Take that Cell Phone and…

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Author’s Note: This story contains incestuous, non-consensual, and anal sex themes.


I’ll admit it I was excited to see my baby sister back from college. She’d been gone for her first year to a school halfway across the country from where my parents lived which meant she was just as far from me.

Don’t get the wrong idea I don’t still live with my parents. Such a thing would have driven me crazy in less time than it would take to pack my bags.

I lived within the same town as my parents which was bad enough but I felt if I left I’d be deserting them. I love my parents but they could drive a saint to alcoholism.

It is not just them; my entire family should be locked up in padded rooms. On any trip visiting family I have made it a policy to get a hotel room at least 30 minutes away to preserve my own sanity.

My sister had been in town for winter break but I had been out of town for business nearly her entire stay and I only saw her 5 minutes before she had to leave for the airport. I was looking forward to seeing her a bit more on this return home.

I got a call from her a day before she was supposed to be flying in.

“Hey bro, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, Lis what’s going on?” I asked, my sister’s name was Lisa, but we nearly always shortened it to Lis.

“I was wondering if you could pick me up at the airport?”

“Thought one of your friends was getting you?”

“Yeah well she bailed. Can you do it?”

“I’ll have to move something around but I think I can do it. Is that the only reason you are calling?” I teased.

“Well, uh actually…”

“What else do you want?” I asked, knowing my sister and knowing she always wanted something.

“Could I crash at your place this time?”


“You know mom and dad. They drove me nuts over winter break and that was only a couple weeks.”

“I guess I got a spare room and bed.”

“Thanks, Mike! I gotta run, see you tomorrow!”

I made the appropriate re-arrangements in my schedule and the next day I was driving to the airport. I got there a little early and then noticed on the arrivals screen that my sister’s flight was running behind.

I sat around for nearly an hour before her flight finally got in and not being a big fan of airports I knew my mood was getting sour. That all changed when I saw my sister running towards me with a big smile on her face.

“Mike! Thank god you are here!” My sister said as she jumped up wrapping her legs and arms around me to give me a squeeze.

My sister had done that same greeting ever since she was six and it had never really made me think anything of it until that day when several other guys gave me sly looks.

What every guy in that airport baggage claim area saw was a hot 19 year old girl who had shoulder length sandy blond hair with blonde highlights, long legs that led up to a tight round ass, she had flat abs, and pert breasts that nearly begged to be saluted, throw in her bright blue eyes and infectious smile you had a girl nearly any guy would bang. She was wearing a tight midriff revealing shirt and some skimpy gym shorts that I assumed were comfortable for a long flight.

Let me get things clear at this point, I had never really thought of my sister in that way, I had known that she was attractive and I had done my big brotherly job of scaring off a few select creeps who would have otherwise tried to take advantage of my innocent baby sister.

I knew that my sister had become quite the looker as she had grown up through high school. She was lean and athletically muscled, she had always been one of the top competitors in high school sports and she hadn’t let herself go in her first year at college.

“Hey, Lis, long flight?”

“Our departure was a little late, but then the flight was one of the bounciest I’ve been on. I thought we were going to get knocked out of the sky and die somewhere in some damn corn field in the middle of nowhere!”

“Sorry to hear that. Do we need to get your bags?”

“Oh yeah, shit. I think it’s that carousel over there.”

“Well since that is the one flashing your flight number…”

“Wise ass.” My sister said with a smirk.

We made our way over to the baggage carousel and I grabbed the two bags my sister pointed out then I dragged them out of the airport to where I had parked, while my sister chattered about her classes and other things she had done during the past semester.

I got her bags into the trunk of my car and then we both climbed in and we were on our way home. My earlier frustration of waiting for her flight to get in nearly completely forgotten, then her cell phone rang.

She answered it instantly and began chattering at that high speed and pitch that only high school and some college girls can possibly follow. The phone conversation lasted 15 minutes and I figured we’d resume our conversation but instead she immediately called someone else and began another several minutes long conversation.

I spent the entire 2-hour drive home not saying a thing while I could only catch pendik escort snatches of my sister’s side of a conversation she was having with one of her friends.

