Tabitha, the Naughty Nurse

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As 18-year-old Aaron Sandmurst waited in the school nurse’s office, sitting in his chair with nothing to do but wonder why she had called him over there. Fireside High School’s baseball game was one hour away and he had to get ready, which meant that he cannot afford to be late today. However, the school nurse’s assistant gave him a note saying that the principal told him to report to the nurse’s office, leaving him curious as to why.

“Man, these check ups are so fucking boring,” bemoaned Aaron as he waited, “I hope that this is quick.”

Then, the door to his room opened and in walked Tabitha Carson, the redheaded school nurse, or Nurse Tabby to her patients. Nurse Carson was a very sexy woman with a hot body that was hidden under her uniform. As far as he heard from anyone that paid her a visit to her office, she was amazingly stunning for a 28-year-old woman. Of course, he wouldn’t know, since he had never been there until now. But now, here he is, in the presence of this beautiful woman.

“Hello there, Mr. Sandmurst,” smiled the nurse.

“Hello, Nurse Carson.” said Aaron as he sat up.

“I see that you got my message,” said the nurse.

“I did,” said Aaron.

“It’s nice to see you before the game.” said Tabitha.

“Is there any reason why you called me over here?” asked Aaron.

“Actually, yes. I’d like to give you a checkup,” said Tabitha.

“I’m not sure that I need a checkup,” said Aaron, “My arms and legs aren’t broken, my ankles aren’t twisted…”

“Actually, Aaron, that’s not what I had in mind,” Nurse Carson said, interrupting him.

“Pardon me?” said Aaron.

“Your checkup has much to do with one of your special talents. In fact, I’ve heard that yesterday, you’ve put that talent in action.”

“You mean running?”

Nurse Carson giggled and with a seductive smile, she said, “Not exactly.” Then she gave him a very sexy kiss which caused him to blush.

“Nurse Carson,” said Aaron, “What are you doing?”

“Why, I believe that I’m giving you my special treatment.”

“Nurse, I don’t think you should do that!” said Aaron.

Tabitha said, “Oh, come on, Aaron. Just relax and I’ll give you my word as school nurse that you’ll like it more than you liked humping that gymnast yesterday. Beside, I could use a little downtime. You would do me a favor by helping me out.”

“Well, in that case,” chuckled Aaron, “go right on ahead and be my guest, Nurse Carson.”

“Gladly,” purred Tabitha, “but please, call me Nurse Tabby. All the people that come to me do.”

“Okay then, Nurse Tabby,” said Aaron. Then he asked, “So, how exactly can I help you out, nurse? And what kind of special treatment are you going to give me?”

With a sultry purr, she answered, “To answer your second question, the sexual kind. Of course, this involves the answer to your first question…a escort kartal nice, messy cum injection.” Then she unbuttoned her white nurse uniform and exposed her lingerie covered body before her. The sight of a 28-year-old nurse with C cup breasts, a trim waist, and shapely hips was a sight that caused him to drool, especially since he’s seeing her wearing only a white bra and panties. Aaron even found it hard for him to believe that she was a married mother of two children. With a sexy giggle, the nurse said, “Well, it looks like you’re ready for me,” when she saw the telltale bulge in his pants.

“It certainly does, Nurse Tabby,”

“Good, because so am I,” the nurse said. Tabitha quickly removed his pants and then his underwear, revealing his big, erect cock before her lusty eyes. After that, she briefly stroked his dick with her hands before she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. She then took his cock into her mouth and Aaron groaned at her actions. Gently gripping her head, Aaron watched and moaned in delight as the nurse deepthroated him and gave him an excellent blowjob. While she sucked his rod, one of Tabitha’s hands fondled his balls. As Tabitha sped up her blowjob, Aaron’s climax reached its peak and he moaned her name as he came into her mouth with a loud grunt, letting her swallow his cum almost completely.

“Mmmmmm,” the nurse said, tasting Aaron’s manjuices with his cock still in her mouth.

When he pulled out of Tabitha’s mouth, the nurse said, “Thanks for taking care of my oral cavity. Now, it’s time to care for my other hole.”

After she said that, Tabitha took off her bra and panties, turned around to reveal her shapely ass, and got down on her hands and knees while she made a come hither sign with one of her hands. Getting the message, Aaron got up off his bed, spread her ass cheeks to reveal her cunt and asshole, and slid his fingers into both her pussy and her anus. Tabitha gasped at this sexual intrusion as he began to finger fuck the nurse.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, “Keep going! Your fingers feel so good inside me!” Obliging the nurse, Aaron continued with his business. After half a minute of slowly pumping his fingers in and out of Tabitha’s pussy, he increased the pace of his fingering and pumped his fingers in and out of her cunt, faster and harder. This caused her to gasp, moan, and groan louder and faster. After a few minutes of fingering her, Aaron took his fingers out of the nurse’s pussy, and brought his mouth to her cunt, after which he started to lick her pussy.

“Aaahhh,” gasped Nurse Tabitha, as she felt his tongue on her cunt. Aaron licked at the nurse’s pussy lustfully and feverishly, enjoying the taste of her cunt as he did so. Tabitha said between the moans that came out of her mouth, “Aaron, what you’re doing to me is so amazing! Your tongue feels so good inside maltepe escort me!” This egged him on to eat her out faster, which in turn caused her to use one of her hands to fondle her tits while she held herself up with her other hand.

