Swing Man Ch. 04-06

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Chapter Four

Jonas looked at his bedside clock. 12:13 A.M.

Damn, just clear your mind…try to think of nothing, he told himself. But he couldn’t stop the events of the evening from randomly welling up.

Nikki coming on to him — Nikki’s leg and bottom — Nikki admitting to group sex, swinging like he was interested in doing — Nikki’s open legs…

Unbelievably, he felt himself starting to get hard.

In his mind, Nikki turned in her chair and pulled her nightshirt up to her belly, looked at him knowingly, “It’s all yours, Daddy.”

He began to get harder and he sat up in bed.

He hated himself for wanting to now go down the hall to his daughter’s room. It was so wrong. A man and his daughter.

You’re not talking molestation, you know…she is 20 and she wants it, he rationalized. And you could just do it once, try it…don’t have to make it a regular thing…hell, you’re the one that wanted to swing.

He thought again about his daughter. She was a cute young woman. Nice legs, cute bottom, filled out her blouses nicely; it wasn’t like she was a plain Jane. She had a lot to offer a man.

He got to his feet and went to his bedroom door. He unlocked it and went down the hall to his daughter’s door. He hesitated there, collecting himself to be able to project confidence when he went in.

He opened the door and went into her bedroom.

He could see that her bed was empty; there was almost a full moon outside and light from a window sort of spotlighted the bed. The bathroom was dark. The door to the back deck was open. He slowly walked over to the door and saw Nikki standing at the railing.

“Nikki?” he said softly, stepping out behind her. He saw her start but she kept standing the way she was. “What are you doing out here, baby?”

He moved right up behind her.

Nikki turned her head slightly around.

“If I said I was waiting for you, would that be the right answer?”

Jonas put his hands on her shoulders and began massaging them. She tilted her head to the right and rubbed her cheek on the top of his kneading hand, then rubbed her face on it.

Her left hand reached up and grabbed the fingers of his left hand, pulling his hand over her shoulder and then bending his arm out to warp around her, her hand directing his palm onto her T-shirt, right over her incredible soft tit. As he squeezed a handful of her young teat, he leaned over her, bringing his face against hers after she took her cheek off his hand.

“Nikki,” he whispered and began kissing her ear, his right hand swooping down her front to collect her other tit through the nightshirt.

Jonas felt her T-shirt covered ass grind back at his naked crotch and her hands reached back to feel his legs, grip his thighs and pull him against her slender derriere.

“Yessss, Daddy, yes,” Nikki encouraged him and he slid his left hand down across her belly, down between her legs, the T-shirt in the way, his hand found the bottom lip of the fabric and his fingers reached under and up.

Both of them sucked in their breath when his fingers snaked into her silky snatch and played over her neat cuntal folds. Her crotch went forward into his fingers and her right hand reached between their bodies, his daughter’s hand felt for and grabbed his awakening member. He leaned his upper body back, his right hand going back to her shoulder as she wantonly stroked his dick, her palm hot and soft as she worked him to near erection in about twenty seconds.

Jonas hurriedly brought his right hand down and pushed her nightshirt up to mid-back, exposing her white, heart-shaped ass to him and the overhead moon. Her waist just seemed to gradually grow outward to become her ass; there was no flaring of the hips as he was used to with other mature women. As he watched, she pushed her butt back at him and into the spongy head of his erection. Her asscheeks felt like cotton candy, all warm and pliant.

His fingers told him she was as ready as he. He slid his left hand away from her dewy slit, brought it around to grip her waist on that side as his right did the same on the other. He pulled her back and pushed down on her torso at the same time.

She knew what he wanted – her left hand reached forward to grip the railing and steady herself as she lowered her shoulders. Her compact ass rose up like the other end of a seesaw. Her right hand released his rigid rod and it joined her other hand on the railing.

Jonas moved his right hand back over her elevated bottom, caressing it briefly before moving his hand up between her splayed thighs, filling his palm with the hairy mound of her pussy.

“MmmmmmoooooOOOOOOOOH!” Nikki gasp as he worked two of his fingers into her wet cunt. She was more than ready; his fingers came away soaked.

“Nikki…hold it right there, baby,” he directed as his right hand fisted the base of his cock and he moved closer to his baby’s upthrust ass and waiting pussy. He poked right between the escort ataşehir area where her ass faded into her legs and hit resisting tissue.