Perhaps I should state that cell phone courtesy is one of my pet peeves, and perhaps I was over-reacting. I felt as if I was nothing more than a freakin taxi driver or chauffer our something. I cannot stand it when someone conducts a cell phone conversation right next to you leaving you nothing to do but feel like you are an intruder to a conversation that you are not wanted in.

My temper was severely frazzled by the time I drove into my garage and turned off the engine. Then my sister promptly hung up, turned to me, and smiled a winning smile that had gotten her brother to forgive her for nearly any of her childish crimes.

“Sorry Mike, just everyone wanted to catch up immediately. Thanks for picking me up.”

“No problem.” I said squashing down my anger and frustration.

I got my sister’s bags out of the car and got them up to my spare bedroom, which was going to be her room for the next couple of months.

“I’ll let you get your things unpacked while I go start working on dinner.”

“Ooooo! What’s for dinner?”

“How’s fajita’s sound?”

“Your fajitas? That’s awesome!”

“Thought you might like that.” I said with a smile.

I began preparing dinner and about 20 minutes into it my phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked as I picked it up.

“Yeah is Lisa there?” A female voice asked.

“May I ask who’s calling?”

“It’s Mary.”

“Hold on.” I said

“Lis! Mary is on the phone.”

“Oh yeah? Coming.”

My sister came running down the stairs wearing just a bra and some boy short type panties and talking on her cell phone. She took the portable phone I held up with a smile and ran up the stairs carrying on two conversations.

I thought to myself that I hoped this wasn’t a sign of how her entire visit was going to be. Hopefully this was only for her first day or two as all her old friends figured out she was back in town.

I completed preparing dinner and as I was setting everything out on the table I called up to my sister that dinner was ready. She came down with both phones in her hands and fully dressed.

“I think the battery is dead on this.” Lis said holding up my portable.

“I’m surprised any phone has the stamina for you. My phone is used to 5 minute conversations before being hung back up.” I said grimly.

“Well then it needs the exercise.” My sister answered back with a smile.

“Well then…” I was cut off as her phone rang again and she picked it up.

“Yeah I can talk! Just dinner with my brother, what’s up Steve, what you been up to all year?”

I spent the rest of the dinner eating quietly staring at my plate and trying not to get angry.

Once my sister had finished what she wanted to eat she was back upstairs in her room, I went to my own room to turn in for the night, but had to watch some T.V. to try and forget my annoyance.

The pattern continued for three weeks with my hardly seeing my sister when she wasn’t talking on the phone and meanwhile was feeling like a I was landlord with a rent free renter, a maid, and a short order cook. In short, I felt used, especially since I was at work all day and then came home to pick-up whatever my sister left lying around the house and to cook whatever was for dinner.

I came home once again and found an empty salsa jar, empty bag of chips, and empty diet coke can all sitting on the coffee table in front of the T.V. in my living room. I had finally had enough and I called my sister down for a talk to discuss things.

“Lis!” I yelled up the stairs.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure thing brother.”

My sister started down with her cell phone in her hand. ” Lis, can you leave that damn thing upstairs for five minutes?” I pleaded.

My sister’s eyes registered shock, she had very rarely seen me lose my temper but I think she sensed I was nearly there and she quickly ran her phone up the stairs left it in her room and came back down.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I’m beginning to get really pissed at you little sister.” I stated.

“What? Why? What’d I do?”

“Look around you Lisa. Is this the way the room was this morning? No, it wasn’t, every single day since you’ve been here I’ve been playing the part of your housekeeper and I am getting tired of it.”

“Okay I’ll clean this up. No problem…”

“That’s not all sis, I’m feeling used. I mean you sleep here, but I’ve hardly seen you, I was kinda hoping we’d get to hang out some but you are never around unless you are on that phone.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry I guess I’ve been kinda ignoring you.” My sister responded with her head down.

“Look I don’t want to be like mom and dad and say you need to be here every night but… Look can’t you make an effort to hang out with me a couple nights out of the week?”

“Yeah I mean it doesn’t take an effort just I keep saying yes to what everyone wants to do I didn’t really escort pendik think…”

“Also, think perhaps you could handle dinner a couple nights out of the week. I don’t normally cook for myself this often. Work days I usually do take-out or something and this cooking every night…”

“Okay I think I get the point.”