After a few minutes of licking and tasting her sweetness, Aaron’s tongue found the nurse’s clitoris and gave it a big lick. This action had the effect of causing Tabitha to cum, emitting a loud moan as his tongue lapped up the sweet juices that exploded out of her cunt. After that, he wiped up the cum that dripped out of her pussy with his fingers and licked her juices off of them.

Breathing softly, the nurse said, “Aaron, I’m ready for you to fuck me now.” With that, he quickly mounted her from behind, teasing her newly wet pussy with the head of his cock for a few moments until Tabitha said, “Damn it, Aaron, what are you waiting for? My pussy’s right here and it’s wet and horny! Quit waiting and fuck me now!”

Encouraged by the horny nurse, Aaron rammed his cock into her squishy snatch, causing her to shout loudly as she felt him inside her. “Oh my God!” Tabitha exclaimed as he started humping her from behind at a nice and steady pace, “Your cock feels terrific! Now fuck me! Fuck me good!” While Aaron was pumping into the nurse, he leaned forward to fondle her breasts and tease her nipples with one of his hands, earning a huge gasp from her. He used his other hand to smack the nurse’s butt, causing her to yelp loudly. Soon, Aaron gripped her hips with both of his hands and thrusted into her faster and Nurse Tabitha loved it, a fact which was made evident by the fact that her return thrusts increased speed as well.

“Oh, that feels so good! My husband never did me doggie-style!” shouted Tabitha.

“You like it from behind?” said Aaron as he fucked in and out of her.

“Hell no! I love it!” moaned Tabitha.

“Damn, you’re naughty,” said Aaron.

“Oh, keep going,” grunted Tabby,

“You’re really naughty to love being humped from behind, aren’t you, Tabby?”

“Oh, Aaron, keep going! Your dirty talk is getting me all fucking hot! Keep going!”

Aaron then got into it and said, “You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you? You love to be fucked from behind, don’t you? You love to be assfucked like a whore, don’t you, you little nurse slut?”

“Oh god! Give me more! Fuck me hard! Fuck me fast! Fuck my brains out!”

Aaron obliged Nurse Tabitha by increasing the speed of his thrusts and humping Nurse Tabitha harder. As a result, her breasts jiggled with every thrust, her moans escalated in intensity, and her cunt was raw from the steady pistoning of Aaron’s rod. Due to his efforts, Aaron’s climax rose gradually.

“Oh fuck!” moaned Tabitha, “Faster! Harder! Deeper! Please, Aaron! Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop!”

Encouraged by the nurse, Aaron quickened pendik escort bayan his pace and fucked the nurse fast and hard, causing Tabitha to yelp, pant, and moan more intensely in lustful pleasure, screaming out various obscenities as she did so. Each and every thrust he made was accompanied by a grunt of lust from him. After a few minutes, Aaron’s movements grew more erratic, as did Tabitha’s. This was a sure sign that they were both approaching their limits.

Aaron groaned, “Aah! Nurse Tabby! Your pussy feels so good! “

The nurse moaned, “Oh, Aaron! Your dick is so wonderful inside my cunt!”

As Aaron kept pumping into her, Tabitha said, “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum too! I am gonna fucking pop!” grunted Aaron.

“Oh! Cum in me with your cock! Cum in me!”

Aaron then let go of all his restraint and aggressively fucked the nurse really fast and very hard, causing the nurse to shake with the force of his thrusts. Both were sweating with their passionate sex as they got increasingly close to climaxing. Finally, Aaron’s thrusting pushed Tabitha over the edge.

Tabitha shut her eyes and screamed as her body exploded in a big orgasm. As she shook violently and came on his cock, her pussy spasmed so hard that with one last thrust, he erupted into his own climax, letting out a loud growl as he came in her pussy, shooting a big stream of cum into her womb. Several pussy-filling squirts of cum later, Tabitha slid forward until her body was prone on the floor, and his softening cock popped out of her pussy as she fell. However, Aaron collapsed beside her, exhausted from the experience.

“Omigod,” panted Tabitha as she caught her breath and rolled over from her stomach to her back, “That was amazing!”

As Aaron also caught his breath and slowly got to his feet, with his he huffed, “Wow! Thanks, Nurse Tabby. That was one hell of a checkup. But I don’t know why the principal wanted me to fuck you.”

“Actually, the principal didn’t. I did. I sent that fake note form the principal to you because I’ve been wanting to have a turn with you for a long time. Now that I’ve had my fun, I want to thank you, stud,” confessed the nurse, “You’ve made my break very memorable!” As she spoke, she rubbed her leaking pussy.

“It was my pleasure,” responded Aaron.

“Oh, by the way, Aaron, shouldn’t you be getting ready for that game today?” Tabitha said to Aaron.

“Oh, crap!” shouted Aaron as realization dawned on him, “The baseball game! I’ve gotta go or else I’m going to be late!”

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” said Tabitha as Aaron looked for his pants and his underwear. When he found his underwear and pants and started to put them on, he took a quick glance at the nurse as she put on her bra and panties, her juices instantly soaking the latter.

With a giggle, Tabitha said, “Aaron, I hope that you can come to my office after the baseball game. I’m in serious need of an anal injection and I hope that you can give it to me.”

“I’ll be there, Nurse Tabby,” said Aaron, “and I’d be more than happy to oblige your request.”

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