“Lower!” Nikki groaned and her ass moved a little higher as he dipped his knees slightly. His probing cocktip found the target and he pushed into her fur-rimmed portal. “OOOOOHH, MMMMMMM!”

“Aaahh…it’s in!.. keep your ass up, baby.. that’s it,” Jonas swung his right hand back to her waist and pushed deeper. Nikki’s young pussy expanded to accommodate him, opening like a wet flower around his man-sized pistil.

“Oh, God…this is just what I wanted,” Nikki panted, her voice barely reaching him over the crash of the surf, “Keep going…aaahhhyeaahh!”

Jonas leaned his weight on her waist, arching her back more as he leaned over her and worked more dick in his daughter. She was tight and tender and juicy…and then she was full. Her tight belly housed about six inches of his hardness.

“God, I love it, Nikki… you feel so hot, baby.” He held himself inside her to allow her to adjust further. He looked down between their bodies but he could not see his dick as it entered her; the moonlight was at the wrong angle.

Unable to wait any longer, he slowly pulled three inches of cock out of his daughter and then, just as slowly, pushed it back in. Nikki turned her face to lay on the railing and she hunched her ass at him.

“Fuck me,” Nikki urged him. “God, I want it…do it, please!”

Jonas did not deny his daughter – he began screwing her, slowly at first and then harder at her request.

It was such a power trip — doing it right out in the open night. There were three vacant lots on that side of the beach house, so no neighbors would see. There was the off chance that someone might be walking down on the beach but the sound of the surf would cover Nikki’s moans.

And she was moaning to beat the band as he fucked between the spread flaps of her eager beaver.


Jonas let his hands move back and grip her jiggling ass cheeks. They felt like pillows of baby fat, smooth and yielding. His fingers kneaded them, pushed them together and pulled them apart, as the dark outline of his flashing manhood speared into her girlish gash just beneath. He also saw the dark pucker of her asshole and wondered if anyone had fingered it…licked it.. dicked it!

Jonas felt the tightening in his nuts. It wouldn’t be long before he’d have to make a decision – whether to come in her or pull out. He had no idea if Nikki was on the Pill or used a diaphragm. That was women stuff that her mother had taken care of. He’d warn her…give her plenty of time to think about what he was going to do.

He changed the motion of his thrusts to prolong his time. He pulled his dick almost all the way out, slowly, and then thrust hard back into her.

“OOOooooow!” Nikki gasp.

He repeated the process, driving her up on her toes.

“SSSSssssshhhhhhh!” his daughter sucked in her breath at the shocking force. Her little sex sounds were like music to his ears.

He pulled his length back out to do it again. She started to come a second before he drove back into her. His dick shot back into a pussy gone wild.

“AAAAAAAAGGGGGGG!!” Nikki literally screamed as her cunt clamped down on his thick organ. Feeling her get off was the pinnacle of all his sexual experiences to that point – it rivaled even his first time.

Her knees either gave out or she lowered them on purpose to get away from the hot spike in her chaotic cunt, groaning as her innards continued exploding. Jonas looped his hands under her stomach and lifted her back up, pushing her forward until the front of her legs met the railing and her torso hung out into space.

“OOHHHDAAAADDDDD!” she cried, frightened that he was going to throw her over the railing in their ardor and because of the toe-curling orgasm he had caused.

“I GOT YOU!.. keep coming, baby…that’s it…let it go, ah, yesss!”

Jonas kept giving her wet hole little rabbit punches as she came down from her orgasm. He’d gotten his second wind now; the stirrings in his nuts had subsided as he watched over his delirious daughter, nursed her through her ethereal journey.

I’m going to make her come again and again – then she’ll be hooked. She’ll welcome me into her bed always if I blow her mind tonight!

When she became still, he pulled her back from the edge and pulled out of her heavenly pussy. He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her soft body against his and rocked her, his hard-on pressing into her nightshirt.

“That was incredible,” Nikki sighed. “Just incredible, Dad.”

“Thanks for seducing me,” Jonas said. Nikki chuckled at that. “I thought you were crazy, Nikki…but you knew what you were talking about.”

“I just knew we were alike. But I really didn’t think you would visit me tonight…I thought I’d have to work on you longer.”

“You sound like you were kadıköy escort bayan pretty sure of yourself,” Jonas said, his right hand reaching up to smooth back her hair.

“I would have got you eventually. You’re no saint.”

“No, I’m far from that.”