“One other thing…”


“That damn phone, it is driving me nuts. Can you stick the thing on vibrate?”

“Sure thing.”

“And if I see that damn thing at dinner one more time I swear to god I’m going to lube it up and cram it right up you ass.”

“Shit brother!” Lis said with her eyes widening with shock since I had never talked to her like that.

“You hate phones or something.”

“Just one of my pet peeves, I can’t stand sitting there eating with someone else carrying on a phone conversation. I find it extremely rude and it is driving me nuts.”

“Okay, here’s the deal… I clean up after myself, I’ll even do some regular housework to make all this up to you. I’ll take care of dinner on nights that you work as long as you continue to whip up your dinners on the weekend, I think I’ll die if I have to give up your food cold turkey.”

I smiled a bit in response to that and my sister smiled back.

“I’ll turn my phone to vibrate and if I answer it during dinner I’ll bend over to make it easier for you shove the phone up my ass.”

“Yeah right, I’m sure I’ll have to wrestle you down.”

“I’d kick your ass brother.”

“You may be a tough little girl but you are still my little sister.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you so upset. I just wasn’t really thinking about it.” Lis said giving me puppy eyes and a pouty lip.

“Do you forgive your bratty little sister?”

“It’d take a stronger man than I to say no to those eyes.” I said with a smile.

“You are too damned good at being cute for your own good.”

“I think I’m just cute enough.” My sister said with a smile and a wink.

“You are too cute because you really deserve a spanking or something, but you are going to get out of trouble once again.”

“Big brother! You want to spank your little sister?” My sister asked feigning shock.

“Brat.” Was all I managed to say.

My sister laughed as she began picking up the items she’d left on the coffee table and for the first time since her arrival we sat down to a dinner together with no phone and I was actually able to talk to my sister like we were civilized human beings.

Things did change at home as my sister was as good as her word and it quickly became a pleasure to come home see her. For several weeks the new way of things was working out perfectly.

On one particular Friday night I came home from work, already in a bad mood from work.

Someone in my department had fucked-up a very important transaction with a very important customer and according to the department head all of the current evidence indicated that I was the one who was going to get buried in a pile of shit.

I knew and the department head knew I wasn’t at fault, but we didn’t know who was and the department head’s boss was going to see that heads were rolled Monday morning so I had the weekend to find out what went wrong and who had done it or I was going to be out of my job.

I came home to find my sister had left a bit of a mess, not much of one admittedly and she probably was going to clean it up right after finishing dinner preparation, but then I entered the kitchen and found a metal spoon in my non-stick pan sitting in the sink with several scratches to the non-stick coating.

I went up to my room angrily and changed out of my work clothes and jumped into the shower in hopes of quelling my temper.

Feeling a little better after the shower I climbed out and began toweling off. I had the towel over my head when I heard the door open.

“Oh shit! Sorry I didn’t know you were still in here!” My sister said from the door. I looked-up but it was to the door closing.

I quickly returned to my room and changed into more comfortable clothes and headed down stairs to join my sister for dinner. The table was already set and the food was on the table when I got there.

I sat down as my sister re-entered the room and we began serving ourselves. I had just taken my first bite when my sister reached beneath the table and came back up with her cell phone.

She didn’t even hesitate to answer it and I slowly chewed the food in my mouth as I watched her chat amiably away completely forgetful of the rule we had established only a couple weeks ago.

I swallowed the food in my mouth and calmly placed my fork down on my plate and stood up.

My sister looked up at me a question clearly in her eyes until I reached out and grabbed her phone from her hand and pressed the hang up button.

“What the fuck?” She asked her face flushing with anger.

“We had a rule and a deal. No phones at the table.”

“It’s one freaking phone call.”

“We had a rule, toss on that you scratched my non-stick pan with a metal spoon pendik escort bayan and the coffee table was a mess when I got home I’m a little ticked.” I said angrily still holding her phone in my clenched fist.

