sex outside their marriage.

I decided I’d better concentrate on driving and getting home safely. After I got the car unloaded and the mail sorted, I popped the top on a beer and caught up my personal e-mail.

There was a message from my niece Kim, Ellen and Bill’s daughter. She had a long weekend coming up just before midterms. She wanted to get away from school to some place quiet so she could study and she was asking if she could come down from college to visit and study.

I sent her an e-mail back telling her she was welcome any time. I asked for her address so I could mail her a house key since I could be on the road when she arrived. I also asked her when she wanted to come visit.

I got a note back with her address and the date, which was next weekend. She said she was planning on arriving Friday afternoon. She also said she had e-mailed her parents about her plans.

I told her that I would mail her a house key and directions the next day and that she should make herself at home as soon as she got here.

Later in the evening I got an e-mail from Ellen. She said everything, and she emphasized everything, was going great and that she hoped Kim wouldn’t be a bother. She also mentioned that she had a photo album that I would probably enjoy looking at the next time I visited them, which, she hoped, would be sooner rather than later.

I replied that I was glad to have Kim visit and that I would be in touch with her and Bill about planning a quick visit. Then I decided I’d better get some laundry done and write some checks for bills before I had to get ready to go on the road again.

The week passed quickly. I had a number of service calls to make, but they were mostly to see if our clients were having any problems and to try and interest them in upgrading their systems. I stopped by the zone office and talked with Anne, the Manager. She commented that she was ready for a short break from the grind. I suggested she come down to my place sometime and just kick back. We had lunch together then it was back on the road for me and back to the grind for her.

I got home late Friday afternoon. Kim’s car was parked in the double drive. I pulled my car into the garage. Kim heard the garage door open and she met me as I entered from the garage.

“Hi, Uncle Brad. Thanks for letting me come visit.”

“You’re welcome. And it is just Brad, please. How was your drive down?”

“Fine. I got here about three o’clock.”

“Did you have any trouble finding the place or getting in? You can put your stuff in any of the bedrooms. The one at the far end on the back is probably the quietest.”

“No. Your directions were great and I got right in. And I was just going to ask which room I could use.”

“Here’s an opener for the garage. You might as well pull your car inside.”

“Thanks. I’ll do that now.”

“O.K., Kim. I think I’ll catch a quick shower and change out of my traveling clothes.”

I showered and changed into a t-shirt, light sweat pants and sandals. In the meantime, Kim had moved her backpack, books and laptop into the back bedroom and she was already hitting the books.

I knocked on the door. “Sorry for interrupting, but how does pizza sound for dinner tonight?

“Sounds fine to me.”

“Any preferences? I like sausage and mushroom. The basic pizza.”

“That sounds good. I don’t really go for a lot of extra toppings or cheese.”

“A person after my own heart. Is around six O.K.?”

“That would be great, Unc, ahh, Brad.”

“O.K. I’ll order it for six.”

I left Kim to her books. I ordered the pizza just after five. Friday nights could be fairly busy with the delivery taking a little longer than usual. While waiting for the pizza, I put together a green salad.

Kim came out of her room just before canlı bahis six. She had changed from her jeans, t-shirt and running shoes into a muu-muu.

“I haven’t seen a muu-muu since I was in college. Would you like a beer or something else to drink?”

“A beer would be nice. Mom made this up for me. She said they were great for lounging about the dorm room.”

The pizza arrived right at six. I got the salad out of the refrigerator and we sat down to eat.”

“Are you looking at some pretty tough midterms?”

“No, but I’m carrying a full load of credits so I’ve got five of the things to take.”

“Well, don’t let me keep you from you studies.”

“This is great, Unc, err, Brad. There is a major tournament on campus this weekend and the place is always chaos. I don’t know why the midterms were scheduled for next week. There is so much noise and so many activities that it is difficult to find a quiet place to study.”

“I’ll be quiet as a mouse. I’ll clean things up so you can get back to your work. I’ve got to write up some service call notes afterwards.”

“Thanks, Brad. I hope I’m not any trouble.”