“Hmmmmm…and I’m so glad. Saints are so boring! I can feel that you’re not done…let’s go inside.” Nikki led the way back through the open French door into her dimly lit bedroom.

Nikki walked to the nearest nightstand by the bed and turned the knob at the base of the lamp. Both lamps on either nightstand came on, bathing her bed with a warm yellow light.

Actually, it wasn’t really ‘her’ bed; the bedroom they were in was the guest room usually and the decor, white lacquered bed suite and dressers, matched that of her parent’s bedroom, with the exception that the bed was a queen size.

If Mother knew what we were going to do in the room she decorated… Nikki smiled at the turn of events in their family – Mother had thrown Dad away and she had scooped him up.

She turned and looked at her father. He was standing a few feet away and her eyes appraised his body up close. She had never slept with anyone near his age and she was impressed by the mature, solid look of his body. His erection was drooping but she’d take care of that.

It occurred to her that turning on the lights may have been a mistake. Now they were in the light, away from the make-believe world of the dark deck and the ocean’s surf. It was a reality check.

Take the initiative, Nikki.

She crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the hem of her nightshirt and pulled it up and over her head. She slowly dropped it at her feet, watching her father’s eyes feast on her nude body.

First, they lingered on her tits; wide-spread, sloping, apple-sized beauties with half-dollar sized aureole and small stiff nipples.

Then, they moved down her flat stomach; Nikki never worked out but her stomach had a slight washboard look to it and she sucked it in a little more to accentuate the illusion.

Finally, her father’s eyes went down to the matted mons of her womanhood; a dark tangle of semi-transparent pubes.

“You’re beautiful, Nikki,” her father said as she walked up to him and slid her arms around his waist. His hands moved around to hold her upper back as she looked up at him lovingly. She felt so safe on his arms.

She dropped her head and began kissing his hairy chest, moving her mouth around, running her tongue onto each of his nipples in turn.

“MMmmmmm, that feels good,” her father said softly, his hands running up under her hair to hold her neck and the back of her head. Nikki began sucking on his nipples, knowing that it felt good whether you were a man or a woman. She ground her belly against his cock, pressing the drooping member downward. It flexed with life, wanting to stand up straight and tall again.

Her father’s hands moved to the sides of her face and pushed her head backward, pulling her lips from his left nipple. Fingers in her hair pulled her head back and his mouth came down on hers in more than a fatherly kiss. It felt so strange to be kissing her own father but she let him drive his tongue into her mouth, sucked and nipped at it like she would do for any other of her lovers.

‘I shouldn’t have doubted him…he’s not having any second thoughts,’ Nikki realized. ‘He wants to fuck me again in the worst way.’

Her right hand slid between them and swung his hefty, near-erect cock outward and then up, thrilling at the way it immediately pulsed to rock-hard status.

Her father broke their kiss and began walking her backward toward the bed.

“You’re killing me, baby,” he grunted as she jerked on his prick, “Sit down on the bed.”

Nikki did as he ordered, letting go of his erection. He remained standing looking down at her for a second.

‘He’s going to ask me to suck his dick!’ Nikki thought as her eyes dropped down to his tumescent manhood, hovering just a foot away from her face. She’d do it for him willingly — sucking cock always turned her on and there would be the added thrill of incest.

But he had other ideas. Instead, he dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed her thighs open. Salaciously, Nikki dropped back on her elbows to further expose the underside of her crotch to her excited parent. His strong hands gripped her hips above her legs and pulled her lap to the edge of the bed. Nikki knew what was coming.

“Want a taste, Dad?” she asked shamefully.

“Yeah, I want to suck on my baby’s pussy!” he said and then almost immediately make a chuckling noise. “That sounds terrible, doesn’t it?”

“God, no! I want to do everything with you,” Nikki promised. “Please lick me…eat me.”

Nikki saw any doubts of his fly away and her father lowered his face in her lap. She watched him press his lips in the triangular patch of her pubic hair above her pussy. He left it there for several seconds escort bostancı and she could feel him breathing strongly through his nose, savoring the moment. Then, he moved his lips down to the puffy folds at the top of her wrinkled cleft and kissed them.

Pulling his mouth off her, he ran his hands down in her lap and used his thumbs to peel back the covering of her clit. Nikki licked her lips in anticipation as he blew air across the pea-sized prominence. His tongue flicked out and lapped at the sensitive bundle, slowly at first, and then in rapid fashion.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Nikki murmured. “MmmmmmHhhhhmmmmm!”