“Shit, the frying pan was an accident and I was going to get to the table. What crawled up your ass?” My sister yelled back now her much shorter temper bursting quickly to the surface to meet mine.

“You should ask what’s about to go up yours.” I replied menacingly.

A shocked expression crossed my sister’s face and before she had recovered I picked her up and threw her over my left shoulder and began carrying her upstairs.

Being picked-up woke her up and she began to scream bloody murder as she pounded on my back with her small fists and tried to flail her legs against me. I ignored her protests and struggles and I carried her right into her bedroom.

I grabbed a bottle of lotion off the bedside table and then threw my sister on her bed on her stomach. Before she had a chance to turn over I sat on her effectively pinning her.

I yanked her shorts down along with her underwear in a single movement as she tried to kick and scream, she only managed to get her bottoms lower on her legs and eventually even kicked them off altogether so she could kick the more effectively. Unfortunately for her she still couldn’t really connect a good kick on me.

I must admit now that the moment I saw my sister’s tight little ass squirming on the bed beneath me I became instantly aroused with my stiffening rod trying to tear a hole through my pants.

I squeezed a liberal amount of the lotion right down on my sister’s ass with it zigzagging over her crack from all of her squirming.

“No don’t do it!” My sister demanded as loudly as she could.

I slid the phone over her ass getting it coated in lotion; I then slid it along the crack of her ass spreading the lotion over her nether region. I pulled the phone away then, and I could sense my sister’s deep breath of relief thinking her ordeal was over.

I then poured more lotion directly on her ass crack as she calmed.

I used my left hand to massage the lotion into my sister’s soft skin and where as her ass had been tightly clenched a moment before I felt her relax as I slid my hand along her delicate cheeks, over the curve of her ass and then I drew my finger along her ass crack causing a gasp to escape her lips.

My sister’s struggles eased further as I slowly massaged her ass crack and I began to rub her anal opening. Mesmerized I used my right hand to spread her cheeks apart as I slowly pushed my index finger into my sister’s ass.

“Huh.” Escaped from my sister’s mouth as she felt my finger press into her.

“You like that brat?” I asked as I slowly continued to push my finger into her ass until it was completely in her. I then began fucking her ass with my finger as she softly grunted.

“Stop.” She begged quietly.

“We can’t…” Her protests stopped as I pushed a second finger into her ass and she gasped again.

As I worked the second finger into her ass she began pressing back into it and I could feel my manhood stiffen until I knew it would tear a hole in my pants. I lifted up on my knees allowing my sister an opportunity of escape in order to release my shaft from restriction. She made no move for escape she simply continued to hump her ass backwards into my probing fingers.

I continued fucking my sister’s ass with the two fingers until I felt that I was sliding freely into and out of her and my sister was only voicing soft whimpers as she humped back into my fingers.

Finally I pulled my fingers free I grabbed the lotion bottle again and pour more lotion onto my sister’s ass an then I poured a generous glob on her cell phone thoroughly coating it.

“What are you doing?” My sister asked softly.

“I have a promise to keep.” I said as I placed her phone against her ass.

“No!” My sister screamed as she began squirming and she tried to clench her ass tight.

“You’re not getting out of this. It’ll be easier if you just relax.” I taunted.

“It’s too fucking big you bastard! Don’t do it!” My sister yelled at me as she struggled further.

I sized her phone up and thought for a moment she might be right. It was oval shaped so at least it was nicely rounded on one end. It also wasn’t more than 4 inches long including antenna, or more than 1/2 an inch thick, but was close to 2 inches wide which might pose a problem for her. But then I figured I’d come this far and my sister had certainly gotten out of a lot of punishments so this one was over due.

I began pressing the phone against her bunghole as she struggled but finally she relented. I felt her try to force herself to relax to prevent unnecessary pain. Just as I was about to give up her sphincter gave way and the first quarter inch of the phone slipped into her.

“Fuck!” My sister screamed.

“You fucking bastard!”

I was amazed and I ignored her complaints as I continue pushing the phone into my little sister’s tight and tiny ass. Once past that initial entrance the entire phone slid much easier into her and I kept pushing until I was holding only the antenna and then the rest of the phone completely disappeared as her sphincter closed down on the antenna.

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