Swordfight: Steel vs. Gohn

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A swordfight (cock vs cock) between two guys. Gohn, a white guy with a cock that’s 6.8 x 5.3 soft and 8.3 x 5.9 hard. Against him is myself, Steel, a black guy with a cock that’s 5.2 x 4.6 soft and 7.4 x 5.8 hard.

The ‘match’ is in three rounds. Five minutes of ‘soft vs soft’, a one minute warm up for the second round of ‘hard vs hard’, and a final one minute intermission before the ten minute finale, ending in either a knock out or decision.


Confidently I enter the ring to face my next opponent Gohn. As the card girl parades through, her pert tits bouncing with each step I give a grin remembering the exquisite blowjobs she’d given me as reward for my former victories and I can feel my flaccid cock stir beneath my boxers. Looking forward to going another round with her, I quickly strip as soon as the bell rings. However, as opposed to my previous opponents, Gohn is no small fry, his softy out-sizing mine by over an inch.

Despite being the underdog, my confidence remains intact, and as we meet mid-ring to start the round, I immediately step up to Gohn to shove my softy into his. My opponent winces as I grind my darker dick into his ivory escort kartal member, but girding his loins, returns the favor with interest.

A bit taken back, I hesitate for a split second at finally facing an evenly matched opponent. However, in this slight delay I give Gohn the opportunity to take the advantage. Forced to take the defensive, I muster up as much testicular fortitude as I can to keep myself viable. The battle goes back and forth but by the end of the round, I’m clearly worse for the wear than my opponent.

During the minute break between rounds, I watch as the card-girl, now topless, flaunts her lithe body as she makes her circuit around the ring. Enthused, I rapidly jerk myself up to full size, my erection powerfully pulsing as a testament to my virility and whilst Gohn likewise has expanded his size, his lead has decreased.

Meeting mid-ring once again, I immediately take to the offensive, forcefully shoving my erection into Gohn’s. Taken back for a second, Gohn immediately steps forward, rising to my challenge, only to find my rock-hard cock waiting for him.

Swinging back and forth, I slam my cock into his, hitting maltepe escort him left and right, but even against my most relentless battering, Gohn remains rigid… However, my endless assault is clearly taking its toll on his cock. Eventually, the second round ends, again without result, but it’s clear that come the third and final round, it could be anyone’s match.

During the one minute break, while Gohn backs up to his corner to recuperate his erection, I remain mid-ring eyeing the now nude card-girls curves as she makes her circuit. Any loss in rigidity from the round prior is immediately rectified as my cock powers back up to full size sans any hands-on inspiration.

As the third round commences, Gohn stepping back into the center, I immediately shove my crotch into his and his into mine. We both wince, but neither backs off, our cocks vying for absolute supremacy. As opposed to the back and forth battering of last round, this time it’s a heated grind to the bitter end.

I can feel my cock growing red-hot at the friction generated between shaft-to-shaft grind, but refused to relent, flexing my dick as if to overcome the irritation. pendik escort bayan Gohn likewise seems to be feeling the heat, but as opposed to upping the ante, strives to keep his cool.

This proves to be his undoing, as my flexing spurs my erection to grow even more engorged, whereas Gohn’s dick is beginning to waver. There’s a brief break in our shaft battle, both of us breathing heavily, but at some unspoken signal, we slam our dicks into one another once more. There’s still an inch-long advantage of Gohn’s cock over mine, but as were press our erections into one another’s I can feel my member steadily muscling his back until it’s pinned against his abs. Victory in sight, I up the intensity of my grind.

Slowly but surely, Gohn’s erection begins to lose rigidity, not yet shrinking, but definitely softening, his cock-head lies atop mine as if a beaten boxer going for a cinch. It’s not enough to stop my onslaught, but it does slow my momentum just enough for the round to get called.

As we break, there’s now a clear difference between our cocks. Though still sizable, Gohn’s cock hangs at half-mast whereas mine seems stiffer than when we started. Despite his protests to the contrary, Gohn is deemed unfit to continue. My rigidity and stamina trumping his size, I raise my arms in triumph, retreating to my corner to lean back on the turnbuckle as the card-girl kneels in front of me to give me my reward.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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