Spreading her legs for her father’s tongue had her juiced again to the max…it was better than spreading them for Tori’s tongue…anyone’s tongue! This man had raised her and now he was licking her!

Her father squashed his mouth on the pink lining surrounding her erect clitoris and he sucked on it, sending shivers through Nikki’s nervous system.

“OOoooooooMMmmmhhhhhmmm!” she yelped and he looked up into her eyes. Remaining on her elbows so she could watch, Nikki raised her hands from the bed to squeeze her tits, pushing them to the center of her chest to show her father how they moved all around.

Dad kept up his attack on her pussy and she wiggled her furry furrow on his lips, incestuous lust coursing through both of them. His lips left her ravaged clitty and moved lower, his tongue sliding down her slit like a letter opener, right down to the entrance of her pussy.

“Oh, Daddy…uuuhhhhhh…right there…UUUHHHHHHhhHHH!” Nikki whimpered as he sent his stiffened tongue into her pussyhole as deep as he could work it. Her legs tried to snap closed at the forbidden act but her father’s hands pushed them back wide as he began tongue-fucking her.

“THAT’SIT…MMMMMMMHHHMMMMM…OOOOHHHHH!” Nikki threw her right hand on top of her father’s head and humped her cunt on his tongue…once…twice…and then her loins exploded, “GGGGAAAA!!!”

Her other hand grabbed his head and she fell back on the bed, throwing her crescending crotch at his slurping mouth. From a faraway place, she felt him sucking and sucking on her oily discharge like wine.

Minutes later, she was calmed down, holding her father’s head as he kissed her belly. Nikki brought her head off the bed and looked down her reclining body to watch his mouth explore more of her body.

God, he turns me on! Nikki declared to herself as her father planted another soft kiss on her bellybutton and then tried to work his tongue into that as well.

“Dad, I think I love you,” Nikki cooed at the ticklish feeling.

He stopped his oral ministrations and looked up her sexy body as he slid his hands slowly up her sides.

“You don’t love me…not like that…” His hands collected her fanned breasts and massaged them, “…you’ll meet some guy in a few years and get married…” His hands went into her armpits and began pushing her back on the bed as he raised up, “…like any other ordinary girl…” He moved on the bed with her, over her as she instinctively spread her legs for him, his weight coming down on her, “…but until then..” he whispered in her ear as she felt the spongy head of his prick bump against the thin area of skin between her pussy and asshole, “…you’re all mine.”

Nikki gasp as he found her saliva-slick notch and he filled her again with his hard cock. Her pussy trembled around his sinking member after the two strong orgasms she’d already had. She threw her arms around his neck as he began to screw her hard.

“Yeesssss…mmmhhhhmmm…OH…OH.. UHHH!…uuuhh…oooh… OOOH…uuhhhh…nnnnngg…OHDAD…sssss…hhhssss…OOH!”

* * * * *

I love Nikki’s young, tight pussy! Jonas wanted to shout so loud that the neighbors would hear. He’d never enjoyed fucking any woman as much as he was his own daughter; she was the one woman he would never grow tired of sexually — the tabooness would always be exciting.

Her sleek body felt so good under him as he jammed his hands under her ass, transferring most of his weight into his shoulders, the extra heaviness pinning her to the bed. With handfuls of her sexy ass, he changed his thrusts by moving his hips in circles like a Ferris wheel. He pumped into her going downward and then lifted her whole crotch with the upward roll of his hips. Nikki seemed to love that.

“Oooohh.. you’re fucking..me so good!…OHH…OOHHH…UUUHHH!!” she panted with each thrust. Nikki was a very vocal lover and it just lit the fire under him.

Coming’s going to be so good, he thought giddily. Then he remembered that he didn’t know if it would be safe. His lust had almost consumed him.

He sunk his erection in her and raised himself up on his arms. Nikki’s hands remained around his neck as they looked at each other.

“Baby, what kind of birth control do you use?” he asked, sincerely not knowing.

“I’m on the Pill, of course,” Nikki replied, rubbing his neck.

“Great!” he replied, unable to keep the excitement out of his voice.

“Yeah, Dad…you can come in me!” Nikki said hotly “Is that what you wanted to know?…Well, it’s all right…you can shoot it way up inside me!” Jonas’s dick throbbed at Nikki’s lewd invitation.

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