Taboo Times

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The water felt cold as it ran all over my body. Maybe it was the excitement I was feeling watching my sister in law swim around me. She was laughing at me and swimming away in fear after splashing me. I settled in to the water and let it rise up to my neck as I watched her closely.

When she reached the air mattress she turned her back to me and jumped partially up on top. She dipped lower than normal as she jumped and the water caught the top of her obviously loosened bikini bottoms. They slid quickly down, showing off her soft, round, full ass. Her ass crack was in full view. She continued to pull herself onto the raft with little regard to her bottoms. I saw her peak back at me to ensure that I got an eyeful.

Once on top she lay on her stomach and pulled them back up. She must have spent a good two minutes fiddling with them. They were still obviously not tied properly as they created a large bubble in the material that matched the one in my shorts. She twisted away from me to answer a call of her name, while I twisted away into a recollection of our past together.

I remembered the times she sat on my lap and peeked up my house coat. What great memories they were. One of my best memories jumped back into my head and made me think about how much I would love a repeat of that memory. One afternoon while the two of us were alone in the house together we decided to play fight. This was an ongoing occurrence with us so no one thought anything was wrong. Boy, were they wrong.

She had come out of her room right after her mother left for work, clad in a tight tee shirt and white tight shorts. She was not wearing a bra and this was plain to see as her dark nipples were easy to see dancing under the material. She was getting more and more daring as the time of our encounters went on. She asked if we were going to watch TV in my apartment. How could I resist.

When we got down stairs we got into our usual position, me on the chair, her on the floor at my feet. Her legs were spread open just enough to let me see her camel toe. Her shorts were hiked up so high that the lips of her freshly shaved pussy were being forced apart.

I put my feet down near her legs and started rubbing my toes along the inside of her thigh. She turned to me and gave me a big smile. She wiggled her body back towards me, forcing my foot closer to her aching pussy. She didn’t pendik escort pick up her body as she slid towards me. She forced her shorts, those soft thin white shorts, to ride up her ass as well.

As I looked closely at the material feasting in her ass I could see that she was totally commando, no undies at all. I kept on rubbing her legs as far as I cold reach without lunging at her. I wanted her to be the aggressor in these encounters. That way I didn’t go too far. After about a half hour of rubbing against her legs she made her big move.

My foot was low on her leg when she quickly slid backwards forcing my toes into her barely masked pussy. She gasped a little as she did this, but she still didn’t move to prevent it. I wiggled my toes and they easily flicked on her clit. She put her face into the carpet and held it there for several minutes as I gently wiggled over the outside of her pussy. She picked up her head and turned to me to watch my toes work her over. Her face turned red and flushed as she watched.

I was hard and was having trouble preventing myself from grabbing my cock and pulling it out. It was obvious to see that my erection was enjoying the sensations my toes were creating.

As she looked me in the eye I glanced down at my erection to lead her attention to it. She was more than willing to oblige. My cock was hard enough that it had pulled up my pant leg to allow her to see at least my rapidly shrinking balls. She smiled and licked her lips in her hunger to taste my cock in between both sets of flush pink lips. She paused for a moment to move her shorts for the first time since she lay down on the floor.

She pulled them down at the waist about 5 inches or so. She readjusted the pant legs to allow them to be pushed up more. I didn’t move my foot an inch. She took a peek and moved back down onto my toes. But this time she didn’t stop when I was just touching her clit. She wiggled as she moved and forced my big toe to push the material of her shorts up inside her obviously wet pussy. As I allowed her to have this minor point of entry, I tried to wiggle my toes again. My little toes were just the right fit. They danced along her clit and massaged it gently. With this new approach she quickly dropped her head to the floor and into her arms.

I watched as her back as it rose and sunk, faster and faster. Her breathing was getting ragged escort pendik and short. My breath matched hers. I couldn’t help it anymore. I grabbed my cock through my shorts and started jerking at the shaft.