“No trouble at all. I’m glad you were able come visit. I hope you relax along with studying so you are in good shape to ace the midterms.” I watched Kim walk down the hall to her room. She surely looked like Ellen. The same auburn hair. The same sparkling green eyes.

About nine-thirty, I wrapped up my work. I changed into a bathrobe. I got a book and poured a carafe of wine. I walked down the hall to the door to Kim’s room. I tapped on the doorframe. “Kim looked up from her textbook. “I’m going to hit the hot tub for a bit of relaxation. You’re welcome to join me. I’ll take a wineglass for you. There is a robe in the closet, if you decide to join me.”

“I’d like to, but I didn’t think to bring a swimsuit.”

“Not to worry. Swimsuits aren’t required. As a matter of fact, they aren’t permitted.”

“Oh. I see.” Kim sort of blushed.

“Anyway, join me later, if you wish.”

I went out to the hot tub. It was a nice late winter, early spring evening. Clear. A little cool, but no breeze. I poured myself a glass of wine, laid my robe on a bench by some towels, turned the jets on low, slipped into the tub and began to read.

I’d been reading for about twenty minutes when Kim came out. She was wearing the muu-muu and sandals. She slipped off the sandals and kneeled by the tub. She tested the water temperature then stood and slipped the muu-muu off over her head. I thought of the time, years ago, when Ellen had slipped off her kimono after she caught me whacking off. I ignored Kim as she slipped into the warm water.

I put my book down and handed her a glass of wine. “I’m glad you’ve decided to join me. Nothing like a warm soak to ease the days cares.”

Kim sipped her wine, “A soak in a hot tub sounded so inviting. I thought about putting on my running shorts and a jogging bra, but then they might still be wet in the morning and then I might not be able to go running.”

“You’re a runner?”

“Yes. Do you run?”

“Most days. Usually in the evening, but I’d like to run with you tomorrow morning, if I may.”

“I’d like that. I don’t like to run by myself, particularly in an unfamiliar area. Anyway, then I thought about wearing my bra and panties in the hot tube. I decided that was ridiculous, so here I am.”

“Well, I glad you decided to take the plunge anyway.” We sat without talking and sipped the wine.

“This is so relaxing.” Kim set her wineglass on the deck. She stretched her arms along the top edge of the tub and then stretched her legs out just under the bubbly surface of the water. I noticed her underarms were unshaven.

She relaxed and picked up her glass. “The warm water and the bubbles are so nice.” I topped up our glasses from the carafe. “I’ve never been naked in a hot tub before.”

“Nude. You’re nude, not naked.”

“Aren’t they the same?”

“Not really. In my mind at least. Being nude is the state of being unclothed. It is something you control. Being naked strikes me as a state that may not be in your control. It sounds less comfortable.”

“I suppose. Are you nude?”

“Yes. The birthday suit is the only suit to wear when swimming or hot tubing.”

Kim grinned, “Well; this is the first time I’ve been nude in a hot tub.”

“Have you ever been skinny-dipping?”

“No. Never.”

“You should plan on coming with me this summer. I know some great places to skinny dip and sunbathe.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being seen or caught?”

“No, several of the places are remote public land that you have to work to get too. And several are private where access is by permission. Besides, simple nudity is not illegal.”

“Do you do other things in the nude besides hot tubing and skinny-dipping?”

“Well, I try to be nude whenever and wherever I can, as appropriate. For example, If you hadn’t been here this evening, I would have taken my clothes off shortly after I got in the house. When I’m on the bahis siteleri road, I occasionally stay at clothing optional or nudist or naturist B and Bs. I sometimes work in the nude in my hotel room.”

Although, I thought to myself, recently whenever I have been nude in a hotel room, I’ve usually been engaged in some sort of sex act with a woman or another man.

I continued, “I’ve vacationed at nude beaches and resorts. And I sleep in the nude.

“You sound like one of my roommates. We’re always after her to put on a bra or long t-shirt or something. She sleeps in the nude too. I guess we finally got used to her doing sleeping that way.”

“You should try sleeping nude, Kim. I think you’ll find it is more comfortable and restful.” I was going to tell her that her Mother and I slept nude as college students and that we slept together many times.