I could feel her wetness all over my toes. It leaked out and down her now thoroughly soaked and see-through shorts. The hair around her pussy had been shaved clean. The voluptuous puffy lips hungrily devoured my toes. It was all I could do not to reach down and play with her dark little rosebud. She shuddered once and forced my toes even further inside her. Riding my toes like a cock untamed. She shuddered twice and her hand went under her chest. I could only assume that she was twisting her nipples. The wetness of her pussy was running down my foot. The third time she grunted out load a primal groan of ecstasy as she pushed down so hard my toes hurt. She quivered and stopped.

I was out of my mind, rubbing myself through my pants wasn’t nearly enough. There was little I could do short of pulling it out and jerking myself off right there. I was at a loss for a solution. I was still rubbing my cock and breathing deeply when she grabbed the phone and started to dial it. I panicked to think who she would be calling. When she asked for her sister I jumped on top of her to grab the phone.

We wrestled for the phone, but my strength was sapped because I was so horny and needed to cum really bad. She held it over her head to keep it away from me. I slid up her fit, tight body and stretched for the phone.

Several times my raging hard on banged roughly into her pussy. At first she giggled, but quickly it changed to a face of passion. She slid one arm around me as her eyes rolled into her head. I stretched and stretched to reach the phone unaware of her enjoyment. In a moment of panic I lunged for the phone and she let out a quick sharp groan. I looked down to see her face contorted and rapidly turning red.

Kind of confused I continued to push into her.

She wasn’t over eager to keep the phone away from me anymore and I played along as I could now hear the phone buzz with a busy signal. I pushed and pushed as I enjoyed this pseudo fucking that we were doing. My cock escaped the bounds of my underwear as I pumped away. I could feel the shorts grinding into my cock. It hurt but I didn’t care. All I wanted right now was to cum and to cum hard.

I didn’t pendik escort bayan have to wait long as I felt her hand slide down my back and grab my ass. The phone dropped to the floor as she used both hands to jam my raging manhood into her clit again and again, fast as I could. She leaned into my neck and bit my ear. I turned to her to feel her breath on my neck.

She grunted and groaned and puffed her hot breath into my ear. I returned the grunts and I ground myself deeply into her crotch. Suddenly she dug her nails into my ass as her orgasm over took her and she let me hear every guttural sound she could make.

We ground our selves together several more times as we both finished our orgasms. I felt my shot; hot and sticky rapidly fill the area around my cock and balls. I continued to push to ensure every last drop was milked out of my cock. With this I collapsed on top of her. My face was resting on her chest and her hard nipple was in my cheek. She moved me off as she reached for her pussy. She slid her hand under the shorts and tweaked it some more.

As she lifted her shorts to remove her hand I could see that she was soaked on the top too. I looked down at my own pants to find that my shot had soaked its way though. She quickly jumped to her feet and ran up stairs. I was too tired to move.

As I lay on the floor catching my breath I heard the shower start. I thought she must be getting cleaned up and I should do the same, someone could be home soon. I headed off to the shower and stripped down. I realized I had to wait for her to finish or we both would get a cold one. She spent extra time in the shower making sure that we wouldn’t have to explain a pregnancy. As I used a towel to clean the cumshot I realized I was still hard and still horny.

With my sister in law gone I decided to take matters into my own hands. Standing naked in the bathroom with the door still open, I jerked myself off and came again. It wasn’t anywhere as good as the first one that day, but I still enjoyed it. The shower went off upstairs and I started mine up.

I rolled over in my mind and dunked my face into the water. The colder air caressed my face. I looked up to see my sister in law laying on the air mattress with the gap in her bathing suit nothing more than a taunt veil over her delicate pussy. She hung herself off of the mattress just enough to entice me to swim over to her and take a taste. I would love to eat that pussy that has taunted me so many times. Now was not the time. Her mother was standing on the deck and was staring at me as I floated along enjoying my euphoria.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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