“Oh, the jets have stopped.”

“They are on a timer. I’ll turn them on again.”

“I’ll do it Brad. Where’s the switch?”

I pointed; “It’s over there on the wall.” It was on the opposite side of the tub from where Kim was sitting.

She got out of the tub and walked across the deck. She unconsciously, I think, brushed her hands across her shoulders, down across her breasts and stomach, and down to her thighs to brush off some of the water.

I watched her as she walked to the switch. She was taller than Ellen. Her auburn hair was cut collar length. Her strong thigh and calf muscles showed she was a runner. Her buttocks were round and firm.

“How many minutes should I set the jets for?”

“However long you like.”

“O.K.” Kim turned the dial all the way over then she turned and walked back to the tub. Her breasts were firm and high. Her nipples were hard and her areola were all goose pimply from the cool air. Her auburn pubic thatch was thick and luxuriant. Just like her Mother’s.

When she got back to the tub, she picked up the carafe. “Would you like a refill?”

“Sure.” Before I could hand her my glass, she squatted down by my head, picked up my glass and refilled it. Her legs, like her underarms, were unshaven. Kim then sat on the deck and slipped into the tub. She waded across to where she had been earlier, refilled her glass and settled back into the warm water.

“It’s chilly out there.”

“Yes. I could light the fireplace.”


“It’s over there by the grill.” I indicated a brick wall on the far side of the patio. “There’s a built-in grill and oven and, just for the heck of it, I put in a gas fireplace.”

I stood up and climbed out of the tub. Kim watched as I walked around the tub and across the deck and patio to the grill and fireplace. The warm water had relaxed my sac so my balls hung low below my cock. I moved a table and chairs from in front of the fireplace, turned on the gas valve and pressed the igniter.

Kim laughed as the gas logs lit, “That’s so cool.”

I walked back and got back into the tub. “It is chilly out there. Why don’t you move around so you can see the fire?”

I moved a little and Kim stood and waded back across the tub and sat beside me. “You’ve got such a neat place, Unc, er, Brad.”

“Yes, it’s pretty nice, but there is more I’d like to do. I’d like to put in a lap pool.”

We sat in companionable silence, sipped the wine and watched the fire.

“I wonder what time it is? I should either be getting back to the books or to sleep.”

“Sleep sounds like a good idea.” I stood and stepped up out of the tub. Kim stood and I gave her a hand climbing out of the tub. I handed her a towel, Let’s dry off by the fire.”

We walked over to the fireplace. “Dry your back?”

I turned and looked at Kim, “Sure,” and handed her my towel. I then dried her back. She put a foot up on a chair as she dried her legs. I admired the line of her calf and thigh and the curve of her hip around her butt and up her back.

I turned off the gas logs, then walked over, pulled the cover over the tub, slipped into my sandals and picked up my robe, the towels, my book, the carafe, and glasses. Kim started to put on her muu-muu, and then she draped it over her arm and followed me into the house.

I hung my robe on a hook in the combo mud and laundry room and hung the towels to dry. Kim rinsed the glasses and I put the wine away. “What time would you like to run in the morning?”

“I’ll probably get up at six to study for an hour or so. Seven-thirty would be fine.”

“O.K. The sun will be up and the first rush of traffic will be over so I’ll see you then. Good night, Kim.”

“Good night, Uncle Brad.” She carried her muu-muu over her arm.

I slept soundly and awakened around six. I noticed a light was on in Kim’s room. I shaved and washed up a bit, then went into the kitchen and poured a glass of orange juice. I poured a second glass then padded down the hall to Kim’s room.

I tapped on the doorframe. “Come in.” I pushed the door open. Kim was sitting cross-legged on the bed with her laptop in front of her. I was rather surprised that bahis şirketleri she wasn’t wearing her muu-muu.

“Good morning. I brought you some juice.”

“Good morning. Thanks.” Kim stretched her legs and swung around on the bed so she was sitting on the edge. I handed her the glass. “Don’t want to spill juice on the bedding or my laptop.” She didn’t seemed concerned about our mutual nudity.

“Sleep well?”

“Yes, thanks. I awakened around five or so, then dozed a bit, but I figured I had better do some studying since I was awake.”

“Still on to run around seven-thirty then breakfast after showering?”

“Sounds good, Unc, er, Brad.”

“O.K. See you at seven-thirty.” I walked back to the kitchen, picked up my glass of juice and walked out onto the patio. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. My nipples hardened in the chilly air. It was cool enough that a jogging suit would be nice.

I rinsed my glass then began to get ready for the run with Kim. I went out to get the newspaper after getting dressed. It was a little cooler than it had been earlier. After laying the paper on the kitchen table I went down the hall to Kim’s room. I tapped on the doorframe. “You might want to wear a jogging suit. It’s fairly cool outside.”

“I wondered about that. I’ll be right out.”

I returned to the kitchen. Kim was right behind me. “Let me make sure I’ve got a house key. We can do the stretching and warm-ups on the patio.” I followed her outside and locked the door behind me.

We chatted while we stretched and warmed up. We decided to run for about four miles or so. I picked a route that stayed away from the major streets. Part of the run was through a park. It was a pleasant run and we didn’t run so hard that we couldn’t talk while we ran.

We cooled down by walking and then doing some stretching exercises on the patio. I unlocked and opened the door to the mudroom and began to take off my jogging suit. I slipped off my shoes and socks than pulled off my jacket and trousers. I hung them on hangers then pulled my t-shirt over my head and hung it over the laundry hamper.

Kim hung up her jacket then turned to me. “I love the smell of sweat, don’t you? It’s erotic” Before I could answer, she put her hand on my chest. “And hairy chests too.” She ran her hand across my chest, then stretched up and kissed my cheek.

We were silent as Kim took of her running shoes and socks. “I’ll fix breakfast after we shower.”

Kim was putting her running suit on a hanger, “That sounds good.”

“Care to share a shower?”

Kim looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “Share a shower? Gee, I don’t know.”

“That’s what we naturists do. Saves water and so on.”

She looked a little concerned and put off. “I don’t know. But last night was a first too. Being nude in the hot tub, I mean.” Kim sounded as if she was thinking out loud. “Why not? Sure.” She looked at me. “Lead on.”

We finished undressing and hanging up our running clothes. “I built a weight room in the basement and installed a large walk-in shower.” Kim followed me through the house. I got us each a pair of flip-flop shower shoes before we went down the basement stairs.

When I installed the shower, I built a large double bathroom. I turned on the lights and the heat. “This is nice. You have a whirlpool tub too.”

“Yes, I got sort of carried away. You’re welcome to use it any time.”

She looked around the room. “Boy, you can’t hide anything with the mirrored wall over the sinks. And the tub”

“Like I said, I got carried away.” I opened the shower door and turned the water on and adjusted the temperature. “After you.” I held the door for Kim.

“This is neat with all the showerheads.”

“Well, there is a showerhead on each side and then overhead there are the two European heads. The big disk is like standing in the rain and the ring can be lowered to shoulder height so you don’t get your hair wet. I think showering should be fun, especially when friends shower together.”

I slipped a terry bath glove on to my hand, wet it and added soap from the dispenser. “Wash your back?” Kim turned and I washed her neck, shoulders and back. I was careful to stay above her waist and to not wash around her sides towards her breasts.

Kim was equally careful when she washed my back. Both of us modestly turned our backs as we washed our crotches. I liked the way her breasts moved and jiggled as she washed her hair. We rinsed and shut off the showers. I opened the door and got two towels. We dried each other’s back before stepping out of the shower stall.

Kim was drying one of her arms when she stopped and looked in the mirror and raised her arm. “I really should shave my underarms and legs sometime.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I like the Natural Woman.”

“My boyfriend used to complain some times, but shaving legs and armpits is one of those things that takes time and with four roommates and two showers and eight o’clock classes, I don’t like to spend the extra time shaving every other day or so.”

“Well, you certainly don’t need to shave while you’re here.”

Kim clasped her hands over her head. I watched as she turned back and forth and looked at her reflection. “I’ve never thought about being a Natural Woman.”

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